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Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013


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Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013

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Knot Just Knits, not just a store
Whether you’re a veteran or a rookie, we are Oak Park’s one-stop shop for all things yarn. Come by our comfortable space and find the materials, advice, and support you need for your next project. If you’re looking for project ideas, our Charity Knitting and our always-changing Special Events may be just the spark you need.
Join us for Open Knit Knite Mondays from 6:009:00. We’ll bring the treats, you bring the projects!
id you know that there is a yarn shop right in Downtown Oak Park? Elizabeth Halpern opened Knot Just Knits on Westgate Street three years ago. This hidden treasure carries all the supplies you need for knitting and crochet, but Elizabeth takes a different approach to teaching. From her own experience as a consumer, Elizabeth recognized that scheduled classes are not easy to work into a busy lifestyle. Instead of telling you when to come, Elizabeth and her wonderful staff offer to teach you individually ($25/hour + materials) or in your own small group ($15/hour + materials) when it is convenient for you. A long-time knitter and voracious reader, Elizabeth found her inspiration for Knot Just Knits in books she calls “Knit Lit,” like Debbie Macomber’s The Shop on Blossom Street and Kate Jacobs’ The Friday Night Knitting Club. As in those novels, the retail side of Knot Just Knits is only part of the story. Elizabeth’s Monday night “knit night” is particularly inviting to residents looking for a different atmosphere in which to meet. A huge advocate of charity knitting, Elizabeth has organized through Knot Just Knits an on-going project knitting or crocheting bears for the Mother Bear Project,


an organization that is dedicated to providing comfort and hope to children affected by HIV/AIDS in emerging nations. Knitters (or crocheters) can make the bears either in the store or at home, and then return them to the store to be delivered to Mother Bear. If you are looking to start up a stitching hobby, or a new place to socialize with people of similar interests, stop by Knot Just Knits, located at 1107-1109 Westgate in downtown Oak Park. For-up-to-date store hours visit www.knotjustknits.com or call 708-948-7943.

1107 Westgate, Oak Park IL • 708.948.7943
www.knotjustknits.com • info@knotjustknits.com

Ev Er Ev Oa yt O Er k P hin ak y a g Pa on rk rk E

New Winter scarves, hats, wallets, soaps & lotions are in! Stop by today for best selection

e Of an th m h iN l r Pa u yo d

New Address!

7223 Madison Street, Forest Park, IL. 60130 Tues- Thur 11-6, Fri 11-8, Sat 10-5
October and November Hours:

Coveny Lane

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Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013


Terri Fry Brukhartz Helps Entrepreneurs Be Successful
t has long been recognized that great athletes need great coaches to reach their full potential. The same is true for musicians and artists. Yet entrepreneurs often think they have to go it alone. Business Coach Terri Fry Brukhartz helps entrepreneurs gain perspective on their businesses and overcome the roadblocks that prevent them from achieving their vision. “Too often entrepreneurs end up letting their businesses run them instead of the other way around,” Brukhartz says, “I help them create the business they dreamed of when they first decided to go out on their own.” Brukhartz is professionally trained to work with people on a different level than most other coaches. She is both a trained psychotherapist (LCSW) and a certified coach (CPCC). She also has an extensive business background that includes employment in the corporate world for Leo Burnett and CBS, and founded her own successful sales company, The Fry Group, Inc. Although she has worked with businesses of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies, Brukhartz especially loves working with entrepreneurs and other small business owners. She has a keen understanding


of the dreams that motivate people to start their own businesses—the desire to make more money, to have more time with family and friends and to escape being a slave to the corporate system. Achieving those dreams, however, is never a given, and frequently the dayto-day stresses of running a business present the greatest obstacles. Eventually, a business owner wakes up one day and realizes that he or she is just not having fun anymore.

clients along a path that is both profitable and fulfilling. The results, she asserts, have been born out by her experience.

According to Brukhartz, one of her greatest successes was the case of two partners who came to her because they were working all the time, but not having the kind of success that they wanted. “Like most entrepreneurs, they were really good at what they did,” she recalls, “but their business wasn’t making enough money for them to live - Terri Fry Brukhartz comfortably. We Brukhartz worked together works with her clients to help them fully understand what closely and within the first six months, they love and don’t love about what they they were able to increase their revenue do. “I am very committed to people creat- by 50%. It doubled at the end of twelve ing a life that they love,” she says, “Your months.” work should enhance your life not detract One of the goals of the partners was to from it.” By building upon what they are finally go on vacation. Brukhartz helped passionate about and focusing on what them eventually find a way to close their they do best, Brukhartz is able to guide her business for a week, go out of town, and

return without missing a beat. “People don’t realize they can do that sort of thing,” she added, “They think the whole business will go under if they aren’t there to watch over it. But if you create a sound foundation of devoted clients or customers, then anything is possible.” Increasingly, businesses are using coaching to produce exceptional results. CEOs of large and medium sized companies have for years brought in coaches for both themselves and their employees. Now, as Brukhartz attests, entrepreneurs are beginning to see that they don’t have to go it alone, that a good coach can make an extraordinary difference and provide a great return-on-investment. “Helping my clients make more money and create a satisfying life,” Brukhartz says, “is incredibly rewarding. I am in so much awe when I see people living their dreams. I feel honored to be a part of it.” If you’d like to learn more about how Terri Fry Brukhartz can help you, call 708-3860500 or email her at terri@coachterri.com.

"I am in so much awe when I see people living their dreams. I feel honored to be a part of it.”

A legacy that lasts a lifetime

Harris Photography
“creating memories”
⎯ www.harrisphoto.net ⎯


anya Harris was always fascinated by cameras. From a young age, she began taking pictures of everything and everyone. She took pleasure in reminiscing as she gazed at framed pictures and albums of her family, so carefully assembled by previous generations. Now as an adult, she still finds it important to have those framed photographs in her home to serve as reminders of happy moments and important occasions. Today, the appreciation for print photography is overshadowed by how quickly a picture can be taken on a phone and instantly sent to friends. At Harris Photography, families can create a legacy that will last a lifetime. Tanya Harris understands and respects her craft. She takes the time to construct a beautiful portrait of your family. Ms. Harris is dedicated to her profession. She attends workshops and classes to insure she keeps up with the latest industry trends. She is also a member of several prestigious photography associations that allow her to constantly learn new techniques. Her passion shows through on any project.

Tanya Harris

No matter the occasion, Harris Photography provides quality boutique photography services that produce photographs you will love for years to come. Learn more at www.harrisphoto. net.

773-499-5603 • fixedfocus24@hotmail.com •



Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013

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Building a business one brick at a time
Lori Hannigan 518 N. Lombard Ave. Oak Park, IL 60302
ori Hannigan remembers the time she built her first chimney after being hired by Edward Cross & Son, Inc. in Oak Park. Mr. Cross put her in his garage on a rainy day, mixed mortar and laid out a pattern for a chimney. He started the structure, handed the trowel and bucket of mortar to Lori, said it was all hers and left. She wanted to insure she did the best work possible and therefore decided to start the structure over. When Mr. Cross returned two hours later, he was impressed to find a chimney about eight courses tall that was both exactly plumb, or aligned, and level. Edward Cross & Son, Inc. has been in business since 1937. After years of dedicated, quality work, Lori became the owner in 1987. She continues to strive for perfection in all her projects and does not expect her staff to complete any task she herself cannot do. Whether it is setting up a forty foot ladder or pulling up a heavy bucket of mortar to the roof of a house, Lori shows her employees she is not just the boss, but a determined laborer and tuckpointer. Consequently, she is proud to have made a name for herself in a male dominated industry.


•T uckpointing • Building Cleaning • Window Caulking • Chimney Repairs • Fully Insured

Lori specializes in chimney rebuilding and masonry repairs. With her attention to detail, Lori and her team use their skills as artists to rebuild and repair old structures to their former glory. She has even worked on many Frank Lloyd Wright homes. The project with the biggest challenge, but that resulted in the biggest success, was rebuilding the large chimney on the Adams Home at 710 Augusta in Oak Park. It involved a large scaffolding system, cleaning all the bricks, and restoring the chimney to the exact same design in order to satisfy the Frank Lloyd Wright Historical Board. Lori helps clients understand the standards of the industry so they know what to expect from contractors in the future. She even teaches her customers about what caused the problems that are being fixed. These qualities truly make Edward Cross & Sons, Inc. a unique business.

Your Door to the World!

Tan Travel provides a personal connection
ydia I. Villanueva-Soto, president and owner of Tan Travel, has being in the travel industry for over twenty years. She has a passion for her clients that the internet or a computer cannot provide. She works with her clients’ needs, and is committed to providing lasting memories. Lydia works to build relationships with her customers, recognizing “they are the bread and butter of my business, and what drives me to work hard every day.” The travel industry was at its peak before 9/11 and nowadays travel agencies are few and far between. With the rise of online booking engines, some folks have decided to go that route. But lately she’s noticed more and more people are coming back into the agency and asking for her personal opinion. The internet is great for research, but Lydia and her customers know that nothing beats face-to-face communication. Especially when planning something as important as your destination wedding or a dream vacation, you cannot always trust what a computer website might say or not say. “Owning a small business has had it’s ups and downs but I am grateful to our repeat clients and all of their referrals, Tan Travel is here because of that. Our love for the


• • • • •

Vacation Packages Domestic & International Vacations Cruises Destination Weddings Honeymoons

travel industry and the people we have met and continue to serve makes our desire to continue in this once dieing industry even greater.” When asked Lydia I. Villanueva-Soto what the favorite part of her job is, Lydia says that number one has to be interacting with her clients—both old and new. She enjoys getting to know people and learning about them as individuals. Known to her clients as the “Travel Therapist” she craves conversation and the feeling she gets when clients come back from a dream vacation with thanks and appreciation. For more information, call Lydia at 708386-6363 or visit www.TanTrvl.com.

Find us on OakPark.com or at TanTrvl.com
Follow us on:
Facebook Twitter

email: lydia@tantrvl.com

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Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013


Mary Ann Bender, DPM Foot and Ankle Specialist
o you ever wonder how people decide what profession to pursue? Dr. Mary Ann Bender chose her career in podiatry as a direct result of the 19 years she spent as a competitive figure skater. During her years in the sport, she herself had three foot surgeries and personally understands how it feels to suffer from foot pain go through foot surgery. She strongly believes that her own experiences have helped her to better relate to her patients throughout the whole treatment process. Dr. Bender started her practice from scratch 4 ½ years ago with solid training, an urge to help people, and ten years experience practicing on the south side of Chicago in a large podiatry practice. The owner of that practice, Jondelle Jenkins, DPM, gave her invaluable guidance and support over their years of working together. Building a patient list was challenging at first but with the help of chiropractors Dr. Igor Russo and Dr. Ryan Rosenthal, with whom she shares office space, she learned to market herself and her practice and cannot imagine making this business a success without their advice.


Today›s healthcare field is constantly changing with new techniques, more advanced imaging and treatment options, and more recently, with electronic health records. Dr. Bender offers comprehensive foot and ankle services, including digital x-rays, easy street parking, in office physical therapy, and Russian, Spanish, and Polish translation. She plans to expand her hours over the next ten months to offer patients more options for appointment times. When asked what motivates her, Dr. Bender credits her two young daughters and her desire to have them see that goals can be achieved with focus and hard work. The best part of her job is seeing patients returning pain free for their follow up appointments—knowing you have  provided the care that made such a positive impact in another person›s life. Mary Ann Bender, DPM Foot and Ankle Specialist Advanced Physical Medicine 6931 W. North Ave. Oak Park, IL 60302 708-763-0580

Do you wake up with Heel Pain?
I can help!
This may be a condition called Plantar Fasciitis, and there are a variety of nonsurgical treatments for it.

Do you own your business... or does your business own you?
If your business owns you, then Business Coach Terri Fry Brukhartz can help. Terri specializes in helping entrepreneurs – who are really, really good at what they do – realize their ultimate business vision.
When working with Terri, you will learn how to:
• Create a vision for your business that will excite, energize and motivate you. • Design a step-by-step action plan to achieve your vision (Without this, your chance of success is greatly diminished!) • Make more money by doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t.

• Injuries • Tendonitis • Arthritis • Bunions • Fungal Toenails

• Digital X-Ray • On-site Physical Therapy • Evening Hours • Convenient Parking • Spanish/Polish Speaking Staff

Mary Ann Bender, D.P.M.
Foot and Ankle Specialist
6931 West North Avenue Oak Park, IL



Terri Fry Brukhartz, LCSW, CPCC is a certified coach. Call Terri and learn how you can grow your business and achieve the personal and professional freedom that you have always dreamed of. You can reach her at her office, 708-386-0500 or send an email to Terri@CoachTerri.com.


Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013

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Love your computer again!
Computer repair sales joy.

Get the most out of your computer at Every Last Byte
magine your old computer like the Tin Man from the “Wizard of Oz.” He arrives dirty, rusty and squeaky at the Emerald City, only to be whisked off into a spa where he is oiled and polished, made shiny and good as new. That is exactly the spa treatment that awaits your computer at Every Last Byte, located at 1010 North Blvd. in Downtown Oak Park. For just over a year now, owners Adrianne Roach and her brother Jon Lacey, have been tuning, repairing, cleaning and upgrading computers in their Oak Park store, making the old hard drives hum with life again like the first day they came out of the box. An Oak Park mom and network engineer, Adrianne opened Every Last Byte not just to provide computer repair and sales, but to do so with a personal touch. “My two passions are great computers and great customer service,” Adrianne says, “I don’t just clean viruses out of your computer, but I also help you understand how to prevent viruses in the future and what precautions you can take with children and teenagers in the house.” Adrianne and Jon are always happy to answer computer questions and offer advice. Think of them as your own personal IT department.


The Lives Of Others One Community At A Time”
1010 North Blvd | Oak Park, IL 708-529-8870

orming Community Solutions
Performing Community info4community_solutions@yahoo.com 7000 W. North Ave., 3rd FL Solutions
“Improving The Lives Of OthersIL One Community At A Time” Chicago, 60707
Athena Williams, Volunteer Executive Director
info4community_solutions@yahoo.com 7000 W. North Ave., 3rd FL Chicago, IL 60707 773-887-4046

If your once super-fast computer has now become slow as molasses, your email has disappeared, or your new software is impossible to use, Every Last Byte promises to make you “love your computer again.” In addition to repair, Adrianne offers wireless and wired networks, firewall set-up and assessment, server set-up and maintenance, password recovery, performance tuning, and computer recycling. Every Last Byte sells Dell PCs, and also creates custom computers to fit individual needs—and made with earth-friendly products. In addition, Every Last Byte carries a variety of unique gifts. For the budding engineer in your family you can get snapcircuit build-it-yourself robots, and for the audiophile on your holiday list, check out the Sonos wireless sound system. “There is so much awesomeness contained in this small, cute computer shop,” gushed a recent customer, “It’s a womanowned business with real people hours, and most importantly, great service.” Every Last Byte is open Monday-Saturday from 11:30 AM-8:30 PM, and you can call them at 708-529-8870, or learn more online at everylastbyte.com.

Williams, Volunteer Executive

Improve, empower Director and educate
the organization in 2000. As a volunteer for the WMC, she served as a Community Outreach Specialist, Education Committee Chair, Health Committee Co-Chair and Fund Developer before her departure in 2012. She is a former government employee. She worked as a community liaison for Building a Healthier Chicago. Ms. Green Williams is a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison. She’s currently pursuing her master’s degree. She is a widow and single parent.


Performing Community Solutions
“Improving The Lives Of Others One Community At A Time”
Athena Williams, Volunteer Executive Director
info4community_solutions@yahoo.com 7000 W. North Ave., 3rd FL Chicago, IL 60707 773-887-4046

thena Green Williams is a native west side resident and community activist. She founded Performing Community Solutions, in 2010. The mission of the organization is to improve, empower and educate community residents on access to healthy living. Through continuing education, she promotes integration and collaborative services with public and private business partnerships. The attraction to her industry was the opportunity to provide a service to others in need. Ms. Green Williams has successfully executed planning and implementing multiple events for Chicago west side residents. Her accomplishments include coordinating a farmers market in the Lawndale community, 5k walk for health, financial literacy courses and a forum to increase awareness about the Health Care Reform Act. She partnered with the Chicago Sky basketball team to distribute shoes to the community in 2012. Also, she partnered with “Austin Coming Together,” to coordinate the Spencer Back to School Health Fair. Ms. Green Williams is a member of the Westside Minister’s Coalition. She joined


Athena Green Williams

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Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013


The James Anthony Salon Team and their unstoppable commitment to service.

The Women of Wow!


hese women are all talented, successful, say-yes-toeverything individuals,” beams Tina Salerno, co-owner along with her husband Jim, of James Anthony Salon in River Forest. “They are goal oriented,” she continues, “enthusiastic, eager to please, and committed to the beauty industry!” As Tina talks about her staff, she glows with enthusiasm and pride. According to Tina, the team at James Anthony is just that – a Team. Everyone, she explains, works toward a single overriding goal: to exceed the expectations of every guest that comes into the salon, to create a “Wow Experience” from start to finish. The creation of the Wow Experience, Tina believes begins with the hiring process. “We don’t base our decisions on the skill set of our applicants,” Tina says, “but rather on their attitude and character. I can teach them the skills to be a great hairstylist, but I can’t teach them how to have a great attitude.” Attitude, according to the Salernos, is the foundation of the James Anthony Team. “When our guest walk into the salon, they can feel the synergy of the team,” Tina says, “They know that everyone is here for them, that everyone is working together to give them a Wow Experience.”

their dreams,” Tina says, “Nora will always be one of us and we wish her much happiness and success.”

The Nail Salon

enthusiasm to please her guests. “I truly believe,” Tina says, “that our nail technicians are second to none in the area.”

For twenty years, Stella has been James Anthony Salon’s “nail doctor.” With a background in nursing, Stella can meet any nail challenge. Over the years, she has become a leader and mentor to the other nail technicians, earning Tina’s praise as “Stellar Stella.” Another talented member of the nail team is Jacie, who has been an integral part of the James Anthony experience for over thirteen years. While Jacie has recently had to take time off for health reasons, she has earned the admiration

The assistants are the one who truly keep the salon running smoothly. Not only to they assist the stylists, but they are responsible for the famous James Anthony Signature Luscious Lather. So much more than a shampoo, the Luscious Lather is a fifteen minute head, neck and shoulder massage performed in the quiet serenity of the Lather Lounge. For many guests at the salon, it is the highlight of their visit.

The Assistants

Leading the stylist team at James Anthony are the Senior Stylists. They are: • Lindsay W., who has been with James Anthony for seven years as will soon be elevated to a master stylist; • Maggie, a team member for twelve years; • Jackie, a team member for five years; • Laura, a team member for four years; • Jenna, a team member for six years; • Stephanie, the newest senior stylist and team member for four years. According to Tina, being a senior stylist means “exemplifying what it means to be great at your craft and loving what you do.” The responsibilities of these six talented women include not only servicing their guests, but also growing the team and mentoring the assistants, often times by coming in on their days off and helping out with training. Before they can become senior stylists, however, they must be stylists. The current group of stylists consists of Domenica, Lacy, Erika, Lindsay D., Victoria, Mia, Liz and Christopher. Each of these women has demonstrated a passion for learning and a drive for continuous improvement of their skills. They have made it through the intensive Rising Star training program and have earned the privilege to work on guests. As for Tina Salerno, she credits her husband Jim for his coaching and mentoring, and for helping her to become not just a Master Hair Stylist, but a successful business woman. “For me, it’s very simple,” Tina says, “I love what I do – it was my childhood dream to be a hairstylist -- and I love who I do it with -- my husband, coach and business partner. Plus my amazingly crazy talented team. And I love who I do it for - our guests and the future of our industry, our future professionals and the future growth of our James Anthony Salon. I believe that women should have the opportunity to showcase their talents in whatever they choose to be great at. Through hard work and a great support system - anything is possible. I’M possible.” James Anthony Salon is located at 7607 Lake Street in River Forest. To schedule your Wow Experience call 708.366.3100.

The Stylists

The Service Desk

You can often tell a great salon by the longevity of its staff. For years now, Maria has headed up the service desk at James Anthony as the salon manager and knows the business inside and out. From the Team members to the guests and even the vendors, Maria is the first point of contact, always professional, keeping the day-to-day operations of the business running smoothly. Working alongside Maria is Yim. With a degree in communications and art, Yim is a natural people-person with a creative edge that is perfectly suited for the beauty industry. Also at the service desk is Nora, who has been with the salon for five years. Soon though, Nora will be leaving the team for an exciting new position that will allow her to pursue her ambition of becoming a fashion designer. “We love seeing our team members following

James Anthony
Salon and Spa
708.366.3100 • www.jamesanthonysalon.com 7607 Lake Street • River Forest, Illinois 60305 Follow us on Facebook

and respect of the rest of the team. As Tina points out, “Jacie has shown us what real strength in a woman looks. No matter what life has thrown at her, she has always maintained an incredible positive outlook.” The newest member of the nail team is Daisy, who trained with both Stella and Jacie. A recent graduate of Paul Mitchell The School Chicago, Daisy fit right in to the James Anthony nail salon. She has a great attitude and shows an eager

The assistants at James Anthony all take part in the Rising Star program, a one-year apprenticeship in which they receive intensive advanced training in all aspects of the salon prior to earning their own chair as a stylist. The James Anthony assistants are Brianna, Alessandra, Lauren, Courtney and Raz. “Without our assistants,” Tina says, “we stylists could never achieve the great results we bring to our guests.”


Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013

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One hour may save your life . . . Savings!

Mapping out a course to your financial goals
f you were to look down at your financial life from 5,000 feet, what would you see? Spread out before you would be everything in your life with a dollar sign in front of it—all that you own, all that you owe, all of your income and your savings, everything you’ve spent, and everything you intend to spend in the future. What would it look like? Would it be an orderly landscape, carefully planned and organized? Would your goals be clearly visible with well defined pathways leading to them? Or would it be something more haphazard, like a garden without a gardener, assembled in fits and starts with some areas in good shape and others in neglect? For Chris Everett, owner of Everett Wealth Solutions, taking her clients on the 5,000 foot trip above their life is the first step in a four step process of helping them take control of their personal finances. “For some people, it’s a scary trip that they’ve never been on before,” says Chris, “I tell them to take a deep breath, slow down, and together we will look at the complete picture.” Chris points out that careful listening and close examination of the data can often lead to hidden opportunities in the form of unnecessary expenses. Such expenses can add up and be major obstacles in the way of achieving important life goals, such as retirement and college. The second step in Everett’s process is helping clients understand their financial choices. “No choice is perfect,” Chris says, “You need to know what all your options are and understand how each solution functions. What the benefits are as well as the risks. No one should ever buy a financial product that they don’t thoroughly understand.” The third step is making the plan. “This is the part where we really have to work together,” Chris asserts, “We spend a lot of


“You need to know what all your options are and understand how each solution functions."
- Chris Everett
time with our families to help them make good financial choices. Ultimately these are their choices and they have to feel comfortable with them.” Chris stresses that this is not a process that can be rushed. It requires careful deliberation and always with an eye to the client’s financial goals. For some people the process can end at step three. They can pay a fee and receive their financial plan which they can then implement on their own. Alternatively they can move on to step four and let Everett Wealth Solutions implement the plan for them. Personal wealth solutions can be complicated and for many people, life and family often distract their attention away from the regular management of their financial plan. The implementation team at Everett Wealth Solutions can stay on top of your plan and keep you aware of its progress. Everett Wealth Solutions, Inc. is located at 407 Marengo Avenue in Forest Park. To find more about how they can help you create your own personal wealth solution, call 708.771.7777 or visit www. EverettWealthSolutions.com.

College Planning Sessions College Planning
for parents and guardians Sessions
for parents and guardians

You can learn how to avoid overpaying. TakeLearn action now save overpaying. on the cost of college, how to to avoid Take action to on the cost of savings. maximize aid and buildnow a plan tosave protect your life
college, maximize aid and build a plan to protect your life savings.

One hour may save your life . . . Savings!

For FREE introductory Chris Everett regularly offers free one-hour college planning seminars. For your your FREE introductory session call: As an expert in college financing, Chris can take parents and guardians through the ins and outs of paying for college. How, for instance, do you find session call: 708-771-7777 scholarships? Or how does financial aid work? An hour of your time can save your life… savings. or email info@EverettWealthSolutions.com 708-771-7777
or email:
To find out when the next seminar is, call Everett Wealth Solutions at 708.771.7777.
(EWS) Everett Wealth Solutions, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor and Financial Planning Firm. (E&A) Everett & Associates, Inc. is an Insurance Agency for Life, Health, Disability, Long Term Care, Property/Casualty. EWS and E&A are independently owned and operated by Chris Everett.

College Planning

t Reduction / Saving Strategies – FAFSA/CSS Profile Prep – College Search – Career Search info@EverettWealthSolutions.com
Cost Reduction / Saving Strategies – FAFSA/CSS Profile Prep College Search – Career Search

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Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013


Leeann Heininger designs personalized home interiors
ith 30 years in the interior design business, your own,” shares client Alison Heiser. “Her design Leeann Heininger has developed a keen sense is beautiful, yet she is always designing for ability to your life, not some discern a client’s needs theoretical aesthetic. and interest when it And it’s important that “Leeann has the ability to listen to she thinks about the comes to creating a home which reflects total cost - spending what you’re saying and translate their personal style. dollars on the truly Knowing her customers important things, and that into ideas and possibilities." has been the key to her saving money where it business success since won’t be noticed.” opening her first design The Oak Park resident considers it an honor to shop in Oak Park/River Forest 10 years ago. work in a community with homes that have such Leeann spent 20 years in corporate design at architectural integrity and has enjoyed designing Northern Trust before focusing on residential design. many houses by Frank Lloyd Wright, George Maher Today her Fringe Home Design, at 109 N. Marion St., and E. E. Roberts. Her Design Details blog on www. works with clients across the Chicagoland area and fringehomedesign.com regularly shares thoughts surrounding states. on the needs of local residents, such as design for Fringe offers full-service interior design; including older homes. architectural recommendations; space planning “I use a refreshing, non-intimidating approach and furniture selection; custom draperies and when working with my clients, so they can have an Hunter Douglas blinds; and finishing touches with enjoyable experience,” says Heininger. “This is their accessories, lighting, art and décor. Rather than home; they need to love the outcome.” specializing in a certain design style, her team To find out how Leeann can make your home focuses on matching the client’s interests and style. extraordinary, contact her at Fringe Home Design, The studio features thousands of fabric samples 708.848.4046. and furniture choices for every style. “Leeann has the ability to listen to what you’re saying and translate that into ideas and possibilities that are far better than what you could imagine on


ASID Allied Member

109 N MARION ST OAK PARK, IL 60301 t (708) 848-4046 f (708) 848-4270 FRINGEHOMEDESIGN.COM


Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013

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Patti Sprafka Wagner sets the stage for success in real estate


elling your home has never been more complicated. Today home-buyers can sit at their computers and take virtual tours of thousands of properties. If you are a seller, your challenge is getting your home noticed amid the vast clutter of the internet. What will attract buyers to your home? How will they come to see your house as a place that they want to live? That is where an experienced Realtor comes in.

Patti Sprafka Patti Sprafka Wagner Wagner offers is an Accredited Staging her clients a fullprofessional with over 20 service approach. years experience in selling real She will help you estate. Patti’s understanding get your house Patti Sprafka Wagner of what today’s home buyer is ready for viewing looking for, helps her to advise and then market her home seller-clients on how it in the places to prepare their property to that will attract maximize value and impact, “The most important part of the best possible buyers. From negotiating the contract the selling process happens before the house goes on the to navigating the thorny maze of home inspections and market,” Patti says, “Home sellers often underestimate quirky village regulations, Patti always strives to make what they have to do to prepare their property for sale. the process, not only smooth for her clients, but pleasant. Staging the property can often be the difference between “Buying or selling a home is an exciting time,” she says, selling in 3 days or 3 months.” ”my job is making sure my clients can enjoy the process To stay on top of the market, Patti regularly pursues and be happy with the outcome.” professional development and continually studies market conditions. In addition to her Staging Designation, she
Patti Sprafka Wagner

“The most important part of the selling process happens before the house goes on the market.”

is also a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist. Larger, higher priced homes attract a unique home buyer. “The more expensive the home, the smaller the pool of potential buyers,” Patti says, “I work hard to make sure that the luxury homes I represent get the broadest exposure to the most qualified buyers.”

If you are thinking of making a move, contact Patti Sprafka Wagner at 708-218-8102 or at pswagner@live.com. You can also visit her website at www.OakParkRiverForestRealEstate. com or www.PattiWagner.com.



(708) 218-8102 • pswagner@live.com
www.PattiWagner.com www.OakParkRiverForestRealEstate.com
Nickel Group


n a challenging housing market, it is important to have an experienced advocate on your side. There are so many questions and concerns: Will we be able to sell our home? What can we do to get top dollar in a reasonable period of time? What is “top dollar”? Will we find a house we love at a price we can afford? How long is all of this going to take? Patti Sprafka Wagner is an amazing Realtor and advocate. Her real world experience, energetic support and incredible attention to detail are absolutely essential to anyone buying or selling a home. Before putting our home on the market, Patti toured the house and provided extremely helpful and realistic suggestions for making it more appealing to potential buyers. We listened carefully, followed her advice and were under contract within 30 days of listing! Then, faced with a relatively short timeline for buying a new house, Patti’s insight and knowledge of the local housing inventory proved to be invaluable. We are notoriously picky, but Patti truly understood our needs and showed us several excellent houses. In the end, we bought a wonderful house at a terrific price in a muchloved neighborhood. If you are buying and/or selling a house, you need every advantage you can get. Do yourself a favor – Call Patti Sprafka Wagner. You will be very glad that you did!” – Nancy Kelty Hoehne and Chuck Hoehne

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Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013


ABC Bank, building relationships


Colette Loesher

BC Bank focuses on building and maintaining relationships”, says Colette Loesher, President and CEO. Ms. Loesher has been with ABC Bank for nearly 25 years and has 38 years of banking experience. Her extensive professional background and expertise as well as her attention to providing excellent customer service have made her a perfect fit for her role at ABC Bank. Prior to her current position, she served as the Bank’s Senior Vice President and Senior Loan Officer. Ms. Loesher’s current responsibilities include developing and implementing various strategies and providing overview, direction and supervision on all aspects of operations for five locations. She is also a member of ABC Bank’s Board of Directors. Ms. Loesher is committed to improving the quality of life and well being of people in the communities served by the Bank by sponsoring events, supporting local fundraisers and volunteering employees’ time to non-profit organizations.

Currently she is working with local developers to rehab foreclosed homes in an effort to provide quality affordable housing. It is this commitment to the communities that as resulted in ABC Bank earning the FDIC’s highest rating for Community Reinvestment for many years. If you desire to do business with a local community bank whose focus is on its customers and communities, stop in to one of the five ABC Bank locations today, and take the first step in building that relationship. Accounts and services are in place to help you reach your personal or business goals. ABC Bank has five locations, four in Chicago and one in Bensenville; 5645 West Lake Street, Chicago, IL 60644, 6400 West Lake Street, Chicago, IL 60707, 9443 South Ashland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60620, 1301 West Taylor Street, Chicago, IL 60607, and 2 South York Road, Bensenville, IL 60106. Visit www.abcbank.net to learn more.

We’ve been accused of being a little old fashioned, and frankly

we kind of like that.

5645 West Lake Street Chicago, IL 60644 773.854.2900 6400 West North Ave Chicago, IL 60707 773.804.3600 9443 South Ashland Ave Chicago, IL 60620 773.445.9300


Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013

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Real estate and beyond with Erica Cuneen
rawing from a varied wealth of experience, Erica Cuneen brings a unique approach to her work. Whether it is drawing upon past experiences: volunteering in the Peace Corps, teaching deaf children and bilingual (Spanish) students, owning and running other successful businesses; or current endeavors: investing in real estate, playing roller derby and parenting teenagers, Erica always strives to go beyond expectations. It is that goal—to go beyond—that is the vision and force behind Erica's real estate company, Beyond Properties. Working with the highest standards of professionalism, service and integrity, Erica


thrives not only on helping families find their next home, but also on mentoring her agents; growing them from good to great. Helping others succeed is one of Erica's deepest values. Her ability to assemble a winning team and to craft unique solutions for her clients despite market conditions, has lead to the exponential growth of her business. Erica has become especially known as an expert resource for real estate investors, advising both experienced professionals and newcomers alike. She is the founder and facilitator for an Oak Park area real estate investment group that meets monthly. This group is open to the public and offers valuable

educational and networking opportunities. In the October 2013 issue of Chicago Magazine, Erica was named for the third year among the Chicago Five Star Real Estate Agents. This select group of professionals, accounting for less than 2% of the total number of Chicagoland real estate agents, was chosen for the outstanding quality of their service and their high levels of customer satisfaction. Beyond Properties strives to be a leader in environmental sustainability and holds courses in their office to certify local agents to earn the National Association of Realtors GREEN designation. Beyond Properties is recognized

locally and statewide as a Certified Green Business with Oak Park’s Growing Green Program and the Illinois Erica Cuneen Green Business Association. To find out how Erica Cuneen and her team can assist you in reaching your real estate needs and goals, please contact her at 708.220.2025 or Erica@beyondpropertiesrealty.com

Our team of agents is committed to your success!

Erica Cuneen

Susan Abbott

Kris McCartney

Vicki May

Cynthia Howe Gajeweski

Lola Wright

Richard Holland

Stacy Cortez

Claudine Cantu

Ruby Blair

Buying and selling a home can be an enjoyable experience when you partner with a company that will go beyond for you.

Beyond Properties Realty Group
708.386.1366 109 N. Marion St., Oak Park
Contact Erica Cuneen, Managing Broker, Owner • 708.220.2025 erica@beyondpropertiesrealty.com • www.beyondpropertiesrealty.com

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Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013


Susan Abbott: keeping her eye on the big picture
usan Abbott has always been someone who enjoys solving problems and working with people. Prior to joining Beyond Properties Realty as a Realtor, she worked as a licensed clinical social worker. The two careers, she found, had more in common than one might think. “Guiding people through the search or sale of a home requires not only business sense,” Susan says, “but also an understanding of the emotional and relationship challenges that people face while making one of life’s biggest decisions.” Getting to know her clients and understanding their goals and needs is, for Susan, the most important part of her job. “I always look at the big picture,” she says. Even as her clients get overwhelmed by the details (and they often do), Susan is continuously taking the pulse of the situation to make sure that everyone’s needs are being met, especially when those needs and wants are constantly changing. Susan prides herself on her ability to meet challenges with creative solutions. In one such case, she was working with out of town clients who needed to move quickly. On one of their house-hunting

Cynthia Howe Gajewski: the vision to find your way home
n real estate finding the best outcome for your client often begins by seeing hidden potential. Cynthia Howe Gajewski is a Realtor whose experience in home renovation and restoration makes her a valuable resource to homeowners and buyers. Also an accomplished photographer, Cynthia is a woman with vision who loves to find the opportunities in homes that others may have missed. Cynthia traces her interest in real estate back to her childhood when she was fascinated by the grandeur of her grandparent’s Italianate Victorian farmhouse. “I admire the character and charm of older homes,” she says, “especially the variety of homes in our Oak Park and River Forest neighborhoods.” Cynthia particularly enjoys seeing older spaces reincarnated to fit the needs of modern living. Match-making buyers with the right property is a challenge that Cynthia relishes. “It is so satisfying to see that chemistry happen,” she says, “I tell my buyers that buying a home is an emotional experience with practical considerations. A house can have everything on your wish list, but if you don’t get that ‘yes’ feeling, then the list doesn’t matter. You can’t make yourself fall in love.” Twenty years as a professional photographer gives Cynthia the added edge in presenting and marketing seller’s homes in today’s market.


visits they found a home that they absolutely loved. Unfortunately since it was a short sale, Susan warned them that it might be difficult to close on the property Susan Abbott quickly. “They were really insistent,” she recalls, “this was the home they wanted. Happily, we created an arrangement for them to move in and rent the home until we could close the deal a number of months later. This allowed them to move when they needed, and to acquire the home they wanted.” “I love taking my clients through the process,” Susan says, “ensuring that all the moving parts are coming together to meet their final goal. I especially love the feeling people get when they find the right home, when we walk into a house and everyone knows that this is the one.” To find out how Susan Abbott can help you through the challenges of home buying/ selling contact her at 708.305.4039 or susan@beyondpropertiesrealty.com.


She is always ready to help sellers prepare, stage, and showcase their property to bring in the most buyers. “I absolutely love,” she says, “working with sellers who are motivated to get Cynthia Howe Gajewski top dollar for their properties.” Such clients, she adds, are willing to put in the extra bit of effort that can yield big returns. Cynthia will create for them a targeted room by room action plan that will show off the home’s fullest potential, leading hopefully to the highest offers. Cynthia stresses that her personal experience with home ownership and renovation are among the most important assets that she brings to her clients. “I’ve been down that renovation road a few times,” she says, “I know my market, and I know what improvements and upgrades really matter.” If you are looking to buy or sell your home, contact Cynthia Howe Gajewski at Beyond Properties Realty, 708.406.9661 or cynthia@ beyondpropertiesrealty.com for a free consultation.

Kris McCartney: the personal side of real estate
hen Kris McCartney entered the real estate business, the boom of the last decade had ended. The mad scramble for homes had given Kris McCartney way to much slower, leaner market. It was in to this new reality that Kris learned the business. “Missing that fever pitched environment,” Kris says, “allowed me to take a fresh approach to real estate, one that entails spending more quality time with clients and getting a clearer vision of their wants and needs.” Kris’ path to real estate began when she decided to purchase a condo. After viewing three condos, her Realtor pulled her aside and told her that she had seen the “creme de la creme” and that she should either purchase one of them or find a new Realtor. “That conversation,” Kris recalls, “gave me the realization that I could be a Realtor, one that was client oriented, and who would never treat people the way that I was treated.” Kris ended up purchasing a home in Oak Park, but found that she still enjoyed going to Open Houses. While she admits that it was a bit peculiar, she enjoyed viewing all


Vicki May: expertise and guidance for RE investors
icki May loves property! For years she would pass by houses, apartment buildings and storefronts, and think of ways to change the properties to make them look much better. It seemed only natural then, after marrying a remodeling contractor, that she would go into the real estate investment business. Twelve years and three apartment buildings later, Vicki joined Beyond Properties Realty as a property manager. Since she already had her own money invested in residential property, Vicki approached property management with a deep understanding of the the demands required to properly manage repairs, maintenance and remodeling projects. Her own experience has helped her connect with her clients and understand their needs for effective and efficient property management. “My own investments,” she maintains, “have taught me the art of setting rents, managing costs, and getting higher yields. I understand the challenges of dealing with tenants. If I can help a property owner be more profitable, then it’s a good day’s work.” Vicki reports that right now the rental market is strong. People have lost their jobs and many have lost their homes. That

the different aspects of the properties, as well as meeting and talking with the homeshoppers. It wasn’t long after that, that she became a Realtor herself at Beyond Properties Realty. “I am an honest and patient person,” Kris says, “who will give you the good, the bad and the ugly in all real estate scenarios.” Kris prides herself on her hands-on approach, taking on every aspect of the transaction. She strives to accommodate her clients at every turn, and to be especially respectful of their time by returning phone calls or emails as quickly as possible. When asked what the favorite part of her job is, Kris unhesitatingly says, “My wonderful clients who I interact with on a daily basis. I form a bond with them, not only as a professional, but on a personal level as well.” She is pleased that the majority of her client relationships continue after the closing is over. “I love the process of purchasing and selling a home,” she says, “from inception to completion; viewing and marketing, contract negotiations, closing, and all other aspects in between.” To find out how Kris McCartney’s clientcentered focus can help you sell or find a home call her 708.369.5929 or email kris@ beyondpropertiesrealty.com.


leaves more people renting and more homes available to rent. As the economy improves more families may choose to purchase instead of renting. Yet, Vicki does not Vicki May see home-ownership levels returning to where they were in the early 2000’s. “Over and over, former homeowners tell me that they are through with ownership,” she says, “I believe the market will stabilize at a more appropriate mix of buyers and renters.” Vicki May really feels that she has found a home as a property manager at Beyond Properties. “My goal is to continue building my property management clientele,” she says, “I don’t ever want to stop making properties better and filling them with great tenants!” If you’re thinking about going into residential investment, are looking for management of a property you currently own, or just need to get an apartment or home rented, contact Vicki at 708.714.0686 or vicki@beyondpropertiesrealty.com.


Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013

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and offers both conservative and surgical foot care options.

1100 Lake St., Suite 248

Dr. Mary M. DiSomma
DiSomma Foot & Ankle Clinic 1100 Lake St Suite 248 Oak Park, IL 60301 (708) 383-5554 disomma.com

What has been your greatest success to date?
The best feeling for a podiatrist is to prevent diabetic amputations by providing routine diabetic foot care.

(708) 383-5554
* Most Procedures Performed in Office

Oak Park, Illinois 60301

What have you learned most from your business?
I feel that the more you put into your profession, you get the best end result. I work very hard to be the best foot doctor for my patients.

Relief is Available for:

How long have you been in business?
I’ve been practicing podiatry for 19 years after finishing school at the William Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine.

• Bunions • Hammer Toes • Ingrown or Fungus Nails • Heel & Arch Pain • Corns/Calluses

• Pain Syndromes • Wart Removal • Diabetic Foot Care • Laser Surgery • Ankle Injuries • Sprains/Fractures

Dr. Ruth A. Songco-Chi
DiSomma Foot & Ankle Clinic 1100 Lake St Suite 248 Oak Park, IL 60301 (708) 383-5554 disomma.com

What is your greatest business challenge?
It’s a challenge to stay abreast of the constant podiatric advances and incorporating these state of the art enhancements into my podiatric practice.

Mary M. DiSomma, D.P.M.

Ruth A. Chi, D.P.M.

“Gentle, Friendly Care for Your Feet”

Most Insurances & PPO’s Accepted.

What do you love about your business?
I love helping all people feel better with healthier feet. It gives me great pleasure to help local athletes enhance their performance with foot orthotics and seeing the smiles of children walking better.

Evening & Saturday Appointments Available • Affiliated with Rush Oak Park Hospital

Mention this ad for FREE initial consultation Medicare covers shoes for diabetics
(new patients only)

What is your business philosophy?
I provide the best podiatry care possible to the community. From the very young patients to the retired, my office is warm and friendly

Dr. Chi is a highly trained specialist in the medical and surgical treatment of the foot. She received her podiatric degree from the Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. She completed her residency at Thorek Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL. Dr. Chi has donated her time and talent to the needy and low-income families by working with, “Public Action to Deliver Shelter and Supportive Services,” (PADS) and NorthPointe. She also provides foot care Heiwa Terrace Retirement Home in Chicago. Dr. Chi and her husband, Dr. Louis Chi., are associates with Dr. DiSomma. They also see patients in their Darien practice.

Take your business to a whole new level.
Whether you have your own Web site or not, getting a Business Page on OakPark.com and RiverForest.com is a great and inexpensive way to enhance your visibility and stay connected with your local customer base. When you sign up for your own page you’ll be able to access your information, add to it and change it as often as you like, whenever you want!

Call 524-8300 to get started today!

Your Community. Your Web site.

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Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013


An Architect’s Passion for Kitchens
eet architect Lynn Larsen, CKD, CBD whose passion for designing kitchens, bathrooms and handicap accessible areas is a personal thing. It’s personal because her client’s homes are an extension of their personality and unique lifestyles. At her design studio and showroom in Riverside, Illinois, Lynn creates rooms with personality that captivate people by the extraordinary creativity that has been her hallmark since her passion for designing interior spaces took over her career. It all started six years after graduating with a Professional Master’s in Architecture & Management from the University of Illinois when Lynn took a job with St. Charles Cabinetry. It was her introduction to kitchen design and a move that would change her career. And, change it did. First, she completed her certifications in kitchen and bath design. Then, in 1996, she partnered with her husband Joseph LaMantia, also a certified kitchen designer, to open a kitchen design studio and showroom in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. As time went on, her inspiration and passion resulted in design projects from coast to coast even as far as Japan, write ups in numerous publications, an impressive string of awards, and hundreds of satisfied clients. In 2010 Lynn and Joe moved their studio and showroom to Riverside, the place that they


have lived and loved for years. Landmark Kitchen and Bath Design is a welcoming neighborhood kind of place where you’ll find some of the latest in design trends, custom cabinetry, granite and quartz countertops, tiles, fixtures and more. Their relaxed style makes it easy to collaborate and convey your vision so that they can create a beautiful new environment that blends your personality with purpose. Whether you’re just getting organized with a few new cabinets or you’re dream is a completely redesigned world-class kitchen or space, Landmark Kitchen Design has a solution for every client and every budget. They will even work with your installer. If a new kitchen, bath or other space is in your future, put their passion to work for you. Stop by or call Landmark Kitchen Design. Our showroom and studio is located at 39 E. Burlington in Riverside, 708-447-0100 or visit www.LandmarkKitchenDesign.com.

World Class Designs from Award Winning Designers... Lynn Larsen CKD, CBD and Joseph LaMantia CKD
Celebrating Our 20 th Anniversary as Certified Kitchen Designers

or Visit Our Showroom
39 E. Burlington • Riverside, IL www.LandmarkKitchenDesign.com

Call Us for a FREE Consultation

Make Connections and Grow Your Business Today
Your Partner in Success Dawn Ferencak – Local Advertising Consultant 708/613-3329 Dawn@oakpark.com Illinois Press Association 2011 Sales Representative of the Year

Dawn Ferencak, a uniquely personal approach
awn Ferencak helps her clients make their businesses grow beyond their expectations by truly understanding their needs. She has been with Wednesday Journal Publications for eight years now and still has the same passion for empowering the community as she did when she started. “At first, when I inherited the West Side territory in 2010, I was pretty nervous,” she describes, “but then realized that the best way was to jump in full force. My first week on the job, there was an invitation to a bus tour of hair salons in Austin and I called and asked if my son — who was eight at the time — could come along with me. So we both ended up going and found the people on the bus were so welcoming and engaging. I knew then that the way to connect with the community was for people to know me and trust me.” Much more than a 9 to 5 job, her work is a way of life. Dawn is passionate about serving her clients. She knows how important it is to learn their background; why they started their business; what their goals are; what their challenges are; and what drives them to succeed. This uniquely personal approach builds strong bonds of trust. Her clients know that she always has their best interests in mind and as a result they truly consider her


a partner with them in their success. Dawn says that she believes in bringing the best skills, research and products to the table every time she has a chance to help a client. Through her community outreach, Dawn saw the need to offer more support to the West Side community. In 2011, she successfully advocated for this and the Austin Weekly News expanded its coverage to include the entire West Side of Chicago. In 2012 Dawn founded the West Side Business Network and its subgroups, including the Austin Weekly News Business Development Luncheon Group, West Side Women, West Side Men and West Side Bridge, all with the goal of bringing professionals from Chicago’s West Side together with those from Oak Park and nearby suburbs to network, grow and discuss challenges. With anywhere from 35 to 100 attendees per meeting, Dawn has successfully sewn another thread across the communities she dearly loves. Watch for more relationship building as Dawn launches the West Side Manufacturing networking group and the Austin Weekly News Foundation for Community Organizing and Journalism. Visit AustinWeeklyNews. com to stay updated.


Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013

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Kelly Tare, an entrepreneurial spirit


elly Tare received a Master's Degree in Biology and Agriculture in her home country of Albania before she and her husband Edward moved to the United States in 1997. Although Kelly worked as a teacher for a while, she always had a desire to be involved in the beauty industry. Upon arriving in America, Kelly realized that this was her chance to finally pursue her dream. In 2002, Kelly decided to open a hair salon, despite being pregnant with her son, Clydon. Three weeks before he was born, Kelly and Edward opened the salon at 7359 West North Avenue in River Forest and named it after their son. Kelly used her eye for beauty and her passion for helping people to make her first business a success. To this day, clients still come from all around for the quality service and significant value Clydon Salon provides. “Every one should spend a little time on themselves” Kelly explains. “We work so hard at home and at our jobs, so taking time for yourself helps you feel good.” That perspective carries over into how she instructs her employees. She makes sure that they take the time to find out their clients' specific needs and prides herself on the comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that the salon provides. During interactions with customers, Kelly would often hear about people having to travel to Chicago to find a salon offering head lice and nit removal services. She heard many complaints about the inconve-

nient and expensive experiences they were forced to deal with. In 2010, she opened Hair Butterflies at 425 N. Marion Street in Oak Park, a salon that provides safe and effective services for eliminating lice and nits. As a parent herself, Kelly knows the worry and stress a parent feels when their child has head lice or nits and so decided to offer free annual checks to the youngsters at Hepzibah House, and students from local schools and their families. Community involvement is critically important to Kelly and Edward. “Some children can't afford to live their lives like we do, so we all should do as much as we can to help our community,” Kelly says. After working with children at Hair Butterflies, Kelly was inspired to start a salon specifically catering to youth of all ages. In December of 2012, she opened Lilies & Spikes Kids and Teens Hair Salon & Spa at 1105 Chicago Avenue in Oak Park that hosts birthday parties and offers hair services, as well manicures and pedicures. Kelly's entrepreneurial spirit has resulted in three successful niche businesses in the industry she is passionate about, proving that the American Dream can indeed be achieved.

Clydon Hair Salon and Spa
7359 W. North Ave. • 708 771 2418 www.clydonsalon.com  Clydon salon and spa will be celebrating their eleven year anniversary this November.  • Hair cuts and style  • Full service color, specializing in highlights and color correction  • Spa manicure and pedicure  • Facials and body treatment  • Full body waxing • Weddings & Up-Do's

Hair Butterflies, Lice and Nit Removal Salon
425 N. Marion St., Oak Park IL 60302 708 524 5423 • www.hairbutterflies.com • Serving the Community since 2010 Rated best in Chicagoland area in service. Hair butterflies uses 100% toxic free products and gives a full guarantee on all their services. Almost 100% of clients are lice and nit free after the first treatment. • Taking appointments every day of the year

Lilies & Spikes, Kids & Teens Hair Salon & Spa
1105 Chicago Ave. Oak Park IL 60302 708 613 4723 • www.kidshairsalonandspa.com
Located in Oak Park, Lilies and Spikes will be turning one this December! Lilies & Spikes is a great salon for young kids and teens. We strive to create the most comfortable and inviting environment for children and families. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond for our little ones to make sure they have a great salon experience.

• Haircut and style • Spa party packages and private party room • Color and highlights

• Manicure and pedicure  • Eyebrow and full facial threading  • Make up • Birthday parties • Open Sundays

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Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013


Deb Sloan, Planning Amazing Events
eb Sloan began party planning at age 17 when she orchestrated a theme event on a whim. The Western themed party was complete with homemade bandanas, hats and “Most Wanted” posters made from paper bags. It even included a sandbox for guests to pan for gold nuggets, made from spray painted dry dog food, and trade them for food and beverages at the cardboard saloon. Years later, while raising four children, she found herself getting involved in school and neighborhood committees that allowed for creative entertaining and decorations. Ms. Sloan would consistently go with her instincts when making design decisions. Some would say “less is more,” but Deb Sloan's motto has always been “more is better!” As the responsibilities of motherhood took up less and less of her time, she decided to pursue her love of event planning professionally by organizing promotional events for local businesses. Her schedule was soon filled with commitments for large events, especially during the holidays, and ‘Stage Rite by Deb’ was born! Deb Sloan's business offers event planning services for all types of celebrations


from birthday parties to corporate events and promotions. She also specializes in decorating homes, offices and retailers, no matter how small or large. Ms. Sloan sees each day as an opportunity to create memories for guests with her event planning and decorating skills. The smiles on the faces of satisfied clients are the reason she loves her job so much.

Stage by Rite Deb

Event planning | Decor Installations

We do event planning and decor installations. Let us know how we can help you with your next project, celebration or party.
Birthday Parties • Holiday Celebrations • Retirement Parties Confirmation Parties • Graduation Parties • Business Events, Parties & Meetings • Wedding Showers • Baby Showers
Deb Sloan | 708• 917• 2693 | stageritebydeb@aol.com | www.stageritebydeb.com

Deb Sloan

do new customers know how to find your business?
Whether you have your own Web site or not, getting a Business Page on OakPark.com and RiverForest.com is a great and inexpensive way to enhance your visibility and stay connected with your local customer base. When you sign up for your own page you’ll be able to access your information, add to it and change it as often as you like, whenever you want!

Call 524-8300 to get started today!

Your Community. Your Web site.


Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013

Special Advertising Section

Kara G. Keller

Elizabeth Badrinath

John Grant

Karin Hansen

Jenny Ruland

Michele Strimaitis

Let us represent you. It’s never too early to call MSK for guidance in buying or selling a home. We want you to be well informed from a buyer’s point of view and a seller’s point of view. We pride ourselves on our ability to negotiate the very best price for each and every client. Our experience means value.



i n f o @ m s k r e a l t y. n e t

Special Advertising Section

Wednesday Journal • Forest Park Review • October 30, 2013


Experience, community involvement and results lead the way at MSK Realty
the woods with twenty 4th graders keeps life interesting!” Jenny started her career as a nurse, who thrived on delivering high quality care and being in tune with her client's needs. “Nursing demanded a very high ethical standard, I feel I’ve carried this and many other nursing skills over to real estate”. Jenny holds the National Association of REALTORS® Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource certification and is constantly attending classes to enhance her knowledge of the real estate industry. “I love learning, I also think there’s nothing better for my young children then to have a role model who is passionate about her career and learning simultaneously.” Contact Jenny to talk about buying or selling your home: (cell/text) 312-209-3363, (email) jenny@mskrealty.net or to learn more about MSK Realty LLC visit us on the web at www.mskrealty.net Contact Liz to talk about buying or selling your home: (cell/text) 773-332-3166, (email) liz@mskrealty.net or to learn more about MSK Realty LLC visit us on the web at www. mskrealty.net

Karin Hansen
Karin celebrates her 10th year as an active Realtor® in the Oak Park and River Forest community. Having recently downsized and sold her lovingly restored Oak Park bungalow, Karin is now enjoying life in a new town home in Forest Park. “Selling my home gave me a entirely new perspective of the home selling process and has made me a much more compassionate Realtor”. Karin brought up her son in the Oak Park public schools and enjoyed volunteer work in the schools for many years. She has a tremendous amount of experience in home staging and a passion for renovation and design. Karin can see the potential in almost every home and helps her clients visualize their dreams as well. Contact Karin to talk about buying or selling your home: (cell/text) 708-769-2030, (email) karin@mskrealty.net or to learn more about MSK Realty LLC visit us on the web at www.mskrealty.net

Kara G. Keller
Being an integral part of the community takes top priority for MSK Realty's Managing Broker and owner, Kara Keller. Over the last year MSK Realty has dedicated resources to supporting many wonderful local endeavors such as Infant Welfare, Parenthesis, Pleasant Home Foundation, Oak Park Youth Baseball & Softball, River Forest Youth Baseball & Softball, River Forest Youth Soccer, St. Luke's School and the Neighborhood Giving Project. “I love supporting people in my community. Whether it’s through a local sports program, sponsoring a school event, or contributing to a well established service organization, giving back is a core value of my business and a personal priority.” On the real estate front, the MSK tagline Dedicated to Your New Beginnings says it best! Whether searching for that special forever home or downsizing after 25 years, Kara helps her clients transition to their next life phase with expert advice and unparalleled service. Since founding MSK Realty in 2005, Kara and her staff of highly qualified Brokers continue to bring their attention to detail, high level of marketing and resources to every transaction. The MSK Realty team looks forward to continuing to serve our local community and you for many years to come! Contact Kara to talk about buying or selling your home: (cell/text) 708-705-5272, (email) karakeller@mskrealty.net or to learn more about MSK Realty LLC visit us on the web at www.mskrealty.net

Michele Strimaitis
Michele is an Oak Park resident and founder of Mann-kind, a social giving program for children that raises awareness through volunteerism. "Community involvement has always been important to me. Supporting local businesses, volunteering and helping neighbors are all essential for the success of our vibrant community.” With a background in the mortgage industry, Michele has an invaluable foundation to represent home buyers. Her expertise helps clients navigate the purchase process from preapproval, to finding the right home, to strong negotiations and on to a successful closing! Michele also has lots to offer sellers and renovators too! During the last decade, she has bought and sold 3 Oak Park homes. She knows how to look through to see the potential in these old homes as well as guide sellers through the challenge of successfully closing in today's tough market and for top dollar! An active local giver, with lending, renovation and hands on buying and selling experience! Michele is ready to help you! Contact Michele to talk about buying or selling your home: (cell/text) 312-375-9561, (email) mstrimaitis@mskrealty.net or to learn more about MSK Realty LLC visit us on the web at www.mskrealty.net

Liz Badrinath
A Realtor®, River Forest resident and mom spoke candidly about her take on being a real estate Broker... She pauses, thinking... “It's all choice and result,” says Liz, during a recent conversation. “It's really that simple,” she adds. “Make the right choice, get the right result.” Smart and sassy, the North Shore native has been in the property world since graduating from the University of Colorado. It's a crisp autumn day and we've ducked into Starbucks. “I don't just sell houses,” she says. “That's not really enough. These days, people want more.” She looks to the window, thinking. “I sell lifestyles, dreams.... the perfect Thanksgiving, the whispered chat in the kitchen at 1am. It's the big picture and the detail. I want my clients to feel like they've arrived.” Warming her hands on the hot cup, she smiles and adds, “Not just arrived, but arrived home.” For the very best in concierge real estate, call Liz!

Jenny Ruland
A dedicated community leader, Jenny focuses on giving back. She devotes much of her free time to growing future women leaders as an Oak Park Girl Scout mentor. “I love wearing many hats!” says Jenny. “Guiding a first time buyer through the process of home buying and then hiking in


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