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Chapter 12

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Burned of district An area in western N.Y. where the people believed that there will be more fuel to burn, if everyone didnt convert to Christianity. Transcendentalists Very influential They wanted to be one with god Liberator Newspaper that was published by an abolitionist name William Lloyd Garrison o Made a speech at Gettysburg about evils of slavery o Published Lincolns speech in hopes to embarrass him First edition headline was I Will Be Heard Brook Farm Reform movement Fredrick Douglas Escaped slave that became a very active abolitionist One of the great speakers of his time Widely admired Margaret Fuller Transcendentalist that thought women should play a role in society Personnel Liberty Laws Made sure that state officials wouldnt assist in the capture of runaway slave Oneida Community Another reform (hippie) movement Uncle toms cabin Written by Harriet Beacher stow About evils of slavery Widely read Added tension between north and south

Chapter 13

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John O Sullivan Came up with the manifest destiny Mathew C Perry Sent in to Japan to open ports Extended trade with Canada Liberty Party Willing the leave slavery where it is, but stop the spread of it Gadsden Purchase Little land under Mexican secession Mr. Polks war Mexican American war Polk provoked the Mexicans to fight against us so that we can fight back and take their land Bleeding Kansas When there were two government in Kansas because of the dispute over anti or pro slavery There was a civil war in Kansas Eventually admitted as free state Fifty- for forty or fight Polks campaign slogan Sumner- Brooks affair Brooks beat up s Sumner on the capital steps because Sumner insulted brooks uncle in his speech about bleeding Kansas Lecompton Constitution State constitution accepted by Bucanan Made by the southern government in Kansas to be added as a free state Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo Treaty that ended the Mexican American war 15 mill and debt Freeport Doctrine Douglass idea that the state can exclude slavery by not making laws about it Free Soil party Wanted popular sovereignty

John brown Abolitionist that lead a raid in Virginia They were stopped, and hanged for treason Fugitive slave act You must bring back a runaway slave to its owner Dred Scott vs Sanford Dred scotts owner died before he moved to a free state He sued for freedom Supreme court wouldnt hear the case because hes property Eventually they did and said hes a slave Missouri compromise proved unconstitutional o 3/5 congress has no right to abolish slavery and its up to the state slaves moved to free states arent free Young Americans Peirce was the president and he wanted to expand outside of America to get peoples minds off slavery Constitutional union party Old whigs Strict constitutionalists

Chapter 14

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Crittenden Compromise Wanted to extend 36-30 across the country o Slavery line of Louisiana purchase Merrimac and Monitor Iron clad ships Homestead act Giving away land for little or nothing in exchange for working on it for 5 years Morril Land Grant act Land given to start A&M college Copperheads Peace democrats that opposed the civil war Wanted Lincoln to free the slaves to end the war Didnt believe in harsh punishment on south Radical Republicans Really wanted to end slavery right before the war started Appomattox Where lee surrendered

Chapter 15

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Freedmans bureau Gave the slaves jobs, food, etc Only funded for a year Sewards icebox Purchase of Alaska that was frowned upon Wade Davis Bill Radical republican made this to counter act the 10 percent plan o They wanted more Liberal Republicans Wanted the civil service reform Wanted people to have to take a test John Wilkes booth Killed Lincoln Credit Mobiler Grant scandal Stole money from the government by making a fake railroad company Black Codes Attempt by the old southern planters to control the backs because they didnt want them having rights Whiskey Ring Grant scandal Took money from the excise tax on whiskey Grant tried to cover it up Tenure of Office act Made by the congress under Johnsons presidency because Johnson wanted to fire one of the congress men but congress didnt want him to be fired so now he could fire him Johnson ignored it Greenbacks The money that was printed even though nothing was backing it up Inflation Scalawags Southerners in favor of the carpet baggers KKK act Group of southern officials that didnt want the blacks having power

Carpetbaggers Northerners that went down to the south that went to the south the pretend and help them even though they were just helping themselves Tweed Ring William Tweed President of the democratic party Stole government money for their party. Sharecroppers White farmers would rent land to the blacks in exchange for half their crops Blacks had to provide everything for themselves and kept them in poverty Compromise of 1877 Haze and Tilden o Tilden was supposed to win the election but Haze rigged the election for him to win o They made a compromise that Haze would move the troops to end reconstruction in exchange for Tilden to shut up