P.O. Box 428 43530 Interstate 81 Alexandria Bay, N 13!0" #onta$t% S&ane San'ord (IBA Pro)otions *ire$tor *ate% No+e),er 1, 2013

Vehicle Restrictions in Affect at the Thousand Islands Bridge Crossings

Collins Landing, Alexandria Bay, NY Notice: As of 11:50 am today due to high winds presently o urring at the !housand "slands Bridge rossing, traffi restri tions are in affe t# Commer ial $ehi les less than %0,000 in gross $ehi le weight will &e restri ted from rossing the !housand "slands Bridge system' in addition re reational $ehi les ()*s+, &uses and en losed empty trailers will also &e prohi&ited from rossing until wind speeds redu e# ,lease o&ser$e this safety pre aution and temporary traffi restri tions# Notifi ation will &e gi$en as normal operations resume# -or further information and updates on &ridge operations all .15/012/2501# !han3 you#

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