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An Unexpected Visitor

by Alan R. Cohen

• Alan R. Cohen © © 2005, Creative •, (You may distribute
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t was a beautiful winter morning. Davka looked out the window. It was snowing lightly. The sun was shining adding a beautiful shimmer on the snow.

She sat down in front of the TV, turned on the cartoon station, and buttered her toast. "Saturday mornings are fun!" she thought.


• There was a loud knock on the door. "Who's there?" asked Davka. Nobody answered. "Who's there?" asked Davka.


• Nobody answered. Davka got up and opened the door. Nobody was there. "Hello." She heard. Davka looked and saw nobody.


• "Hello." She heard again. Davka walked down the steps and looked behind the bushes. She was sure that it was Juan her next-door neighbor. He was always playing jokes on her. • Nobody was behind the bushes.

"Hello." She turned around. She saw a small drum. "Hello." said the drum.


• "Hi" said Davka. "I'm a drum. My name is Danny." "My name is Davka." "May I come inside? It's cold." said the drum.


• "Sure." said Davka. "This should be fun." she thought. "I can't carry you. You'll have to walk." "No problem." said Danny.


To Davka's amazement, Danny walked inside her house.


• “

o you know Juan?" asked Davka. "Who's Juan?" "He's the one playing the joke on me."


• "What joke?" "You!" Danny turned red. "I'm not a joke." Davka saw that she had hurt his feelings.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to insult you. I've never seen a talking drum before. I thought Juan, my next door neighbor was playing a joke on me."


• "Apology accepted. I'm a special drum. I can talk, walk, and think. I'm also good with rhythm." "Why did you knock on my door?" "I'm lost." "Lost?"

• "Yes. My friends and I were going to practice. We're performing in a concert tonight. I stopped to look in a store and when I came out my friends were gone." "Where is your concert?" "I don't know."

• "You can stay here for awhile. I like drums. They're fun to play. My mom doesn't like drums. She thinks they make too much noise." Danny laughed.


"Sometimes we can make a lot of noise." said Danny. "However, we can be soft, make you want to dance, keep time and add to the personality of the song."

• "Wow! I never knew drums could do that much." "Yes, my family and I can do a lot of different things." "You have brother and sister drums?"


• "Yes. My family is the percussion family and my relatives are drums, bongos, congas, timpani and other percussion instruments." "Wow! I never knew there were so many types of drums."


• "We are the oldest musical family. We make music different ways. We produce sound when we are hit by hands, mallets, and sticks." • "Does that hurt?" "Not at all."