Special Uncle James Report “What Makes a Man Strong In Bed?

I want to say thank you for taking your time to open this report and read it. It really means a lot to me to know that I am not just writing in vain. Specifically, I want to say thank you if you are one of the people who have trusted me enough to invest your hard earned cash into buying my some of my reports.

I say that because atimes, I get emails from people which usually say something like -: “What's the guarantee that this is genuine and not a scam? There's a lot of defrauding going on via d web.” When I receive such mails, I actually don t know what they e!pect me to say. "ven if I happen to be a #$% person, would I now say &'ey, I am a fraudster and I want to steal from you.(

your confidence goes up and you are both happy. because the man is weak and unskilled in bed. And so what? .es4 I said the man because he is supposed to be the leader. what it means to be strong in bed as a man is for you to be able to S)*IS+. . what I usually say is to tell them to continue to enjoy my free newsletters and reports like the ones you are reading right now. )nyway. I get emails from people who complain that their wife or se!ual partner is too reserved or that she is from a strict religious background and therefore. it leads to a lot of things. ". *his in return adds a new spice to your relationship and your life. she is too boring in bed. a woman completely in bed.So. what does it mean to be strong in bed? In this regard. *here is no doubt about the fact that a lot of couples are suffering from -ry.oring "/"0 1ainful se! 2)I03. let s go to the main theme of this special report.g She develops an intense respect for you. So. . When you satisfy her in such a way.

. 'er husband wanted to have se! and after begging her for some time as usual. She would probably have se! with you for some few times just so that you can have kids and so on5 )nd that is why you hear the tales of men chasing their wives all over the place. It will be like bad coffee to her. it is mainly because you are not performing your duty as the man. )s the man.ou see. get her e!cited and ultimately satisfy her. trying too hard to get her interested in having se!. if you get married to a woman who has been having great e!pectations about se! even though she has never had se! before you married her and you are unable to make her e!perience SW""* se!. she is supposed to be begging you for se!. you should be able to seduce her. educate her. She reacted by screaming loudly 7 “I just can’t take it an more. I once shared a story of a woman who had to scream on top of her voice 80" day such that neighbours heard her clearly5and she didn t care. help her rela! in bed.If she is too boring in bed. having se! with you is just a painful. it means nothing to her5because to her. boring routine that is only enjoyable to you 7 the man.ut in this kind of situation. the usual fallout is that she will no longer be interested in se!. +or 6od s sake. !ver since we got married" ou are the onl one who has been enjo ing the se#” 3 . .

)-4 . 8f course. that is . *his is why the results of a research show that <=> of women actually fake their orgasm just so that they won t hurt your ego because she loves you.et.. a lot of men are suffering from these types of situations that they found themselves in because nobody teaches us about being a strong man especially in bed while we were growing up. because the whole se! routine of the man was something like this: .+ondle her breasts for like a minute . .Insert his penis and ejaculate within 9 minutes. not all women are vocal like the woman in this case and they also won t say anything than to be resentful to having se! until they get into menopause and old age.She said that. 0ow. 2ost of them would actually keep :uiet so that they won t hurt your ego directly .* don t be deceived.

Becoming a Strong Man in Bed de ends on ! things" #et me $uickl% go o&er them with %ou: $. 6ood 'ealth 5 .*hat reminds me of this ama?ing testimony that I got from one of the people who bought some of my se! improvement products. You can read it below: *he testimony above gives you an idea of what happens when you are willing to take responsibility of your life and you are wise enough to ask for help5from the right people.

or a case of weak libido.9. I want you to focus more on eating foods that will give you energy and not junk foods. You can be as health% as %ou want so that %ou can be &er% strong in bed" 'owB $. When your body is weak. 'ow do you think animals like horses and cows get their ama?ing strengthB . compare green vegetables to a meat pie. this is where it starts from.ut from my e!perience. +or instance. . 1ersonal Strength @. )n e!ample is people who are suffering from one S*. 6reen vegetables will give your body a lot of nutrient and substantial energy. )de:uate Anowledge 3et me go over each factor one after the other. Se! is a mental and physical thing and both your physical body and mental both play huge roles. +at healthil% 7 When I say eat healthily.elieve it or not. your se! life is also going to suffer as well. '(() *+A#. *hey do not enjoy se! in any way. I discovered that a large percentage of men are not really suffering from all those dangerous-sounding ailments that herbal doctors shout about these days.* .

our body needs stuffs like iron. you are probably dehydrated and it is going to affect your body. long lasting erections. it affects the way you breathe during se! and this automatically helps you to last longer during se!. )rink lent% o. -o you know that about %C> of your blood is made up of waterB -o you drink up to # litres of water a dayB If not. you are able to get harder. *his is mainly what a lot of male enhancement drugs do in a uni:ue way. 8ne of the main reasons why you need to use good supplements nowadays is because most of the food that we eat under-deliver on some A". When this happens. Sodium. elements and nutrients that the body needs. "!ercise does a lot of things to your body.ercise %our bod% 7 *his is another one that people ignore all the time because they think only fat people need to e!ercise. !" +. 8ne of those things that e!ercise does is that it affects your se!ual performance by increasing the circulation of blood and o!ygen to all areas of your body. 7 . +or instance. )lso.water 7 *his rule is broken almost all the time. #. /se Su lements 7 *here are different types of supplements that you can use and they all work for various reasons. 0o. 2agnesium in different :uantities.9. when you e!ercise.

+or instance.ed( 1+2S(3A# S. too much sugar and alcohol. *hose are the main things you have to consider about your health as related to your &Strength in . .our 2ental *he physical strength comes mainly from your body. the better.* *he type of personal strength that I am talking about here is gotten from 9 sources: a. . A0(I) Bod% )estro%ers 7 *here are some things that destroy your body.ou should be okay here because the physical strength comes mainly from your body.our 1hysical b. .2+3'. *he earlier you stay away from them. If you address the aspect on health very well. smoking. Someone who can do =C pushups at a stretch is definitely stronger than someone who can only do a ma!imum of $C pushups at a stretch. .*here are also supplements that are created mainly for the man alone.ut the second strength source is far better5 . misuse of drugs etc can also affect your se!ual performance. =.

some smart women are able to easily perceive how good a man is going to be in bed from the aura that they perceive from him. 'owB 2ost of the time. I read a real life story where the author himself met a woman that he liked but no matter what he did. *he primary factor that helps you to develop this type of personal inner strength about se! is I0+8D2)*I80 or you may call it A08W3"-"6" and then. 9 . the woman was not interested in having a se!ual relationship with him. She only wanted them to be friends. *hat is how she detects if a man is going to be a strong lover for her in bed or not. )nd that leads us to the third factor which is: Ade$uate 43(W#+)'+ on Se. 3ater. she watches out for how good he carries himself. that knowledge of yourself gives you ama?ing inner strength each time you have se!. When a man is good in bed.our mental strength has to do with the strength that you get from your inner man. the man discovered that this woman has a good se! drive and whenever she meets a man. men who are good in bed have this strong balance and confidence that shows in almost everything that they do even though they might be unaware of it. )nd this strength can greatly influence your body in a big way if you develop it. secondary is e!perience.. +or instance.

Information is power )0."ven if you have never had se! before. it is very possible for you to have a lot of confidence when you have a good amount of knowledge about what you are going to do.” 0ow. I once created a post that talked on how the si?e of a man s penis affects his ability to satisfy a woman. I used to have a bo friend who has a % inches &enis but he does not know how to use it. 'ut now" m current bo friend’s &enis is about ( inches and he is ver skilled with it. *he comment that the woman gave is this: “I believe si$e does not matter a lot if the gu has good knowledge of how to satisf a woman. .that is 80" of the main reasons why I started creating the . WhyB 3et me use a comment that I got from a female reader to illustrate what I am saying. 0ot having ade:uate se!ual knowledge is likely to sink you even when you have great amount of physical strength for instance.ncle Games Se! Improvement 6uides which has helped thousands of 0igerians. he does not have ade:uate knowledge on what he is supposed to do. what did you get from that commentB She is saying that even though her former boyfriend is physically endowed EstrongF.

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