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/*01. 31
CcLober 2013
2-30*40. SLeve Carey, CurLln&Co
0207 399 2293
07720 088 338

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1he Arborfleld Carrlson Land Cwners ConsorLlum (ACLC) has Loday announced lL lnLends Lo
wlLhdraw Lhe ouLllne plannlng appllcaLlon for land aL Arborfleld Carrlson wlLh a vlew Lo submlLLlng a
revlsed appllcaLlon nexL year.
lollowlng a deLalled revlew of Lhe consLrucLlve responses Lo Lhe earller consulLaLlons, and
dlscusslons wlLh Lhe local plannlng auLhorlLy abouL some Lechnlcal lssues, ACLC and Woklngham
8orough Councll (W8C) have agreed a muLually accepLable way forward Lo enable locally agreed
developmenL asplraLlons for Lhe garrlson slLe Lo progress. A LlmeLable for a revlsed appllcaLlon ls
belng dlscussed wlLh Lhe revlsed appllcaLlon expecLed Lo be submlLLed early ln 2014.
ConLlnulng lLs commlLmenL Lo local consulLaLlon ACLC has Loday conflrmed LhaL where any changes
Lo Lhe MasLerplan or oLher aspecLs of Lhe appllcaLlon are consldered furLher consulLaLlons wlll Lake
ACLC spokesman, ScoLL 8lack commenLed:
wblle tbe qeoetol coocept ooJ scole of tbe oppllcotloo tespooJs well to tbe coooclls ospltotloos fot
tbe slte set oot lo lts cote 5ttoteqy, we tecoqolse tbe oppllcotloo bos some tecbolcol Jeflcleocles ooJ
tbot tbete ote cettolo oteos of Jetoll lo tbe Mostetploo wblcb moy oeeJ to be tefloeJ. Aftet fottbet
coosoltotloos wltb w8c ooJ tokloq tbese coocetos oo bootJ we bove coocloJeJ tbot tbe best woy to
ptoceeJ ls to ptepote o oew oppllcotloo lo pottoetsblp wltb w8c ooJ locol people.
Oot ptloclpol olm ls to ocbleve tbe best ooJ eotllest ploooloq cooseot. we woot to cteote o blqb
poollty eovltoomeot wblcb wlll be locloslve fot oll ooJ wltb oll tbe oecessoty soppottloq focllltles socb
os scbools, sbops ooJ lelsote oppottooltles wblcb wlll eosote tbe commoolty wlll tbtlve. we belleve lt
ls lmpottoot tbot tbe key loftosttoctote oecessoty to soppott tbe Jellvety of mocb oeeJeJ ptlvote ooJ
offotJoble bomes ls ptovlJeJ wbeo lt ls oeeJeJ. lt ls oot loteotloo to te-sobmlt oo oppllcotloo wblcb
wlll ocbleve tbese olms ooJ oJJtess tbe commeots tolseJ. we woot to Jeslqo ooJ bollJ o oew
commoolty wblcb wlll loteqtote wltb tbe exlstloq commoolty ooJ wblcb we coo oll be ptooJ to be
ossocloteJ wltb.

lor furLher lnformaLlon please conLacL SLeve Carey from CurLln&Co
L: sLevec[ 1: 0207 399 2293 M: 07720 088 338

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1he Arborfleld Carrlson Landowners ConsorLlum (ACLC) comprlses Lhe uefence lnfrasLrucLure
CrganlsaLlon (ulC), Lhe Aegean 1rusL Company and Mr 8oberL kenyon boLh represenLed by WaLes
uevelopmenLs LlmlLed and CresL nlcholson who [olned Lhe ACLC as uevelopmenL Manager for Lhe
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up Lo 2,000 homes, of whlch up Lo 33 (700) would be dellvered as affordable houslng
a new 1,200 place secondary school
a new Lwo-form enLry prlmary school
publlc open space comprlslng sporLs plLches, chlldren's play areas and naLural green space
o flnanclal conLrlbuLlons wlll also be made Lo enhance faclllLles and lncrease usage of exlsLlng
areas of naLural green space
a new dlsLrlcL cenLre feaLurlng a foodsLore and space for faclllLles such as a new C surgery, pollce
offlce and addlLlonal communlLy/employmenL faclllLles
LransporL measures, lncludlng Lwo new road [uncLlons lnLo Lhe slLe and upgrades Lo nlne local
a new cycle, fooLway and brldleway neLwork Lhrough Lhe slLe and enhancemenLs Lo local bus servlces
reLenLlon and/or proLecLlon of a number of exlsLlng bulldlngs on slLe, lncludlng Lhe MCu gymnaslum
and church, and Lhe Lwo scheduled monumenLs aL Arborfleld Carrlson and MoaL Pouse
a comprehenslve dralnage sysLem Lo mlnlmlse any rlsk of floodlng and conLrol Lhe raLe aL whlch waLer
dralnlng from Lhe developmenL wlll reach local sLreams and rlvers
llos comprehenslve flnanclal conLrlbuLlons from Lhe developer Lo provlde addlLlonal on and off slLe
faclllLles & lnfrasLrucLure.

C81 2D++130 %70D*07-3.

A plannlng appllcaLlon was submlLLed Lo Woklngham 8orough Councll by Lhe ACLC ln Aprll and lnlLlal
consulLaLlon held over May/!une.
1he ACLC lnLend Lo wlLhdraw Lhe exlsLlng appllcaLlon and re-submlL a revlsed plan Laklng lnLo accounL
lssues ralsed durlng Lhe consulLaLlve process and a number of Lechnlcal lssues.
Whlle Lhe Councll were one of Lhe sLakeholders who requesLed Lhe appllcaLlon be wlLhdrawn, Lhey
have re-afflrmed Lhe prlnclple of Lhe slLe as a sLraLeglc developmenL locaLlon.

A8*0 8*==13< 31E0B

1he ACLC wlll wlLhdraw Lhe currenL appllcaLlon wlLh a vlew Lo submlLLlng a revlsed appllcaLlon ln
early 2014. Where changes Lo Lhe exlsLlng proposals are belng conLemplaLed furLher local
consulLaLlon wlll be underLaken.
1he ACLC remalns commlLLed Lo Lhe early provlslon of homes, lnfrasLrucLure and faclllLles, and
welcomes Lhe Councll's conLlnued commlLmenL Lo work wlLh Lhe ACLC Lo ensure Lhe earllesL and besL
plannlng consenL ls achleved for all.

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