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Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova Technical university of Moldova Faculty of Technology and Management in Food Industry Modern

Languages Department

T EME! "Japonais - The restaurant of my

Performed by! M Irina #hec$ed by! Lecturer L.Ciumac

Chisinau 2013

%& (& '& +& )& *& /& Restaurant location &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& ' Restaurant name &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& ) Interior Design of the Restaurant &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& * Restaurant Menu &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& , Restaurant E-uipment &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& %% Restaurant .taff &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& %' 0ocabulary&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& %)

Restaurant Location
Located along the #hicago River1 2aponais delivers a uni-ue e3perience for guests 4 e3ceptional contemporary 2apanese #uisine and .ushi in an e3traordinary setting&

Our contact details

Japonais Restaurant 600 West Chicago Avenue Chicago, IL 60654, United States ( !"# $""%&600 'aponaischicago(co)

*he restaurant o++ers the c,ients par-ing p,aces right in +ront o+ the restaurant

Restaurant name:

./ restaurant 0i,, 1e na)ed Japonais 1ecause Japanese +ood 0i,, 1e served here, such as Sushi, 2o)1uri, 3ruits, 4o)aae, 4/o5a, 4/udon, 6i-u'aga 7-ono)i/a-i, 8ic-,es, Ra)en, Rice, Sashi)i, Sea0eed, So1a So/a 9ean

Interior Design of the Restaurant

Restaurant include! 2aponais Terrace1 5an-uet all1 Red Room1 Lounge1 5ar 6 River7al$ #afe1 8reen Dining Room1 5athroom& 2aponais Terrace

This waterfront view looks onto the Chicago river which holds a deep routed history in the city. The terrace of the restaurant is predominated of a romantic atmosphere.



Japonais, as a design is the co,,a1oration and contri1ution o+ )an/ i)portant e,e)ents that )a-e +or an u,ti)ate dining e:perience( ;oused in a grand 1ui,ding, the interior design o+ Japonais distinct,/ )e,ds industria, Japan 0ith <uropean e,egance( 9an=uet ;a,, can acco))odate !00 guests( *he 9an=uet ;a,, 0ith ,ots o+ ,ights, p,a/ an un+orgetta1,e at)osphere( Red Room

*o the ,e+t o+ the entr/0a/ is the Red Roo), a duti+u, nod to o,d Japan( A raised dining p,at+or) and sushi 1ar is 1athed in a rich co,or pa,ette 0ith hints o+ deep red and go,d( *he neutra, cr>)e resin sushi 1ar serves as a stage +or the art o+ preparing sushi( 7ver the sushi 1ar hangs red te:tured g,ass and the 0hite%ta1,e c,othed dining ta1,es are partnered 0ith red patent ,eather chairs( *he 0est 0a,, is adorned 0ith ,arge s=uares o+ padded go,d ve,vet +ra)ing an oversi5e )irror and a ta1,e +or eight( Circu,ar 1ooths covered in go,d and red si,-en +a1ric +,an- the south 0a,,, and the +,oor is )ade o+ e:tra%0ide pane,s o+ 0ood stained a dar- cocoa hue( *he Red Roo) o++ers )ore c,assic dining, 0hi,e to the right, a ,ess +or)a, dining e:perience is o++ered( Lounge1 5ar 6 River7al$ #afe

*rave,ing do0n the center staircase ta-es /ou to the ,ounge space and river0a,- ca+e( 7utdoor seating and the ,ounge o++ers specia,t/ coc-tai,s and ,ight appeti5ers( *he +u,,%service 1ar sho0cases a 1ac-% ,it 0ooden 1ac- 1ar, a )ap,e top, and a 1rushed go,d 1ase paired 0ith ,i)e green vin/, and )ahogan/ 1ar stoo,s( Lo0 orange and si,ver dua, so+as, ta1,es and otto)ans pepper the roo), and the centerpiece is a ,arge eggp,ant%co,ored stretched +a1ric ?co,u)n? ta-ing up the center o+ the space( .usic is ,ive,/, and 1ac-,it )irrors ,ine the south 0a,,( *he east 0a,, houses a nu)1er o+ g,ass doors ,eading to the outdoor patio a,ongside the north 1ranch o+ the Chicago River( Rattan +urniture, p,ush so+as draped in 0hite sheers, roc-ing chairs, and inti)ate ,ighting ,end a se:/ +ee, to the space( 8reen Dining Room

*o the right o+ the entr/0a/ is the 4reen Roo), o++ering a )ore serene setting 0ith ,o0er seating +or a )ore re,a:ed +ee,( A +oca, point o+ this space is a ,arge s=uare ve,vet otto)an, 1ig enough to seat " +or dining, 0ith an i))ense +,ora, arrange)ent rising up +ro) the center( A,ong the north 0a,, is a 1ric- and s,ate +irep,ace, and a co))una, ta1,e runs a,ong the east 0a,,( *hree ,arge +a1ric shades hang over the co))una, ta1,e to high,ight the space( A raised p,at+or) runs a,ong the east 0a,, 0hich can 1e used +or private dining( 5athroom Bathroom of the restaurant will be equipped with everything you need (big mirrors, towels, soap, etc).

Restaurant Menu
9 restaurant menu design is a reflection of the restaurant itself& Restaurant menu descriptions1 layouts and colors1 7hether formal1 casual or playful1 should match your restaurant concept1 location or theme& *he cover design o+ the restaurant is a 1,ac- and 0hite contrast( Cover is 0hite, decorated 0ith 1,ac- +,o0ers. It is ,a)inated +or a eas/ c,eaning. Restaurant )enu 0i,, 1e " 9 la carte Menu:& *he e:tensive )enu +eatures 1oth conte)porar/ and traditiona, ite)s( So)e specia,t/ appeti5ers inc,ude @ani 6igiri, spic/ 1a-ed -ing cra1, 4/u .a-i, Japanese Aone5a0a 1ee+ ro,,ed 0ith asparagus and )ango in a teri/a-i g,a5e and Si55,ing Sa)urai served 0ith )ini )a-i ro,,s( *he sushi se,ections inc,ude the +reshest cuts o+ nigiri and sashi)i as 0e,, as traditiona, )a-i )ono and Che+Bs Specia, .a-i .ono( Che+Bs Specia, .a-i .ono inc,udes *e)pura So+t She,, Cra1 *opped 0ith ;ira)e and Specia, 7ctopus topped 0ith Spic/ *una( <ntrees are creative and varied, and +eature se,ections inc,uding Seven Spice @o1e 8ri)e Ri1, Uni ;o,,andaise 0ith Satsu)ai)o 8o))es 3ritesC *eri/a-i Sa,)on, *eri/a-i 4,a5ed Sa,)on 0ith Rice 8orridge and 9o- Cho/C Chestnut Chic-en, ;a,+ Roasted Chestnut%<ncrusted Chic-en 0ith Shita-e Rice Stu++ing and 4inger Le)on SauceC 4rouper, Stea)ed With Shri)p Shu)ai And 6a)e-o .ushroo)s, Spic/ Sa-e 9rothC and ?Le Duac- Japonais,? Who,e .ap,e Lea+ S)o-ed 2uc-, ;oisin Sauce, .ango Chutne/ and .ushu Wraps(

.ushi Meniu


Restaurant Equi ment

The kitchen will be equipped with ovens, refrigerators, food storage, work benches and all that is needed in cooking.

nn *he Cut,er/ o+ the Restaurant are )ade o+ china(porce,ain#(



Sets o+ g,asses 0i,, 1e o+ cr/sta,(

In the restaurant +ood is served 0ith chopstic-s, 0hich are speci+ic +or a Japanese cuisine(

Restaurant !taff
;itchen staff include! E3ecutive chef #hef de cuisine .ous chef E3peditor #hef de partie 13

Fish coo$ or poissonier <*his che+ dea, 0ith preparing o+ sushi, and other +ish products# =aiters and 7aitresses

#hef de cuisine

.tation chef



Type of the restaurant service! TABLE SERVICE

*a1,e Service is +ood service served to the custo)erEs ta1,e 1/ the 0aiters(

.etting > dFcor Lounge > ,oc de odihna, a se odihni( =aterfront > )a,u, )arii olds > detine 9n ultimate dining e3perience 4 o u,ti)G e:perienHG cu,inarG oused in a grand building I ga5duit intr%o c,adire )are Melds > a)estecuri 9dorned > i)podo1it 0elvet > cati+ea Padded > captusit 15

Framing > incadrare, organi5are Flan$ > +,an-, aripa a c,adirii 9 dar$ cocoa hue > o nuanta de cacao intunecat =ood stained > ,e)n co,orat .taircase > scara Outdoor > in aer ,i1er .ho7cases > vitrine Maple > artar 5rushed > periat, ,ustruit Paired > asociat .ofas > canape,e 5ac$lit > cu i,u)inare din spate Mirror I og,inda Patio alongside > terasa a,aturi de Furniture > )o1i,ier .erene > senin Lo7er > in+erior #hina > porte,an #rystal > crista,