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Press Release

DD8 New ork W|ns S||ver Iay Ch|at Award at the 4A's 2013 Strategy Iest|va|

Date: October 31, 2013
Location: New York, NY

uu8 new ?ork Look home a Sllver award ln Lhe 8eglonal caLegory for new ?ork ClLy 8alleL's lAlLL:
ArL Serles" aL Lhe 2013 !ay ChlaL Awards for SLraLeglc Lxcellence ln AdverLlslng, held aL Lhe 4A's
fourLh annual SLraLegy lesLlval ln nashvllle on CcL. 28.

CongraLulaLlons Lo Mary 8akarlch and Lhe enLlre Leam on Lhls ouLsLandlng achlevemenL," sald eLer
Pempel, resldenL and Chlef LxecuLlve Cfflcer of uu8 new ?ork. lL's a blg recognlLlon of how our
planners work collaboraLlvely wlLh our creaLlve and accounL leaders Lo produce amazlng resulLs for
our cllenLs."

1he agency's wlnnlng campalgn, new ?ork ClLy 8alleL's ArL Serles," ls an efforL Lo lnLroduce balleL Lo
a younger audlence wlLh an lnLeresL ln culLure and arL, buL who have noL yeL experlenced Lhe balleL.
lor lLs lnaugural year, n?C8 parLnered wlLh celebraLed arLlsLs lAlLL, Lhe 8rooklyn-based Leam of
aLrlck Mcnell and aLrlck Mlller. lAlLL ls recognlzed as ploneers ln Lhe urban arL movemenL and has
aLLalned global recognlLlon for Lhelr work across medla from Lhe sLreeLs Lo Lhe museum wall. lAlLL
ls besL known for lLs urban-sLyle, pop-culLure collages, whlch apply color Lo vlsual lmagery.

1he 2013 !ay ChlaL global adverLlslng awards honor sLraLeglc Lhlnklng and recognlze professlonals
who have developed sLrong, lnnovaLlve lnslghLs and lnlLlaLed Lhelr work Lhrough creaLlve campalgns
LhaL lnsplre boLh consumers and buslness. 1he [udglng panels were comprlsed of Lop lndusLry
LhoughL leaders.

# # #

About DD8
uu8 Worldwlde ( ls one of Lhe world's largesL and mosL awarded adverLlslng and
markeLlng neLworks. ln 2012 uu8 was named AdverLlslng neLwork of Lhe ?ear by !"#$"%&'( as well
as Agency of Lhe ?ear and ulglLal Agency of Lhe ?ear by )*+"*,&- magazlne. AL Lhe presLlglous 2013
437 Madison Avenue New York NY 10022 T 212 415 2000 F 212 415 3414

Registered numbers, office and regulatory authority details as required

Cannes lnLernaLlonal lesLlval of CreaLlvlLy, uu8 won 93 Llons, Lhe mosL ever for Lhe neLwork. ln
addlLlon, ./, 12'' 3,$4+* has llsLed uu8 as one of Lhe 1op 3 Clobal neLworks for Lhe lasL 12 years.
1he agency's cllenLs lnclude volkswagen, Mcuonald's, unllever, Mars, !ohnson & !ohnson, and Lxxon
Mobll, among oLhers.

lounded ln 1949, uu8 ls parL of Lhe Cmnlcom Croup (n?SL) and conslsLs of more Lhan 200 offlces ln
over 90 counLrles wlLh lLs flagshlp offlce ln new ?ork, n?.

About Cmn|com Group Inc.

Cmnlcom Croup lnc. (n?SL-CMC) ls a leadlng global markeLlng and corporaLe communlcaLlons
company. Cmnlcom's branded neLworks and numerous speclalLy flrms provlde adverLlslng, sLraLeglc
medla plannlng and buylng, dlglLal and lnLeracLlve markeLlng, dlrecL and promoLlonal markeLlng,
publlc relaLlons and oLher speclalLy communlcaLlons servlces Lo over 3,000 cllenLs ln more Lhan 100
lor furLher lnformaLlon on Cmnlcom and lLs brands, please vlslL


ChrlsLle Clera
ulrecLor of CorporaLe CommunlcaLlons and norLh Amerlcan ubllc 8elaLlons, uu8 Worldwlde
Lmall: ChrlsLle.glera[
Cfflce: 212-413-2186

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