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DW+ Indirect Fired Double-Wall Water Heater

The AERCO DW+ water heating package is designed to address the requirements of commercial, potable water heating systems. A responsive, load tracking control system maintains accurate hot water temperatures under the diversified load patterns of commercial applications. AERCOs integral load monitoring system and high turn down control valve maintain +/- 4F accuracy without the need for storage tanks, blending valves, pumps or other temperature averaging components. The DW+ is constructed of double-wall tubing two distinct copper tube walls separate the potable water from the heat transfer medium via a vented air gap. This continuous air path is atmospherically vented through a clearly labeled, visible, leak detection port. The construction of the AERCO DW+ model meets all double-wall heat exchanger requirements as set forth by BOCA (National Plumbing Code), IAPMO (Uniform Plumbing Code), and NAPHCC (National Standard Plumbing Code) the three national associations which reference double-wall requirements. The baffle-free, vertical U-bend tube bundle constitutes the lowest stressed U-tube heat exchanger design available for domestic water heating. Generously spaced U-tubes mounted in a vertical vessel provide for extremely low water side velocities a factor which greatly increases heat exchanger life by reducing erosion. A low Energy Density designed into the heat exchanger reduces susceptibility to thermal stress, providing for a longer, more maintenance free existence as a domestic water heater. All water wetted parts are copper of copper alloy materials -- the best selection for longevity in even the most aggressive of potable water supplies. With steam or boiler water in the tubes and domestic water in the shell, this SemiInstantaneous design is compatible with low or high steam pressures or Low Temperature Boiler Water (LTBW). A footprint of less than 4 ft2 and doorway size provide broad installation flexibility. Tight temperature control, high quality, reliability, low maintenance and longevity make the AERCO DW+ a most logical choice for all commercial, domestic water heating installations. SW1A+ Features: Accurate Temperature Control +/- 4F Set Point Range 50 - 230F Fully Modulating Variable Primary Input Ideal for New or Retrofit ASME B&PV Code Sec. VIII, Div. 1 Stamped 185 PSIG ASME Working Pressure Certified All Copper or Copper Alloy Wetted Surfaces Water flow Rates from 5 to 250 GPM Single or Multiple Installation Low Energy Density:

Less than 300 Watts/in2 on High Pressure Steam Supplies 2 Less than 200 Watts/in on Low Pressure Steam Supplies Applicable for 5 to 125 PSIG Steam Supply Applicable for LTBW: less than 160 PSIG, 250F 10 Year Warranty on Pressure Vessel and Integral Demand Anticipator**

Applications Hospitals Hotels Airports Apartment Buildings Nursing Homes Grade Schools High Schools

Universities Restaurants Scientific Laboratories Correctional Facilities Laundries* Industrial Safety Shower/Eyewash* Gang Showers in Indl Plants or Athletic Centers*

* May require alternate product configuration and/or application consult local representative for details. ** See Engineering Manual page A102.0 for complete warranty details. SW1A+ Specifications Shell Side Pressure Drop Electrical Requirements Standby Amperage Draw High Limit Tripped Amperage Draw Max. Continuous Water Flow Rate DW-24 DW-45, DW-68 Max. Intermittent Flow Rate DW-24 DW-45, DW-68 Max. Steam Supply Pressure: With Pneumatic Control Valve With Self-Operated Steam Control Valve Max. Boiler Water Supply Pressure & Temperature Max. Shell Side Operating Pressure Adjustable Temperature Control Adjustable High Limit Control Air Supply Requirements (for Pneumatic Controls)

5 PSIG @ Max. rated flow 120/1/60 1 Amp 0.1 Amp 0.5 Amp 55 GPM 250 GPM 115 GPM 250 GPM 150 PSIG 125 PSIG 160 PSIG* @ 250F 175 PSIG* up to 230F up to 250F 25 PSIG min., 30 PSIG max.

* Standard 150 PSIG, 212F P&T relief valve supplied; consult AERCO representative for higher settings. Available Options Less Temperature Limit System for non-electric installation (in non-personnel related applications) Dry contacts for remote High Limit Tripped Status indication Pressure Relief Valves set up to 230 PSIG for high rise applications Specifications and dimensions are subject to change. Certified drawings are available.