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Frank Simsns Chiefof Police ChrisPriue Sheriff Barry C. Funck Laboratory Director

Valnosra, GnoRcla 3rcAz


January 25,2013 To: Lowndes CountySheriffs Office 120PrisonFar,m lRoad Valc{osta, Georgia 3 1601 Investigator Jack Winni:ngham Laboratory CaseNumlher: SubmissionNumber: AgencyCaseNumber: 20t3-00a42 I 13- 01- 015 20


Subpoenaspertaining to this case should refer to the Valdosta - Lowndes Regional Crime Laboratory Case Number.

Offense(s): DeathInvestigation Subject(s): Kendrir:kLamarJohnson (Victim)


Ihis report is in reference to a requestfor Crime SceneForensicservicesmade to the Valdosta- Lowndes Regional Cirime Laboratory on January ll, 2013. This report may contain conclusions,opinions,and/or lnterpretations madeby the author. Crirne Scetre Narrativ,el" Cn Friday,January11,2013 at a,pproximately 1048hours,I was contacted by CaptainWandaEdwards of the Criminal Investigations Division at the LowndesCounty Sheriffs Office, in reference to a deceased student at LowndesH:ighSchool(LHS), 1606Nonman Dr,ive,Valdosta, Georgia.I advised that I would be enroure. Cn Friday' January11,2013 at approximately ti08 hours,I arrivedat LowndesHigh School,1606Norman Drive, Valdosta, Georgia.I was briefed by trnvestigations Staff Sergeant Jack Winningham.Staff Sergeant Winningham advisedthat Lowncles gsunty 911 County SherifPs Investigators were dispatched 6y 1e'wn6ss lenter to ttre Old Gynrnasiurn at the l,owndesHigh Schoolat 1606NormanDrive, Valdosta,Georgia. I was tdvised that students at LowndesHigh l$chool were in the Old Gymnasium whenthey decided to climb up on to ladded mats that were rolled-up and in the vertical position. I was advisedthat whenthe students slimbedon top lf the rollecl-up mats they saw what appearedto be white in color socks. The studentsadvisedthat they rpproached the socksto get a clc,ser look, in which they discovered that it was a body. I was advised that the itudents notified a teacher,in which lihe teacherstartedpulling the vertical positionedmats down into the lol'-'ltal position to access the situation. Whenthe teacher madeiheir way to the rolled-upmatsin thebackrow rlong the Old Gyrpnasiurn solthw,est wail they sawwhatappeared to be a deceased body. Report Page 1 of5

- K. Johnson LCS1 160

VLRCL Clase Nunabr:r: 2013-0t)042

AgencyCase Number:13-01-0i520

It was advisedthat ttre body was positionedheadfirst inside of the rolred-up mat. EMS arrivedonscene and the victim LHS student;Kendrick Lamar Johnson:black male, birth date l}na/wgl, of g20 ponf,erosa Drive, ve-}sta" Georgiawas slightly puiled out of the mat andfound deceased. The carnpusat this addresscontainsrnultiple buildings located eastof Norman Drive, valdosta,Georgia" The constructed building is a public high school campus.The buildings on this campus are constructed with red in color brick on the extertorand a grey in color rnetalroof. The campus alsocontains multipleparking lots,whitein color mobile kailers, multiple classrooms, multiple offices, multiple athletic fields, a football stadium,and multiple gyinnasiumsThe campuscontainsan old GymnasiumBuilding where Johnson was foqnddeceased. The old Gymnasiurni is locatednorth of the carnpuscafeteria.The old Gymmasium containedbleac$ers alongthe north and soruth walls-Therearernultiple basketball goalsaroundthe hardwoodfloors. Therewereapproximately twenty-oneli2l) rolled-upmatsin the so'uthwest cornrof the gyrn. The scenewas established with crime soene tapeand secured by the Lowndescounty sheriffs offipe personnel. While on sceneI noted the following Lowndescounty sheriffs office personnel: captain wandaEdwards, Lieutenantlltryde Jones,Sergeanit Aaro,nPritchett,Staff Sergeant Jack Winningham,Major LoganHenderson, Deputy Ran'cly Lightsey,Deputy .Mikel\dams, DeputyJohn Marion, and Investigator Jackpriddy.personnel on scene f,romthe Valdosta-Lowndes, RegionalCrime LaboratoryffLRCL): criminalist Lieutenant Shafinon Salters, andCriminalist Ray McGraw. Pelsornelon scene frorn the GeorgiaBureauof Investigations (GBI):CrimeScene SpecialistVfes Horne, Agent Kristen Perry, Agent Lindsay Marchant, Agent Mike Callahan, Agent Amy Braswell,andAgent SteveTurner. cnAiday, J'anuary 11, 2013 at approxirnately 1125hours,an initial walk-throughof the exteriorandinteriorof he - -anewas c0nducted by Staff Sergearnt Winninghamand myself.Nitrile gloveswereworn by all crimescene lersonnelen$ering the scene throughout the investigation. A cursoryinspection of the eastside(frontof Cafeteria md old Gynnnasium building) entry/exitdoorsandwindowswasconducted, irr which it appeared to be no signof brced entry. startedproce$sing the scenetr1' taking overall photographs of LHS Main Entrance.with the assistance of lriminalist lvlcGrawandCriminalistLieutenant Salters a tkee-dimensional (3-D) imageof the interiorscene was :reated usingthe LeicaC-10 Scaruring System. Jpon completionof the l,eica ScanDocumentation, ttre GBI i:ersonnelenteredthe scenefor an initial walkhroughand to assist with the inr,,estigation. photographred the crinre$cene, taking overall and nnid-range photographs of the campus exteriorCafeteria and )ld Gymnasiium. The exteriorandinteriorof the scene wasvideorecorded with a digital camcorder. I cursory serarch of the exterior vrestwing (rear side of Cafeteriaand Old Gymnasium)was conduoted by GBI )rime Scene' Specialist WesHorneandnryself.All interiorand exteriortrashcansin the areaweresearched. The rntry/exitdoorsto the rear(west sideof building) of the Old Gymnasium were locked.Thereappearied to be no igns of forcedentry to the rear (t'est sideof building) entry/exitdoors.[t wasnotedthat on the southsideof the xte!^I cafe'teria building a window was ajar. It appeared that the window was unlockedand opened with no

igr' f force entry.Winetows entry/exit and doors were documented withphotographs. Report Pagel"r,3*

- K. Johnson 161 LCS?

VLRCL CaseNurnber:2013*0,0042

Agency CaseNumber: 13-01-0i520

The interior of the old Gymnasiumwas documented., taking overallandmid-range photographs. a cusory During search areas of concern were :ldentified.The evidentiary items were identified usin! ye[ow Identification Numbers' I observedone (1) trlack and white Adidas shoe on the floor in front of a rolledfupmat lying horizontall;yin the sout}rwest corrner oltthe old Gynnasium (crime sceneItem # l). I observed (l) one yellow two pocket folder on the gYm flcpr in front of a rolled-up mat nearthe west wall of the old Gyrnpasium (crime Sceneltern # 2)' I observed one (1) blruein color PhysicalscienceBook on the floor behind tworolled-upmats near the southwestwall entry/e:rit doror(crime scene item # 3). I observedone (l) grey Hollisterpull-over hooded sweateron thr: concrefefloor aroundmultiple horizontaland vertical rolled-up mats in the southwest corner of tlheold Gynnraasiurn ({Jrime scene Item # 4). I noted a rolled-up mat containing Johnsgn,s deceased body lying in the horiz:ontalposition on the concretefloor in the southwest cornerof the old Gynaasium(crime scene Item #5). Therewere what appeared to'be blooclstains on the southwall of the old Gymnasium. A blood presumptivetest was perform-ed on the stainsby GBI Crime scene SpecialistHome, which according to the manufactures instructions the stainswerepositivefor blood (Crime Scene Itern# 6). It was notedthat a pair of black, grey, and orangein color NIKE shoeswere observed nearthe blgachers on the north wall of the Old Gymnasiurn. It appeared that the shoeshad stainsthat looked similar to blood.A blood presumptivre test was performedon the stainsby GBI Crime SceneSpecialistHorne, which according to the manufacfur,es instructions the stairns werenegative for biood. Mid-range iandclose-upphotographs, with and without, a scalewere takenof'the items that wereidentified with the Yellow IdentificationNumbem.A roughsketchof the scene was generated. Additional documentation of the items was conducted' Crime scene Itern# 1 is a men'ssizeU.S. 9.5 shoeaccording to the insidetag. CrimeScene Item # 2 contained schooldocurnents belongingto Kendrisk L. Johnson (deceased victim). The doouments were photographred. Crime sceneltem ls 4 is ,asizeM (medium)according to its tag.Two swabsof thebloodstains on the southwall werecol'lected (Cri,nre Scene ltem # 6). With the assistance of Criminalist Mr;Graw and GBXCrime SceneSpecialistHome approximate points of measurements were takenusingthe triarrgulation methodfrom fivo fixed objectsto the markeditems of evidence. Point A is the Old Gymnasiurn west wall nortl,r entry/exitdoubledoor frame.Point B is a comerstickingout on the west wall. The items of evidencewere collectedand securedin my crirne scenevehicle.My vehiclewas lockedand ,[maintainecl the keys. 3n Friday,Janpary11,2013at approximately 1600hours, The Lowndes CountyComerBill Watson arrived on lceneto cortduat his exarnination of Johnson. Johnson's body waspositioned lying approximately on his left side iticking out of the rolled-upmat llom tris headto approximately his abdominalarea.The remaindeq of his body from appro:ximately the abdominalareato his feet was inside the rolled-up mat. Johnson,s headwas on the ;oncreteflc,or in a pool of blood. Johnson's body was removedfrom the mat so LowndesCountyCornertlill Watsoncou"ld continuehis examination" Johnson waswearinga white in color undershid, an orange in color tee ;hirt, a whirtein color tee sh,i4 a beit, blue in color jeans,black in color shorts,boxer undenrear, and white in ;olor socks' There was one (1) pair of white, greS and orangein color NIKE shoesinside of the mat (Crime icene Itern # 8), which were not on his feet. The NIKE shoeswere documented with photographs. Johnson's rody was placedinto the supine'positicm so that his body could be examinecl by Lowndes CountyCornerBill ffatson. Druing his exarnination LowndesCounty CornerBill Watsonunfastened Johnson's belrt andjeans. ,ohnson's body was documented vrith aitditionatr photographs" r n n ^ \-{

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/CS?- K, Johnson 162

VTRCL Case I'fumtrer:2013-Cr0042

AgencyCase Number:13-0i-01520

on Friday' January11,2a13 at approximately 1610hours,GBI crime scene specialistHorne and I placed Johnson'sbody on a sterile white sheet to conduct an additional cursory exarnination for docurnentation. It appeared that rigor and livor rno;rtis had alreadysetin, which wasconsistent with the positionof thewaythebody was bund' Johnson's right ann was in a position that appeared to cover his face and his left armwas alonghis body with his forsarrnbent back towardshis head.Johnson's fingerswere looselycurledup on bothhands. one black wire with whrite earphones was hookedaroundJohnson's left handmiddteandindexfinger.There appeared that rigor rnortishad set in becatme of tthestiffeningof his body. Levity was present on his head, arms, andchest area'Johmion's face was swolletrand had blood exiting from his eyes,nose, and mouth.Therewas visible dried blood on Johnson'sar'ms,ohest, anc[ face- rhe smell of Johnson'sbody appeared that it was starting to decomposer' Jghnson's eyeswrt swollen,fixed, anddilated.Blood wasvisible in the eyeswith sips of petechia. There apperared to be no signso:f, blunt force traumaon Johnson's faceor body. Thereappeared tobe no visible signs of woundsto Johr'rson's bc,dy.Therewere visible signsof skin slippageon Johnson,s abdomen area,face, and arm.Jcrhnson's body wasdocumented with additionaldetailed photographs. During the renxoval of .Iohnson's body from the rolled-upmat, additionalitemswereobserved thatappear to have evidentiaryvalue' one (1) black and wlhiteAdidasshoewas located in the southwest areaof the old Gymnasium on the con<lrete floor ttearJotmson's headin the pool of blood (crime sceneItem # 7). The Adidas shoe was a sizeU'S' 9"5,which appeared to be sinrilarto crime sceneitem # l. Johnsorr's pockets weresearched, in which, one (l) LCi cell phone was locatedfrom his left front blue jeans pocket (crime sceneItem #9).Approximate points of ureasurernents were tal<en using the triangulationmethodfrom the two previousfixed objects to the additionalitems of evidence. The items of evidence werephotographed, collectedandsecured in mycrimescene vehicle.My vehiclewaslockeda:nd I maintained the keys. Approximatorneasurernents of the rolled-upmat Johnson was found in were obtained: lengthwasapproximately 'rhe 74 inchesand the width of the entirediameterwas approximately 34 inches. foot endlside where Johnson,s feet were) 0f the rolled-upmat was approximatelyl4tft inchesin diameterat the opening of its widest point.The headend (sidewhereJohnson's hread was)of the rolled-uprnat wasapproximatelyl43/ain.h",in aia*eterat the openingof iitswidesrt point. During a cursorysearch o{'the OIJ Gyn:rnasium Girls Restroom, papertowelsthat appeared to contain bloodwere ohservedinLthe trash can near t,hesinks (Crime SceneItem # 10). The paper towels were documented with photographs, collected, andsecured in my crimescene vehicle.My vehiclewaslockedandI maintained thekeys. Steve owens from owens Transiport was contacted by Lowndescounty corner Bill watson to conductthe removalancltranspo'rt of the bodyto the Valdosta-Lowndes Regional Crime Laboratory. lnvestigator Wtnningham,Captain Edwards, LieutenantJones,Criminalist McGraw, CriminalistLieutenant Salters,and I oonducttda final walk l;hrough of the crime scene,in which nothing additionalwasnoted.At approxirnatt*y1720hours, I conrgluded my investigation and released the sceneto Investigator Staff Sergeant Winninghann and the LowndesCounty Sheriff s Office. cn Friday,.lanuary11,2013 at appro.rimately 1730hours,owens Transportand I arrivedat the ValdostaLowndesRegional Crime Laborartory lvith Johnson'sbody anclplaced him in Body Cool er # 2. A Lowndes 3ounty Sherrlff's oflice Fropertyand Evidence Form weregRerated for the hody item # 5, whichcontained the

;hainof custody.

-rJ" )tReportFage4of 5

[CS? - K. Johnson 163

VLRCL rCase Numtrer:2013-00042

AgencyCase Number:l3-01-01520

The evidencefrom the scenewas placed into the Crime Scenevehicle Bay Temp orcry Evidence Locker and I maintainedthe keys.crime scene ltem #'s 7, 8, and 10 were saturated in blood so they wereplaced into drying cabinet# 1 andI maintained the keys. on sundav' January13, 2013, I returned to the valdosta-Lowndes Regional Crime Laboratory (VLRCL) to retrieve the evjdence&om the krcker and drying cabinet.All items of evidence were sealedwith evidence tape. The digital imagesof the scenewere convertedonto a DVD to be submitted as crime scene# 1l for evidence. The digital video recordingof the scenewas converted onto a DVD to be submittedascrime scens#12.Twelve (12) Lowndes County Sheriffs offlce Propertyand EvidenceForms were generated for the evidence, which contained the chainof custody on SundaY, January13, 2013, li arrived at the LowndesCounty Sheriffs office located on 120prison lrarm Road, valdlosta,Georgia,and sutrmittedthe evidenceto the LCSO EvidenceI-ocker and I secured theevidemce. on Sundal',Januarv13, 2013,I was ersked by Lowndes CountySheriff Chris prine if it waspossible to allow Johnson'sf'atherKendrick JolursonSr. to rnakea positiveidentificationof his son. Johnson,s parents were escortedto the Valdosta-Lowndes Regional Crime Laboratoryby LieutenantJones,and Investigator Staff SergeantV[inningham-Kendrick John.son Srr.,LieutenantJones,and InvestigatorStaff Sergeant Winningham entered the lab andwereescorted by mllself to the body coolerroom wherethepositiveidentification wasmade. On Monda;y, January 14,2013, Johnsonr's bodywasrelsased to Steve Owensfbr transport to theGBIfor autopsy.

Remarks: Questionsre8ardingthi'sreportshouldbeaddressedto:JamesD'Thorntonat

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- K. Johnson164 LCS?

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