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The Freedom of Morality

In En li!h" The Freedom of Morality Crestwood, N.Y.: St. Vladimirs Seminary Press, 19 !. "S#N $% in Fren#h" 'a 'i(ert) de la morale *en+,e: 'a(or et Fides, 19 -. "S#N &% -$9%$1 1%9 in Italian" 'a li(ert. dell /thos #olo0na: /di1ioni 2ehoniane, 19 !. in Romanian" 'i(ertatea moralei #343re5ti: /dit3ra 6nastasia, &$$&. "S#N 97-%8 &%$19%7 in Ser$ian" Slo(oda morala :ra03;e,a4: :aleni<, &$$7. "S#N 97 % 8% !1 -%19%8 in %&rainian" =>?@?AB CD?=E FGH>: AEI JKLMNO, &$$-. "S#N 988%7 %!$%1 1!1%$& %!

On the a$!en#e and 'n&no(a$ility of God

In En li!h" Pn the a(sen4e and 3nQnowa(ility of *od 'ondon%N.Y: T. R T. ClarQ "nternational, &$$9. "S#N $%987%$!9-&%in Fren#h" 2e la(sen4e et de lin4onnaissan4e de 2ie3 Paris: Sditions d3 Cerf, 1971. in Italian" Teide00er e 2ioni0i 6reoUa0ita Voma: Citt. N3o,a /ditri4e, 1999. "S#N %-11%$1$9%8 "0noran1a e 4onos4en1a di 2io Milano: /ditoriale Wa4a #ooQ, 197-. In Romanian" Teide00er 5i 6reoUa0it3l #343re5ti: /dit3ra 6nastasia, 1998. "S#N 97-%9&-9%19%in R'!!ian" XBYACZZC[ G B[C?\BZGD, 3]3 ^_ ^m`am`mb33 3 cdn^ecfbfdg^`m3 @^hf MPC:#6: PPCC\ij, &$$9. in Ser$ian" kOKAMllMN G AGmnGCG"/ ONMmoOlGL Vrn;apQa #an;a: #ratst,o S,. Simeona Mirotopi,o0, 1997. In Slo)enian" Teide00er in 6reoUa0it aii o #o1;i odsotnosti in resUo1natnosti No,a re,i;a, 1991

Element! of Faith
In En li!h" /lements of Faith /din(3r0h: T. R T. ClarQ, 1991. "S#N $%987%&919$%1 In Fren#h" 'a foi ,i,ante de lS0lise Paris: Sditions d3 Cerf, 19 9. "S#N &%&$!%$-18$%7 in Italian" 'a fede dellesUerien1a e44lesiale #res4ia: q3eriniana, 199-. "S#N %-99%$717%in Romanian" 6(e4edar al 4redinrei #343re5ti: /dit3ra #i1antins, 1998. "S#N 97-%98798%7%$ in R'!!ian" >C[B tC[F>G MPC:#6: Centr Uo i13p. Veli0i;, 199&. "S#N 9% 7$7 %$$1%& in Ser$ian" 6u@ETG: #/P/ j?>G =BA: @C=CAB, &$$ . "S#N 97 % 8% 8117%19%1 1

Orthodo*y and the +e!t

In En li!h" Prthodovy and the west #rooQline, Mass.: Toly Cross Prthodov Press, &$$8. "S#N 1% in Romanian" Prtodovie 5i P44ident #343re5ti: /dit3ra #i1antins, 1999. "S#N 97--%98798%8%989&% 1%I

A ain!t Reli ion

In Romanian" Contra Veli0iei /dit3ra 6nastasia, #343resti &$11. "S#N 97 %97-%1 -$%18%&

Relational Ontolo y
In Italian" Pntolo0ia della rela1ione Troina, Citt. 6Uerta /di1ioni, &$1$. "S#N 97 % % 1-7%!-1%1 in En li!h" Velational Pntolo0y #rooQline, Mass.: Toly Cross Prthodov Press, &$11. "S#N%1- 97 %1%9-9-17%19%7, "S#N%1$ 1%9-9-17%19%9

Per!on and Ero!

In En li!h" Person and /ros #rooQline, Mass.: Toly Cross Prthodov Press, &$$7. "S#N 97 %1% In German" Person 3nd /ros *xttin0en: Vandenhoe4Q R V3Ure4ht, 19 &. "S#N -%9&9%98&9$%$ in Romanian" Persona 5i /ros #343re5ti: /dit3ra 6nastasia, &$$$. "S#N 97-%9-7!%97%in R'!!ian" Ge_yfcc^d: JGzj?=D{ G i[?= MPC:#6: PPCC\ij, &$$9. "S#N 9% &!-%$8!7% in Ser$ian" 'ipnost i /ros J3|c^`g} 3 iUo4 j?>G =BA: @C=CAB, &$$9. "S#N 97 % 8% 8117%-!%& 989&% %1

Po!tmodern Meta,hy!i#!
In En li!h" Postmodern MetaUhysi4s #rooQline, Mass.: Toly Cross Prthodov Press, &$$!. "S#N 1% 989&% $%1

-ariation! on the Son of Son !

In En li!h" Variations on the Son0 of Son0s #rooQline, Mass.: Toly Cross Prthodov Press, &$$9. "S#N 1% 989&% &% in Fren#h" Variations s3r le Canti~3e des Canti~3es Paris: 2es4l)e de #ro3wer, 199&. "S#N &%&&$%$-&7-%8 in Italian" Varia1ioni s3l Canti4o dei Canti4i Sotto il Monte: Ser,iti3m /ditri4e, 1997. "S#N % 188%$!!%I in %&rainian" >B[BtH jB DCE \=j \=Cj{ FGH>: AEI K JKLMNO, &$$-. "S#N 988%7 %!!%! in R'!!ian" ./01/211 3/ 45637 456358 MPC:#6: PPCC\ij &$$9

9i!#ontin'ity in Philo!o,hy:The Helleni# ,oint of )ie(

In Fren#h" PhilosoUhie sans r3Ut3re *en+,e: 'a(or et Fides, 19 !, "S#N &% -$9%$$!8%! in Ser$ian" GJ?=?GB Gu j?>?ZEZJB Vrn;apQa #an;a: #ratst,o S,. Simeona Mirotopi,o0, &$$$ in %&rainian" jC[?u[G>jB J?=?. Narysy Vst3U3 2o Filosofii, FGH>: mnmG, &$$$. "S#N 988%9$$%171%I &

The Tr'th and %nity of the Ch'r#h

In Fren#h" V)rit) et 3nit) de l S0lise *re1%2oi4ea3: Sditions 6vios, 19 9. "S#N &% 7&98%$$$%7 in Italian" Verit. e 3nit. della Chiesa a. Sotto il Monte: Ser,iti3m, 1999. "S#N % 188%$19%9 (. Milano%S4hio, Cens%"nterlo0os, 1999. "S#N % $7 %$9$%9 in Romanian" 6de,sr3l 5i 3nitatea #iseri4ii a. #343re5ti: /dit3ra SoUhia, &$$9. "S#N 97 %97-%1-8%1&9%1 (. "a5i: Trinitas, &$$ . "S#N 97 %97-%199%$9&%in Ser$ian" "stina i ;edinst,o CrQ,e j?>G =BA: @C=CAB, &$$-. In R'!!ian" G=DGjB G CAGj=D>? tC[F>G MPC:#6: C#TP%GJ6N/TP#C:GY ]ab^`]fbc^ vU`fc` c`a, &$$8. "S#N 9% 91$$%$8!%!

H'n er and Thir!t ;E!!ay!<

In Romanian" Foamea 5i Setea #343re5ti: /dit3ra 6nastasia, &$$$. "S#N 97-%9-7!%7-%9 in Finni!h" NlQ ;a Wano Woens33: PrtoQir;a, 1991. "S#N 991%99 98% %8

The meta,hy!i#! of the Body" A St'dy on =ohn Clima#'!

In Ser$ian" Metafi1iQa tela j?>G =BA: @C=CAB, &$$9. "S#N 8% 8117%$$%7

Colle#tion of E!!ay!
In B'l arian" PGu6T6 :6TP \[CAGu>G:6T/JCT#P C?G: JGF, &$$&. "S#N 99!%8$7%988%-

The Ch'r#h in Po!t:Comm'ni!t E'ro,e

In Poli!h" CrQe, , UostQomm3ni%sti4Q+ /3roU :raQw &$1$. "S#N 97 % $% 7-7 % !%7 In the GREEK Language only Six philosophical drawings, "Qaros &$11 The Enigma of Evil, "Qaros &$$ Freedom from Necessity: The Relational Ontology, "Qaros &$$ & The Effable and the neffable: The !ing"istic b#"ndaries of Realism in $etaphysics, "Qaros &$$ & The nh"man %haracter of the &"man Rights, 2omos &$$8'ostmodern $etaphysics, 2omos &$$9& The Real and the maginary in the 'olitical Economy, 2omos &$$8(n O"tline of %ritical Ontology, "Qaros &$1$! Rationality and Social 'raxis, 2omos &$$8! )iscontin"ity in 'hilosophy: The &ellenic point of view, 2omos &$$&9 'erson and Eros, 2omos &$$87 On the (bsence and *n+nowability of ,od: &eidegger and the (reopagite, 2omos &$$89 %"lt"ral )iplomacy- the o"tline of a &ellenic approach, "Qaros &$$-& -

(n Examined !ife, "Qaros &$$9! .ariations on the Song of Songs, 2omos &$$-8 deas as a Ref"ge, "Qaros &$$77 *nreal &ellenism-Two /o"rneys in %oncert, 2omos 1999& The Red S0"are and "ncle (rth"r: ( first experience of comm"nist R"ssia, 2omos &$$89 &"nger and Thirst /ssays, *re0ory 19979 (nthology of &ellenic Essays, PataQis &$$!9 The metaphysics of the 1ody: ( St"dy on /ohn %limac"s, 2odoni 1971 The Freedom of $orality, "Qaros &$$&Orthodoxy and the 2est 3 &ellenic Self definition in the $odern (ge, 2omos &$$88 Elements of Faith, 2omos &$$81! (pologetics, *re0ory 1979& ( %ontroversy abo"t Eros, 2omos 19 9 The Tr"th and *nity of the %h"rch, *re0ory 1997& (gainst Religion: The Religioni4ation of the Ecclesial Event, "Qaros &$$7 'rophecy in crisis, "Qaros, &$1$ )esperation as a 'rivilege, *re0ory 197-& %apita Theologico politica, *re0ory 19 -Ne# 5ellenic dentity, *re0ory &$$1! %ritical nterventions, 2omos 199-! The void in c"rrent politics, :astaniotis 199&& ( pen"ltimate &ellenism, :astaniotis 199& ( %o"ntry of )irty Tric+s, :astaniotis 199! *npremeditated s"icides, :astaniotis 199! .icio"s %ircle in 'olitics, :astaniotis 199! The )ehellenisation of &ellenism: (ccompaniments, :aQtos &$$9& The &ellenic 2ay of 'olitics, "Qaros 1998 Resistance to (lienation, "Qaros &$$ & %"lt"re as the central problem in politics, :aQtos &$$9& The '"rs"it of meaning in politics, 'i,anis 199 )ecline as a %hallenge, 'i,anis 1999 E"ropean *nification and &ellenic Readiness, 'i,anis &$$$ The !eft as Right, the Right as a pantomime, PataQis &$$1& The )ictatorial 'ower of the 'arty System, PataQis &$$!6 n smaller meas"re genero"s7: nstr"ctions for "se, PataQis &$$Reason begins with Eros, "Qaros &$$7& Sociocentral 'olitics: %riteria, Testia &$$9 Str"ggling with )espair, Testia &$$7& 'raise of the p"nitive vote, "anos &$$ & The brea+down of the political system in ,reece today, "anos &$1$& 'olitics in ,reece today: a s"b8ect of research, "Qaros &$1$& %"ltivation per capita, "anos &$1$ Fertility of anger in policy, "anos &$11 !

%atastrophy as a chance, "anos &$1&