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Vatican commission denounces Tamil genocide

30 October 2013 The Vaticans Justitia-et-Pax (Justice and Peace) commission in the Jaffna diocese has denounced the genocide against the Tamil people and called on The Holy See to exert political pressure on the go ernment of Sri !an"a# $% genocide of the Tamil people is in progress in Sri !an"a$ said a complaint &y the commissions president 'ather (angalara)ah to the %postolic *unciature+ the Vaticans em&assy+ in Sri !an"a# The Vaticans ne,s agency+ %gen-ia 'ides+ reported that it had recei ed a letter from the 'ather+ noting some .&asic+ unresol ed issues/ for Tamils# The letter highlighted the lac" of transparency and accounta&ility for human rights iolations+ calling for )ustice $for the "illing of thousands of innocent ci ilians$+ and demanded an international in estigation into missing people and the use of cluster &om&s and chemical ,eapons# 0t also criticised the confiscation of Tamil lands+ saying that 123 of the occupied territories during the ,ar ha e not yet &een returned to its rightful o,ners+ including the 4atholic 4hurch+ ,hich lost three parishes ,ith churches+ chapels and schools# The letter denounced the go ernment sponsored $ethnic+ cultural and religious colonisation$ &y Singhalese settlers and detailed .coerci e population control/ in the Tamil population# The plight of thousands of Tamil political detainees+ languishing in state prisons+ ,as also highlighted# The ulnera&ility of Tamil ,omen and girls ,as also highlighted+ saying that families ,ith girls li ed in constant fear and that there are many cases of sexual a&use &y the military# 0n areas acated &y the army+ human remains and gra es are found+ ,hich could &e people that ,ere disappeared#

ASIA/SRI LANKA - The Commission "Justice and Peace" in Jaffna denounces "the genocide of Tamils"

Jaffna (Agenzia Fides) - "A genocide of the Tamil people is in progress in Sri Lanka": this is a strong and circumstantial complaint sent ! the "ommission "Justice and #eace" of the diocese of Jaffna in the north of Sri Lanka$ to the Apostolic %unciature and all the &ishops of the countr!' (n a long and detailed letter$ sent to Fides Agenc!$ the #resident of the "ommission$ Fr' S')'&' *angalara+ah$ launches the alarm and calls the )atican to e,ert political pressure on the go-ernment of Sri Lanka in order to propose an "e.uita le political solution" regarding the national structure$ in the post-ci-il /ar' The letter notes some " asic unresol-ed issues" for the Tamil people$ ethnic minorities li-ing in the north and east of the island' The first of the issues cited is to ensure transparenc! and accounta ilit! for human rights -iolations$ particularl! during the final stages of the /ar in 0112' The te,t calls for +ustice "for the killing of thousands of innocent ci-ilians"$ and to start an international in-estigation /ith regards to the missing people$ for the use of cluster om s and also for the use or chemical /eapons' The second point is the confiscation of the lands of Tamil ci-ilians: 213 of the occupied territories during the /ar ha-e not !et een returned to its rightful o/ners' 4-en the "atholic "hurch has lost$ in the land confiscated$ three parishes /ith numerous churches$ chapels and schools' "oastal land /as confiscated$ in a completel! ar itrar! /a!$ and gi-en to militar! or ci-il ser-ants$ to uild lu,ur! resorts or residents$ to the detriment of local fishermen' Another complaint$ the third point$ is the "coerci-e population control" of the Tamil population$ man! elonging to the "atholic faith' The /omen in the 5ilinochchi district are rought to hospital and forced$ /ith manipulated medical information$ to take progesterone (/ith su cutaneous implants) for irth control' The situation - fourth point - of thousands of Tamil "political prisoners" languishing in state prisons$ some for o-er 67 !ears remains difficult' 8e are talking a out ci-ilians$ /omen$ the elderl!$ the sick$ often accused of ha-ing onl! gi-en food to the guerrillas' The &ishop of *annar$ 9a!appu Joseph$ /as denied permission to -isit them' Fifth point$ ecause of the militar! presence$ especiall! in the )anni region$ Tamil families /ith !oung girls li-e in constant fear: there are man! cases of se,ual a use carried out ! the militar!$ all go unpunished' (n the areas left ! the arm!$ as occurred

in the territor! of Jaffna$ human remains and gra-es /ere found$ /hich could e the "desaparecidos"' Finall!$ the te,t denounces the "ethnic$ cultural and religious colonization"$ sponsored ! the go-ernment$ on ehalf of Sinhalese settlers$ immigrants en masse to "con-ert" and "normalize" the historicall! Tamil areas ' The go-ernment - said the "Justice and #eace" "ommission - has hea-il! influenced the elections of the local pro-incial council$ continues to censor the media and all forms of dissent$ e-en /ith intimidation and threats$ completel! ignoring a path of "Justice$ peace and reconciliation"' (#A) (Agenzia Fides 0:;61;016:)

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