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Election Questionnaire
a!e Count"

Date questionnaire completed: 10/31/13 Office sought: Educational Service Center of

#olitical part": $ndependent %ame: &nthon" #odo'il &ge: () Date of *irth: 0+/,,/1-(. #lace of *irth: Cleveland /ome address: ,111 0ings*orough Dr12 #ainesville 34p12 Ohio 550.. ength of residence in that communit": ,( 34itter: none 6ace*oo!: none Campaign 7e* site: none Occupation: E8ecutive Director Emplo"er: 3he &lliance for /igh Qualit" Education 9usiness address: +0(0 %1 /igh Street2 Colum*us2 Ohio Occupation: 6inancial #lanner Emplo"er: Cedar 9roo! 6inancial #artners 9usiness address: (++( ander*roo! Drive2 Suite ,002 :a"field /ts12 Ohio Elected office e8perience: %one %on;elected office e8perience <*oards2 etc1=: #ast #resident: a!e/>eauga Education &ssistance 6oundation :em*er2 >eauga Count" ?nited 7a" Education <#lease onl" list schools "ou@ve graduated from and list degrees if applica*le=:

:arital status: :arried %ame of spouse: 0aren %ame and age of an" children: 9r"an2 312 &ndre4 ,)2 Chris ,( OrganiAations: 9uc!e"e &ssociation of School &dministrators Should "ou *e elected2 4hat are three specific areas "ou@d li!e to change2 address2 improve or further research2 and ho4 specificall" 4ould "ou go a*out itB: 11 Continue to see! programs that promote shared service opportunities 4ith mem*er districts *" 4or!ing 4ith the service center staff and fello4 *oard mem*ers1 ,1 Cesearch the feasi*ilit" of enhancing count" level services *" *ecoming more closel" aligned 4ith neigh*oring service centers1 31 7or! 4ith our legislators in developing a more in depth understanding of the needs of the unique districts 4e serve and the impact that legislative initiatives are having on the qualit" of education *e delivered to the children1

7hether for past accomplishments or future goals2 4h" should voters elect "ouB
As a thirty plus year resident ! La"e C unty and a #areer edu#at r$ I % uld %el# &e the pp rtunity t ser'e the # &&unity as a ( ard )e&*er ! r the Edu#ati nal Ser'i#e Center ! La"e C unty+ I *elie'e &y li!e ti&e pr !essi nal e,perien#e in the pu*li# s#h l se#t r % uld ser'e ur # &&unity *y helpin- t pr 'ide the ne#essary s"ills needed t assist %ith pr & tin- the a*ility ! the ESC t # ntinue t % r" %ith l #al distri#ts in a # lla* rati'e and *ene!i#ial &anner+ In &y r le as a pu*li# s#h l ad&inistrat r$ I ha'e had &any pp rtunities t de'el p and parti#ipate in nu&er us pr -ra&s that ha'e *een de'el ped . intly *et%een distri#ts usin- the ESC as the #atalyst t &a"e that happen+ In ur #urrent e# n &i# en'ir n&ent$ the &eans *y %hi#h %e utili/e ur res ur#es t their &a,i&u& p tential has ne'er *een & re i&p rtant+ I a& # &&itted t % r"in- %ith all distri#t &e&*ers in see"in- s luti ns that *ene!it ur students and the # &&unity+

NOTE TO CANDIDATES: Please be aware that this questionnaire will be published.

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