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"e# First c$ue they cannot hear the human ami$y ta% payer&s wishes 'ow wou$d ya (now )ayor Ford doing *rac( +as he crac(ing up? +ou$d ,-A serve a boi$ed egg? . wonder how $ong ago "oronto po$ice actua$$y had recovered the /ideo? !%torted !%tortion 0ac(et?$r4567 587 *ops on the 9ob::: +atch *PA* at P* *onvention open$y conspire 8 re orm ,e ;ure .n bac(room a$ter *onstitution to con orm with antithesis administered ,e acto 'omer )ath

*PA* ,octrines Adri t <ctober 87=>? Are 9ustice? the responsibi$ity to Protect @ Peace(eeping missions contributing to Peace? Aouise Arbour President and *!< .nternationa$ *risis 5roup BCrusse$s? Ce$giumD since 8774 3- 'igh *ommissioner or 'uman 0ights 877E 6 877# 9ustice o Supreme *ourt =444 F 877E +ho&s ta 9udge? =

Fran( (narF Fiduciary responsib$y accountab$e ne arious (in( ($eptocrats natura$$y appropriate righteous$y Fanatica$

"e$$ em www.! Ain&t "hat a *aution Avoidance intuitive necessary truths "yrannica$ ho$y appropriating tri$atera$ a *ommission aspiring usury to increase oppressive nuances rom 47G tithe$ts? searchH2uery=tri$atera$IcommissionIdocumentary@o2=tri$atera$@gsH$=youtube.=.=.7$=7.8JK#.JK8>.7.84>E 8.=7.K.7.>.>.7.=E>.J>L.J;$"%>S0!<nw$ts? searchH2uery=cancerIcuredIinIcanadaIbutIbigIpharmaIsaysInoIway@o2=*ancerIcured@gsH$=youtube. =.7.>Li>4;7$4.844=.=>8EL.7.=KE4>.84.=#.>L=.>KK>.86 ==;8.=> *ancer cure but no soup or you Free energy but no "es$a soup or you$ts? searchH2uery=tes$aI reeIenergy@o2="es$a@gsH$=youtube.=.7.>Li>4$8;7$E;7i>;7;7i>;7.E#L=.#E>E.7.==4>E.L .L.>.>,g!A3 +e must use a$$ resources on armaments to save humanity rom impoverishment $eading to e%tinction$ts? searchH2uery=armamentsIconspiracy@o2=Ar@gsH$=youtube.=.7.>Li>4;7$8;7i>;7$J.=88#7#.=8LJEK.7.=>>#8 <K/J6,F.5) )a(ing Swiss cheese o Popes Swiss 5uard by O<0 o * Oueen&s <wn 0i $es occurring riend$y *oherency B*urrencyD *anada sets the pace o the race "he rise o popu$ar sanity


0A*! 0ea$ity A$mighty *onsecrated !$ement>J8#J/.ta$ian6po$iticians6agree6to6aid6against6$ast60atz6Pope 'o$y Aand !' !%cedrin 'eadaches Switzer$and 'oo; 'ome o o shore ;ac(6hammers //8 / /atican /au$ts 8 /ictory eature=endscreen@v=MLAH%J0'!Es > in the red stars crediting se$ www.Amen=>.com S!"S Sanctity !%ponentia$ "a%6evading Sanctimonious http://en.wi($:Search?search=PopeISwissIguard@go=5o )3FFA!S )u$roney unscrupu$ous iduciary $ight $obbyism essentia$ subter uge www.,amage*ontro$.com ,omino a magnanimous attorney genera$ escape *onstitution orations neutering tradition ru$e o $aw Keeps us on rations $est 3-*A! SA) 5'<S"S
3nited -ations *omp$icit Aucid$y !%p$icit Smo(e and )irrors 5$ass 'ouse <ccupants Substantive "hic( Snowba$$s

>'6.nvisib$e6'and6say6'i6to6my6So$ar65host6 riend,e6;ure6,e6 acto6*A"*'AAA6A $iction6 ,oub$ethin( P"hy (ingdom comeP )c Pig )usica$ *hairs Puppets in g$omming Puppets in 5overnance )edia !$usives

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"he re2uest or 5odQs (ingdom to come is usua$$y interpreted as a re erence to the be$ie ? common at the time? that a )essiah igure wou$d bring about a Kingdom o 5od. "raditiona$$y the coming o 5odQs Kingdom is seen as a divine gi t to be prayed or?

not a human achievement.
"his idea is re2uent$y cha$$enged by groups who be$ieve that the Kingdom wi$$ come by the hands o those aith u$ to wor( or a better wor$d. .t is be$ieved by these individua$s that 9esusQ commands to eed the hungry and c$othe the needy are the Kingdom to which he was re erring.

P.5 )!<+
Puppets in 5overnance )edia !$usives <pposition +eb *onsistent debates or air share in the divvy up o the $oot with unanimous consent . their '! F 'umans !ns$aved are not wor(ing their $u%ury schematics systemica$$y ai$s .AAS .nvariab$y Au%ury Aogistics Subter uge -!+S -ever !nding +ar Story .sn&t it 0ich we a$$ pay the Po$itica$ 0e$igious .mp$icit *omp$icit !%p$icit

Po$itica$ 0e$igious .nsidious *apita$ist !mperors Ai(e other inancia$ empires in history? Smith c$aims the contemporary mode$ orms a$$iances necessary to deve$op and contro$ wea$th? as periphera$ nations remain impoverished providers o cheap resources or the imperia$6centers6o 6capita$. R=S E

Ce$$oc estimated that? during the Critish !nc$osures? Pperhaps ha$ o the who$e popu$ation was pro$etarianP? whi$e rough$y the other Pha$ P owned and contro$$ed the means o production. -ow? under modern *apita$ism? 9.+. Smith c$aims ewer than L77 peop$e possess more wea$th than ha$ o the earth&s popu$ation? as the wea$th o =/8 o =6percent o the 3nited States popu$ation rough$y e2ua$ that o the $ower 476percent.**5 J26c!6+hite6!$mer6-ay6+hite6!$ephant6!arth60aised6Pope6)erry6 )en 1 so $ong to humanity mummy T shit up and eat your brains zombie dearest T there is a scarcity www.woto( +izard o the outhouse (nows shit Forever in summary Uin going orwardV T ever attentive to 5o ahead Cac( up due process )aybe we shou$d have another $oo( at the wisdom o the accused investigating se$**5 J26c

http://en.wi(<wnH0i $es
Facts must have root 8 ta(e root 5od coherency P*atch 88P must have semb$ance 8 catch do5 chase tai$

'umanity *ut to the chase with the cutting edge TECE PNTR RCR
"ria$ !rror *ause ! ect Progressive -ature "hought 0eason 0etrospect *onstant 0eca$ibration
,amage *ontro$ ,ue Process




1. Not experienced but knowable Philosophy independent of human experience of phenomena but within the range of knowledge 2. ystical !elating to mystical or supernatural experience and therefore beyond the material world

5o ahead Cac( up ,ue Process
Cright Aight o "ruth Trans is a Latin noun or prefix, meaning "across", "beyond" or "on the opposite side".


Another conspirac investigation !ol"s# but $e%re &uite certain the cro$n $ill be !ound as solid as a stone $all

"he gradua$? o ten unconscious? absorption o (now$edge or ideas through continua$ e%posure

<utside 0outine Co% .ntrinsic "ruths 0everse <smosis Psychosis

Poacher *yc$er

rather than deliberate learning
"ruths 'o$istic .nteractive 0etrospect "ranscendenta$ !$ectromagnetism !ns$avers -emesis www.<rbit0op=>.com Spea(ing up now wi$$ e%perience Forgive them Aord who now comprehend


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