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Remote Power ON/OFF control & current measurement for Home Electric Outlets based on a Low Power Embedded

Board & ZigBee Communication

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#$# !N%RO&'C%!ON ZigBee focuses on defining a general purpose in expensive self-organizing mesh network that can be used for industrial control, embedded sensing, medical data collection, building automation and home automation. Our project mainl deals with home automation, which is linking of appliances,

monitoring and controlling them through an intelligent network. !his project demonstrates home automation applications " current measurement b making use of the wireless ZigBee protocol. !he #Bee O$% &' %odules were engineered to operate within the ZigBee protocol and provide reliable deliver of data between remote devices.

#$( BLOC) &!*+R*,

ZigBee device can pla a role as a master or a slave. %aster tries to connect itself to other devices and slave is waiting to be connected from other devices. ( ZigBee connection can alwa s be made from pair of master and slave devices.

#Bee and #Bee-)ro are the &' %odules which are used as ZigBee de-ices in the transmitter and receiver sections. !he microcontroller used in this project is )hilips *+,-. which belongs to the */-. famil . 0t takes input from the external sources and roots them to the appropriate devices as programmed in it.

!he LC& used here is ),1*-22 which is a low power ,%O3 controller4device. 0t is used to displa the name of the appliance which is being currentl controlled. $ach and ever ke in the .e/0ad is designed for a particular function. ( device can be controlled b pressing the corresponding ke . Power 1u00l/ 'nit is used to provide a constant -5olts, ..-( suppl to different 0,s. !his is a standard circuit using external .65 1, adopter and fixed 7-pin voltage regulator.

($ Z!+BEE CO,,'N!C*%!ON1
($# !N%RO&'C%!ON 'or the last few ears, we8ve witnessed a great expansion of remote control devices. 'ive ears ago, infrared remotes for the television were the onl such devices in our homes. 9ow we :uickl run out of fingers as we count the devices and appliances we can control remotel in our house. !his number will onl increase as more devices are controlled or monitored from a distance. !o interact with all these remotel controlled devices, a new and emerging wireless modalit , ZigBee was developed. ZigBee st le networks began to be designed in .++* when man engineers realized that both ;i-'i and Bluetooth were going to be unsuitable for man applications. 0t is a published specification designed to use small and low power digital radios based on the 0$$$ */6..-.2 standard for wireless personal area networks <;)(9s=.

;ith its uni:ue emphasis on reliabilit , low cost, long batter life and eas deplo ment, ZigBee is paving the wa for intelligent sensors to provide greater control of lighting, heating, cooling, water and filtration, appliance-use and securit s stems from an where in and around the home. !hese additional controls pla an instrumental role in dramaticall improving energ efficienc as the world grapples with increasing power demands that exceed suppl , as well as concerns around greenhouse gas emissions.

($( "H*% &OE1 Z!+BEE &O2 ZigBee is designed for wireless controls and sensors. 0t could be built into just about an thing ou have around our home or office, including lights, switches, doors and appliances. !hese devices can then interact without wires, and ou can control them all from a remote control or even our mobile phone. 0t allows wireless two-wa communications between lights and switches, thermostats and furnaces, hotel-room air-conditioners and the front desk, and central command posts. 0t travels across greater distances and handles man sensors that can be linked to perform different tasks. applied. 'igure below gives a great example of how ZigBee can be

ZigBee works well because it aims low. ,ontrols and sensors don8t need to send and receive much data. ZigBee has been designed to transmit slowl . 0t has a data rate of 6-/kbps <kilobits per second=, pitiful compared with ;i-'i, which is hitting throughput of 6/%bps or more. But because ZigBee transmits slowl , it doesn8t need much power, so batteries will last up to ./ ears. Because ZigBee consumes ver little power, a sensor and transmitter that reports whether a door is open or closed, for example, can run for up to five ears on a single double-( batter . (lso, operators are much happier about adding ZigBee to their phones than faster technologies such as ;i-'i> therefore, the phone will be able to act as a remote control for all the ZigBee devices it encounters.

3$ BR!EF &E1CR!P%!ON OF 1OF%"*RE ,O&'LE1

3$# !N%RO&'C%!ON Programming Language 1oftware used ? ? assembl @anguage A$0@ B5ision6 01$, 'lash %agic

3$4 FL*1H ,*+!C5 !he 'lash %agic is feature rich in windows based tool for downloading of code into flash micro controller $0t utilizes feature of microcontrollers called 03), which allow the transfer of data seriall between a ), and the device. 'lash %agic can erase device, program, read data and read and set various configuration information. rather than providing the basic feature of 03), 'lash %agic adds additional features and intelligence, allowing complex operation to be performed .'or example ,erasing can be an collection pages, blocks. !he hex file to be programmed or the entire device. (dditional advanced feature of 'lash %agic include the automatic programming,checksum,entering 03) mode via serial command, execution of just time module allowing endless flexibilit in the data programmed ,control over &3676 signal to place devices into 03) mode and control over the timing of such signal 'lash magic supports all current *-bit <*/-.=, .C bit and 76 bit flash microcontrollers