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August, 28th

June"# Volume 8, Issue 8

News From The Fly Family

Missionaries to Ecuador

$e are craving %cuadorian food&

Longview Medical Team

(eams continue to be a vital art of our ministry) Longview Heights 'a tist came armed with medicines, bibles, and the love of Jesus) (hey were able to minister to eo le from the rural area *La Palma,+ a new community that is close to our home, as well as to some of our new library families in 'abahoyo) (he team also had the o ortunity to hel a astor from Milagro that attends our astor training) (hey were able to see lots of eo le from that community that are art of his outreach rogram) (hank you Longview for your dedication and love for the eo le in %cuador)

LH'C Prayer Request Health and safety for our family Salvation for Maria, Jenny, and Pedro Continued direction with the ministry in La Palma Consistency in attendance for the library kids Praises New library families attending Positive res onse from eo le who attended the medical clinic

Furlough and Ministry Needs

,urlough is a great time for us to share about what-s ha ening here in 'abahoyo) .t can also be very costly for us) Since our first furlough, our family has grown, airline tickets rices have risen, and unfortunately our bills and library rent don-t take furlough) .f you would like to give a one /time gift to hel out during our time home lease mark the gift *furlough needs)+ $e have had a great res onse to our *Christmas in 0ctober+ and are nearing our goal) (hose of you who are lanning on giving or are in the rocess of collecting for your grou , your gift will com lete our goal) $e continue to be grateful for you and your faithfulness to the ministry here) $e are also grateful for 1lobal 0utreach and that they allow us to receive "223 of all gifts given to us and the ministry)

Fun Fact ! ty ical hamburger here comes with a fried egg on to

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Family Corner
$e continue to be amaCed at the house 1od has given us and the wonderful changes it has brought to our lives) $e were e9cited to discover we had an orange tree but during the year of construction we only saw " orange on the tree) $ell, turns out the tree roduces a good amount of oranges and now that we have a fence, no one is stealing them& ,resh sDueeCed orange Euice takes a little work but it is worth it&

Whats Going On?

Se tember !th"#th Pastoral conference with LH'C staff Se tember 8th $omens-s conference in 'abahoyo Se tember $th $omen-s conference in La Palma October %th"&'th Medical (eam from ,'C (u elo October &#th Christmas in 0ctober for Gounger Bids Library October &8th Christmas in 0ctober for 0lder Bids Library October &$th Library Bids reward tri to 1uayaDuil October 2%th/January :nd ,urlough Hates

Featured Library ,eatured Library Bids Kids

Meet %rick) (his sweet F year old has been attending the library for two years) He loves laying soccer and is very good at math) He is a big fan of seafood) ,abiana is A and shares %lisabeth-s June birthday) She enEoys social studies and coloring) Her mom is always so sweet to hel out however she can in library)

$e the ,ly family are missionaries with Global Outreach International 6www)globaloutreach)org7) $e are ha y to inform you that they belong to Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability 6www)ecfa)org7)