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The National Service Training Program

The National Service Training Program was also known as An Act Establishing the National Service Training Program (NSTP) for Tertiary Level Stu ents! Amen ing for the Pur"ose #e"ublic Act No$ %&%% an Presi ential 'ecree no$ (%&)! an for other Pur"oses* or #e"ublic Act No$ +(),$ -t was signe into law in .anuary /,! /&&/ ami st the various calls of issenting sectors for its abolition or reform$ -t invoke the constitutional "rovision regar ing the uty of the state to serve an "rotect its citi0ens!* s"ecifically Article -- ('eclaration of Princi"les an State Policies)! Section /! which states that The "rime uty of the government is to serve an "rotect the "eo"le$ The government may call u"on the "eo"le to efen the state! an in fulfillment thereof! all citi0ens may be re1uire un er con itions "rovi e by law! to ren er "ersonal military or civil service* (italics su""lie )$ This is the same "rinci"le that create an sustaine the #eserve 2fficers Training 3or"s$ The "rimary ob4ective of the NSTP law is to "romote the role of the youth in nation5buil ing$ As such! it aims to encourage the youth to become civic an 6or military lea ers an volunteers whom coul be calle u"on by the nation in cases their services are nee e $ 3om"are with the #2T3 which s"eciali0es in military training! an the E5#2T3 which grante three o"tions for stu ents yet was limite in im"lementation! the NSTP law ensure that the three com"onents 7 3ivic 8elfare Service! Literacy Training Service! an #eserve 2fficers Training 3or"s 7 will be given the same an e1ual im"lementation in e ucational institutions$ 9oreover! it efine the ifferent com"onents! the uration of the training! coverage! etc$

The Three NSTP Components

The National Service Training Program is com"ose of three ifferent com"onents$ The Civic Welfare Training Service is geare towar s activities that have social im"act through activities that coul contribute to health! e ucation! environment! entre"reneurshi"! safety! recreation an morals of the citi0enry*! thus the 38TS com"onent of the NSTP stresse the im"ortance of youth involvement in broa "rograms or activities that will benefit the "eo"le$ 8hile the 38TS focuse on "rograms to enhance the living con itions of the "eo"le! the Literacy Training Service has a more limite yet e1ually useful ob4ective that is to train stu ents to become teachers of literacy an numeracy skills to school chil ren! out of school youth! an other segments of society in nee of their service*$ LTS thus s"eciali0es in the e ucation of the "eo"le! strengthening the e ucation sector to em"ower the "eo"le through e ucation$ 9eanwhile! Reserve Officers Training Corps! while eeme e1ually im"ortant by the NSTP law (it maintaine its e:istence an nature mentione in #A %&%% having the "rimary ob4ective to "re"are the youth in national efense! became merely a com"onent of the "rogram$

The NSTP re1uire male an female stu ents to un ergo the "rogram they have chosen for two (/) semesters or one (() aca emic year in contrast with the #2T3 which re1uire males to take military training for four (;) semesters or two (/) aca emic years$ Stu ents taking NSTP will get three (,) units from taking the "rogram< e1uivalent of ($= units every semester$ Thus! in contrast to the man atory 7 yet free 7 #2T3! stu ents will now have to "ay for their NSTP$ This inclu e the former ca ets of the #2T3 who en4oye the free reservist "rogram$ Also! the law states that "rivate learning institutions coul offer one of the three o"tions but re1uire state colleges an universities to maintain their #2T3 units together with an alternative unit from the two other o"tions$ The law also limite the e:istence of the #2T3 in "rivate an vocational institutions re1uiring it to have ,=& ca ets for it to be calle a unit! otherwise 7 an consi ering other factors such as insufficient ca et number! lack of logistics to su""ort #2T3 "rogram of instruction (P2-)! etc$ 7 cross5enrolling the stu ents to other schools for their NSTP is an o"tion$ The goal of the law an of the "rogram is to harness the strength an ca"acity of the youth to contribute to nation5buil ing! thus the National Service #eserve >orce was create to enlist 38TS an LTS gra uates which is also e1uivalent to the 3iti0en Arme >orce of the #2T3$ -n the event that the state will nee "eo"le for its civic an literacy activities! it will merely utili0e the "ersonnel of the reserve force! the stu ent volunteers the NSTP538TS an the NSTP5LTS has "ro uce $ As with the nee of the Arme >orces for a itional force for its efense cam"aigns! it can easily use its bo y of reservists in the #eserve 3omman $

National Service Training Program (NSTP)



The National Service Training Program (NSTP) is a Law otherwise known as #e"ublic Act +(), or the NSTP Act of /&&(! refers to the "rogram aime at enhancing civic consciousness an efence "re"are ness in the youth! by evelo"ing their ethics of service an "atriotism while un ergoing training in any of the three (,) "rogram com"onents! the 3ivic 8elfare Training Service (38TS)! the Literacy Training Service (LTS) an the #eserve 2fficers? Training 3or"s (#2T3)! es"ecially esigne to enhance the youth?s active contribution to the general welfare$ The law was im"lemente effective school year /&&/5/&&, in all @E-?s$ !"S"ON

The >3A5NSTP envisions an efficient! civic conscious an highly motivate NSTP committe towar s social transformation$ #"SS"ON The >3A5NSTP ensures the efficient im"lementation of NSTP com"onents for the enhancement an efence "re"are ness among the >ili"ino youth$ $O%LS 'evelo" civic consciousness an national efence "re"are ness among the >ili"ino Bouth "articularly those that enhance their total well5being as agents towar s the "ursuit of national evelo"ment$ NSTP L"N&%$'S(N'TWOR&S ) P%RTN'RS* ($ Coological Society of Lon on5Phili""ines on 9angrove #ehabilitation D 3onservation Pro4ects /$ #egional Environmental E ucation Network 7 E- (#EEN5)) on environmental "rograms in the #egion ) (>3A is a #egular 9ember D the >3A NSTP 3oor inator! 9r$ A am .esus F$ Fering! the Network Au itor from SB /&&+ to Present) ,$ 8estern Eisayas #egional NSTP 3oor inator?s Association! -nc$ (8E#NSTP3A-) on NSTP Program -m"lementation ;$ Phili""ine Society of NSTP E ucators! -nc (PSNE-) on NSTP538TS Program -m"lementation$ =$ Giwanis -nternational! #isen Saviour 9ission! >ee 9y Starving 3hil ren on Falay Ni San .ose G5Gi s >ee ing Program )$ The Asia >oun ation on Fook Fank Program %$ Ang 9asasaka at Siyenti"iko Para sa Pag5unla ng Agrikultura (9AS-PAH) Eisayas D National on Henetically 9o ifie 2rganism (H92) -ssues I$ 'angerous 'rugs Foar (''F) on 'rug E ucation Programs +$ National Bouth 3ommission (NB3)! 2ffice of the Presi ent of the Phili""ines on NSTP Hreen Phili""ines Awar s Program (&$ Ealues >ormation an S"iritual Transformation 3ouncil! -nc$ (E>ST3-) on Ealues >ormation D S"iritual Transformation Programs (($ Phili""ine Fusiness for Social Progress (PFSP) on JA-TSS Smoking Program (/$ Lawis5Faybay Small >isherfolks Association5#o:as 3ity (LAFS>A#) an Funto Gatibyugan! Panay (P2?s) on 9angrove Planting (,$ 3ity Agriculture 2ffice53oastal #esource 9anagement (3A253#9) on #iver #ehabilitation Pro4ect through 9angrove Planting D #iver 3lean5A" (;$ 2ffice of Eice 9ayor (#o:as 3ity) on 3oastal6Feach 3lean5A"