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California State University, Long Beach Ethical Leadership 1CBA 401A Fall 201

Fac!lty" Dr. Kathleen A. Lacey Director, Legal Studies in Business Program Office: Office #ours:

CBA- !" and at class meeting locations $ %:!&- :'' (.m. )on site *efore class+ ,-,h !!:''-!-:%' a.m. )CBA- !"+ Also a.aila*le *y a((ointment

Phone: 2-mail:

)%!'+ /%0-%1%/ 3athleen.lacey4csul*.edu

Sched!le" ,he class 5ill meet from :''-0: & (.m. on designated $ednesdays )a((ro6imately t5o (er month+ from Se(tem*er through Decem*er -'!%, (lus a Sat!rday all#day retreat on Septe$%er &, 201 ' A tentati.e class schedule is attached to this sylla*us. ,his course is the first semester of a t5o-semester se7uence )CBA '!A and CBA '!B+. Students are re7uired to enroll in and com(lete *oth semesters to recei.e course credit. Co!rse (escription" ,he 2thical Leadershi( course is designed to e7ui( students 5ith the transformational (o5er of ethical leadershi(. Class (artici(ants 5ill ha.e an o((ortunity to e6(lore ethical issues related to *usiness, go.ernment, education, media, healthcare, athletics, and other (rofessional fields. ,he (rogram 5ill ena*le students to their core .alues and to *uild a strong ethical foundation u(on 5hich future decisions can *e made. ,eam5or3, community, and net5or3ing 5ith guest s(ea3ers 5ill *e an integral (art of the full eight-month course, 5hich 5ill *e held *oth on and off cam(us. ,he goal is to attain de(th as 5ell as *readth in the e6amination of ethical challenges and related decision-ma3ing as students encounter these issues in their (ri.ate, at the 5or3(lace, during ci.ic (artici(ation, and in all other facets of *usiness and organi8ational in.ol.ement. 9unior standing is (referred, *ut not re7uired. )rere*!isites" Com(leted a((lication and (ermission of the instructor. Co$$it$ent to co$plete the second se$ester of the co!rse +CBA 401B, i$$ediately follo-ing co$pletion of the first se$ester' Co!rse .rgani/ation and Str!ct!re" ,he course *egins 5ith an orientation, follo5ed *y an all-day on-cam(us retreat focusing on team*uilding and ethical leadershi( de.elo(ment. Su*se7uent $ednesday e.ening meetings 5ill in.ol.e off-cam(us .isits to local em(loyers ) as site hosts+ and their (i.otal leaders 5ho e6em(lify the (rinci(les of ethical leadershi(. Co!rse .%0ectives" After com(leting this course, students 5ill *e a*le to: their core .alues in order to *uild a strong ethical foundation u(on 5hich future decisions can *e made. Begin to de.elo( their (ersonal leadershi( (oint of .ie5, 5hich 5ill *e manifested and measured, *oth orally and in 5riting, during the second semester. De.elo( (rofessional net5or3ing and organi8ational leadershi( s3ills *y interacting 5ith community leaders and through modeling of (resenters. Analy8e ethical challenges and com(le6ities faced *y today:s citi8ens in their daily life, 5or3, and *roader conte6ts. A((ly ethical models and analysis to (resent and future challenges encountered in *usiness, go.ernment, education, media, healthcare, athletics, and other (rofessional fields. 2.aluate similarities and differences *et5een ethical decisions and legal com(liance 5ithin *oth the (ersonal and organi8ational s(heres, utili8ing case studies and real-life e6am(les. ;dentify the (otential roles of cor(orations, non-go.ernmental organi8ations, go.ernment, and society for culti.ating ethical and socially res(onsi*le actions. <ecogni8e conflicting im(lications for sta3eholders 5hen indi.iduals and organi8ations across disci(lines are ma3ing ethical decisions. =tili8e critical thin3ing s3ills for class discussion, indi.idual and grou( (resentations, and 5riting assignments. 1e*!ire$ents and Eval!ation" !. Attendance - Attend all class sessions 5ith a ma6imum of one )!+ e6cused a*sence -. <eflecti.e Leadershi( 9ournal - 2a3e a 0o!rnal entry follo-ing each class session - 4eep all agendas as a reference - ?ocus on 5hat you learned and ho5 it:s going to im(act your *eha.ior and your leadershi( style )@ournal as note-ta3ing (rocess to hel( (re(are final 5rittenAoral re(ort, 5hich is due at the culmination of CBA '!B+ - <ead Wooden on Leadership *y 9ohn $ooden and Ste.e 9amison - ;ntegrate readings from the *oo3 into your @ournal entries as they relate to your course e6(erience - Chec3 of @ournal (rogress is due *y Decem*er &, -'!%. Case Study - Case study 5ith ethical challenge to *e analy8ed - $rite a -& (age case study a*out the issue utili8ing the analytical frame5or3 taught in class - Case st!dy is d!e %y (ece$%er 12, 201 . Acti.e Partici(ation in class sessions %'> %'>



Off-Site Classes: A list of confirmed and (ros(ecti.e off-site meeting locations and (resenters is attached to this sylla*us. Locations and (resenters 5ill *e u(dated (eriodically throughout the course. Students 5ho enroll in this course do so .oluntarily, 5ith the understanding that most classes are held off-cam(us and that students are res(onsi*le for their o5n trans(ortation. Students are re7uired to sign )or ha.e a (arentAguardian sign+ general releases for *oth the (rogram and the retreat.

Bid-term and final e6aminations: ,here are no mid-term or final e6aminations for this course. ,he course re7uirements are outlined a*o.e. 1e*!ired Co!rse 1eadings" Wooden on Leadership *y 9ohn $ooden and Ste.e 9amison is re7uired and is a.aila*le for (urchase at the CS=LB Boo3store. ;n addition, a recommended reading list 5ill *e (ro.ided to further enhance students: ethical leadershi( s3ills. ,here 5ill also *e handouts and recommended cor(orate 5e* site research throughout the class e6(erience. 1!les of Class Cond!ct" )A+ Students are e6(ected to come (re(ared for class and to acti.ely (artici(ate throughout the t5o semesters. )B+ Students are e6(ected to treat each other and the (rofessor and guest s(ea3ers 5ith courtesy and res(ect. Cell (hones are re7uested to *e turned off during all classes. Although class discussion may *ecome Cheated,D (lease raise your hand and do not interru(t your colleague or the (rofessor and guest s(ea3ers 5hen sAhe is s(ea3ing. )C+ Students are e6(ected to dress a((ro(riately for class. Since most classes 5ill *e hosted *y local *usiness leaders, *usiness casual attire is re7uested )no @eans, shorts, fli( flo(s, etc., e6ce(t for the Saturday retreat+ as a sign of res(ect for our hosts. )D+ All (a(ers should *e ty(ed, dou*le-s(aced, 5ith one-inch margins around the (age, and sta(led. All (ages should *e num*ered. ,he ty(e (itch si8e should *e !' to !--(oint and (a(ers should *e ty(ed on a 5ord (rocessor. )2+ Ba3e-u( assignments 5ill *e granted only for =ni.ersity-mandated a*sences )e.g., serious illness or death in the immediate family+ and documentation 5ill *e re7uired. ;n the e.ent of a missed assignment, you must contact the instructor at your earliest o((ortunity to arrange an alternate due date. )?+ =ni.ersity (olicy on dro((ing and 5ithdra5al from classes is set forth in the Fall 2013 Schedule of Classes, 5hich can *e .ie5ed online . Students are re7uired to officially 5ithdra5 from their courses, e.en if they ha.e not attended. De(ending on 5hen you dro( a course, 5ithdra5als may re7uire the signature of the instructor, chair(erson, and dean of the college. Dro(s are not (ermitted during the last three 5ee3s of instruction, e6ce(t under e6tremely e6tenuating circumstances, such as gra.e illness or in@ury. Students 5ho 5ithdra5 from the course ha.e the res(onsi*ility of getting the (ro(er signature and filling out the (a(er5or3. Other5ise, their names 5ill a((ear on the grade sheet and the (rofessor 5ill *e re7uired to enter a grade. )E+ ;t is the res(onsi*ility of students to notify instructors in 5riting, in ad.ance, of any s(ecial accommodation for a disa*ility, as .erified *y the =ni.ersity. )#+ ,he =ni.ersity (olicies on Cheating and Plagiarism 5ill *e strictly follo5ed. )See ?all -'!% Schedule of Classes at htt(:AA555.csul*.eduAdi.isionsAaaAcatalogA-'!--'!%AacademicFinformationAcheatingF(lagiarism.html+. BeachBoard" Assignments and u(dates to the class schedule 5ill *e (osted (eriodically on BeachBoard )htt(:AA555.csul*.eduA*each*oard+ and 5ill also *e communicated to students through e-mail corres(ondence. U3le0a Center for Ethical Leadership 5e% Site" htt( Co!rse Sched!le" See attached schedule of class meeting dates, ethical leadershi( to(ics, locations, and (resenters. ,his schedule 5ill *e u(dated (eriodically throughout the course.