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Devnagari Hindi Inscript Keyboard
How to Enable Hindi Keyboard In Windows 8, 7 & Vista For type in Hindi you have to enable hidi keyboard and you will need hindi font 1. Regional Language Options in Control Panel

2. Click Add

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10/14/2013 11:28 PM

Select Hindi . http://indiatyping...Enable Hindi Keyboard in Windows 8.com/index. now you can type in Hindi wirh Inscript keyboard and if you again press alt+shift then you will switch to english Keyboard Enable Indic Functionality in the Windows XP 1st Step: 1. 2 of 5 10/14/2013 11:28 PM . Language and Regional Options. Open Any Application 2. 7. 3. Time.. Press alt + shift key .. XP | Type in Hindi Inscri.INSCRIPT 4.php/typing-tips/devnagari-hindi-inscript-key. Finally Click OK and Apply How To Use Inscript keyboard 1. Vista. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Date. Check Keyboard Layout and select Devanagari.

2. Under the heading 'Location'. select a country where you are physically located such as India. 5.php/typing-tips/devnagari-hindi-inscript-key. 1. 2. Click on Regional and Language Options. Under the heading 'Standards and format' select Hindi or any other language as your User Locale from the drop-down box.com/index. Vista. currencies. 3. This selection will determine settings for numbers. 7. times and dates as well as sorting rules for the language.. 3..Enable Hindi Keyboard in Windows 8.. Allow the OS to install necessary files from WindowsXP disc Reboot 4. XP | Type in Hindi Inscri. Location and System Locale? Click on the 'Regional Options' tab to set User Locale and Location.. Under the heading 'Supplemental language support' check the item 'Install files for Complex Script and right-to-left languages (including Thai)'. Click on the Languages tab as shown below. 2nd Step: What to Select as User Locale. 3 of 5 10/14/2013 11:28 PM . http://indiatyping.

WindowsXP also offers following Devanagari keyboard layouts such as : Hindi-Traditional Hindi-Devanagari-Inscript Marathi Marathi-Devanagari-Inscript Konkani-Devanagari-Inscript Sanskrit-Devanagari-Inscript 4 of 5 10/14/2013 11:28 PM . Click on the 'Add' button to add a keyboard for a particular language. Once Languages tab is selected click on the 'Details' tab to install different input locales or Keyboards..com/index. 4. Vista. 3. A corresponding keyboard layout/IME will be automatically selected as shown below. XP | Type in Hindi Inscri.. 7.. click on the Languages Tab.Enable Hindi Keyboard in Windows 8.php/typing-tips/devnagari-hindi-inscript-key. In the drop-down box select Hindi or Marathi as the Input Language. 3rd Step: Setting-up the Indian Language Keyboards or Input Locales In Regional and Language Options panel.. http://indiatyping. 2. 1. Click OK to close the dialog boxes.

Enable Hindi Keyboard in Windows 8. The Hindi-Traditional and Marathi keyboard contain all the characters that are traditionally used in Hindi and Marathi and include English punctuation without the need to change to the English keyboard to get at the punctuation. 7. The Devanagari-Inscript keyboard contains an extended Devanagari character set that includes characters for transliterating into Devanagari from other Indian languages as well as some Sanskrit and ancient Vedic characters. http://indiatyping. Vista. It is the recommended keyboard for most users...php/typing-tips/devnagari-hindi-inscript-key. This keyboard is recommended for special users. XP | Type in Hindi Inscri.. 5 of 5 10/14/2013 11:28 PM ..com/index.

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