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We are happy with who we are! Pupils of Teso Boarding PS, Soroti

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Shyness is a feeling of fear, lack of confidence or discomfort. Everybody feels shy at one time.
But when this happens, I go to the senior woman teacher for help.” “I feel shy when I am told to greet visitors.” Akuoch D, 13, P5, New Era, Wakiso Yes, sometimes we feel shy when we meet new people or the first time we go to a new place. This usually stops when you get used to a place or person. Nobody says, “I want to be shy today.” It is a feeling that just happens without you planning for it. Shy people avoid other people. It makes you look unfriendly. What causes shyness? Some people are born shy and others become shy when they get body changes. Atukunda P 14, P7 at , Rweigaaga PS in Bundibugyo says: “I feel shy during menstruation period. I fear my dress getting spoiled at school.
found YOUNG AND CONFIDENT: Pupils of Arua Hill School. Arua is and hardin West Nile. People from Arua are Lugbara. We are assertive
working. Smile if you can and say NO to sex!

Are you

Try to speak freely and with confidence

Do not feel shy to ask for

help or say NO to sex

Many Young Talkers are not shy. I grew up in a big family with aunties and uncles. This has helped me not to fear or be shy. Mpanga M, 13, P7, New Era PS, Wakiso Young Talkers speak out and say no. Kisirisa F, 11, P5, Jodak Luweero wrote: “A friend of mine had a boyfriend. One day, she told me to go with her to the boy friend’s home but I refused. She then sent one boy to call me. When I went to their home, she told me to have sex with this boy. I refused and reported them to the teacher. They were beaten and chased away from school.” I say NO when I know something is wrong. Nansubuga Shalima, 13,

What is puberty? Jane give us the answer. It is a time when young people get body changes Like menstration periods.

HIV/AIDS basics
I am HIV positive. My girlfriend is HIV negative. She wants to have sex but I do not want to infect her. What should I do? Boy, 15, Kitumba PS, Fort Portal Thank you for not wanting to infect your girlfriend. Tell her you are both too young to have sex. Does she know your status? Tell her it is too risky to have sex with someone whose HIV status you do not know. If she cares about you, she will respect what you feel. You can be friends without having sex. Do other things like reading together other than having sex. Let the HIV virus stop with you.

P4, Mbarara PS Thanks, Kirisa and Nansubuga, for not being shy. Scream and shout for help if someone tries to rape you. Donot be shy.

Do not feel shy to ask and answer questions in class. Asking and answering questions helps you learn and perform well.

Overcome shyness 
Young Talk, July 2009

Say it, donot fear
If you are shy, accept it and work on it. Pay attention to your body language when you are communicating with people. Say what you mean without fear. If it is a No, let it mean No! Some times it may feel uncomfortable to say it but you will get used with time. Elizabeth Okello, Counsellor

Being shy is not permanent. You can overcome it and become as confident as any other person. When talking to someone: Look straight in the person’s eyes. Avoid putting fingers in the mouth or looking down. If you don’t like what

they are saying, say NO. Do not give excuses or explanations. Be brave, the more you do what you fear, the more you become less shy. We visited New Era PS in Wakiso and pupils told us what they do to overcome shyness, Read on.


I feel shy when people with tough faces look at me. But I smile at them as often as I can. Ndagire L, 11, P5, New Era PS, Wakiso Yes, smiling makes people feel easy and good around you. This helps you relax and feel more free around new people Zalwango Z, 11, P5, New Era PS, Wakiso, says: “I feel shy when I walk past people. But my parents advise me to be alert.

Say “YES” to new ideas

Be open, try out new ideas and activities. Even if you do not know anything about the activity, or even if you think you may not like it, try it out. Nakanobe J, 11, P5, Kisugu PS, Kampala Some people are shy because they do not know some things. Trying out new ideas and activities helps you learn more. This makes you more confident. But before you try out a new idea or activity, talk to someone and be sure it is good for your health.

Be clean, smart
People will treat you with respect. You will feel confident about yourself. Bath, brush your teeth and wear clean clothes. Namubiru Shadiah, 14, Mbarara

Ndagire and Zalwango from New Era smile to beat shyness

Join a club
l Join drama, debating or life skill club like Young Talk where you will meet new people. The more you meet new people, the more confident you become.

Think good about yourself
Mugisha Arnold, 13, P7, St Aloysious PS, Mbarara, says: Imagining good things about yourself and being serious in class can help you stop being shy. Picture yourself as a confident, happy and liked person.

Look above heads
Namakula B, 11, P5, New Era PS, Wakiso, says: “If I am talking to people, I do not look into their eyes. I just look above their heads and say what I want to say to them.” Good idea, Namakula. This works well when you are speaking to many people like at the assembly or in front of the class. But if you are talking to one person, it is best to make eye contact

The good and bad of shyness
l l l l l People can harm you knowing you won’t say anything. You may be misunderstood. You may mean NO but your actions suggest YES. People may avoid you thinking that you are not friendly. You may not get chosen as a class monitor or prefect. You may fear to get help.


Science corner: Hormones
Hormones are small messengers produced by our bodies. They are natural chemicals that tell our bodies when and how to grow and when to reach puberty. There are different types of hormones. Growth hormones make our bones grow long. Sex hormones make our bodies change like growing pubic hair and developing pimples. They also tell our testes to produce sperm cells and our ovaries to ripen and release the female eggs. They can also give us sexual feelings. In girls, hormones make the breasts grow large and control menstruation cycle. For boys, hormones cause beards to grow, muscles to grow bigger and the voice to change. When our bodies produce little sex hormones, pubertymay be delayed. On the other hand, if our bodies produce a lot of sex hormone early puberty may start early. Dr Paul Semugoma, International Hospital Kampala

l Shyness maybe helpful. l You observe things before doing them. l You are protected from talking to strangers who may harm you. l You take time to feel comfortable with new people and new places.


Picture bonus! Dear Young Talkers, write to us, send beautiful pictures and win Young Talk exercise books!

DEAR TeacherS: Encourage your pupils to participate in class
Kauma M, 12, P5, Nakasero PS, Kampala, says: “I used to feel shy when a teacher asked me a hard question and I failed to answer. But my teachers encouraged me to keep on trying.” “I feel shy when I am in front of teachers.” Nassimbwa P , 12, P7, New Era PS, Wakiso In every class, there are shy children and those who are not. Encourage shy children to never give up when they give a wrong answer. Use friendly language, like ‘that is a good try’ to motivate them. Encourage all children to participate in class. Do not ignore slow learners. All children can succeed. Help children experiencing body changes to appreciate them. If a girl feels shy because of the size of her breasts have a senior woman teacher, tell her it is the best size which God has given her. Boys with ‘rough’ voices can also be encouraged to join the school choir. Godfrey Walakira, Counsellor, Straight Talk Foundation

Young Talk, July 2009 

Pupils from Kireka Hill PS in Wakiso. For pupils to be confident like these ones, they need your help.

Learning through fun activities, games
Young Talk Puzzle no.1
1 3 4 6 5
By Pato Denis.


This is a puzzle of 20 words. Ten run downwards, the other ten run across. You will find most of the answers in this Young Talk. Fill and send back to Young Talk on P.O.Box 22366, Kampala. Twenty winners will get a copy of “The English Companion,” an English text book which will help you do English better in school. Name:…………………………………………………………….....…… School:……………………………………................…….......…........



9 10 11 12

Class:…................................................................................…....…. P.O.Box:……………………........District:……......…………...………..

3. A person who is new in a place, e.g one who has just joined a class. (8) 6. The ability to wait for long or learn to be with people who annoy us sometimes. (8) 7. The feeling of admiration that we have for others because of their good behavior and the good thing s they have done for others and for themselves. (7) 9. A person you love, care about and even share your secrets with. (6) 11. A feeling of fear and discomfort to speak in public or look people in the eye (7) 13. To get new knowledge or skill by being taught. (5) 14. Somebody’s action or manners. (9) 15. Some thing made by God. (7) 16. To make something known to other people by showing or telling them. (8)



15 16

Our school environment
Write to Young Talk and tell us a story of what you think is appening in this picture. Best stories win exercise book and pens.

1. 2. 4. 5. 8. 10. 11. 12. 14.

Young Talk Science test
1. If you abstain from sex, you will not have children in future. True True True True True Untrue Untrue Untrue Untrue Untrue Untrue 2. Your penis will grow even if you delay sex until you are an adult True

To disturb or laugh at somebody in a bad way (5) Another word for silent, e.g when you are not talking in class. (5) You are not strong, therefore you are...(4) To look somebody straight into their eyes in surprise or admiration. (4) To try to be something or somebody that we are not by deceiving others (7) The state of feeling good, and being free from pain or worry. (7) A feeling of regret or pain as a result of one’s own wrongdoing or bad behaviour. (5) In science, bees are...insects. Human beings are like bees. (6) Brave and without fear (4)

3. Candida is a disease for women and girls.
4. A girl can get pregnant the first time she has sex. 5. You will not learn how to play sex if you don’t start early. 6. Children born with HIV can live longer if given good care and treatment.

Shyness in local languages
Luganda Lusoga Luo Ateso Ensonyi Ensonhi Lewic Ileic Samia Runyankole Lumasaba Madi Esoni Enshoni Tsisonyi Drinza

Send your answers to P.O Box 22366, Kampala


Young Talk, July 2009

Dear Young TALK
PO Box 22366 Kampala

Is it true that if you have pubic hair or big breasts you are ready for marriage? Jatho B, 13, P7, Adiadwol PS, Nebbi No, pubic hair and breasts show that your body is growing. They do not mean you ready for marriage. From 9 years of age, our bodies expereince physical changes like pubic hair and breasts. Some people may experience these at a later age. It varies from person to person. You are still young. Focus on your studies for a bright future. If you washed knickers in one basin with a person who has an STD, can you get infected? Girl, Rukungiri Modern PS No, STD in full is Sexually Transmitted Disease. This means you get STDs by having sex with an infected person. But it is not advisable to wash your knickers with other peoples’ knickers. Is it bad to use toilet paper as pads during menstruation? Adong K, Yona Okoth Memorial, PS Tororo No, but you have to change many times because toilet papers do not absorb blood released during menstruation as well as like pads. If you don’t have money to buy pads, make your own pads from cloths. If you can get gauze, wrap it around toilet paper. It prevents toilet paper fluff from entering your genitals. Fluff can cause infection and irritation. Can you get HIV through having sex with an infected person using a condom? And why is it that mucus comes out of girl’s vaginas? Akiteng Irene, Moroto Municipal PS, Moroto Condoms can prevent HIV but they are not 100% effective. Say no to sex until you are mature and married. Mucus from the vagina is called vaginal discharge. It is produced by tiny glands to clean the inside of the vagina. You may need to visit a health centre if the mucus is smelly, itchy or has a colour which is not clear or whitish. My friend wanted to have sex with his girlfriend but he could not erect. What caused that? Anguzu M, Ggabile Anava PS, Arua Dear Anguzu, your friend is still young. Sex is meant for married adults. He felt scared and guilty about sex. He knows its dangers so he could not erect.

Keeping it safe with Young Talk:

Members Nyamitanga kids dream centre in Mbarara. They meet during holidays to discuss the messages in Young Talk. You can do the same with your friends

Advise Girl A
My friends tell me that if I have sex I will develop breasts. They are pushing me to get a boyfriend and enjoy sex. Please advise me. Girl, 13, P6, Victory Border Point PS, Tororo

Advise him to abstain from sex because he can get HIV/STDs. He can even be arrested for making a girl pregnant. Is it true that if you have red lips you have HIV/ AIDS? Shazi M, 14, St Jude PS Malaba, Tororo Some people are born with red lips. They could also be be due to malnutrion, licking lips or use of lip stick. You cannot tell if a person has HIV/AIDS by just looking at them. It is only an HIV test that can show that someone has HIV or not. Counselor: Dr Edith Nakku

Know your body:

Small and big breasts
Amoit M is 15 and in P6 at Walkway PS in Bugiri. She asks: “I have never developed breasts. My friends tell me that I will never give birth in future. Is it true?” Amoit, do not worry! You will be able to produce children when you grow up and get married. Your breasts will grow at the right time. Our bodies develop differently. Some girls develop breasts when they are nine years. Others develop breasts when they are 16 years or older. This is because everyone is different. Their bodies grow at different speeds. Some people have very small breasts and others very big breasts. This is fine. All are equally good for breastfeeding.

Quiz Winners

In March, we asked you to tell us when you said NO to sex. We received over 75 interesting letters. Kabugho, 15, P7, Lhuhiri PS, Kasese. said: “I was II when I had my first boyfriend. One day, he asked me for sex. I told him I was young and that if he cannot wait for us to complete our studies to go away. He listened. When I made 15 years, he asked me for sex again. He said he would marry me if I became pregnant. I told him that would destroy my future forever. He knelt before me and begged but I refused.” Thank you. You win exercise books and pens

Other winners are: Masika J, 16, P7, Lhuhiri

PS, Kasese; Oparmungu A, 14, Adiadwol PS, Nebbi; Anamo S, P7, Mubende Parents School, Pariyo H, P6, Ayelembe PS Arua, Musok P 15, , P7, God Pays PS, Kasese; Kwemboi H, 10, P6, Victory Border Point PS, Tororo, Namala J,12, P6, Bugolo PS, Kampala; Nakatabira S, 15, P7, Kifuyo PS Bugiri, Kyansaku S, P7, University Hills PS, Mukono and Andama D, 13, P7, Anava PS Arua.

Lhuhiri PS in Kasese and Victory Border Point PS in Tororo are star schools for this month. You win footballs and netballs.


Hullo Kapchorwa!
Young Talkers in Kapchorwa we would like to hear from you. What is happening? Are we studying hard? What is beautiful in Kapchorwa? Send your stories and pictures to: Young Talk, 22366, Kampala.

Pupils from Elgon Nursery and PS in Mbale reading Young Talk newspaper

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