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NOVEMBER 1, 2013

Campaign Chronicle
Spotlight: Gun Control
By: Kinsey Morrow

Table of Contents
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! In the campaign of Bill OWrights and Barbie Q. Grylls, both have similar thoughts on gun control. Both candidates are against the restriction of citizens from owning guns. Gun control is an issue that people have di"erent feelings on, so here are some reasons why some would and why some would not restrict the use of guns by the general public.! ! Reasons why people WOULD want the use of guns by the public restricted: 1. Most violent crimes are committed with guns so restricting ownership would probably reduce the number of such crimes. 2. Lunatics, bullied kids, disgruntled workers, and others can inict mass casualties with guns that otherwise wouldnt be possible. 3. A crime victim who has a gun might be in more danger than an unarmed person since the criminal may kill in perceived self#defense. 4. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution was targeted towards militia, e.g. The National Guard, rather than individuals. 5. Terrorism, school shootings, and other modern circumstances makes guns more dangerous today. ! Reasons why they WOULD NOT want to restrict the use of guns by citizens: 1. Criminals will always nd ways to obtain their guns, leaving law#abiding citizens without any weapons to use in defense. 2. Crimes are often prevented by the deterrent e"ect of the possibility of victim gun possession. 3. The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution protects the individuals rights to gun ownership. 4. Women and weaker individuals may have no means of self#defense from rape or other crimes, especially in the inner city. 5. Guns in the possession of citizens are an added protection against government tyranny.

FUN FACTS By: Abbey Horsman

On average, 12 babies will be given to the wrong parents everyday. Ketchup was sold as medicine in the 1830s. One quarter of your bones are in your feet. Starsh have no brains. If a human had the same jumping capacity as a ea, it could jump over a football eld.


NOVEMBER 1, 2013

Today in History
By: Carrissa Kafton

1800 ! U.S. President John Adams became the rst president to live in the White House when he moved in. 1889 !$North and South Dakota entered the Union as the 39th and 40th states. 1917 !$In WW I, the 1st US soldiers were killed in combat.
By: Kenten Murray

Thumbs Up, Barbie Q. Grylls!

By: Lianna Vermeys ! If you are young and Republican, you have no heart. If you are old and Democratic, you have no brain. This is a common saying about the political parties. ! Barbie Q. Grylls is Democratic, and they also have some moderate views on some issues. Here are their stances on some important issues: Pro#Choice For same#sex marriage For the legalization of marijuana Against Gun Control Against Obamacare When asked the question, What is your favorite part about being a part of the Barbie Q. Grylls campaign? Dan Chapman replied, being a part of a really great team of people. He also listed some great things about Barbie Q. Grylls campaign team: They have clear, concise discussions. Campaign manager, Megan Johnson, does great work with directing the class professionally. They have hard workers in that class that are knowledgable on their subjects. It sounds like Barbie Q. Grylls is bringing some good aspects to the table in this campaign.

1966 !$NFL awarded New Orleans its 16th franchise %All Saints Day&. 1968 !$US pro soccer: 14 teams merged into 1 all star team. 1994 ! The Chicago Bulls retired Michael Jordans uniform %No. 23& and put it on display at the United Center. A sculpture was later commissioned and placed outside the arena with the inscription, The Best There Ever Was. The Best There Ever Will Be. 1998 !$The European Court of Human Rights was instituted. 2012 !$Google's Gmail became the world's most popular email service.


NOVEMBER 1, 2013

By: Austin Fagen


What decade saw the rst US postage stamp issued? A. 1860s B. 1820s C. 1860s D. 1840s 2! What was the title of Eddie Murphy's rst movie? A. Norbit B. 48 Hrs C. The Nutty Professor 3! Who played defensive back for the new york giants before he coached the cowboys? A. Leslie Frazier B. Bill Belichick C. Tom Landry 4! Chi"on, marble and bundt are types of what? A. Cake B. Pie C. Ice cream 5! Around what year was co"ee rst consumed as a beverage? A. 1000 B.C. B. 1000 A.D. C. 16th century
!Answers are at the bottom of this page."

Special Interest Group: Money Update

By: Hannah Sedlacek
! In the last issue, the special interest group gave o"ers to the candidates. ! Here are the accepted donations by Bill OWrights: '200 from an abortion PAC for their pro#life stance, '100 from a minority rights PAC for support towards gay rights, '100 from a civil liberties PAC for their position against gun control, '400 for their position against Universal Healthcare/ Obamacare. Bill OWrights has accepted a total of '800 from donating PACs. ! Here are the accepted donations by Barbie Q. Grylls: '100 from a minority rights PAC for their support of gay rights, '100 from a civil liberties PAC for their position against gun control, and '300 was given by the Democratic party. ! After the PACs made their o"ers and the candidates accepted, Bill OWrights is ahead by '300.

Student Interview: Maddie Walsh

By: Hannah Sedlacek

Side Comments...
When asked about his stance on this campaign Zach Skopec replied, At the moment I dont even care, Im just hungry. All I want is a Hersheys Cookies n Cream candy bar, and I will be ne.
Trivia Answers: 1! D 2! B 3! C 4! A 5! B

Q: How do you feel about gun control? Do you think there should be more or less restrictions on guns? I think that gun control is necessary; however, people kill people, not the guns. No more restrictions are necessary. Q: Do you think you are going to vote and why?" Yes, my father and my sister are greatly involved in government, so I want to be too!