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Tobacco Factory Bristol 7th March Directed Andrew Hilton Richard John Mackay Shakespeare at the tobacco factory

ry Script not altered Lighting, music, props more psychological Tobacco Factory Original Performance Conditions Coronation Scene Act 4 Scene 2 Richard crowned Wants princes dead I wish the Bastards dead Modern depiction main villain Over the top ield in in procession Audience enjoyed royalty Knelt in rows Richards feet Set in Church Froze centre of proxemics Richard killed way to power Richard paced round outside called characters Queen Elizabeth no heirs Audience unsure who from middle will take over Cast eerie blue light Could arrive through groundlings Richard warm yellow Celebration Spiked crown dull grey Religious figures Richard dark clothes Audience part of congregation Close to audience gain relationship intimacy Richard talking Buckingham/Tyrell Groundlings Not on his side enjoy villainous character cheered Trumpet music between scenes Villain from beginning We are Richards co-conspirators/closest friends Withered Hand Scene Act 3 Scene 4 Council session blames Edwards wife for deformity I am bewitch'd; behold, mine arm blasted sapling wither'd up. & this is Edward's wife, monstrous witch, Consorted with that harlot strumpet Shore, That by their witchcraft thus have marked me Underplayed/subtle Audience scared/shocked of hand Psychological tool Disability caused by curse strong views Couldnt pull out chair No medical knowledge Hand in claw position Prop used scare audience more Laid hand on table blaming someone else Close to groundlings scare them In round audience close to action Richard evil Cursed Naturalistic Exaggerated Modern audience view disability differently Audience not quiet grab attention Declamatory style Ghost Scene Act 5 scene 5 Despair and die It is now dead midnight. Is there a murderer here? No. Yes, I am Entered wearing hooded cloaks More focus on ghosts Waiting for battle White face paints Revealed people Richard killed White cloaks Hoods down Balcony looking down Ghosts = manifestation of Richards guilt Psychology didnt exist no understanding guilt Blue light not reality Believed in ghosts Guilty conscience Daylight no atmosphere Dark studio space Balcony higher up heavenly Spooky atmosphere Richard low down hell Night time Ghosts close to upper class

Original Performance conditions Actors No director worked in companies More declamatory style Boys played women Entirely male cast Closer relationship with audience had to fight for attention not modern/respectful more didactic style Actors doubled up

Technical Elements Live music Make up used to show female characters No lighting time of day/weather included in text Costume not historically accurate only what available to them what worn at time class easily recognizable

Richard III Richard III performed officially at The Theatre/Blackfriars performed on streets out of London spread of plague Theatres closed Performed at time when audience worried about monarchy Queen Elizabeth had no heirs Whod be next ruler? Scared of Richard comes into audience with withered hand scared of deformity Oliver Cromwell got rid of theatres because he thought they were evil Earliest recorded performance 1633 th 15 century Custom built playhouse built by James Burbage 1576 Richard III played by Richard Burbage settings (time) - Around 1485

Audience Allowed to talk disruptive actors fought for attention Expressed feelings during performance throw fruit - boo Paid more to sit down Walk about during performance Lean on stage Poorer people stood groundlings Allowed to talk Rife with disease and illness Groundlings presence imposed upon actors as they were closest to the stage Shakespeare never insulted audience lifeblood of theatre Charge more for indoor theatres, many couldnt afford to go Black Friars 15000 went a week only form of entertainment

Stage/Theatre The Globe/The Theatre Thrust stage - Surrounded - open yard Stage at one end going into audience Three sides of yard three tiers of galleries Sitting or standing (groundlings) Apron stage raised had trap door Balcony Live musicians Minimal set/Basic props Outdoor theatre Performed in daylight 2pm used natural light Performance affected by weather Poorer people stood Indoor theatres performances in candle light Possibility of walking amongst audience

General Difficult to understand psychologically clearly power-hungry and sadistic Motivations - malevolent hatred - hard to pinpoint. Richard does not possess a complex human psychology(psychology didnt exist) stock character early medieval drama simply represented the evil in man, Richard does not justify villainyhe is simply bad. 704 words