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Greetings Saint Luke`s Saints:

November begins with the very special day that is All
Saints` Day. On this day, we remember and give
thanks to God Ior people oI Iaith throughout history
certainly including our beloved Iriends and Iamily
who have received their eternal reward in Christ be-
cause oI God`s loving work through Christ. Prayer, as
it is Ior and in all things, is a wonderIul way to oIIer
to God appropriate thanksgiving Ior these persons. It`s
also a great giIt to give those still living, including
ourselves people God is calling via Jesus Christ and
the Holy Spirit to grow in their relationship with God
people called to grow as saints.

Speaking oI prayer, Jesus, as recorded in the Gospel
oI Matthew, chapter six, verses six through eight, oI-
Iers what I Iind to be a huge stress reliever when it
comes to prayer. He reminds all oI us that God as our
loving, able Father already knows what we need long
beIore we ask. This means, Ior one, that we need not
Iind the perIect or most-inIormed words or meet a
quota oI words in order to ensure our prayers are
'successIul or heard. Jesus goes on, in verses nine
through thirteen, to teach the Disciples words we
know, collectively, as the Lord`s Prayer. While these
words are deIinitely not the only words we can use
when praying to God, they do convey essential ele-
ments that we need to remember when praying be-
ing in conversation with God. (And let us not Iorget
that prayer is oIten about listening to God too; two
ears and one mouth.)

The beginning oI the Lord`s Prayer reminds us that
God is above us ('Our Father, who art in heaven),
holy ('hallowed be Thy name), and ruler oI a king-
dom we welcome on earth as we also subject our
whole selves and lives to God`s rule ('Thy kingdom
come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in in
heaven). In our Sunday worship services, as we con-
sidered in the October sermon series, the Iocus is on
praising God. For that brieI time in relation to the rest
oI the week, we are intentionally and almost exclu-
sively liIting up the Iirst part oI the Lord`s Prayer. We
are being reminded that worship isn`t about us, it`s
about God. This is a public act oI community praise
Iocused on God which also points others members
and guests all called to be saints to God. Conse-
quently, in Matthew 6:6, Jesus tells us that eIIective
prayers oI Disciples, especially those known as peti-
tions (requests), are best oIIered to God in private.
Too oIten, he suggests, public petitions become more
about the person being heard than the worship oI God.
This is a main reason the open sharing oI prayer con-
cerns part oI our worship oI God at both the 8 & 10:30
am worship services has been moved to the Prayer
Cards Iound in the pew backs.

Yet, just as the Lord`s Prayer contains petitions re-
garding God providing what we need on a daily basis
and protecting us Irom evil and temptation, praying
Ior ourselves and our neighbors is still a vital part oI
the liIe oI our church. To honor God and Jesus` teach-
ing on worship and prayer, while also loving our
neighbors, we currently oIIer these opportunities to
anyone interested in participating in petitionary
prayer: 1. The altar is always open especially at the
end oI the worship services, 2. Praver and Share on
Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM at church, 3. The Saint
Luke`s Prayer Ministry Facebook page where peti-
tions will be listed, 4. Each week`s bulletin where the
names oI those requesting prayer will be noted, and
5. The monthly newsletter.
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4&56.7-82 4&56.7-82 4&56.7-82 4&56.7-82

=$(5 > ?@AB C-2& ;D,% 4&+--&E ;D+)F,((-E G6 ?AH?A =$(5 > ?@AB C-2& ;D,% 4&+--&E ;D+)F,((-E G6 ?AH?A =$(5 > ?@AB C-2& ;D,% 4&+--&E ;D+)F,((-E G6 ?AH?A =$(5 > ?@AB C-2& ;D,% 4&+--&E ;D+)F,((-E G6 ?AH?A I II I$F-#/-+ AHJ@ $F-#/-+ AHJ@ $F-#/-+ AHJ@ $F-#/-+ AHJ@ I$5 JJ I$5 JJ I$5 JJ I$5 JJ
But when vou prav, go awav bv vourself, shut the door behind vou, and prav to vour Father in private. Then vour Father, who sees everv-
thing, will reward vou.
'When vou prav, dont babble on and on as people of other religions do. Thev think their pravers are answered
merelv bv repeating their words again and again.
Dont be like them, for vour Father knows exactlv what vou need even before vou ask him'
Matthew 6. 6-8 (New Living Translation)
Admittedly, some people may Iind the aIorementioned
opportunities lacking. Here are three more ways we
as individual Disciples and as a church oI Disciples
can continue to experience worship services Iocused
on worshipping God while strengthening and expand-
ing our prayer ministry:
1. Create new Prayer Group opportunities. Saint
Luke`s need not have just one Praver and Share
group. Establishing other prayer groups that pray Ior
the people and petitions oIIered on the worship Prayer
Cards would be great. This may include a phone or
email prayer chain too. II you Ieel called by God to
add one oI these or another type oI prayer ministry, let
us know, and let`s work on getting it going!
2. Embrace the precious present. When anyone has
a prayer petition when we see a name under prayer
requests in a bulletin or newsletter let`s not wait un-
til Sunday worship to act on or discover more about
those prayer needs. That seems too much like using
six days and twenty-one or so hours a week to Iocus
on other things hoping to get everything needed Ior
healthy, growing and responsible Discipleship during
Sunday morning worship. Calling the church oIIice
Irom Monday through Thursday or even calling each
other and asking about the names oI those listed in
bulletins and newsletters, etc. throughout the week
while sharing any prayer needs are excellent, proac-
tive and consistent ways to ensure we are a praying
church throughout the week. They are helpIul ways to
live in the precious present. And we can use to request prayer as well.
3. Be growing Disciples. As Disciples oI Jesus Christ,
let us embrace our church membership covenant and
get more involved. E-Vision (the 'E is Ior 'eternal;
our OctoberJanuary sermon series is covering the
Iull scope oI it`s meaning) is a concise way to remind
us that being a church member has responsibilities.
The responsibilities, when accepted and lived out,
bring joy and growth. That`s what God wants Ior
God`s saints. Worship (Exalting), loving God through
Bible Study (Educating), loving neighbors through
missions (Embracing; prayer can be a mission), and
tithing (Empowering) are not optional membership
requirements Ior a Disciple oI Jesus Christ. Jesus
came to serve, not to be served. That needs to be at the
heart oI our membership covenant. Taking on a more
active role in both sharing the prayer petitions on our
heart and discovering more about the prayer petitions
on the hearts oI our neighbor is vitally important and
necessary. As we Iocus on worshipping God Iirst, this
can be achieved by being more involved in a Sunday
School class, a Bible Study, or other ministry a
small group! In these gatherings, prayer concerns are
shared oIten and more eIIectively. And the relation-
ships and growth in Discipleship we experience in
these small groups is awesome!

Again, let`s not wait until Sunday or the reception oI a
paper or e-reminder to check in on each other. Getting
to know each other is a daily exercise especially Ior
growing Disciples oI Jesus Christ who live out the
Great Commandment (love God & neighbors) and
Great Commission (go and make Disciples baptizing
and teaching them what Jesus has taught us). Lastly,
when it comes to sharing prayer requests, please be
sure to note, no matter where you share your or others
prayer requests, how much oI those prayer requests
can be published or shared. We deIinitely want to re-
spect your and other people`s privacy when relaying
prayer requests. II we don`t, we may lose your or their
trust and, in turn, lose the privilege oI receiving prayer
requests at all.

As we enjoy and celebrate this season oI Thanksgiv-
ing, let us be reminded oI the assurance we have, as
noted already by the words oI Jesus: God is holy, eter-
nal, and able. God in Christ loves us and knows our
and our neighbor`s needs. God through the Holy
Spirit, is ever at work Ior all creation, Ior us, and Ior
our neighbors. As Disciples oI Jesus Christ, we begin
each week by oIIering to God in worship ourselves,
our thanks, and our sacriIice oI praise that`s all about
God, and not about us. We continue giving thanks,
honoring and loving God and neighbors, by remaining
in that relationship every day as we pray and actively
pursue service in the name oI Jesus Christ Ior the sake
oI the Kingdom oI God. Such is the liIe, now and Ior-
ever, oI God`s saints.

PrayerIully with Thanksgiving,

Pastor Will


!"#$ &'" ()" *+)",+ &#-./$0

Healing for Mirnessa Bulic, Ryan Chinn, Mark Cook, Dan Cooper,
George Cowgill, Nikki Davis, John Fagala, Terri Green, Patti Hahs, Betty
Krause, Livie Little, Michael Mark, Nancy Miller, Ray Miller, George
Patrylak, Ted Perry, Charmaine Recklein, Lynn Robben, Shari Russell,
JoAnne Spencer.

Our Homebound. Maxine Gulledge, Charmaine Shadwick.

Our Military.Russell Blattner, Rob Brickner, Nate Brown, JeIIrey
Campbell, Will Campbell, Matthew lark, Daniel Cremer, Brandon Cun-
ningham, Dan Eads, Dale Eads, Jim Eads, Todd Evans, Justin Griesbaum,
Ken Hartung, Tim Heaton, Brian Jamison, Eli Logan (AIghanistan), James
Long, Adam Luebbert, Brad Mayhew, James Mosier, Nick Muller, J.P.
Snapp (Middle East), Jerico Witz, and others serving around the world.

Prayers of Comfort for Charles and Kathy Dye and Iamily, on the death
oI Gail Dye, who passed awayWednesday, October 30.

Newest members to St. Luke`s: Shanea LeFay Favre, Deborah & Tim
Heaton, Cutis & Jessica Jackson, Theresa Larson, and Charmaine & Mike
Recklein. II you have not met them yet, please be sure to introduce your-

Mark your calendar

November 15 and 16, at 7:00 PM the Raise the Praise choir will be at the
Troy United Methodist Church. John Fagala and Marla Grant will be per-
Iorming with the choir. Free will oIIering, no tickets to purchase, come
early to get a good seat. All money collected will go directly to the Bev-
erly Farm Foundation in GodIrey, IL.

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving together as a church Iamily on
Sunday, November 17, right aIter the second service. The meal will be
hosted by the Helping Hands ministry. The meal will be catered, so you
will not need to bring anything. There will be a Ireewill oIIering to deIray
the cost oI the Iood. Reservations will be helpIul, so please sign up in nar-
thex on Sunday mornings, or you can call the church oIIice (345-9911).

On November 17, at 7:00 PM the Divine Appeals Handbell Choir will be
perIorming at the Emanuel United Methodist Church in Edwardsville, Ior a
night oI worship.

St. Luke`s OIIice will closed November 28 and 29 Ior Thanksgiving.

1#$2 3' 45"65
Parent Volunteer
Help with childcare. We have a
person who will be scheduled Ior
certain events; however, there
will be times when she needs help
based on number oI children at-
tending. It is during this time that
we are asking you to be on a rota-
tion schedule to help.

Wedding Planner Ministry
Do you love to jump in and help
with planning weddings? We are
starting a new ministry team to
help with the weddings oI the
church. Your team would be re-
sponsible Ior helping the couple
with all the details Irom the
churches perspective, including
rooms available, where to dress,
when to come in, where to stand,
making sure they have someone
to play music, operate sound,
opening and closing Ior decorat-
ing, etc. Please contact the oIIice
(345-9911) iI you are interested in
this ministry.

Newsletter Team
We need email addresses Ior
those who want to receive their
newsletter via email. Man the
table in the narthex and help get
those addresses. We also need
someone to set up those addresses
on Terri`s computer. Please call
the oIIice (345-9911) iI you are
willing to help.

Help Iold the newsletter each
month. Contact Cindy Eads (345-
5192) iI you are willing to help.
November Birthdays...
Ladies W.O.W. Bible Study is
going to Egg & I in O`Fallon at
9:30 AM . We will meet at the
church at 9:00 AM to carpool
or you can meet us there. All
ladies are welcome to join us
Ior Iun, Iellowship, and good
Iood. RSVP Karen Vollmar
(345-8881 or karenvoll- by No-
vember 4.

Our 1r. and Sr. High Youth
Groups will meet Wednesdays
Irom 6:00 7:30 PM starting
November 6. We will begin
with dinner, a game, and start
our new curriculum XP3. God
has got great things in store Ior
us so come bring Iriends and
let`s grow together. Parents
will be e-mailed the 'Parent
Cue that goes along with what
we are learning in XP3. We
look Iorward to seeing you all

The Christian Education Min-
istry Team will meet Tuesday,
November 19 at 7:00 PM in the
Chapel. We will be discussing
and Iinalizing the Sunday
school Christmas program and
the Kid Iriendly Christmas Eve
service. EVERYONE on the
team is encouraged to attend.

Safe Sanctuaries training will
be oIIered on Tuesday, Novem-
ber 19 at 6:00 PM in the chapel.
II you are 18 or older you must
take this class to work with
children. Childcare will be pro-

4+'"3 9#:52
Wedding News. Andy Lorentzen and Kayla Gelarden will be getting
married on Nov. 2 at 2:30 PM. All church members and Iriends are wel-
come to come share in the ceremony as they begin a new liIe together.

January 2014... Due to new requirements and rising cost oI mailing bulk
mail, we will no longer mail the newsletters, unless you are a shut in. We
will make the newsletter available the Iollowing three ways: you may print
it oII the website; supply us with your email address and we will send it via
email; or we will have copies available at the Welcome Center Ior those
who do not have access to the internet. We are also going to a bi-monthly
Iull newsletter. The in between months will include events that are hap-
pening that month such as Iinancial inIormation, those serving, calendar,
birthdays and anniversaries. We still need the inIormation by the 20th oI
the month iI you want something to appear in the newsletter..

Monday, Nov 4, the Prayer Shawl Ministry will go to Oatman House in
Collinsville Ior lunch. We will meet at the church at 11:15 AM and car-
pool. Please R.S.V.P. Barb Emling (288-4617).

For those who do not have access to the web site.

Opt Out Form
We wish to opt out oI having our children`s pictures placed on the Website
or Facebook public pages.

(please print)




All pictures taken during St. Luke`s United Methodist Church Services and/
or Church Functions may be published on our public Website and Face-
book page unless you have signed this Opt Out Form.
;65"$ 155: #3
43< =):5>2
7:15 AM Prayer Time
8:00 AM Worship
9:15 AM Sunday School
10:30 AM Worship
4:30 PM Hands Held High
6:00 PM Bible Study
5:30 PM Low-Impact
8:30 AM Low-Impact
10:00 AM StaII Meeting
9:30 AM W.O.W. Bible
(9, 16, 23, 30)
6:00 PM Praise Team
Study & Rehearsal
6:00 PM Youth Group
(6, 13, 30)
6:15 PM Handbells
7:30 PM Prayer and Share
5:30 PM Low-Impact
8:30 AM Low-Impact
(1, 8, 15, 22)
?.22.'@ A5B2
The November Mission Focus is Angel Tree. St. Luke`s will be collecting
Christmas giIts during the months oI October and November Ior the children
and youth at Chaddock in Quincy, and Mt. Vernon Children`s Home. Both oI
these United Methodist agencies oIIer homes and services Ior children without
parents or children who need emotional help. We will also be adding a new
angel this year Ior the Catholic Children`s Home in Alton. We want to bring
our service closer to home, helping those in our area as well. Watch Ior the
Angel Christmas Tree in the narthex. A list oI needed items will be provided
near the display.

There is still time to pull a Ieather or two Irom the turkey Ior the Maryville
Food Pantry. These supplies Ior the Thanksgiving Baskets. Please place
your items on the cart and they will be taken to the pantry by November 20.

Praising God the barrels are full. Are looking Ior a way to serve. We need
a couple people to sort through what was given and help get it ready to ship.
Please contact Steve Green (345-6772) or the oIIice (345-9911) iI you are will-
ing to help. Thank you so much Ior generosity to this ' around the world mis-
sion Iocus.

Our December Mission Focus will be ~Tent City collecting blankets, coats,
hats & gloves Ior the homeless. On December 6 we will be setting up tents,
stoking the Iire, and preparing to sleep outside Ior the homeless. Mark your
calendar and plan to join us as we experience what it like to be 'cold on the
outside but 'warm on the inside. II you have a tent we can borrow, please
contact John Eads (345-9192) or Gerri Zobrist (667-2270).

Our Yearly Mission Focus is the Maryville Food Pantry. There is still time to
pick up a brown bag in the narthex and Iill it with the items listed. Remember
to check the expiration date; it needs to be aIter February 2014.

Are you looking Ior a place to volunteer? We send a team to the Christian
Activity Center on Thursday afternoons (note the change in day oI the
week) to help in their homework room. We leave the church at 3:15 PM and
return around 5:30 PM. Volunteers help elementary-age students Irom the
East St. Louis schools with reading and a variety oI homework as part oI the
aIter-school program. Teaching experience is absolutely NOT necessary; you
don`t even have to really remember your elementary lessons! Call John
Ashbrook (314-374-8919) with any questions.

The Missions Ministry Team stocks ice-cold cans of soda and bottled water
in the reIrigerator in the kitchen. The cost is IiIty cents Ior water and seventy-
Iive cents Ior soda, and the proceeds go towards our mission work in Liberia.
Put your money in the cup in the reIrigerator. Thanks!

The next Missions Ministry Team meeting is Tuesday, November 5, at 6:30
Monday Thursday
9:00 AM 4:00 PM
Closed Friday
A'65-C5" 485,.#/ ;65@32
2 2:00 PM Gelarden / Lorentzen Wedding
3 6:00 PM Financial Peace University
3 6:00 PM Bible Study
5 Election Day
Don`t Iorget to vote
5 10:00 AM StaII Meeting
5 6:30 PM Mission Ministry Team
5 7:00 PM Trustees Meeting
6 9:30 AM W.O.W. Birthdays at Egg & I
6 6:00 PM Jr. & Sr. High Youth Group
7 6:45 PM Cub Scout Committee Meeting
7 7:00 PM Finance Committee
9 7:30 AM United Methodist Men
at Red Apple
10 6:00 PM Financial Peace University
10 6:00 PM Bible Study
13 6:00 PM Jr. & Sr. High Youth Group
17 Noon Thanksgiving Dinner
17 6:00 PM Financial Peace University
17 6:00 PM Bible Study
19 10:00 AM StaII Meeting
19 6:00 PM SaIe Sanctuary
19 6:30 PM Helping Hands
19 7:00 PM Christian Ed Ministry Team
20 6:00 PM Jr. & Sr. High Youth Group
21 6:30 PM Cub Scouts
24 2:00 PM Charge ConIerence at St. Matthew`s
24 6:00 PM Bible Study
26 10:00 AM StaII Meeting
27 7:00 PM Men`s Bible Study
28 Happy Thanksgiving!
20 Newsletter Information Needed
1 Butch & Becky Mestemacher
4 Clint Jones & Heather Mueller-Jones
12 John & Cindy Eads
18 John & Shellie Lee
21 Doug & Alice Drobisch
27 Stan & Julie Clark
28 Darron & Kathy Norrad
A'65-C5" *5/5C"#3.'@2
1 Savannah Kershaw
7 Lois McLain
Doris Sexton
8 Robert Eaton
Brian Richardson
12 Stan Clark
14 Lynne Kusnerick
15 Dorothea Maley
16 Nathaniel Jackstadt
17 Chris OberkIell
19 Duane Zobrist
20 Myra Juenger
22 John Eads
23 Donna Corrie
Racine OberkIell
27 Ron Dyson
Lydia PIeIIer
30 Makayla Foley
Brett Mueth
Parker Robertson

Staff Email Addresses
Will Campblell
JeII Allen
Terri Green
Karen Vollmar
4&5 6.7-82 4&5 6.7-82 4&5 6.7-82 4&5 6.7-82
St. Luke's United Methodist Church
6325 West Main Street
MaryviIIe, IL 62062
(618) 345-9911
01+&,+ %+123+/ 4/)5461' 7 %&6+% 5&6+/2&1
1+' 15 D"5 D3 43< =):5>2
!"##"$% '()(*+*%( ,-.)( -* /$ )%/ -.0 -* *1"#(23
We aie Ioving, gioving, and seiving discipIes of }esus Chiisl.

4"#"$% '()(*+*%( ,-.)( -* -"55 6*7$+*23
We seek lo lecone a chuich lhal giovs in Iove foi Chiisl
lhiough vilianl voiship and neaningfuI discipIeship vhich pie-
paies us lo seive one anolhei and lhe voiId, aII foi lhe gIoiy of

'(8 9:;*<# 4)5:*# ,-.)( =:"/*# $:> )7("$%#23
As lhe ody of Chiisl, lhe aclions of Sl. Lukes Uniled Melhodisl
Chuich iefIecl:
! The liulh and aulhoiily of lhe ilIe
! Cods Iove foi lhe voiId
! The undeislanding lhal aII aie sinneis in need of Cods giace
! Cods pionise of saIvalion lhiough }esus Chiisl
! The povei of piayei
! The joy of gioving, giving, and seiving lolh peisonaIIy and
8%%/+,, "+/329+ :+;#+,6+%
&.@#@,5 H58'"3E
"How can I repav the Lord for all His goodness to me? I
will lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the
Lord. I will fulfill mv vows to the Lord in the presence of
all His people." Psalm 116:12-14
Giving to Budget: 263,547.70
Expenses: 266,021.63
&#,32 I &.J)"52
!"#$ &'(( ") *('+( ") #,#"- .. /01023
Oct 6 51 143 194 104 6,885.00
Oct. 13 52 156 208 88 6,405.46
Oct. 20 57 161 218 94 6,504.34
Oct. 27 53 154 207 86 5,328.40