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Article appeared Friday, November 1st, 2013 in The News Today, Bangladesh

The Revelation 300!

yo"s"# mahb"b"l $slam, %h&

'#ten e(ams contain )"estions with m"ltiple answers to choose #rom* For s"ch )"estions, how are the possible m"ltiple answers prepared+ ,enerally, one o"t o# #o"r possible answers is correct* The wrong answers are prepared #rom misconceptions or incorrect "nderstanding that the st"dent may have o# the s"b-ect* .o the e(pert teacher who sets the wrong answers already /nows abo"t pop"lar misconceptions or possible lac/ o# "nderstanding that a st"dent may have* ."ch #alse alternatives help easily assess the depth o# learning or "nderstanding* 0i/ewise, how wo"ld the 1reator assess each person2s "nderstanding o# belie#+ To test belie#, wo"ld the 1reator have to create #alse m"ltiple answers+ 3itho"t creating misconceptions or #alse answers, how wo"ld the 1reator -"dge the "nderstanding o# belie#+ Together with the wrong perceptions, we wo"ld then be #ree to choose an answer that we believe to be correct* 3hat wo"ld be pop"lar misconceptions and how wo"ld these relate to )"estions+ 3hat co"ld be relevant )"estions+ 0et "s loo/ at some )"estions and m"ltiple4choice answers* For e(ample, how do seeds that appear to be dry and dead s"ddenly spro"t and start to grow+ A pop"lar is notion is that it is co"ld be 5other Nat"re, water 6 #ertili7er and8or soil 6 s"nlight* The appropriate and correct answer as pointed o"t in the most recent Revelation, the 9"r2an is: $t is Allah 3ho ca"ses the seed4grain and the date4stone to split and spro"t* ;e ca"ses the living to iss"e #rom the dead and ;e is the 'ne to ca"se the dead to emerge #rom the living* That is Allah< then how are you deluded away from the truth? =>*?@A F"rther, the 1reator reveals ;is Role: $t is ;e who sends down rain #rom the s/ies: with it 3e prod"ce vegetation o# all /inds: #rom some 3e prod"ce green crops! o"t o# which 3e prod"ce grain heaped "p at harvest!< o"t o# the date4palm and its sheaths come! cl"sters o# dates hanging low and near: and then there are! gardens o# grapes and olives and pomegranates each similar in /ind! yet di##erent in variety!: when they begin to bear #r"it and s"bse)"ently ripen* Behold! In these things there are Signs for people who believe. =>*??A .o, #or h"mans, not only has ;e designed a h"ge variety o# vegetables and #r"its #or their appreciation, ;e controls the whole cycle o# #r"it bearing and ripening* .o do not 5other Nat"re, water 6 #ertili7er and soil 6 s"nlight have any power at all+ As/ing a #ew more relevant )"estions may help to answer this )"ery* 1an 5other Nat"re, water 6 #ertili7er or soil 6 s"nlight decide when a partic"lar seed sho"ld split and spro"t+ &o these things have the power to design a variety o# vegetation and #r"it+ 1an these things calc"late the amo"nt o# grain re)"ired to #eed those aro"nd+ $t is only h"man intelligence that can do s"ch analysis and appreciate the myriad blessings o# the 1reator B those who wor/ o"t the tr"th, appreciate blessings and e(press their gratit"de to the 1reator are believers* Those who chose to arg"e with the other possible answers are disbelievers* The role o# water 6 #ertili7er, soil 6 s"nlight, etc*, is simply to indicate the cycle o# things o# when and at what points h"man beings sho"ld do wor/ and interact #or providing care to the plants as well as prepare #or harvesting and eating* $t is ;e 3ho bro"ght yo" #orth #rom the wombs o# yo"r mothers when yo" /new nothing< and ;e gave yo" hearing and sight and intelligence and a##ections: that you may express your gratitude (to Allah). =1>*CDA

0et "s now similarly loo/ at the h"man cycle o# li#e and death more closely* For e(ample, can the enemy choose when an adversary sho"ld die+ 1an an enemy ta/e li#e+ The 1reator reminds "s in the 9"r2an: Eerily it is 3e 3ho give 0i#e and &eath< and to Fs is the Final ,oal* =@0*G3A &o vario"s incidents or sit"ations have the power give or ta/e li#e+ 5isconceptions wo"ld incl"de a plane -o"rney, a boat -o"rney, a battle#ield or even law H order sit"ation on the street* $magining that anything other than the 1reator can ta/e li#e is demonstrating disbelie#: ', yo" who believeI Be not li/e the "nbelievers who say o# their brethren when they are travelling thro"gh the earth or engaged in #ighting: "If they had stayed with us they would not have died or been slain." This that Allah may ma/e it a ca"se o# sighs and regrets in their hearts* $t is Allah that gives li#e and death and Allah sees well all that yo" do* =3*1@>A Allah has a message #or those who do"bt: J.ay: KLven i# yo" had remained in yo"r homes those #or whom death was decreed wo"ld certainly have gone #orth to the place o# their deathK< b"t all this was! that Allah might test what is in yo"r hearts and p"rge do"bts: for Allah knows well the secrets of your hearts. =3*1@GA The sit"ations that we #ace are simply staged tests with m"ltiple4choice answers to demonstrate o"r belie#* The p"rpose o# li#e on earth and the special intelligence given to "s is to learn and develop "nderstanding o# the reality o# the 1reator and demonstrate belie# in o"r hearts with heart#elt gratit"de and love #or being given e(istence! B this is the Final ,oal* Lvery so"l shall have a taste o# death: and only on the &ay o# M"dgment shall yo" be paid yo"r #"ll reward* 'nly he who is saved #ar #rom the Fire and admitted to the garden will have attained the ob-ective o# li#e!: #or the li#e o# this world is b"t goods and chattels o# deception* =3*1D@A A#ter death, on the &ay o# M"dgment, o"r #inal attit"de towards the 1reator and the rest o# creation will be weighed as on this day res"lts o# all the tests will be presented* B"t he whose balance o# good deeds! will be #o"nd! light will have his home in a bottomless! pit* And what will e(plain to yo" what this is+ $t is! a Fire Bla7ing #iercelyI =101*D B 101*11A

8.14 Thus (will it be said): "Taste then of the (punishment): for those who resist Allah is the penalty of the fire."
Allah there#ore en-oins "s not to #ail the tests that ;e has set #or "s* For e(ample, in the battle#ield, as it is the 1reator who ta/es li#e,

8.1 ! you who belie"e# $hen you meet the unbelie"ers in hostile array ne"er turn your ba%&s to them. 8.1' (f any do turn his ba%& to them on su%h a day unless it be in a strata)em of war or to retreat to a troop (of his own) *e draws on himself the wrath of Allah and his abode is *ell and e"il refu)e (indeed)#