We decided not to tell Bella until later so,hopefully,Edward wouldn't notice.

I stayed with mom while they circled around the property ,we were in the heart of the forest when we heard leafs rustle.We both slipped into a crouch, she put her body slightly in front of mine and snarled . There was a ripping sound and a few seconds later Jacob stepped out of the bushes.He walked right past mom and picked me up out of the crouch.He hugged me tightly to his chest then sat me down.He turned to mom. "I want her back at the house.Now."He growled I stared at him,my mouth gaping,why was he talking to her like that? Edward stepped out of the forest and lightly placed a restraining hand on Bella's shoulder,then smiled. "I couldn't agree more.It's getting dark."Edward said calmly. I was still confused as to why Jake would act like a jerk to her but nodded and took a ,unusually,unsteady step back.Before I could say anything Jacob scooped me up and was running towards the cottage. "I can run own my own."I said in a annoyed tone. He just stared straight ahead and kept running.What was his problem? I saw him suddenly clench his jaw and he picked up the pace.The words burned on my tongue,he was being unusual,I had to ask. "Jake,what the heck is your problem?"I asked quite and incredulous. He looked down at me through narrowed eyes.He wasn't going to tell me. I sighed and hid my head into his big shoulder.He was mad,but why?Was he mad at me? I bit my lip as I ran through ideas to why he would be upset but about a forty seconds later we were at the cottage.He pulled the key out of my pocket when I didn't move.I tried to rearrange my features but all I could get was worried,it was better than pain though.He strode acrossed the room and the door slammed behind us.Then,he sat me on the couch and flitted to my room,then to my parents,then to the laundry room and back up to me. I sat indian style and looked at my hands,winding and unwinding my

fingers.I looked up to realize he was staring at me then furrowed my brow in confusion.He sighed and sat down in front of me on the table,he looked so big in the little house.I looked down away from his angry eyes but he tilted my head back up with his thumb.He stared at me with a frustrated look then sighed. "Is this what you weren't telling me?You promised me you weren't in danger."He said trying to control his voice. "You think I knew about Caius coming."I said it as a statement. He nodded one stiff nod. "Tell me,why wouldn't I tell you if you and the rest of my family were in danger.Do you believe I'm that stubbron and reckless?"I growled. He dropped his hand and hesisitated.I dropped my head back down but looked up at him through my eyelashes.It was quite until he spoke again. "Nessie, just promise me that you didn't lie to me about you being in danger.That kind of stuff flips me out.He was so close to you today....And I didn't even know until Embry told me.And the thought of someone hurting you just because I didn't pay attention..I can't take it." "Jacob,I promise you.And if something does happen me"-he flinched-"it's not your fault.If I'm out hunting and he comes up behind me and snatches me,while your still in La push,it's not your fault.If.." I couldn't finished for he had put his hand over my mouth abruptly and stared at me madly. "That will never happen.He won't touch you, no one will." I thought about biting him but ignored the idea,it would make him mad. I wanted to be left alone...I felt sleepy but my mind was restless.I ran my hand through my hair ,then looked up to Jacob.He had his head in his hands and was taking deep breaths.And I thought I overreacted.I put my hand on his shoulder and shook him until he looked up at me.I put my hands on both sides of his face,so he couldn't look away, and leaned forward intently staring at him.

"Jake, your overreacting."I said it as sympathetic as I could. He put one of his hands over my right one.Then he used his free one to take my hand off his cheek and wraped my arm around his neck and pulled me into his lap.He sighed and looked me in the eyes,his eyes had become soft. "I always over react when it's you in danger ,Nessie.You should realize that by now,that or your completely oblivious.But, what would I do without you?"He smiled weakly at me. The door creacked open and my parents stepped in.They stared at us while the walk to sit about a foot away from us.I blushed uncomfortably and squirmed. "I'm going to go change.."I mummured and worked my way out of his arms. As soon as I closed the door behind me I heard silent mummers of discussion, as I change I listened to them. "Why do Caius want her?"Bella asked silently. "Aro wants her also but he's against what Caius is doing.Caius wants revenge so hes for anything that would break us apart.He also wants Nahuel....he wants to..breed half vampires."Edward finished. I froze with my shirt half over my head.Of course,more prizes to add to his collection.I pulled my shirt all the way down and shut the closet door quietly still intent on the conversation. I heard Bella and Jacob snarl and growl but ignored it. Edward continued."Aro has no intentions of hurting us;he figures if he trys to take her we'll fight them and that'll be their excuse.He's in no hurry though so Caius acted on his on.From what I caught he won't be back soon." "We're going to have to always be on guard...."Bella sighed "I'll get the pack to run double shifts.."Jacob chimed in. I felt like falling to the ground,I was making everyone's life horrid.They should be able to enjoy their lifes..and live them freely.Not make them revolve around me.I was not worth that for sure.I listended just for a distraction now.

"I'm not leaving,"Jacob stated. "You can't stay here forever,Jacob."Edward said. "Jake,school's starting soon and you need to catch up.We're perfectly able to take care of our own daughter.We'll be moving soon."Bella said nicely. I could hear Jacob growl,he was in poor control of his temper tonight. "She's not going anywhere without me,I won't let you take her off"He whispered.And I, would not go anywhere without him either. "The heck you will"Edward hissed,"It's for her protection and she isn't yours yet ,Jacob,the sooner we leave the better.I understand but only to a limit." I could hear growls rolling out of Jacob, this was my cue.I pulled on some gym shorts and walked into the living room. Jacob's arms were shaking harder than normal.I pointedly glared dagger's at my parents while I walked towards him.My dad shook his head and I could see his 'don't do it;it's not safe' expression,but I knew I'd be fine.I grabbed Jake's arm and pulled him outside into the patch of trees diving the house and the cottage.

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