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VOLUME 2___________OCTOBER, 1963____________NUMBER 8 F a

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SUMMER QUARTER, 1963 ----------------------------------------------------- 87



Gordon Haiberg


David Kupfer


Robert Goulding



CLASSROOM GAMES ----------------------------------------------------------- 97


C. St. C yr ORGANIZATIONAL NEWS ------------------------------------------------------ 98

EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES ------------------------------------------------------- 99 AFFILIATE SEMINARS






The Transacti na! Ana!"sis B#!!etin is $#%!ishe& '#arter!" t (ee$ )e)%ers* + r)er st#&ents* and ther intereste& $arties c#rrent ,ith scienti+ic* e&#cati na!* r-ani.ati na! an& $ers na! acti/ities + the San 0rancisc S cia! 1s"chiatr" Se)inars an& its a++i!iates2 S#%scri$ti ns are a/ai!a%!e to instit#ti ns an& !i%raries at *33 $er "ear 4U252* 1286782 S#%scri$ti ns an& en'#iries sh #!& be a&&resse&2 t The Transacti na! Ana!"sis B#!!etin* 12 O2 B 9 :;<;* Car)e!* Ca!i+ rnia* 939212 Contributors Sh rt s#))aries + ne,!" &isc /ere& transacti na! -a)es r ther ri-ina!2 %ser/ati ns* %rie+ acc #nts + c!inica!* scienti+ic* r teachin- acti/ities* !etters t the e&it r* r $ers na! an& r-ani.ati na! n tes sh #!& %e a&&resse& t the E&it r* Transacti na! Ana!"sis B#!!etin* at the a% /e a&&ress2 S#ch c ntri%#ti ns are enc #ra-e& as the %est ,a" + r )e)%ers in /ari #s $arts + the c #ntr" t (ee$ in t #ch ,ith each ther2 Ad ertisin! Rates + r c!assi+ie& an& &is$!a" a&/ertisin- ,i!! %e s#%)itte& on re'#est2 The B#!!etin reaches a se!ect a#&ience + $r +essi na! $e $!e in the San 0rancisc Ba" Area an& ther $arts +7 the c #ntr"2

Editorial and Circulation, Assistant,

ary !" #illia$s

THE SAN FRANCISCO SOCIAL PSYCHIATRY SEMINARS Eric Berne* M2=2 Me!/in >2 B "ce* B2 S2 ? se$h C ncann n* M2S2@2 0ran(!in Ernst* M2=2 5enneth V2 E/erts*2M2=2 R %ert A #!&in-* M2=2 A r& n >ai%er-* M2=2 "ire#tors $%&' ( $%&) Vi !a Litt* M2A2 Ae r-e ? nes* M2S2@2 0rances Mats n* M2S2@2 1a#! McC r)ic(* A2B2 Mar" Miche!s n* A2B2 Ra" 1 in&e9ter* M2=2

@i!!ia) C !!ins* L s An-e!es Bar%ara R sen+e!&* 1hi!a&e!$hia

At Lar-e M"ra Scha$$s* L s An-e!es C!a#&e Steiner* Ann Ar% r

C $"ri-ht 1963* San 0rancisc S cia! 1s"chiatr" Se)inars* Inc2

SUMMER BUARTER 7 A=VANCE= SEMINAR 7 2C2 7 ?ULY 7 SE1TEMBER 1963 The a%stracts %e! , are ,ritten + r $r +essi na! rea&ers ,h are ass#)e& t %e +a)i!iar ,ith the %asic $rinci$!es an& ter)in ! -" + transacti na! ana!"sis2 *uly '+ The Me,bershi-+ .Consultation by Mail+. This is the +irst e9$erience at the Se)inars ,ith + r)a! c ns#!tati n %" )ai!2 A% #t 2: )e)%ers an& /isit rs were $resent* near!" a!! +a)i!iar ,ith transacti na! -r #$ &"na)ics2 A ta$e7rec r&in- ,as sent %" a tea) + research , r(ers +r ) a Beha/i ra! Instit#te in an ther cit"2 The research $r $ sa! ,as rea& a! #& %" the Se)inar Chair)an 4 )ittin- re/ie,s + the !iterat#re8* an& then the ta$e ,as $!a"e&2 The s#%se'#ent &isc#ssi n ,as rec r&e& an& )ai!e& %ac( t the sta++ + the BI2 The ta$e c ntaine& the $r cee&in-s + the 13th )eetin- + a Dse!+7&irecte& thera$e#tic -r #$*D ne + se/era! s#ch -r #$s in the $r Eect2 The chie+ ai) ,as t c )$are Dse!+7&irecte&D an& $r +essi na!!"7&irecte& -r #$s + r Dthera$e#tic e++ecti/eness2D The Se)inar + c#se& n the A#th rit" =ia-ra) in r&er t $re&ict ,hat , #!& cc#r at the )eetin-2 12 The Dresearch $r $ sa!D ,as stere t"$e&* in&icatin- that the BI ,as in / !/e& in a stan&ar& -a)e + Dresearch -rant2D It ,as %" in+erence a&&resse& t a DC ))ittee2D In e++ect this $hant ) C ))ittee ,as a %!ac( % 9 int ,hich a $r $er!" c &e& Dresearch $r EectD ,as +e&2 The #t$#t ,as either a -rant + ) ne" r a re+#sa!2 The strate-" ,as t %tain ) ne"* an& this strate-" t ( $rece&ence /er the act#a! c ntent + the Dresearch2D The res#!ts + the $resent $r Eect* ,hen +e& %ac(* , #!& res#!t in ) re ) ne" i+ strate-ica!!" state&2 >ence this $hant ) C ))ittee ,as the rea! !ea&er* e++ecti/e* $s"ch ! -ica!* an& res$ nsi%!e* + the ,h !e $r Eect2 It ,as there+ re $re&icte& that an" -a)es $!a"e& %" the $atients , #!& %e $!a"e& ,ith this $hant )* e9ce$t + r a&/entiti #s -a)es ,hich )i-ht ta(e $!ace %et,een )e)%ers ,h %" chance ha$$ene& t $!a" c )$!e)entar" -a)e r !es2 22 Since D!ea&er!ess -r #$sD ha/e the str#ct#re + $arties an& n t + -r #$s* it ,as $re&icte& that the %#!( + the $r cee&in-s , #!& %e $asti)es rather than -a)es* since $arties are + r $asti)es2 32 The &&s ,ere at !east 1CC t I that the researchers , #!& c nsi&er their +in&in-s $ siti/e2 It ,as inc ncei/a%!e* in /ie, + the !an-#a-e in ,hich the D$r $ sa!D ,as c #che&* that the" , #!& +in& the res#!ts ne-ati/e2 The Dthera$e#tic e/entD 4sic8 n the ta$e /a!i&ate& a!! the $re&icti ns2 A+ter a $eri & + $asti)es* a Dh sti!e resisti/eD )e)%er cheate& %" as(in- D@hat are ,e rea!!" & in- hereFD She ,as $r )$t!" +r .en #t %" the ther )e)%ers* an& !e+t the r )2 In e++ect* she ,ante& t (n , ,hat ,as in the D%!ac( % 92D B#t e/en she &i& n t ha/e the initiati/e t +in& #t %" si)$!" ,a!(in- #$ t the %ser/ati n )irr r an& ! (in- int the %ser/ati n r )2 U$ t that $ int the $r cee&in-s ,ere &#!!* %ana! $asti)es2 A+ter she !e+t* the ther )e)%ers D+e!t -#i!t"D %#t )ana-e& t rec /er2 This ,as ta(en %" the BI as an in&icati n + s )ethinsi-ni+icant2 0 r the Se)inars* the D-#i!tD ,as )ere!" the cr#&est (in& + )as( + r their e/i&ent $!eas#re at ha/in- - t ri& + her* since she threat ene& t s$ i! their !ar(2 It ,as e/i&ent that the e9$eri)ent ,as a D+ree $icnicD + r the )e)%ers2 It is ) re +#n i+ th se atten&in- s#ch a $icnic & nGt (n , ,h is $a"in- + r it2 The %est ,a" t han&!e a &ri$ ,h as(s $ractica! '#esti ns is t -et ri& + her2 *uly %+ Eri# /erne0 ."ida#ti# Re ie1 o2 Transa#tional 3a,e Theory+. *uly $& H ')+ Stanley Soles0 .A Study o2 Classroo, 3a,es ( Pro!ress Re-ort+. 4See -a!e %5 o2 this issue6+

*uly )7+ Larry Means0 .A Pro8e#t in Corre#tional 3rou- Thera-y+. M starte& %" $resentin- the a#th rit" &ia-ra) in a!! its as$ects an& i)$!icati ns an& ,as th#s a%!e t #t!ine his $r Eect s"ste)atica!!"* +#!!" an& c ncise!"2 >e then %r (e the r-ani.ati na! c ntract int its a&)inistrati/e* $r +essi na!* an& technica! c )$ nents* an& #t!ine& his $ers na! ) ti/ati ns an& $#r$ ses2 The $r Eecte& transacti na! -r #$ ,as t %e carrie& #t n his ,n ti)e2 This +ree& hi) +r ) )an" r-ani.ati na! strict#res an& -a)es2 Au!ust &+ 4$6 Robert 3ouldin! H *ean 9ane s:y0 .A 3rou- o2 Pre("elin;uents. A )inister in a s)a!! /i!!a-e $ers#a&e& s )e $re7&e!in'#ent % "s t atten& a series + $s"chiatric -r #$ )eetin-s2 The )inister he!& ne )eetin-* at ,hich he $r )ise& the % "s 1TA* an& then ,ent n his /acati n2 At the sec n& )eet in-* the $s"chiatrist an& s cia! , r(er t ( /er an& )a&e it c!ear that the" , #!& n t $!a" 1TA2 4D> , & ,e han&!e &e!in'#ent $arents* &e!in'#ent $ !ice )en* etc2D8* %#t , #!& he!$ the % "s instea& ,ith their inner an9ieties2 The % "s sai& the" , #!& %e %ac( the + !! ,in- ,ee(2 =#rin- the ,ee( the -an- !ea&er ,as arreste& + r a ne-!i-i%!e ++ence an& $#t in Eai!2 S )e + the $arents + ther % "s in&i-nant!" re+#se& t $a" the n )ina! +ee2 The + !! ,in- ,ee( n ne of the % "ss a$$eare& + r the )eetin-2 Th#s 418 The resc#er &eserte& the) 428 The thera$ists re+#se& t resc#e the) r $!a" their ch sen -a)e (3) The e++ecti/e !ea&er ,as inca$acitate& %" the ene)" 4<8 The % "sG $arents &eserte& the)2 The thera$istsG err r ,as in +ai!in- t st#&" the a#th rit" &ia-ra) e9ha#sti/e!"* an& t esta%!ish +ir) c ntracts ,ith a!! the $arties in/ !/e&2 4'6 Eri# /erne0 .Ne1 As-e#ts o2 the Cinderella and Red Ridin! Hood S#ri-ts+. Cin&ere!!aGs %asic -a)es are2 DI+ It @erenGt 0 r The)D an& DAinGt It A,+#!2D Re& Ri&in- > &Gs are DRa$ D an& DLetGs You an& >i) 0i-ht2D Au!ust $)+ 3ordon Haiberg: "Transactional Analysis 1ith Psy#hoti#s+. > $resente& $re!i)inar" c nsi&erati ns + r his $a$er t %e rea& at the S#))er C n+erence2 1s"ch tic %eha/i r is the chie+ %arrier t the reha%i!itati n + $s" ch tics* an& this can %est %e $#t #n&er c ntr ! thr #-h str#ct#ra! ana!"sis2 ="na)ic ana!"sis )a" )a(e the $atient ) re c )+ rta%!e* %#t & es n t as* e++ecti/e!" a!ter his %eha/i r2 A sin-!e &ecisi/e h ( thr ,n int the $atientGs A&#!t in a ,e!!7ti)e& ,a" )a" +it hi) + r &ischar-e %" esta%!ishin- s cia! c ntr !2 >is c n&iti n )a" %e sta%i!i.e& %" s#%se'#ent $s"ch &"na)ic thera$" i+ that is a/ai! a%!e2 0r ) the* $#%!ic hea!th $ int + /ie, the s cia! reha%i!itati n of !ar-e n#)%ers + $s"ch tics is a ) re $ressin- $r %!e) than the +ir) sta%i!i.ati n + a +e,2 4See $2G91 + this iss#e82 Au!ust '7+ 418 <iola Litt0 .A Su!!esti e Letter 2ro, a Prison In,ate+. L is the +irst +e)a!e c rrecti na! c #nse!! r in her secti n + the )a!e instit#ti n2 A+ter a -r #$ )eetin-* an2in)ate ,r te a s#--esti/e !etter2 The r#!es re'#ire& her t re$ rt this t the a#th rities* The '#esti n ,as h , she sh #!& han&!e this in the -r #$2 The Se)inar +irst t ( the eti ! -ica! a$$r achI ,h" &i& it ha$$en* ,hat &i& L c ntri%#te t it* ,hat -a)e ,as the in)ate $!a"in- 4e2-2* D> , = Y # 4N t8 Aet O#t O+ >ereD82 Sh #!& she ha/e %r (en the r#!es an& &ea!t ,ith the $atient herse!+F 4That , #!& %e $!a"in- a -a)e* ,ith the a#th rities82 These c nsi&erati ns s n e)er-e& as 2 irre!e/ant2 The /er7ri&in- $r %!e) ,as the -r #$ &"na)ic $r %!e)2 > , c #!& she %est sh , the in)ates that she , #!& n t $!a" -a)esF This inci&ent )#st %e treate& n t as an is !ate* %#t as a $rece&ent* ,hich , #!& &eter)ine her ,h !e career at the instit#ti n2 >ence the eti ! -ica! a$$r ach ,as tri/ia! an& %ana!2

4'6 Plannin! 2or the Su,,er Con2eren#e+

Au!ust '=+ Retros-e#t on Su,,er Con2eren#e+ Since the C n+erence ha& $r cee&e& satis+act ri!"* there ,as !itt!e t %e sai& a% #t it2 It ,as $r %a%!" the %est $s"chiatric c n+erence he!& in 1963 4i2e2* the ) st instr#cti/e an& -a)e7+ree8* %#t that &i& n t )ean that it c #!& n t %e i) $r /e& ne9t "ear2 S )e ,ante& a ! n-er c n+erence ,ith ) re s)a!! -r #$s2 Transacti na! ana!"sts sh #!& c#!ti/ate the arts + ,ritin- an& $#%!ic s$ea(in-2 Seatin- &ia-ra)s sh #!& %e e9$! ite& t the +#!!est + r the sa(e + c!arit" ,hen $resentin- -r #$s2 Se-te,ber )+ 4$6 3eor!e *ones0 .Control o2 Charities in a S,all To1n+. 4See TA/ '05$> *uly> $%&)6+ In A$ri!* ? $resente& a -r #$ + charities ,ith inter! c(in- &irect rates* a!! e++ecti/e!" c ntr !!e& %" a $ ,er+#! sha& ," DMr2 K2D @ r(ers in these charities ,ere re&#ce& t c )$!iance ,ith #t initiati/e %eca#se K ,as inc ))#nica& t the)2 S"ste)atic ana!"sis in&icate& that ? sh #!& inter/ie, K2 The Se)inar )e)%ers !a#-he& at this Di)$ractica!D s#--esti n2 0 #r ) nths !ater* ? ,ent t inter /ie, K an& ,as -rante& 1: )in#tes2 In tr#e transacti na! st"!e* ? e!i&e& rit#a!s an& $asti)es an& i))e&iate!" n enterin- as(e&I DIs it tr#e that " # ca!! the sh ts ar #n& hereFD A +e, )in#tes !ater* K ) /e& the inter/ie, +r ) his ante cha)%er t his $ri/ate ++ice an& s$ent a ,h !e h #r instea& + 1: )in#tes ,ith : ?2 The '#esti n n , is ,hether K ,i!! re)e)%er ?2 4'6 Ce#ille Ho#h,an0 .Stru#tural Analysis and Art+. > &re, a $ rtrait + a +rien& an& ,as c nsci #s that her 1arent ,as in+!#enc inher t )a(e the +rien& ! ( ) re a-reea%!e2 She then &re, an ther $ rtrait* +ree + 1arenta! in+!#ence2 It sti!! ! (e& !i(e her +rien& %#t ,as '#ite &i++erent2 > sai& her A&#!t ha& ta(en /er in the sec n& $ rtrait2 S )e )e)%ers +e!t that it ,as her Chi!& ,h ha& %een +ree&* an& that the sec n& $ rtrait ,as &ra,n %" a Chi!&7 $r -ra))e& A&#!t ,here the +irst ha& %een &ra,n %" a 1arent $r -ra))e& A&#!t2 Se-te,ber $7+ Eri# /erne0 . A Transa#tional 3rou- Meetin!+. B $resente& ra!!" a Dran& )D -r #$ )eetin-* i2e2* ne ,hich ha& ta(en $!ace the &a" $re/i #s!"2 The $r cee&in-s ,ere c!ear an& inte!!i-i%!e transac ti na!!" ,ith #t an" nee& + r a te&i #s re/ie, + the %ac(-r #n& + each $atient2 This ,as c ntract#a! -r #$ treat)ent* an& n t D-r #$ thera$"2D The i))e&iate an& #!ti)ate thera$e#tic - a! ,as c!ear!" &e+ine& + r each $atient2 B th thera$ist an& $atients (ne, ,hat the" ,ere & in- an& ,h" the" ,ere & in- it 4,ithin the !i)its + each $atientGs c#rrent insi-ht82 E!!a ha& a%&icate& ) st + her -a)es an& attaine& s cia! c ntr !* t the %ene+it + her )arria-e2 She ha& n , entere& an a&/ance& str#ct#ra! $haseI D> , can a !itt!e -ir! !i(e )e & s#ch an e++ecti/e E % in )" $r +essi nF The" (n , IG) n t rea!!" -r ,n #$2D It ,as B nnieGs + #rth sessi nL she ha& -i/en #$ c !!ectin- &e$ressi/e tra&in- sta)$s t ,ar& a s#ici&e* an& c #!& n , see ,ith interest an& &e!i-ht h , thers $!a"e& -a)es2 >er insi-ht ,as n a DMe T D %asis2 She ,as t !& the ne9t ste$I she )#st !earn t see n t n!" -a)es she herse!+ $!a"e&* %#t e/en -a)es she herse!+ &i& n t $!a"2 The thera$e#tic $!annin- + r the + !! ,in- ,ee( an& + r the ne9t three ) nths ,as #t!ine& + r each + the se/en $atients $resent2 A THO?3HT FOR A?T?MN It is se!+7e/i&ent that )e&icine in/ !/es the art + hea!in- 7 a!th #-h 4it )a"8 a$$ear as i+ this ha& har&!" an"thin- t & ,ith the )atter2 On!" th se ,h re-ar& hea!in- as the #!ti)ate - a! + their e++ rts can* there+ re* %e &esi-nate& as $h"sicians2

PRO3RAM OF THE FIRST S?MMER+ CONFERENCE AUAUST 2<72:* 1963 3eneral SATUR=AY 9I3C 7 1CICC a2)2 Re-istrati n 1CICC 7 1CI1: 1re!i)inar" Orientati n 40ran(!in Ernst8 1ICC 7 3ICC L#nche n an& Chec( int R )s 6ICC 7 I ;ICC =inner 1CICC $2)2 n Ara&#ati n 1art" SUN=AY 9ICC 7 9I3C a2)2 Brea(+ast 12CC7 2ICC L#nch 2ICC7 2I1: S#))ar" an& 0are,e!! 4R %ert A #!&in-8 8I3C 7 11I3C 1 st Ara&#ati n 1art" S#ienti2i# Sessions Secti n I 4Intr &#ct r"8 Sat#r&a"* A#-#st 2< 1CI1: 7 11I3C a2)2 DStr#ct#ra! Ana!"sis* =ia-n sis* an& Si)$!e Transacti na! Ana!"sisD 4Berne8 11I<: 7 12I<: S)a!! -r #$ &isc#ssi ns 4C !!ins* 5#$+er* McC r)ic(8 32CC 7 <I1: Lect#reI DTi)e Str#ct#re an& Aa)esD 4Berne8 <I3C 7 :I3C ? in Secti n 2 + r Transacti na! Ana!"sis in Late A& !escence ;ICC 7 L 8I1: Lect#reI DTransacti na! Ar #$ ="na)icsM 2 4Berne8 8I3C 7 9I3C ? in Secti n 2 + r 1atient 1ane! n A!c h !ics S#n&a"* A#-#st 2: 1CICC 711I 1: a2)2 Lect#reI DTransacti na! Ar #$ Treat)entD 4/ern6 11I3C7 12I3C S)a!! -r #$ &isc#ssi ns 4C !!ins* 5#$+er* McC r)ic(8 Secti n 2 4C!inica!8 Sat#r&a"* A#-#st 2< 1CI3C 7 12I3C a2)2 12 Transacti na! Ana!"sis in the 1s"ch ses 4A r& n >ai%er-* Chair)an8 3ICC 7 <I1: II2 Transacti na! Ana!"sis in Ear!" A& !escence <23C 7 :I3C Transacti na! Ana!"sis* in Late A& !escence 4=a/i& 5#$+er* Chair)an8 ;ICC 7 8I1: I!!2 Transacti na! Ana!"sis ,ith A!ch h !ics 8I3C 7 9I3C The 1atientGsG Vie,$ int 41ane!8 4R %ert A #!&in-* Chair)an8

Sunday, August 25

1CI3C 7 12I3C

IV2 Transacti na! Ana!"sis in C rrecti na! @ r( 40ran(!in Ernst* Chair)an8


Se#tion I ( Part I TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS @ITH STATE HOSPITAL PSYCHOTICS Gordon Haiberg, M.D., Chairman Ass#)in- a %asic $ siti n + DIG) O5 7 Y #Gre O5*D s that thera$" %ec )es a $artnershi$ r c $erati/e /ent#re* is an i&ea! +e, thera$ists attain r #n&er stan& h , t attain2 Transacti na! ana!"sis ++ers a ,a" + r the) t rec -ni.e their &estr#cti/e /er%a! an& n n/er%a! c ))#nicati n an& %eha/i r* !ea/in- their Dc )$#terD +ree t s !/e $r %!e)s2 0 r a ! n- 7ti)e it ,as ta#-ht that $s"ch tics are i)$ ssi%!e r &i++ic#!t t treat n acc #nt + #ninte!!i-i%!e c ))#nicati n r their ina%i!it" t + r) a /a!i& & ct r7$atient re!ati nshi$2 >ence* ne $r %!e) is t train thera$ists in the c nce$t that $s"ch tics are O5* an& then t &e/e! $ an ec n )" + , r&s an& thin(in- that )a(es the thera$" eas" t #n&erstan&2 In !ar-e instit#ti ns* ne ai) is t a/ i& /ertreat)ent* !ea/in- ) re ti)e a/ai!a%!e + r treatin- ther $atients2 Treat)ent %e-ins ,ith the +irst e9chan-e + -!ances %et,een the thera$ist an& $atient* ,hen the thera$ist enters ,ith the %asic $ siti n DIG) O57 Y #Gre O52D 1s"ch tics are "earnin- t esta%!ish a ) re )eanin-+#! re!ati nshi$ ,ith $e $!e2 The sta++ )a" ass#)e ne + the #n&esir a%!e $ siti ns 4DIG) O5 7 Y #Gre n t7O5LG DY #Gre O5 7 IG) n t7O5LD GIG) n t7O5 7 Y #Gre n t7 O5D8 t ,ar& $s"ch tics* tri--erin- an /er,he!)in- &estr#cti/e set + /er%a! r n n/er%a! )ane#/ers ,hich ca#ses a#th rities t res$ n& %" (ee$in- the $atient in the h s$ita!2 S )e c )) n $s"ch tic )ane#/ers ten& t initiate a -a)e + DU$r ar2D One t"$e + $atient sa"sI DB N IG!! scare the he!! #t + " #ND 4%" #sin- ! #& % ister #s ta!(* $r +ane !an-#a-e* r &ist#r%in- +acia! e9$ressi ns* % &" -est#res* r se&#cti/e r sens# #s % &" ) /e)ents82 Other /ersi ns areI DIG!! ta!( the he!! #t + " #*D r DIG!! ,hine 7 cr" 7 !a#-h 7 the he!! #t + " #2D The )eanin- + Dhe!!D in these c !! '#ia! e9$ressi ns %ein- that the" ha/e &eter)ine& in a )atter + ) )ents that the thera$ist has the c n/icti n that the" are n t7O52 I+ the" are n t7O5 t hi)* it is %eca#se he & es n t #n&erstan& the)2 On the h s$ita! ,ar& %!i-at r" -r #$s + 8 t 12 $s"ch tic $e $!e )eet nce a ,ee( + r ne h #r2 The -r #$ c ntract is si)$!e2 One $ers n at a ti)e ,i!! %e !istene& t * each ta!(in- in his t#rn* an& n han& t han& +i-htin- r se9 ,ith an ther in&i/i&#a! is a!! ,e&2 @hen these #s#a!!" /er" $erce$ti/e in &i/i&#a!s are c n+r nte& %" an in&i/i&#a! ,h ass#)es the $ siti n DIG) O9 ( Y #Gre O5*D this is a ne, an& intri-#in- e9$erience + r the)2 The A&#!t is Dh (e&D %" this h#)an ass#)$ti n* an& %e-ins as(in-2 D> , c )e " #Gre n the #tsi&e an& IG) n the insi&eFD The '#esti n is n t ans,ere& i))e&iate!" %#t at the int#iti/e!" c rrect ti)e a+ter the thera$ist has ha& the $$ rt#nit" t esta%!ish ,hat is the ) st &estr#cti/e )ane#/er r -a)e the $ers n is #sin-2 The $atient is si)$!" an& &irect!" in+ r)e&* + r e9a)$!eI DY # scare the he!! #t + $e $!e2D The )ane#/er r -a)e is na)e& an& the thera$ist )a(es it c!ear that he , nGt $artici$ate in rec -ni.a%!e &estr#cti/e %eha/i r* that DY # (n , ,hat " # are & in-2D The s#&&en ne7si&e&ness + the re!ati nshi$ ar #ses the $atientGs c#ri sit" an& he n his ,n st $s #sin- the &estr#cti/e )ane#/er2 >e re&isc /ers then that the A&#!t can ha/e c ntr ! /er rea!it" an& he a-ain rea! the e++ecti/eness + his ,n stren-th2 It is as th #-h the c!#tch n a car ha& %een re$aire& s that the car c #!& ) /e a-ain2 The s$ar( $!#-s* tires an& % &" )i-ht n t %e in t $ c n&iti n* %#t %" c rrectin- the )aE r &e+ect a chan-e %ec )es a$$arent2 The in&i/i&#a! nee& n t #n&erstan& the technica! as$ects* %#t he an& the thera$ist #n&erstan& ,hat a /er" s)a!! %it + $s"ch thera$" can & L )ean,hi!e the rest + the )e)%ers ,itness the $hen )en n cc#rrin- %e+ re the)

in this particular individual. he shared intelligibility see!s to reduce the patient"s alienation, as Whitehorn points out, and both the e#uals share, a $eeling o$ partnership in the venture. he $act that the patient continues to live in a custodial, !ill%li&e environ!ent in the state hospital which has been !aintained $or decades, is actually an advantage because it dra!atizes the e$$ect. 'othing has changed on the outside, yet the person has gained prestige and dignity again. (e is $ran&ly told he is )*, he is i!portant, because o$ the uni#ueness o$ his being a hu!an being, and he starts to gain hope. When the Adult can begin processing data, listening, learning, and helping in decisions, the" innate regenerative powers begin operating on their own and the healing process begins. Fortunately, !ost people use $ew very destructive !aneuvers+ but when there is a !i,ture one e,poses and de!onstrates the !ost destructive $irst. -sychotics play the sa!e ga!es as other people, such as ./a&ing /other Sorry,. .See 0$ 1ou 2an (elp /e,. .-oor /e,. .(ow to bug the doctor,. .(ow t please, the doctor,. .2ourt%3oo!,. .Ain"t 0t Aw$ul,. .0$ 0t Weren"t For (i!+ and .3apo. % $irst and second degree. Favorite ga!es o$ epileptics on a chronic psychotic ward are4 .5et"s Y # and (i! Fight,. .Wooden 5eg, and .6proar. he !a7ority o$ the involutional psychotics o$ the depressive type play .-oor /e,. .and along with their group therapy they are placed in a 'urses" Aide progra! wor&ing on. a geriatric ward. his see!s to be a very e$$ective !eans o$ industrial therapy that can be, used to brea& up such a destructive ga!e. 8y dealing with the destructive !aneuver or ga!e o$ the !o!ent, or the here and now, rather than atte!pting to get a panora!ic, view o$ the 2hild"s destructive behavior o$ the past, one gives the individual hope that he can. reprieve hi!sel$ $ro! the destructive behavior o$ the present. he .9uiet. !aneuver o$ the chronic catatonic is !ost di$$icult to treat because there is no way $or e$$ective sy!bolic stro&ing, and perhaps body !assage and bac& rubs should be utilized. :elusions, hallucinations, suicidal and ho!icidal thoughts are discussed $ran&ly and in a !atter o$ $act !anner through the use o$ structural analysis. Favorite ga!es o$ therapists are .(ow to please the patient,. .(ow to bug the patient,. .0"! )nly rying o (elp 1ou,. .-sychiatry % 0 (ave A Feeling,. .2ourt%3oo!+. and .:;; % $irst and second degree t%. What happens i$ the patient gets well or returns to his pre!orbid personality< 5et the individual solve that proble! by going over the script realizing that it can be adapted and that he has the privilege and responsibility o$ !a&ing the choices as $ar as his $uture is concerned. )ne cannot convert an old. !odel into a new sports !odel by the previous procedure but the individual is now in a position to decide whether or not he wants to e!bar& on a !ore intensive individual analytic therapy. Su!!ary4 )ne assu!es the position DIG) ) * % 1ou"re )* % because o$ the uni#ueness o$ being a hu!an being.. he ) st destructive !aneuver or ga!e is identi$ied and at the intuitive ti!e the person is con$ronted directly. his is $ollowed b y intuitive stro&ing, and the econo!y% !indedness of transactional analysis should leave one $ree $or this. he script can be adapted. )rganics with psychosis, !anic depressives, involutional psychotics, and paranoid schizophrenics respond to this procedure. -erhaps ideally the ga!e%$ree therapist can ta&e the luc& out o$ therapy. Discussion 3. (odges =-asadena> recounted how a catatonic had responded dra!atically to being roc&ed in a roc&ing chair and drin&ing $ro! a glass o$


David Kupfer, Ph.D., Chairman

5#$+erGs $resentati n ,as &i/i&e& int t, $artsI Ear!" A& !escence* $re sente& t the C!inica! Secti n* an& Late A& !escence* $resente& t a E int )eetin- + the Intr &#ct r" an& C!inica! Secti ns2 A Early Adoles#en#e 4A!es $) ( $A6 The -r #$ $resente& c nsiste& + si9 % "s an& ne -ir!* ,h ha& ha& thirt" )eetin-s2 A/era-e atten&ance ,as ;922O 4A%sences ;O resistance* 1228O acci&enta!82 =#rin- the sch ! "ear atten&ance ,as 9CO 4A%ences 3O resistance* ;O acci&enta!82 =#rin- the /acati n ) nths + ?#!" an& A#-#st atten&ance ,as 682:O 4A%sences 1121 O resistance* 2C2<O acci&enta!82 5 starte& this -r #$ %eca#se he ,ante& t teach transacti na! ana!"sis t ad !escents2 DC#rin-D an& Dhe!$in-D c ))itt)ents ,ere a/ i&e&2 5 +irst c!ari+ie& + r hi)se!+* there inter$rete& t % th $arents an& -r #$ )e)%ers his - a! 7 7 DIG!! tea#h " # transacti na! ana!"sis2D N ther s$eci+ic c ntracts r c ))itt)ents ,ere )a&e2 In this ,a" it ,as h $e& t a/ i& -a)es2 5 + #n& he ha& t a/ i& three te)$tati ns2 12 T sh , ++ t the -r #$ Dh , - & he ,as2D 22 T $artici$ate in their rea!!" c!e/er E (in- -a)es2 32 T a&) nish the) 1arenta!!" t %e '#ieter2 This a-e -r #$ ten&s t %e ! #&* ra)%#ncti #s* an& see)in-!" in&i++erent as t ,hether the" -ain an"thin- +r ) the e9$erience r n t2 Re-ar&!ess + h , A&#!t 5 re)ains* the" sti!! /ie, hi) as a $arent2 The" ten& t &isc#ss !itt!e + rea! s#%stance ,hich can %e $ic(e& #$ an& #se&2 TV $r -ra)s 4es$ecia!!" $ertainin- t D%! & an& -#ts*D )ai)in- an& /i !ence8* sch ! an& +rien&s are the )ain t $ics2 A ) re &i&actic $resentati n than in an !&er -r #$ ,as #se& a+ter Dc!inica!D )ateria! ,as intr &#ce& %" the -r #$2 In the + #rth )eetin- =a/i& &escri%e& an inci&ent ,here he ,as c nne& int %#"in- a ra&i 2 =isc#ssi n + this inci&ent $r /i&e& an $$ rt#nit" t $ int #t that it ,as the Chi!& ,h ha& %een c nne& %" the sa!es)an2 In the si9th )eetin- Me!issa &escri%e& an inci&ent in ,hich she c #!& see an A&#!t an& a Chi!& in her t, "ear !& sister2 1anic ,as &isc#sse& at the ninth )eetin- an& $r /i&e& the $$ rt#nit" t inter$ret the &i++erence %et,een Chi!& +ear 4#nrea!istic8 an& A&#!t +ear 4rea!istic82 Me)%ers state&I D@e nee& t %e ) re A&#!t2D S )e &ecisi ns re-ar&in- ac 7 ce$ta%!e %eha/i r ,ere )a&e %" the -r #$2 In the +i+th )eetin- a -reat &ea! + sc#++!in- cc#rre&2 5 as(e&* D@hat are ,e - in- t & a% #t the sc#++!in-FD =a/i& res$ n&e&* DLetGs ha/e a Gn han&sG r#!e2D This r#!e ,as acce$te& an& has %een in/ (e& %" the -r #$ se/era! ti)es since then2 1hi!!i$ &escri%e& an inci&ent in ,hich he a--ra/ate& his 0rench teacher an& - t int tr #%!e in c!ass2 A!th #-h he is an e9ce!!ent st#&ent* this ,as n t the +irst s#ch inci&ent2 5 inter$rete& this* sa"in-I DY #r Chi!& sets it #$ t a--ra/ate the teacherGs 1arent s " # -et (ic(e& #t + c!ass* th #-h " #r A&#!t (n ,s that " # are there t !earn an& that it & esnGt )atter ,hether " # !i(e " #r teacher r n t2D The A&#!t ,as &escri%e& as &ea!in- ,ith +acts rather than +ee! in-s* an& as a%!e t $re&ict the #tc )e + %eha/i r2 Chi!& int#iti ns an& the A&#!tGs a%i!it" t )a(e $re&icti ns ,ere e9$! re& ,ith &i&actic $resentati ns an& the #se + -r #$ )ateria!2 1hi!!i$ c ))ente& at the en& + this )eetin-* DThis ,as a - & )eetin-2 IG) -!a& IG) here2D This ,as an $$ rt#nit" + r 5 t as( D@h" are " # hereFD Res$ nses /arie& +r ) DI ,ant t !earn s )ethin-D an& DI+ I #n&erstan& thin-s %etter* IG!! -et int !ess tr #%!e*D t DIG) here %eca#se

)" ) ther )a(es )e c )e2D T &ate* the $arents ,h se -a)es $$ se their ++s$rin-sG -ettin- ,e!! 4$arents ,h ,i!! resist r st $ the chi!&Gs thera$" ,hen he sh ,s i)$r /e)ent8 ha/e n t %ec )e e/i&ent2 1erha$s this is %eca#se the e)$hasis is* n teachin- an& n t Dc#rin-2D =#rin- the a#&ience &isc#ssi n t, )ain $ ints ,ere hi-h!i-hte&2 12 The i)$ rtance + the -r #$ !ea&erGs c!ear se!+7a$$raisa! an& '#ic( &ecisi ns re-ar&in$ ssi%!e inter+erence %" his ,n Chi!& r 1arent2 22 The &esira%i!it" + a Dc!earD an& si)$!e c ntract ,ith the -r #$ )e)%ers2 B Late Adoles#en#e 4A!es $&+ $=6 There are +i/e )e)%ers in this -r #$2 The c ntract has %een (e$t si)$!eL that is* DIG!! teach " # s )ethin-2D As &e/e! $)ents ,arrant* this c ntract )a" %e ) &i+ie&2 At the +irst )eetin- Lin&a* Christine* =ennis an& R %ert ,ere $resent2 Si!ences $r &#ce& %/i #s &isc )+ rt +r ) the start an& R %ert a$$eare& ) st an9i #s t str#ct#re the ti)e* ) st!" ,ith ta!( a% #t !"#$%, ) &e!s* an& h %%ies2 Then heG !et it %e (n ,n that his $arents ,ere +i-htin-* an& trie& t set &' DLetGs 1ou An& >i) 0i-htD %et,een 5G an& his +ather2 Lin&a $!a"e& e!e)entar" Intr Eecti/e 1s"chiatr"I DI & nGt -et t see ) /ies !i(e " # -#"s* %#t I a) t !a." t ca!! a +rien& (! - ,ith )e2D =ennis* ,h se +ather an& " #n-erG %r ther $!a" DSt#$i&D in their res$ecti/e -r #$s* sh ,e& si)i!ar ten&encies %" %ec )in- inc herent* c n+#sin- an& c n+#se& ,hen atte)$tin- t te!! a st r"2 Christine* Lin&a an& R %ert $!a"e& DAinGt It A,+#! re-ar&in- D(i&sD ,ith ,in&%! ,n hair an& &e !in'#ent %eha/i r2 Since a)) the )e)%ers ha& s )e ac'#aintance ,ith Chi!&* 1arent an& A&#!t thr #-h 5 r their $arents* 5 &ia-ra))e& DAinGt It A,+#!D 4,ith #t #sin- the ter)8 an& a!s R %ertGs atte)$t t set #$ DLetGs Y # An& >i) 0i-ht2D 5 +e!t that the -r #$ ) /e& s,i+t!" in -ras$in- c nce$ts an& that -a)es ,i!! $r %a%!" e)er-e +aster than the" , #!& in a " #n-er a-e -r #$2 At the sec n& )eetin- en-a-e)ents an& -a)es sh ,e& the)se!/es ) re c!ear!"2 Lin&a + !! ,e& #$ n DIntr Eecti/e 1s"chiatr"*D &escri%in- an9iet" attac(s* +ear an& en/" + $e $!e* +ears that she D)i-ht - cra."D r D)i-ht ,ant t ! ( cra." t $e $!e2D She stensi%!" as(e& + r* s")$ath" an& reass#rance2 R %ert* sai& *O&+ Ca,#))a- is n!" a 1962 ) &e!*D an& ta!(e& a% #t e9$ensi/e h %%" ) &e!s2 They s n ca!!e& his ta!(in- this ,a"* D62 Ca&i!!ac ta!(D #se& t i)$ress -ir!s2 @hen he sh ,e& ++ he ,as +re'#ent!" cha!!en-e& as $!a"in- D62 Ca&i!!acD a-ain2 >e a!s ca!!e& hi)se!+ Dst#$i&*D an& the -r #$Gs '#esti nin- e!icite& that he !earne& t act st#$i& +r ) his +ather2 =ic( t !& the -r #$ that he ha& %een in/ite& t a r #sin- $art" an& a+ter his A&#!t ana!".e& it an& $re&icte& $ ssi%!e tr #%!e* he &eci&e& n t t - * e/en th #-h his DChi!& ha& %een ! (in- + r,ar& t it2D =ennis ta!(e& a% #t ,aste 7 +#!ness* +r ) ,hich the -r #$ e!icite& that =ennis has a thri+t" 1arent* ,h is c ncerne& ,ith ,aste2 Later 5 ha& an $$ rt#nit" t &e) nstrate an #!teri r transacti n n the %!ac(% ar&2 Sa)$!e '#esti ns +r ) the a#&ience ,ere D@hat +ee #% %ein- char-e&FD DIsnGt the $ace t +ast for the)FD and "What did Dick offer his Child as a substit#te + r the $art"FD In -enera!* the a#&ience in&icate& a$$r /a! + 5Gs si)$!e c ntract* )eth &s* an& +ast $ace2


Robert Goulding, M.D., Chairman

A A +irst $resente& the a&)inistrati/e an& technica! as$ects + a thera$" -r #$ + Da!c h !icD $atients2 The $r Eect ,as initiate& %" a s cia! a-enc"2 The c ntract* h ,e/er* is n t ,ith the s cia! a-enc"* %#t ,ith the in&i/i&#a!s ,h atten& the -r #$2 This +rees the thera$ist +r ) the a&)inistrati/e str#ct#re + the a-enc"* s that he can c ncentrate entire!" n thera$"2 The #ontra#t 418 Each )e)%er ,i!! atten& AA %e+ re E inin-2 428 >e )#st c )e t the -r #$ s %er* since the thera$ist cann t , r( ,ith hi) i+ his Chi!& is in c ntr !2 438 >e )#st a-ree t atten& 12 sessi ns2 The thera$ist a-rees 418 t he!$ the) st $ $!a"in-a)es* %" #sin- transacti na! ana!"sis2 3a,e Analysis S )e ne &ia-ra))e& his c nce$t that the A&#!t is +irst t %e anestheti.e& %" a!ch h !* an& then the 1arent an& Chi!& $!a" -a)esL thers th #-ht the 1arent ,ent +irst2 0#rther st#&" ,as re'#ire&2 It ,as a-ree& that the thera$istGs A&#!t ha& t +#ncti n c ntin# #s!"2 Role o2 Thera-ist I+ the thera$ist ta!(s he is n t !istenin-2 The +irst +e, )in#tes in the +irst sessi n + treat)ent are i)$ rtant2 The $rescri$ti n + &r#-s is !e+t t the +a)i!" & ct r* ther,ise the thera$ist )a" c nta)inate his r !e as thera$ist2 The 3a,es DA!c h !is)D is a s")$t )2 The +irst '#esti n t %e ans,ere& isI D@h" & es the $atient ta(e the +irst &rin(FD @ &en Le- is c )) n 4D@hat & " # e9$ect + a )an ,h 7 7 7D82 The a!c h !ic #ses &rin(in- as a $a"7 ++2 >e &rin(s ,hen the A&#!t is &ec ))issi ne&2 02 Mats n )aintaine& that the $a"7 ++ is the han- /er* n t the &rin(in-I the 1arent is then $#nishin- the Chi!&2 A a-ree&I he t !& a% #t a , )an ,h ha& %een &r" + r )an" ) nthsL she &rea)e& a% #t &rin(in- an& the ne9t &a" ha& a han- /er2 M2 B "ce as(e& at ,hat a-e the Chi!& &eci&es t %e a &rin(er2 The c nsens#s ,as that* since Da!c h !is)D in/ !/es se/era! -a)es* this a-e /aries ,ith the in&i/i&#a!2 B Se/en )e)%ers + thera$" -r #$s then t ( their $!aces n the r str#) an& +#ncti ne& as a $ane! n the s#%Eect + a!c h !is)2 These ,ere $resent &#rin- the $resentati n + AGs $a$er an& the s#%se'#ent &isc#ssi n2 One )e)%er $ene& the $ane! %" sa"in-I DA+ter !istenin- t the &is 7 c#ssi n I & nGt thin( these $e $!e (n , ,hat a!c h !is) is a!! a% #t2D The" rec -ni.e& that as a -r #$ the" ,ere $!a"in- AA* 1TA* an& that ne )e)%er ,as $!a"in- @ &en Le-2 Their $ siti n ,as DIG) N A &2 S )e ne in the a#&ience '#esti ne& the e9istence + %!ac( #ts2 A $ane!ist &escri%e& $re$arin- an& ser/in- a &inner ,ith #t %ein- a%!e t reca!! an" + this the ne9t &a"2 Reacti n t -r #$ thera$" ,as &isc#sse& at s )e !en-th2 A $ane!ist sai&I D@e a!! %#c( a-ainst it t %e-in ,ith2 @hen I ,ent t the +irst sessi n I +e!t s sic( a+ter,ar& that I ha& t sta" in %e&2D Others a-ree& it ,as &i++ic#!t2 The" a!s a-ree& that $!acin- a!c h !ics in the sa)e s! t ,as n t /a!i&* an& that the" sh #!& %e th #-ht + as in&i/i&#a!s2 The $a"7 ++ in a!c h !is) /aries +r ) $ers n t 2 $ers n2 An ther )e)%er &escri%e& the %ene+its t her +a)i!" + %ein- -a)e7+ree2 She can rec -ni.e the -a)es she starts t $!a" an& can (n c( the) ++2 >er h#s%an& an& the chi!&ren i&enti+" -a)es $!a"e& in the +a)i!"* an& are a%!e t (ee$ the Chi!& #n&er %etter c ntr ! %" the A&#!t2


"D", and #" %"

In $ris n thera$" -r #$s the in)ates rac(eteer ,ith the treat)ent27 The" Drat $ac(D 4the h t seat techni'#e8 a )e)%er* D$#!! a stic( #$ E %D ,ith thera$" ti)e 4DIG!! -et )a& i+ " # & nGt2718* Dr#n a $r tecti n rac(et ,ith +e!! , )e)%ersG c n+i&ences 4Dan& " # %etter n t ta!( a% #t #s t the thera$istD8* e)%e..!e the thera$" t the ,in- 4D,e a!rea&" c /ere& a!! that !ast ni-ht in the ,in-* = cD8* an& Dti!!7ta$D the c n/ersati n2 The thera$ist ,h re)e)%ers the in)ateGs state& %Eecti/eI DI ,ant t -et #t + here*D can c ntrast this ,ith the in)ateGs %eha/i r % th #tsi&e an& in si&e the -r #$* ,hich is n t c n&#ci/e t sec#rin- re!ease +r ) $ris n2 The $atient can %e sh ,n here the $resence ,ithin hi)se!+ + a re%e!!i #s Chi!&2 In Ca!i+ rnia $ris ns an ann#a! $s"chiatric re$ rt is ,ritten + r the re!easin- a-enc" %ase& n an in)ateGs $rece&in- $er+ r)ance2 The (e"G e!e)ent - /ernin- the in)ateGs %eha/i r &#rin- the -r #$ sessi ns is the e++ect he ,i!! ha/e n the thera$istGs ,ritin-2 + this re$ rt2 Beca#se + the )#!tit#&es + E#&icia!* s ci ! -ica!* an& $s"ch ! -ica! re$ rts ,hich ha/e %een &#!" rec r&e& an& +i!e& thr #-h #t the in&i/i&#a!Gs !i+e 4+in-er7$rinte& an& D)#--e&D8* the thera$ist can + c#s n the )eanin- + s#ch re$ rt ,ritin- in the in)ateGs !i+e* an& the satis+acti n the in *)ate &eri/es +r ) %ein-2 a re$ rt s#%Eect2 Thera$ists ,h tr" t in-n re the +act that the" ha/e a re$ rt t ,rite ,i!! a!s * $r %a%!"* )iss the +act that the" are %ein- s#%Eecte& t the $atient7 in)atee )ane#/er + D> , & 2 " # $!ease the & ct rFD thr #-h #t the -r #$ sessi n2 @hen DC $s a., R %%ersD is rec -ni.e& as a -a)e* the e/i&ent E "+#! $!eas#re + the recent!" Dreca$t#re& )an is n t an inc n-r#it" 4E#st as in chi!& h & Dhi&e an& see(D the %Eect is + r the Ei&er t %e ca#-ht* + #n&82 The s cia! c#re + the reci&i/ist in/ !/es #!ti)ate!" his ren#nciati n + the satis+acti ns G&eri/e& +r ) DC H R*D an& the #se + D- 7t 7EaiED as the s !#ti n t interna! !+ e9terna! sit#ati ns2 The c#re + the $atient hi)se!+ then t#rns t c!ari+icati n an& a!terati n + the chi!&h & scri$t2 The a#&ience ,as intereste& in the r-ani.ati na! str#ct#re %ehin& c rrecti na! -r #$s* as sh ,n in the a#th rit" &ia-ra) + the =e$art)ent + C r recti ns an& the A&#!t A#th rit" 4re!easin- a-enc"82 A ten )in#te se-)ent + a recent!" rec r&e& -r #$ sessi n ,as $!a"e& t the a#&ience* #sin- a seatin- &ia-ra)* t sh , /!0 an in)ate 41hi!8 atte)$te& t Dti!!7ta$D the thera$istGs )in&2 The &i/ersi nar" tactic + D, r(in-D ,ith a sec n& )an 4Ti)8 n the $r %!e) + a thir& in)ate 4R "8 Dt he!$ hi)D ,as the +irst ste$2 Ste$ t, ,as + r 1hi! t &i/ert the thera$istGs attenti n %" c rrectin- hi)se!+I e2-2* D)at#re* I )ean A&#!t*D Dchi!&ish* DI )ean Chi!&*D ,ith #t ! (in- at the thera$ist2 This ,as inten&e& t )a(e the thera$ist 4the ti!!8 -et )a& at hi) r strai-hten hi) #t* s that the c ntent + the c n/ersati n , #!& %e /er! (e&2 Instea& the thera$ist interr#$te& 4,ith #t the e9$ecte& D$arenta!D an-er r a$ ! -etic s)i!in-8 in s#ch a ,a" as t %rea( #$ an& e9$ se % th + 1hi!Gs -a)esI DThe Thera$ist Is S#$$ se&G T Listen T MeD an& DIG) On!" Tr"in- T >e!$ R "2D The a#&ience c #!& see c!ear!" ,hat ,as ha$$enin- n the ta$e* an& !a#-he& a$$reciati/e!"2 S )e then as(e& + r c!ari+icati n + the , r& D)ane#/erD as a$$!ie& t 1hi!Gs %eha/i r2 E re+raine& +r ) $ intin- #t that the Chi!& in the) ,hen !a#-hin- #n&erst & c!ear!" ,hat D)ane#/erD )eant* ,hi!e their A&#!t &i& n t2

A ST?"Y OF CLASSROOM 3AMES ( PRO3RESS REPORT S $resente& a +ra)e, r( + r /ie,in- the r !e + the teacher2 >e raise& the '#esti n as t ,hether teachers c #!& $erate as Da#thenticD $ers ns ,ith #t %eineither D r-ani.ati nD )en r Eer(s2 An a#th rit" &ia-ra) ,as trace& +r ) the +e&era!* thr #-h the state t the ! ca! !e/e!* inc!#&in- the i)a-e + the sch ! $rinci$a!* s#rr #n&in- the ch ices $en t a teacher in #n&e+ine& sit#ati ns $resente& %" st#&ents in the c!ass2 Inci&ents ,ere cite& ,hich !e& t an an a!"sis + the si)i!arities an& &i++erences %et,een thera$" an& e&#cati n2 C ) $aris ns ,ere )a&e in ter)s + $#r$ se* $resence r a%sence + a Dc ntract*D )eth &s* + c#s + the re!ati nshi$* !e/e!s + c ncern* settin-* +re'#enc" an& ti)e* an& !ast!" the r !es + thera$ist an& teacher2 S* ,h is a $r +ess r + E&#cati n at San 0rancisc State C !!e-e* has c !!ecte& inci&ents +r ) teachers an& $#$i!s n ,a"s + D$!easin-D an& D%#--in-D teachers2 >e $r /i&e& e9a)$!es % th +r ) his st#&" an& +r ) anthr $ ! -ist ?#!es >enr"Gs Culture A!ainst Man 4Ran& ) > #se* 196382 Inci&ents ,ere -i/en t sh , h , -a)es &e/e! $ in the c!assr )L )#!ti$!e acti/ities* $ress#re + ti)e* $se#& 7 str (in-* an& ther cr ss7c ))#nicati ns ,ere re$ rte&2 =isc#ssi n + the c )$#!s r" atten&ance !a,s ,hich %rin- st#&ents t sch ! $!ace the teacher in a sit#ati n !i(e thers in instit#ti na! settin-s2 The teacher )a" ha/e n c ntract ,ith his $#$i!s* %#t neither & $ar !e ++icers r thera$ists in $ris ns2 1 siti n ana!"sis ,as + #n& t %e $ ssi%!e ,ith -a)e inci&ents in ,hich % re& st#&ents $!a"e& D@hat are " # - in- t & a% #t itFD a+ter teacher %eca)e 1arenta!2 Teachers can st $ -a)es %" rec an& na)in- the)* an& then re+#sin- t $!a"2 The techni'#e + inci&ent c !!ecti n + -a)es +r ) teacher )e) r" is + !i)ite& /a!#e2 It & es n t -i/e a&e'#ate %eha/i r c!#es +r ) ,hich in+erences re-ar&in- e- states )a" %e &ra,n2 =escri$ti ns + the n n/er%e! c ))#nicati n are + /ita! i)$ rtance2 N#)er #s s#--esti ns ,ere )a&e + r a ne7sentence '#esti n ,hich , #!& e!icit an e9a)$!e + a -a)e +r ) thers2 4S$ea(erGs A%stract8

Stanley Soles

.TRA"IN3 STAMPS. R2 > rse!e"* the sa-e + the* )et a )an ,h ,as ,ee$in- an& sai& he ,as - in- t (i!! hi)se!+2 DLet #s start /er*D sai& > rse!e"2 >e -a/e the )an s )e -r cer" st re tra&in- sta)$s an& a !itt!e % ( t $aste the) in2 DE/er" ti)e s )e ne h#rts " #r +ee!in-s*D he instr#cte& hi)* Dtear ++ ne + the sta)$s an& $aste the) in the % (2 @hen the % ( is +#!!* c )e %ac( t )e2D In a +e, ) nths the )an ca)e %ac( ,ith the % ( +i!!e& ,ith sta)$s2 DN ,*D sai& > rse!e"* Dcarr" this % ( ar #n& ,ith " # ,here/er " # - * since it entit!es " # t a +ree s#ici&e ,hene/er " # ,ish2D D0ree + ,hatFD as(e& the )an2 D0ree + -#i!t*D re$!ie& > rse!e"2 The )an $#t the % ( in his $ c(et an& ,ent a,a" ha$$i!"2 E/er" ti)e > rse!e" sa, hi) a+ter that the )an than(e& hi) an& ,ent ++ s)i!in-2 One &a" > rse!e" + #n& the )an ,ee$in- an& as(e& hi) ,hat the tr #%!e ,as2 DI )is!ai& the % ( + tra&in- sta)$s*D the )an re$!ie&2 DN , I a) n t entit!e& t a +ree s#ici&e2D > rse!e" reache& int his $ c(et an& $#!!e& #t an ther % ( +#!! + sta)$s2 D>ere*D he sai&2 DTa(e this ne2 I a!,a"s carr" a s$are* an& " # ha/e earne& it2D The )an than(e& hi) e++#si/e!" an& nce ) re !e+t s)i!in-2 @hene/er > rse!e" sa, hi) a+ter that* he ,as sti!! s)i!in-2 The '#esti n is* ,hat is the !i+e e9$ectanc" + that )anF

Cyprian St. Cyr


OR3ANIBATIONAL NE@S S?MMER CONFERENCE REPORT The +irst S#))er C n+erence n Transacti na! Ana!"sis ,as he!& at the Asi! )ar C n+erence Ar #n&s near M ntere"* Ca!i+ rnia* n A#-#st 2< 7 2:* 19632 There ,ere 9C re-istrants* <: in the Intr &#ct r" Secti n an& <: in the C!inica! Secti n2 The" ca)e +r ) a!! $arts + the @est +r ) E&) nt n* Cana&a* t San =ie- * Ca!i+ rnia*G )an" + the) %rin-in- their s$ #ses an& chi!&ren* s that there2 ,ere a% #t 1:C $e $!e in a!!2 The L s An-e!es c ntin-ent ,as the ) st enter$risin-* trans$ rtati n,ise* ne arri/in- %" $ri/ate $!ane an& an ther %" ) t rc"c!e2 The" inc!#&e& $s"chiatrists an& ther )e&ica! s$ecia!ists* s cia! , r(ers* $s"ch ! -ists* c rrecti na! , r(ers* s ci ! -ists* e&#cat rs* an& n#rses2 Since there ,as n ,a" + $re&ictin- the atten&ance* this %ein- #r +irst c n+erence* t, ! &-es ha& %een reser/e&* %#t ,e s n /er+! ,e& int a thir&* an& ) st + the re-istrants sta"e& n the C n+erence Ar #n&s2 The h #sin- ,as ) st a%!" han&!e& %" the Re-istrars* E!!en Berne an& ?anice @a"* #n&er the -#i&ance + Mrs22 R )a 1hi!%r (* Mana-er + the C n+erence Ar #n&s2 Ric(" Berne acte& as )essen-er % " an& E#ni r e!ectrician2 The $re!i)inar" $a$er , r( ,as han&!e& %" the Se)inar Chair)an an& Mar" N2 @i!!ia)s* the e&it ria! an& circ#!ati n assistant + the B#!!etin2 On Sat#r&a" e/enin-* =r2 an& Mrs2* R %ert A #!&in- + Car)e! $ene& their h #se an& -r #n&s t a!! the re-istrants + r a Ara&#ati n 1art"* assiste& %" Catherine* R %erta* 1hi!i$* >arr"* an& 5e!!e" A #!&in-* t -ether ,ith Mrs2 0ran(!in Ernst* an& >arr"* Nei!* an& =an Ernst2 There ,as G a (e- + %eer an& ther re+resh)ents #t in the ) n!i-ht n the %ac(* $ati * an& )#sic ,as s#$$!ie& %" $h n -ra$h* -#itars* an& an r-an2 The -#itarists ,ere ?err" N i) s* Car !ine Sa)#e!s* an& a /isitin- )instre!* an& the r-anist ,as Mrs2 S ! n Sa)#e!s2 On S#n&a" e/enin- the re)ainin- 4 r !e+t /er8 re-istrants ,ere entertaine& at the h )e + =r2 Eric Berne in2 Car)e!2 The scienti+ic sessi ns an& the intr &#ct r" c #rse ,ere ,e!! recei/e&* an& se/era! #t + t ,n /isit rs $re&icte& that ne9t "ear the atten&ance , #!& %e & #%!e&2 Reser/ati ns ha/e %een )a&e at the C n+erence Ar #n&s + r the ,ee(en& + A#-#st 2227 23* 196<2 ANN?AL MEETIN3 The Annual Meetin! o2 the San Fran#is#o So#ial Psy#hiatry Se,inars> In#+> 1ill be held 2ollo1in! the re!ular s#ienti2i# session on O#tober )7> $%&)> at $'77 @ashin!ton Street> San Fran#is#o+ "ue to the ra-id eC-ansion o2 the Se,inars and their A22iliates durin! the -ast year> there 1ill be three ur!ent to-i#s to dis#uss0 2inan#es> housin!> and a22iliation+

Transa#tional Analysis /ulletin> Su--le,ent D$> has %een $#%!ishe& + r the %ene+it + th se teachin- this s#%Eect c!inica!!" r aca&e)ica!!"2 I t #% entit!e& Outline For An Introdu#tory Course In Transa#tional Analysis and So#ial "yna,i#s+ The +irst e&iti n is 13 $a-es in )i)e -ra$h* inter!ea/e& ,ith %!an( + !sca$ $a-es + r instr#ct rsG n tes* -i/in- t $ica! hea&in-s + r a c #rse + ei-htP !ect#res2 S#%scri$ti ns at 322CC )a" %e sent t Transacti na! Ana!"sis B#!!etin* 12 O2 B 9 :;<;* Car)e!* Ca!i+ rnia* 939212 3eor!e 4Our s-onsored or-han in Crete6 Ae r-e sen&s #s a $ e) + r EasterI DI+ it , #!& %e $ ssi%!e t $en )" heart* " # , #!& +in& .#-$ 1)!0$+% 2&( 1a,$,, a., (/$3 a+$ 1a,$, 2$-a&%$ !1 " # )" &ear2D @e sent hi) 3: e9tra + r Easter + &* + r ,hich his ) ther than(s #s2

Se,inar '7'> Transa#tional Analysis in Clini#al Pra#ti#e> ,i!! res#)e )eetin- e/er" T#es&a" e/enin- at 8I3C $2)2 startin- Oct %er 1: at the ++ice + Eric Berne* M2=2* 12CC @ashin-t n Street in San 0rancisc 2 1r +essi na! /isit rs are ,e!c )e2 It is s#--este& that the" chec( in a&/ance %" te!e$h ne* 1R s$ect 67<2:6* an& the" are re'#este& n t t arri/e %e+ re 8I2C $2)2 There is n +ee + r this Se)inar* %#t th se ,h c )e re-#!ar!" )a" ,ish t %ec )e Acti/e Me)%ers2 Meetin-s ,i!! c ntin#e #nti! =ece)%er 1;* an& ,i!! then res#)e in ?an#ar"* &'() a+ter the Christ)as /acati n2 =#rin- the 0a!! B#arter* it is antici$ate& that thera$" -r #$s* c!inica! sit#a ti ns* an& ta$es ,i!! %e $resente& + r transacti na! an& -a)e ana!"sis* inters$erse& ,ith s$ecia! !ect#res* &i&actic7c!inica! &isc#ssi ns* an& $r %!e)s + -r #$ an& r -ani.ati na! &"na)ics2 FALL INTRO"?CTORY CO?RSE The ne9t intr &#ct r" c #rse ,i!! %e ++ere& startin- Oct %er 23* 1963* $en t th se ,ith a &e-ree in the )e&ica! r s cia! sciences ,h are en-a-e& in $r +essi na! , r( in th se +ie!&s r are re-istere& + r a&/ance& st#&" at a rec -ni.e& #ni/ersit" r c !!e-e2 A Certi+icate + C )$!eti n ,i!! %e iss#e& n re'#est2

$7$+ Introdu#tory So#ial "yna,i#s+ A the retica! intr &#cti n t transacti na! ana!"sis an& -r #$ &"na)ics2 @e&nes&a" e/enin-s at 8I3C2 Ei-ht )eetin-s* Oct %er 23 7 =ece)%er 112 0ee 3:C* $a"a%!e in a&/ance2 Enr !!)ent is !i)ite& t 3C2 The c #rse ,i!! )eet at the ++ice + Eric Berne* M2=2* 12CC @ashin-t n Street* in San 0rancisc 2 The o22i#e is not a ailable be2ore =0'7 -+,+ 0 r enr !!)ent* sen& chec( t S0S1S* B 9 :;<;* Car)e!* Ca!i+ rnia* 93921* -i/in- na)e* a&&ress* te!e$h ne* &e-rees* an& a++i!iati n2 0 r +#rther in+ r)ati n* ,rite the a% /e a&&ress r !ea/e a ca!! + r the Sec retar"* Miss Vi !a Litt* at 1R s$ect 6713CC in San 0rancisc 2

AFFILIATES 0 !! ,in- the S#))er C n+erence* there ,as a %#rst + acti/it" in S #thern Ca!i+ rnia2 @i!!ia) C !!ins +inishe& the +irst Intr &#ct r" C #rse in L s An-e!es 4he!& thr #-h the c #rtes" + =r2 S ! n Sa)#e!s at Aate,a"s > s$ita!8* ,hich res#!te& in the + r)ati n + the S #thern Ca!i+ rnia Transacti na! Ana!"sis Se)inar 4SCTAS8 ,ith 1: acti/e )e)%ers2 >e is n , a ne, Intr &#ct r" C #rse in the East L s An-e!es area2 Si)#!tane #s!"* R %ert > &-es is a c n&ense& Intr &#ct r" C #rse in the 1asa&ena Area 4S0S1S* 1asa&ena Branch82 The $!an is + r the 1asa&ena Branch* a+ter &#e $re$arati n* t E in SCTAS as an A&/ance& Se)inar 2C22 These are the n!" Da#th ri.e&D a++i!iates + the S0S1S in S #thern Ca!i+ rnia2 B#a!i+ie& $e $!e ,ith a &e-ree in the )e&ica! r s cia! sciences ,h are en-a-e& in $r +essi na! , r( in th se +ie!&s r are re-istere& + r a&/ance& st#&" at a rec -ni.e& #ni/ersit" r c !!e-e are e!i-i%!e t atten& the Intr &#ct r" C #rses2 0 r in+ r )ati n* c ntact @i!!ia) C !!ins* 86: Ri)$a#* C r na* Ca!i+ rniaL r =r2 R %ert > &-es* 39:1 E2 >#ntin-t n =ri/e* 1asa&ena* Ca!i+ rniaL r Aate,a"s > s$ita!* 1891 E++ie Street* L s An-e!es 26* Ca!i+ rnia2

he Se!inars he San Francisco Social -sychiatry Se!inars and its A$$iliates $unction as an educational institute $or people in the broad $ield o$ social psychiatry4 psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses and social wor&ers,. correctional o$$icers, social scientists, and educators" *+e teac+ing is, pri$arily oriented to,ard group t+erapy and group wor& based on transactional analysis, and research in social dyna!ics is encouraged. Since there is no endow!ent, the Se!inars, now in their si,th year, have been al!ost entirely supported $ro! tuition $ees. 2ontributions are welco!e. he Se!inars and A$$iliate Se!inars are open to those with a degree in !edicine or the social sciences who are engaged in pro$essional wor&. in those $ields or are registered $or advanced study at a recognized university. 0n certain cases, well%reco!!ended undergraduates are eligible to attend. -ro$essional wor&ers are always welco!e to visit the per!anent clinical se!inar =2ourse 'o. 202> which runs all year round, and can beco!e Active /e!bers, i$ otherwise eligible, on co!pletion o$ the 0ntroductory 2ourse or its e#uivalent. Active !e!bers who leave. the San Francisco area or $or other reasons cannot continue regular attendance are invited to beco!e /e!bers At 5arge =?;0 per year>. hey will receive the 8ulletin and retain their attendance and voting, privileges. /e!bers o$ A$$iliate Se!inars in other cities will also receive the 8ulletin. -ro$essional wor&ers who wish to receive the 8ulletin and have the privilege o$ attending the Se!inars whenever they are in San Francisco !ay beco!e Associate /e!bers =?5 per year>. Subscriptions to the 8ulletin are available to. institutions and libraries at ?@ per year. he San Francisco Se!inars !eet in !id%wee& at ;200 Washington Street, San Francisco. 2orrespondence regarding attendance should be addressed to. the Secretary, San Francisco Social -sychiatry Se!inars, 8o, 5ABA, 2ar!el, 2ali$ornia. hose desiring !ail !e!bership =At 5arge or Associate> !ay $ill in coupon below. Sen to: T! A! "ulletin# $! %! "o& '()(# Car*el# Cali+ornia# ,-,./ -lease enroll !e in the San Francisco Social -sychiatry Se!inars as a /e!ber At 5arge = > =?;0 'a!e4 CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC CC CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Associate /e!ber =" > =?5>