8th Symposium on ICTs, the Environment and Climate Change First Meeting of the Focus Group on Smart Sustainable

Cities or!shop on "uman E#posure to Electromagnetic Fields
$%& May '()*

+ractical Information for +articipants
1 Introduction

The Italian Ministry of Economic Development is pleased to welcome participants to the following events: 8th Symposium on ICTs, the Environment and Climate Change, first meeting of the ocus !roup on Smart Sustaina"le Cities and #or$shop on %uman E&posure to Electromagnetic ields, which will ta$e place in Turin, Italy, from ' to ( May )*+,This document provides some practical information on fre.uently as$ed .uestions a"out the events, including logistical details2 Venue

The events will ta$e place at the Telecom Italia Innovation /a"oratories in Turin, via 0eiss 0omoli )123 Transportation

3.1 From Turin airport rom Torino3Caselle airport you can reach Telecom Italia /a" 45ia 0eiss 0omoli )12, Torino6: • "y ta&i 4appro&- +7 minutes, ,* Euros68 • "y train9"us: please plan your :ourney on http:;;gttwe"-7t-torino-it;gtt;en;percorsi;percorsi3 ricerca-:sp inserting as starting point “address: none – municipality: Caselle Torinese – points of interest: airports;aeroporto citt< di torino” Torino =irport we"site: http:;;www-aeroportoditorino-it;en;hp>en-html

please complete the 5IS= form herewith enclosed 4re.The passport should "e valid for at least three months after arrival date in ItalyCitiAens from E? and Schengen countries are re.en.gtt.3. +73)* Euros68 • "y "us: appro&imately 2* minutes. greenstandardEitu-int not later than April 8 2!13. please contact Mr. north"ound direction and then get off at the "us stop num"er “+.percorsi..percorsi3ricerca-:sp inserting as starting point “address: @orta Buova – municipality: Torino” and end point “via 0eiss 0omoli )12”4 Hotels /ist of recommended hotels in the city center 4near @orta Buova station6 is as follows: • • • • • • • • CCCCC %otel @rincipi di @iemonte CCCCC !olden @alace hotel CCCC %oliday Inn Turin city centre CCCC Starhotel Ma:ectic CCCC !rand hotel Sitea CCC Dest #estern hotel !enio CCC %otel 0oma e 0occa Cavour CCC Dest #estern hotel /u&or More hotels can "e found at the following lin$: http:.?sing the underground to @iaAAa Massaua station then please ta$e "us num"er '). to save time.esteri.it/visti/index_eng.Mauro aAio.asp If you need an individual invitation letter.2 From hotels to the venue rom the city center you can reach Telecom Italia /a" 45ia 0eiss 0omoli )12.gttwe"-7t-torino-it.www-"oo$ing-com.uest for visa. In case of re.(+ /ulli” or plan your :ourney on http:.To search.uired to present a valid @assport or Identification CardAt the following web page of the Ministry of Foreign Affaires you will find the necessary information http://www.uested "y the Em"assies6 and return it to: claudia-prudenAiEmise-gov-it- .+73)* minutes. insert as “Destination – Turin” and as “District – @orta Buova Station”%otel reservations should "e made "y participants directly with the %otel of their choice@lease chec$ cancellation policies with the hotel when "oo$ing5 Passports and Visas CitiAens from non3E? countries should possess a valid passport to enter Italy.. Torino6: • "y ta&i 4appro&..

Ffficial "an$ing hours can vary slightly.1 from the numerous =TMs spread in the city8 &redit cards Most hotels.* a-m. summers are mild in the hills and . otherwise. department stores and shops accept ma:or credit cards 4=merican E&press.uite hot in the plains.lectrical appliances The standard power supply in Italy is ).to +:.* volts.* p-m-. restaurants. car rental agencies. rains are less usual "ut more strong 4thunderstorms are usual6Temperature in May varies from )+ degrees to +* degrees1! #ocal time In summer." #an$ua$e Italian is the official language in Italy.* and 2:2*.#inters are cold "ut dry.Ma:or foreign currencies may "e e&changed to E?0F at hotels and foreign e&change "an$s. "ut in general are from 8:.Cash can "e easily withdrawn )2.Dan$s are generally closed on wee$ends and holidays. "an$s and "usinessesThe conference will "e held in English only% &urrenc' and (an)in$ The official currency accepted in Italy is E?0F. and an hour and a half in the afternoon "etween ):. Diners Clu". MasterCard and 5IS=6. 7* cycles- .0ain falls mostly during spring and autumn8 during the hottest months. "ut English is widely understood in ma:or hotels.?sually there is a stic$er at the entrance indicating which cards are accepted* &limate The climate of Italy is mainly temperateTurin is located in a humid su"tropical climate Aone. the local time is ?TC.!MT 9)hours11 Tippin$ Tipping is not customary in Italy12 Ta+es Sales ta& in Italy is )+G 5=T13 . restaurants.

It is located mainly on the left "an$ of the @o 0iver.( *'. for economic strength.Turin is also home to much of the Italian automotive industryurther information can "e found at the following lin$: http:.Bowadays.21 s. in front of Susa 5alley and surrounded "y the western =lpine archThe city used to "e a ma:or European political centre.14 &allin$ code and Internet T#- Italy calling code is **. ItalyHs royal family. capital of the @iedmont region. it "ecame a ma:or European crossroad for industry..Turin is ran$ed third in Italy.=fter its decline. commerce and trade. was for centuries the political centre of #estern civiliAation as the capital of the 0oman Empire.. along with Milan and !enoa. Italy "ecame the "irthplace of the 0enaissanceThrough much of its post30oman history. "eing part of the famous Iindustrial triangleI..en.8 $m) 4++'. and currently is one of ItalyHs main industrial centres. following a tumultuous period in history $nown as IIl RisorgimentoIItaly cele"rated its +7*th anniversary in )*++Modern Italy is a Democratic 0epu"lic.out Turin Turin is a city and ma:or "usiness and cultural centre in northern Italy. . it is the si&th most populous country in Europe.Even though much of its political significance and importance had "een lost "y #orld #ar II. and the twenty3third most populous in the worldItalyHs capital.out Ital' The Italian 0epu"lic is a country located in south3central Europe.*+.www-comune-torino-it. after Milan and 0ome.. "eing ItalyHs first capital city in +8'+ and "eing home to the %ouse of Savoy. from !ermanic tri"es to %uns.( and 0ome **.canaleturismo. Italy was fragmented into numerous $ingdoms and city3states "ut was unified in +8'+. cultural.Cars drive on the right1" A. 0ome. Italy plays a prominent role in European and glo"al.The Internet T/D is -it 15 -rivers Cars in Italy have their steering wheel on the left. mi6 and is influenced "y a temperate seasonal climate.#ith '*-2 million inha"itants. Italy endured numerous invasions "y foreign people.The territory of Italy covers some .Centuries later. diplomatic and military affairs- 1% A.

www-comune-torino-it.7i)ipedia.gtt.uses.( *++ 71.ers @olice: ++. Cara"inieri: ++) ire Drigade: ++7 3uardia di Finan4a0 11% 5ources • • • http066en.Transportation @u"lic Transportation in Turin consists o/0 .torino.it6canaleturismo6en6 . To call for a ta&i within Turin: **.it6 http066777.uses trams and ni$ht .1 or **.roma.comune.( *++ 71..turismoroma.or$67i)i68ome http066en.it67as67ps6portal6pcr • http066777.comune.*Health &are @harmacy and good medical facilities are largely availa"le in TurinEmergency medical services: ++8 1se/ul . More information is availa"le on the following we"site: http:.mer$enc' 2um.

Visa support request form Please return your Visa Support Request Form duly completed NO LATER THAN 8 APR L !"#$ to% claudia.ddress and city o& the $talian 'm#assy /here you /ill apply &or visa: I/ 'ou onl' need an invitation letter please provide 9auro Fa4io :$reenstandard.ddress: ostal %ode: -elephone Num#er: Fa( Num#er: Date o& .int< 7ith the /ollo7in$ in/ormation0 @lease provide the address of the Em"assy where you will apply for visa: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> @lease provide the e3mail address where to send a copy of the invitation letter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> @lease provide the address where to send the original invitation letter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> .tay: "easons: .gov.it Family Name (Last Name): Forename (First Name): Gender: Nationality: Birth Date: Birth lace: !ome "esidence: assport Num#er: assport $ssuing %ountry: Date o& $ssue: Date o& '(piry: )ccupation: %ompany Name: %ompany*+ailing .rrival: Duration o& .itu.prudenzi@mise.

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