Sheriff Clarke Responds to Wisconsin State Journal Story on Racist Dane County Criminal Justice System Claim

Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. statement in response to an article in the Wisconsin State Journal (October 29, 2013, Race bias in Dane County legal system to be fought in special courts). The only racism that exists in the Dane County criminal justice system is towards victims of crime who are typically poor and black. They are victimized twice, first by the crook and again when the system’s revolving door justice rewards criminals by placing them back into black neighborhoods to re-offend. This proposed policy is sheer lunacy. This is like taking a vicious dog and turning it loose inside a daycare center or placing a wolf in the middle of a herd of sheep. It is a social engineering experiment that has failed before with devastating effects on poor and black neighborhoods that are already under siege by the criminal element. Criminals repeat their anti-social behavior when they experience no negative effects or consequences to their criminality. Criminal behavior will only change when offenders are punished for their unwanted behavior. This is why the caseload in the Dane County Court system is backlogged. The same criminals keep passing through the revolving door with new criminal cases. This policy is code language for, “Let’s keep these scoundrels confined to their own neighborhoods so that they rape, rob and pillage each other instead of us, and we can reduce costs at the same time." When these liberal experiments backfire, and they always do, it is with catastrophic results for black residents. This public policy is cruel, racist and discriminatory. But what the heck, it's only black people being victimized again, right? Do the people who come up with these cruel ideas feel any remorse when their lab experiment backfires? How do they sleep at night? They are never held accountable when these miscreants commit more crimes while on the loose in black neighborhoods. Criminals should be released into the neighborhoods where these social do-gooders live so that when their little experiment backfires, it will be their sons, daughters and spouses who are victimized. Then we would find out how confident they are in their discriminatory experiment.

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