It was twilight,the clouds looked like they were on fire. I was hungry.

I could tell the difference between hunger and thirst. Thirst was a desert in my throat and nostrils;Hunger was like a empty box waiting to be filled. I announced I was going to make chicken paramasean and ambled to the kitchen.I found a big pot for the noodles and filled it with water.If there were left overs Seth,Embry,and Quil could have them if they wanted. I was on my tiptoes looking for the noodles ,which were on the highest shelf, when a big russet hand grabbed them and placed them onto the counter. I turned around to smile at him but he looked so confused I couldn't say anything. He just stared at me so I reached up to touch his face.He didn't move. "Jacob,what's wrong?" I asked,panic flooded my voice. He just shook his head and shuffled to where he was leaned next to me on the counter.He looked down to stare at me and I stared right back at him ,knowing what he would want to know,knowing I couldn't tell him.Yet. It was silent for at least two minutes,then I had to break it. "Jake,you've gotta' tell me,I can't read your mind." He grimaced and then stared across the room,into space. I was about to speak again but he spoke not looking at me,staring ahead. "Why do you need to talk to Jasper?"He grunted. Ah, I was right.I looked down to stare at my shoe twisting it and making it glimmer in the dim kitchen light. "I just need to talk to him,nothin' to important though."I replied in a low voice still staring at the ground. I could see him look down at me out of the corner of my eye . "Your not much of've a better liar then your mom was ya'know?"He mused. I smiled at the floor,praying there was no more interrogation.He was right though..When I didn't have enough time to compose myself I was a pretty medocore liar. He tilted my head up to his face so I had no choice but to look at him.I took a deep breath preparing to lie. Or plead...whichever worked best. He stared into my eye's and repeated his question sternly,emphasizing it all. "Why.Do.You.Need.To.Talk.To.Jasper?" I sighed. It was to difficult to lie to someone when I didn't want to . "I can't tell you..You'll know soon enough,I promise.Just listen to me."I pled. "Nessie,no.You know you can tell me.C'mon,this is stupid." I suppose I was growing into my horomones because I felt the random urge to burst out into tears and beg him.That would be a overreaction. "Jacob Black."I used his full name so I could ,hopefully,sound stern."If I

didn't have a reason to keep this from you I would tell you everything,you should know that.Please just drop this.I'm not telling you." He locked his jaw and I did mine also. Neither one of us was giving up as far as I could see.Ugh,why me? "Well,"When he said this I could tell by his tone he had a plan of getting me to break.Nope,not happening."Everyone else is wanting to know,including Edward and Bella, and since their your parental authority...." Oh so we were playing that game, were we? Fine.Two people could do that. "They wouldn't make me do something I didn't want to do.Espicially if I told them it was best kept a secret.They would be curious but they would respect my wish to keep it secretive.Then you would never know."I tried not to look to smug but I knew I had him beat.They wouldn't ever make me do something I didn't feel right doing. He grimaced,he realized I was right.Then before he could go back to his serious look a sly look shadowed his eyes.I froze.Great.What now? He frowned and looked all sad and dropped his hand from my face while he dropped his glance toward the ground also. " 'Kay.Don't have to rub it in.I know I'll never really be apart of the Cullen family,no matter who I love.Even if I love that person a lot..."He trailed off sounding all pitiful and sad.I groaned.He got to me.That monster... I ducked my head to where he would be looking at me instead of the floor. "Jake,don't be sad.Please don't.I didn't...mean to..."I couldn't finish. The tears I'd been holding back over flowed my eyelids at the perfect time. This was crazy even to me.I was overreacting, I'd just realized so much today and it was all very overwhelming...I'd realized something me and Jasper had to keep a secret.I'd realized how strongly my bond with Jacob had grown.I'd realized I could finally fit into the Cullen family.This was just my crystal clear day. I was so overwhelmed by the tears I slid to the floor and leaned against the floor cabbnet.I was being so melodramatic.I covered my mouth to muffle the sobs so no one would come check on me.Then I wanted to smile at how good the tears would ham things up and make them easier.I was so sinister.And I enjoyed it right now. Jacob looked down at me with a horrified expression and dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. "Ness,I was just kidding.I'm not mad at you,I swear I'm not.Please don't cry.I hate to see you sad.Nessie please!"He begged. But I was over my sorrow tears.Now they were tears of joy.I wanted to laugh at how mental and emotional I was being right now.Just so much to

fit in one day though.....Geez.I just wanted to finish crying and being a idiot. I wrapped my arms around Jacob's neck and hugged him close. "I'm s-sorry I can't tell y-you."I sobbed and spluttered "It's okay,Ness.Just please don't cry.I can't take it.I won't ask again.I'll trust you." I unwrapped one of my arms to wipe my eyes.I hoped the ridiculous water works were over.They were annoying and spontainous.It had lasted all of two minutes.He must think I was becoming bipolar. "Im sorry.That was totally ridiculous...." I leaned my head against his big shoulder.My appetite was gone now.It had vanished with the sad feelings.

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