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ISFD 16 ECO II: Introduccin a la Traduccin Daniel H.

Gauna / 2013

INTRODUCCIN A LA TRADUCCIN LITERARIA: PRCTICA Realizar la traduccin directa de los siguientes rag!entos: (1) Good Readers and Good Writers "#o$ to %e a &ood Reader' or "(indness to Aut)ors' * so!et)ing o t)at sort !ig)t ser+e to ,ro+ide a su%title or t)ese +arious discussions o +arious aut)ors- or !. ,lan is to deal lo+ingl.- in lo+ing and lingering detail- $it) se+eral Euro,ean !aster,ieces/ A )undred .ears ago- 0lau%ert in a letter to )is !istress !ade t)e ollo$ing re!ar1: Comme lon serait savant si lon connaissait bien seulement cinq six livres : "2)at a sc)olar one !ig)t %e i one 1ne$ $ell onl. so!e )al a dozen %oo1s/' In reading one s)ould notice and ondle details/ T)ere is not)ing $rong a%out t)e !oons)ine o generalization $)en it co!es after t)e sunn. tri les o t)e %oo1 )a+e %een lo+ingl. collected/ I one %egins $it) a read.3!ade generalization- one %egins at t)e $rong end and tra+els a$a. ro! t)e %oo1 %e ore one )as started to understand it/ Not)ing is !ore %oring or !ore un air to t)e aut)or t)an starting to read- sa.- Madame Bovary- $it) t)e ,reconcei+ed notion t)at it is a denunciation o t)e %ourgeoisie/ 2e s)ould al$a.s re!e!%er t)at t)e $or1 o art is in+aria%l. t)e creation o a ne$ $orld- so t)at t)e irst t)ing $e s)ould do is to stud. t)at ne$ $orld as closel. as ,ossi%lea,,roac)ing it as so!et)ing %rand ne$- )a+ing no o%+ious connection $it) t)e $orlds $e alread. 1no$/ 2)en t)is ne$ $orld )as %een closel. studied- t)en and onl. t)en let us e4a!ine its lin1s $it) ot)er $orlds- ot)er %ranc)es o 1no$ledge/ 5ladi!ir Na%o1o+- Lectures on Literature- #arcourt- Orlando- 6789/ (2) The Wanting Seed :eatrice3;oanna decided t)at- des,ite )er tangle o ner+es and t)e )a!!ering at )er occi,ut- s)e didn<t $ant a ,aci ier ro! t)e Dis,ensar./ =)e didn<t $ant an.t)ing urt)er ro! t)e =tate #ealt) =er+ice- t)an1 .ou +er. !uc)/ =)e illed )er lungs $it) air as i a%out to di+e- t)en t)rust )er $a. into t)e >a! o ,eo,le ,ac1ing t)e +ast )os,ital +esti%ule/ 2it) its !i4ture o ,ig!ents- ce,)alic indices- noses and li,s- it loo1ed li1e so!e !onstrous international air,ort lounge/ =)e ,us)ed to t)e ste,s and stood t)ere a$)ile- drin1ing t)e clean street air/ T)e age o ,ri+ate trans,ort $as all %ut o+er? onl. o icial +ans- li!ousines and !icro%uses cra$led t)e street cra!!ed $it) ,edestrians/ =)e gazed u,/ :uildings o uncounta%le store.s lunged at t)e @a. s1.- duc13egg %lue $it) a nacreous il!/ Pied and ,eeled/ :lue3%eating and )oar.3glo$ )eig)t/ T)e ,rocession o seasons $as one a%iding act- an eternal recurrence- t)e circle/ Ant)on. :urgess- The Wanting Seed- Norton- Ne$ Aor1- 677B/

ISFD 16 ECO II: Introduccin a la Traduccin Daniel H. Gauna / 2013

(3) CDE A@ANDA FcallingG: To!H TO@: Aes- @ot)er/ A@ANDA: 2e can<t sa. grace until .ou co!e to t)e ta%leI TO@: Co!ing- @ot)er/ F e bo!s slightly and !ithdra!s" rea##earing a fe! moments later in his #lace at the table/G A@ANDA Fto her sonG: #one.- don<t #ush $it) .our fingers/ I .ou )a+e to ,us) $it) so!et)ing- t)e t)ing to ,us) $it) is a crust o %read/ And c)e$ * c)e$I Ani!als )a+e sections in t)eir sto!ac)s $)ic) ena%le t)e! to digest ood $it)out !astication- %ut )u!an %eings are su,,osed to c)e$ t)eir ood %e ore t)e. s$allo$ it do$n/ Eat ood leisurel.- son- and reall. en>o. it/ A $ell3coo1ed !eal )as lots o delicate la+ours t)at )a+e to %e )eld in t)e !out) or a,,reciation/ =o c)e$ .our ood and gi+e .our sali+ar. glands a c)ance to unctionI FTO@ deliberately lays his imaginary for$ do!n and #ushes his chair bac$ from the table/G TO@: I )a+en<t en>o.ed one %ite o t)is dinner %ecause o .our constant directions on )o$ to eat it/ It<s .ou t)at !a1es !e rus) t)roug) !eals $it) .our )a$13li1e attention to e+er. %ite I ta1e/ =ic1ening * s,oils !. a,,etite * all t)is discussion o * ani!als< secretion * sali+ar. glands * !asticationI A@ANDA FlightlyG: Te!,era!ent li1e a @etro,olitan starI F e rises and crosses do!nstage/G Aou<re not e4cused ro! t)e ta%le/ TO@: I<! getting a cigarette/ A@ANDA: Aou s!o1e too !uc)/ Tennessee 2illia!s- The %lass Menagerie- Penguin- London- 67J7/ (4) Eight OClock #e stood- and )eard t)e stee,le =,rin1le t)e Kuarters on t)e !orning to$n/ One- t$o- t)ree- our- to !ar1et3,lace and ,eo,le It tossed t)e! do$n/ =tra,,ed- noosed- nig)ing )is )our#e stood and counted t)e! and cursed )is luc1? And t)en t)e cloc1 collected in t)e to$er Its strengt)- and struc1/ A/ E/ #ous!an- 67LL/