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March/ April 2007

Walking in Royalty

Seeds and Weeds
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Are You a Satisfied Single?

Perfect Timing

What Are You Planting in Your Garden?

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Fresh Hope for a New Vision
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Table of Contents
Erica S. Dye, Editor -in- Chief / Publisher A Cuppa Blessings..........4

March- April 2007
The Voice of Inspiration Seeds and Weeds .........16 The Freedom Corner Are You a Satisfied Single? .........17



You Were Saying? Your letters, opinions and comments about TBR...........5

Straight Talk with L. T. Mason On the Brink of a Breakthrough? Then Jump Off! .........8 H. O. P. E. (Helping Other People Everywhere) Transparency .........32


Heart-to- Heart with TBR Interview with Dr. Lindsay Marsh ........27

Disguise Is The Limit! Morning Prayer..........20 Feon Lavyette Davis For the Lord of God..........31 And the Sister Said Amen! Evangelist Celeste..........22 The Freedom Corner Already Alright..........18 Let Me Holla at You! Enoch- First Fruits.........19. Shaunte’ “Godschosenqueen” Smith Excerpt: The Defining Process.........56


The Truth Will Set You Free Saved to be a Peculiar People ........7 Stacy Hawkins Adams New Hope and New Life Are Yours for the Taking .........23


Kingdom Wisdom Stages of Development Part I I- Infilling .........8 Evangelist Celeste Walking in Royalty .........21

The Best SEX of myLIFE
a guide to

Loving in the Red Zone When is Your Next Time? .........21



Spiritual Words of Encouragement Can You Stand the Rain? .........6 Spiritual Words of Encouragement What Are You Planting in Your Garden? .........14

Belief.Net The 7 Super Foods of the Bible.........10 Karen Sessions 10 Steps on Improving Your Metabolism.........51


Just for Woman Perfect Timing .........24 Pastor Noel Vaughn Fresh Hope for a New Vision .........15


by Patricia R. Barrett Guide to Container Gardening..........40



Kimberly Powell 18 Steps to a Successful Family Reunion..........41

Jif® Peanut Butter Peanut Butter Bunny Crisp Cake.........31 Business Wire Baked Ham with Mojo Sauce..........33



Beauty and Fashion with Jackie O’ Neal Get the Insider’s Secret Beauty Weapons..........43 Lindsay Banecker Fashion Trends for Spring 2007.......45

1.Kingdom Wisdom by Karen Maloy 2.Fashion and Beauty by Jackie O’ Neal 3.Cheri Paris Edwards 4.V. Helena 5.A Cuppa Blessings by Erica S. Dye 6.Loving In The Red Zone by Shewanda Riley 7.Tia McCollors 8.Straight Talk with L. T. Mason by LaTonya Mason 9.Just For Woman by Queen E. F. Phillips 10.Norma L. Jarrett 11.Michelle Stimpsom 12.The Voice of Inspiration by Dr. Vivi Monroe Congress 13.Write the Vision; Make it Plain by Vanessa Davis Griggs 14.H.O.P.E(Helping Other People Everywhere) by DeeDee Watson- Smith 15.Kimberly Brooks 16.A Series of Parables by Darlene Casino 17.The Truth Will Set You Free by Linda Wattley 18.Down Home Cookin’ with Kim Robinson by Kim Robinson 19.Let Me Holla at You! by Dinah Zale 20.Stacy Hawkins Adams 21.Poetry Corner by Jeanetta Britt 22.Spiritual Words of Encouragement by Jackie Moore 23. Sharell Love by Sharell Love 24.Dr. Gail Hayes by Dr. Gail Hayes 25.Pastor Noel Vaughn 26. Rev. Sinclair Grey III 27.Danielle”Godschosenqueen” Bates 28. Crystal “Disguise” Simmons 29. Sharell Love 30. Spiritual Words of Encouragement by Jackie Moore 31. Feon Lavyette Davis 32. Evagelist Celeste


Jennifer W. Miner The Garden House in Cusco, Peru..........48


Farrah Gray with Fran Harris Becoming Rich from the Inside Out!.........49

Sandra Gerard Hope and a Future.........55.


Kelli Mahoney Top 10 Lies Christian Teens Tell Themselves about Sex, Dating, and How Far is Too Far..........53


Bible Crosswords Sermon on the Mount.........59 Gospel Communications International Reverend Fun Comics..........58


Pamela Harris Teaching Your Child to Clean..........57

Blaclite Ministries Blaclite: Evangelist, Producer and Recording Artist.........12



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A Cuppa Blessings

A Message from the Editor


There’s No Better Room To Be In Like A Blessed Room!
in making this vision a reality! We are one step closer to accomplishing our goal of becoming a full- print publication- to God be the glory! Since the birth of TBR in November of 2005, we have overcome many challenges and within one year expanded tremendously. We are now reaching a new demographic of readers outside of the U.S.! It is the mission of The Blessed Room Magazine to continue to publish a quality publication that provides encouragement, inspiration, spiritual support and practical insights for men and women alike. Our purpose is to uplift our readers through their journey in life and live to the fullest. TBR is delivered to the inboxes of thousands of homes and offices each month and is published bimonthly for people who either know God or want to know God. So, let us be the friend you need and inspire and challenge you to change - from the inside out!

elcome to the “Restoration, Revival, Resurrection” edition of The Blessed Room Magazine! We invite you to share the faith with us as we prepare to celebrate Spring and Easter Resurrection Sunday. Also, this edition of TBR is full of articles that will help you restore, revive, and resurrect those dead issues in your life and walk in royalty. I am excited about the conversion of TBR into full- print PDF format . I have to personally thank you- our readers - for your support to this ministry and telling your friends, family, associates and everyone on your MySpace friends list and Yahoo! address book about us. I also like to thank TBR columnist and contributing writers for being angels

Many Blessings,
Erica S. Dye Editor- in- Chief/ Publisher

TBR Magazine 4 MARCH/ APRIL 2007


you were


Readers of The Blessed Room share their opinions and thoughts!

Keep up the great work and working for God. I’m really liking what you’ve done with your magazine. Let me know how I can help in the near future. -Kind Regards, Safia Jalila Just stopping thru to show a lot of respect,love and support nice magazine keep on grinding!!! - Mr. Caldwell A great concept! -Charity I am loving this! Blessings & much success. -Lisah Beautiful job! A blessing to all..... Abundant blessings to YOU! -PRProPam Blessed Room E-Magazine......Love It!! I’m sure I’ll be back often for updates. Take Care & Continue Being Blessed and a Blessing, - Min. Anthony I love your e-zine. Very encouraging and articles that you can put to use right now. -Deltareviewer We pray that God continues to bless your ministry beyond measures. We will most def. be checking out your e-magazine. It’s a blessing to have a ministry such as yours. Continue to keep God first! Much luv, -Chosen Nice publication. Keep up the good work. God bless, - Aaron Robinson Letter From January/ February 2007 “A New Year: A New Beginning” issue! ARTICLE: A Fresh Start: Living Fear Free in 2007 by ViVi Monroe Congress

Congrats on the magazine keep up the God work. -Verb Bless you. I’m looking forward to your publication being a blessing to my ministry and church. -Bishop C. Edward Moten WERE YOU EMPOWERED BY THIS ISSUE OF TBR???

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Dr. Vivi’s article is timely and encouraging. I’m on the brink of a lifealtering transition (after 26 years of service as an automotive engineer, the company is moving to Mexico Adios!) and fear is ever present. Dr. Vivi’s biblical insight, coupled with practical know-how, filled me with hope. Thanks for being an inspiration thousands of miles away. Valerie L. Coleman, author of Blended Families An Anthology. A real account of life in stepfamilies because we are not the Brady Bunch! Available at Amazon.com and your favorite bookstore. There’s a blessing in the blending! www.penofthewriter.com/anthology

-Valerie L. Coleman

TBR Magazine 5 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

Spiritual Words of Encouragement

Can you stand the
Scripture: So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflow ing w ith thankfulness. Colossians 2;6,7


aints, as I rode home from work today, I observed the situation around me. There were accidents on the highways, dirt and debris strewn about because of the falling rain, and people running for cover. Saints, I am reminded that rain is a necessary process in the cycle of life. You see, the rain is needed to wash away life’s debris and prepare the ground for the coming planting season. Sometimes though, we can get a little too much rain. The rain may come in torrents, washing away those things that are freshly planted or the old foliage whose roots are no longer strong enough to hold it in place. How strong are your roots? Are you new to the faith and have not yet developed strong enough roots in Christ to hold you in place when the storms of life come along? Or are you so old and set in your spiritual life that you no longer


gain the nourishment from the word that keeps your roots healthy enough to stay firmly planted in the rain? So again Saints, I ask, Can You Stand the Rain? Be Blessed Prayer: Our Father which art in Heaven, Hollowed it be thy name. May those things that You have predestined in our lives come to fruition according to thy will and thy tender mercies. Oh Lord, we are weak, but You are strong. Touch us Lord, strengthening us for the coming storms in our lives. Lord, some of us are in the midst of our storm even as we pray. Magnify Your presence in our lives that we may gain the fortitude to stand, be strong, and hold on even when it’s seems that we may be washed away at any given moment. Hide us Lord, under the wings of Your protection when it begins to seem like our roots are not strong enough and even one more drop of rain. May we always know when to seek Your guidance and protection in the midst of our

personal storms. Now Lord, help us to remember that the rain and the storms BY JACKIE D. MOORE don’t last always. But that there is sunshine and joy in the coming morning. Father, continue to touch and bless Your saints today. Extending just a little more grace for those who are in need of extra grace this day. Keep our troops safe and their families wrapped securely in the knowledge that You are with them even in the midst of the dessert. Father God we give You praise, adoration, and all of our hearts this day. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen. Copyright ©2006 by Jacqueline D. Moore. All rights reserved. Jackie Moore is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in religion and offers spiritual words of encouragement daily on her website www. virtuousliving.com. She and her two sons, James and Joseph reside in Detroit, Michigan. They are members of New St. Mark Baptist Church under the leadership of Sr. Pastor, Larry Smith Email:JackieMoore@virtuousliving. com .

TBR Magazine 6 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

The Truth Will Set You Free


Tts 2:14 Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.

often wondered if the church foundation was eliminated, how people would come to know about Jesus. Then I remember a time people would be on the highways and byways telling the world about a man named Jesus. He is the man that would save their soul. They would even hand out free Bibles. Where is that John the Baptist zeal today? Have we sat on the good news about Jesus? Have we sat on it so long while we waited for someone else to tell us their thoughts about God? When is the last time we told somebody about a man named Jesus? I am not talking about the personalized version of sharing our experiences about Jesus like when he woke us up this morning, kept me clothed in my right mind, I wouldn’t have gotten my gas turned on if it weren’t for Jesus etc. I am talking about being fully silenced of self to the point only what God has to say is spoken from our lips. Something like there


is beauty in holiness. How about a virtuous woman is one to strive to be, there is a peace that passes understanding etc. People have heard about what He had done for us. They want to know what He can do for them. If we are continuing presenting a Jesus that has to answer to our every worldly beckoned call then we are
Have we sat on the good news about Jesus? Have we sat on it so long while we waited for someone else to tell us their thoughts about God? When is the last tim e we told som ebody about a man named Jesus?

help. Can we tell people we have a God who sent His only begotten Son that none should perish but have everlasting life? Salvation is not just about soothing our sufferings. It is about getting to the source that gave us Jesus. We are saved to learn our place in God’s Will. How are we to be saved and comfortable with no concerns about the lost? SAVED is past tense for it is already done. We need REVIVAL. God is looking for a peculiar people to handle His business. There is supposed to be something about us that draw people’s curiosity. We got to get beyond worldly concerns and seek to know spiritual things. SALVATION GAVE US ACCESS FOR MORE KINGDOM BUSINESS. As God’s people become less, He becomes more. That is what salvation is all about , being vessels for God’s spirit to touch the spiritless. Copyright ©2006 by Linda Wattley, author of Daddy’s Little Girl. Contact Linda Wattley: universalove26@aol.com. Visit web page: www.lindawattley.com

no longer presenting a Savior but someone who works constantly on our behalf to ensure we don’t ache or suffer too long. There’s more to Jesus than that. Jesus gave us SALVATION—VICTORY OVER SIN. Can we explain that to the lost? Can we explain to them that we were born into sin therefore we are sinners and we need

TBR Magazine 7 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

Kingdom Wisdom
life, for we were working against His principles. For example, the Bible says “we live by faith and not by sight”, the world says “I will believe it when I see it”; the Bible says “to forgive those who trespass against me”, the world says “revenge is sweet”; the Bible says to “ give in order to receive” and the world teaches us “you can’t give what you don’t have”. Can you begin to see how you can stop God blessings from manifesting themselves in your life? Those very principles are what is keeping the Body of Christ from growing and maturing into what God has called us to be, and can stop us from accomplishing that which God has called us to do. We need an understanding of how the kingdom of God works, and how to obtain that which God has promised to us. Fortunately for us, God’s world is not only different, but it is better than the world that we know. God’s world is filled with love, joy, peace, etc… and many, many, many promises. My question for you this week to ponder – what is your cup overflowing with? Is it with what you have learned through the world or what you have learned through the word? And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Rom 12:2 Copyright ©2006 by Karen Maloy. All rights reserved. Karen Maloy is a Christian freelance writer out of Faith By Love Family Worship Church in Syracuse, NY. To learn more about her novels “Does It pay to Obey?” and “Are You Afraid of the Dark, Too?” visit her webpage:www.karenmaloy.org

Fill your cup of life with the



of the word vs. the

of the world.

Stages of Development Part II – INFILLING
Fill 1 a : to put into as much as can be held or conveniently contained <fill a cup with water> b : to supply with a full complement <the class is already filled> c (1) : to cause to swell or billow <wind filled the sails> Let’s continue with our cup. Our internal cup – once filled with the garbage of the world; anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, etc….is now being purged, and must be re-filled. Not re-filled with just any knowledge, but the knowledge of God. Don’t be deceived into believing that once you have been purged it

is the end of the journey. You must now receive an infilling - an infilling of the word of God and also of the Holy Spirit. This is the time where you must now study the word and develop an understanding of it. Read, meditate, learn scriptures, and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal its meaning to you. You were transformed when you received your new birth but your mind now needs to be renewed. You must now learn how to live your life the way that God intended. Misconceptions and deceptions must now be replaced with the truth of the Word. Process what you read, meditate on it, and learn to live by it– for this a new beginning for you. The problem with many of us is, that we are trying to live our new life, based on the principles that we had learned while living as a sinner. That is most unfortunate, because we were only negating that which God was trying to do in our


TBR Magazine 8 MARCH/ APRIL 2007


On the Brink of a BREAKthen


me. Going forward, for bigger and better was also an option, but it required risk...rejection even. But, I mustered up the courage to see what was on the other side. And, I am proud to announce that I have signed a 2-book deal with Harlequin Books. Be encouraged. © 2007 Latonya Mason™ All Rights Reserved. LaTonya Mason is an associate minister and full-time writer in Charlotte, NC, where she lives with her children. For information about her novel, Good To Me (Walk Worthy Press, 2005) visit her website at www.latonyamason.com. *Join me and five of your other favorite Christian authors for the Charlotte Faith and Fiction Fellowship, April 20-21. Go to www.tiffanylwarren.com/fandffhouston.html to see who’s coming and register at faithandfictionfellwoship@yahoo.com.

ave you ever felt so close to a blessing you could feel it? Doesn’t it feel like you could just reach out and grab it? The problem is, that many of us don’t. We just sit on the brink of a breakthrough and wait. If this describes you, then you have to read one of my favorite bible stories, at 2 Kings 7:3-8. It tells of four lepers who were ostracized from their communities because of their contagious skin conditions. As they sat waiting at the gate, one of them said, “Why sit here until we die?” He went on to tell the others that if they continued waiting there, they were going to die. If they went back into their communities, they would be stoned. And, if they went forward (to the enemies’ camps) they would be killed. “BUT,” he said, “Who knows? The enemies may let us live.” It is recorded that


at twilight the lepers went forward to the enemy’s camp, and at twilight, God caused such a disturbance in the camp that the enemies fled, leaving their possessions behind. By the time the lepers arrived, the land was theirs for the taking. My message to you is that at the VERY moment you decide to move, God will move heaven and earth to make provision for you. You have no need to be afraid of anything or anyone. Everything you need is in front of you. As with the lepers, you’ll die if you stay where you are. Looking back will kill you. But, if you’ll go forward, God will take care of your limitations and opposition. This is true in my own life. I was just sitting with the manuscript I wrote this summer...just waiting. Not sure what I waiting on. I could’ve gone back to Walk Worthy Press, or I could’ve just held on to my manuscript believing God to send a publisher to

TBR Magazine 9 MARCH/ APRIL 2007


rying to eat healthy? Start by opening your Bible to Deuteronomy 8:8, where the Israelites are promised “a good land…, a land of wheat and barley, of vines, figs, and pomegranates, a land of olive trees and honey.” The ancients might not have known the word “antioxidant,” but they were onto something with this list of biblical “super-foods.” Explore this gallery to find out exactly how on-target they were.



of the

Super Food #4: Figs T h e s e sweet fruits, eaten either dried or fresh, are high in potassium, a mineral that helps control blood pressure. They are also high in dietary fiber, which may help you lose weight, and they are a fruit source of calcium, which can help preserve bone density. Fig leaves, which are not typically eaten but can be made into an extract, are thought to help lower insulin levels in diabetics.

Super Food #2: Barley Another whole grain, barley can be found in breads and cereals, as well as in hearty winter soups. High in fiber, barley is good for intestinal health and can lower cholesterol and reduce your risk of colon cancer and type-2 diabetes if eaten regularly. Barley also contains trace amounts of copper, which have been shown to help reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

Super Food #1: Wheat This grain, which is found in everything from bread to pasta to cakes, is healthier when it is refined as little as possible. Wholewheat products (those that are certified 100% whole wheat) contain 30 percent of your recommended daily fiber intake, as well as high levels of manganese and magnesium. A diet rich in whole grains is also thought to increase your energy level and lower your risk of type-2 diabetes, gallstones, and other health issues. Super Food #3: Grapes Everyone knows that grape juice and red wine are tasty—but healthy? Grapes contain nutritional compounds called flavonoids, which are believed to reduce your risk of blood clots and protect your body from damage by the “free radicals” found in LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol. Rich in antioxidants, grapes may provide protection against cardiovascular disease, particularly in women. TBR Magazine 10 MARCH/ APRIL Super Food #5: Pomegranate These strange-looking seed fruits are back in vogue as health-giving super-foods, particularly in juice form. The fruits are rich in antioxidants, which prevent LDL cholesterol from doing its damage, and it helps prevent blood clots by keeping blood platelets from clumping together. Pomegranates may also help reduce the risk of breast cancer and lessen the symptoms of arthritis. Continued on page 12...



Super Food #6: Olive Oil Olives, and the extra-virgin oil that is made from a single pressing of the fruit, contain many of the antioxidants that are thought to protect against the oxidation of LDL cholesterol compounds. They also are high in monounsaturated fatty acids, which are called “the healing fats” because they lower the effects of “bad” cholesterol while raising “good” cholesterol levels. High in vitamin E, olive oil also is thought to protect against colon cancer, Blaclite was born on none and a vision where there was and it is helpful in fighting gastritis March 11, 1979 in Jacksonville blindness. Just like Paul, brought the a n d other stomach ailments. Florida, to a family steeped in al- message of salvation to his “beloved cohol, drugs and violence. His Greeks”, Blaclite, takes his meschildhood was filled with harsh life sage to the very streets that tries to lessons that came from the streets. take his life. He has become a youth He learned very early to survive specialist, specializing in reaching the war he was born into he would the youth that no one else knows have to join the enemies army. The how to reach. Blaclite has recently one person who never gave up expanded to Atlanta Georgia from praying and believing that one day Jacksonville Florida to expand his Super Food #7: H o n - God would “get-a-hold of him” ministry and he is looking forward ey was his mother. Her faith was what to being apart of your upcoming was going to be the catalyst for a Youth, Church, and College events/ Raw honey, in addition chain of events that would trans- festivals anywhere in the country. to being a natural sweetener, is form not only his life but his soul. Feel free to link up with us today!! replete with antioxidants and is In the end Blaclite had burnt evconsidered to be an anti-viral, anti- ery bridge he had gone over, there Blaclite Ministries bacterial, anti-fungal substance. It was nowhere else to turn but to the Hampton, GA is thought to have tumor-fighting cross. In his brokenness he wept Main office: 404-468-4463 properties, and may help prevent with repentance at the foot of that www.myspace.com/blaclitemusic colon cancer. The daily consump- very cross. Everything he had ever blaclite2005@yahoo.com tion of a spoonful of honey is said heard about Jesus became personto increase antioxidant levels in the al. He was now truly a new crea- The Music Lab blood, and is the healthiest sweet- ture in Christ! God has worked in Recording Studio: 678-489-3609 ener for type-2 diabetics. Honey this young mans life to bring a lost www.myspace.com/blaclitebeats also may have wound-healing and generation to the kingdom of God. Blaclite_aap@yahoo.com muscle-regenerating properties. His music touches their very souls. Giving them hope were there was ©2007 Belief.Net. All Rights Reserved. TBR Magazine 12 MARCH/ APRIL


Oh kind and gracious and merciful Father, we come this morning as humbly as we know how. We lift up our eyes unto the heavens from which all of our blessings flow. Father, we know that we are not worthy of fresh grace, but You give it to us anyhow. We know that somewhere WRITTEN BY JACKIE D. MOORE along the way we have sinned, but You forgave us anyway. We know that sometimes we disappoint You, Scripture: but You love us anyway. Thank You I am the true vine, and Father that You love and forgive me my Father is the despite me. Father we come standgardener. John 15:1 ing in the gap today for our fellow saints, for our family members, and for our friends. So many need a i n t s , depended on their crops. Unlike so much, but we know that there is w h e t h e r us, if their gardens failed, they nothing too hard for God. Continue you real- couldn’t just run out to the corner to touch, bless, anoint and heal those ize it or store to get something for dinner. saints among us who are afflicted. Keep us all just a little closer to You not, spring is fast approaching. As we turn The same holds true today in our this day and give us the wisdom to our thoughts towards spring, we own gardens. What you decide to choose the right seeds for our garstart thinking about our yards and plant has a distinct bearing on your dens. Now Lord we pause to praise our gardens. Many of you have well-being. You see, I am not talk- You. We give thanks to You alone, probably already started thinking ing about your flower garden or we magnify and uplift Your most about what type of seeds you will your vegetable garden. I am talk- holy name. We ask and pray these be planting this year. Some may ing about your spiritual garden. things in the name of Jesus. Amen. choose to plant only flowers. Oth- Whatever a man soweth, so shall ers may choose to plant only vege- he reap. What seeds are being Copyright ©2006 by Jacqueline D. Moore. All rights reserved. table and still others will plant both. planted in your spiritual garden? I Jackie Moore is currently pursuing pray that you plant seeds of love, her undergraduate degree in religion As I reflect back to biblical times, seeds of hope, seeds of forgive- and offers spiritual words of encourI have noticed that the garden was ness, but most of all, seeds of faith. agement daily on her website www. very important to all. You see the virtuousliving.com. She and her two lands in which they resided where You see, when we start our gardens sons, James and Joseph reside in Deoften barren and would sometimes at just the right time, give them the troit, Michigan. They are members of lack water. So they had to be very love, care, nurturing, and attention New St. Mark Baptist Church under the diligent in what they grew be- that all gardens need, we can grow leadership of Sr. Pastor, Larry Smith cause they knew their very lives a bountiful crop that can and will Email:JackieMoore@virtuousliving. TBR Magazine 14 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

What are you planting in your garden?

Spiritual Words of Encouragement
last until our next planting season. Be Blessed


Pastor Noel Vaughn
This letter is one of the ways God has provided for me to support & deliver to you God’s Word both online and through print. This letter is designed to increase to your walk of faith in Christ Jesus. May you read it and be blessed! Intro: Fresh Hope is remembering God will bring His expected end to pass ( Is 46:9-11), and having a new vision is simply bringing to mind a renewed truth of the spiritual forethought of God; i.e., something God said He would do for you as a believer. (Ez 12:21-28)

FreshHope For A New Vision
with pleasure; a confidence of fulfillment; a joyful expectation of God’s goodness ; * Hope is an earnest expectation of God’s expected end! Point #2: Hope & Vision Work Hand-In-Hand Heb 11:1; Now faith is the substance of things hoped for ( without hope faith cannot work) 2 Co 4:18; While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are unseen . . . ( Hope is the thing which is unseen in the natural) Genesis 11:1-7 . . . .nothing they imaged to do ( the imagination deals with the unseen as seen) Pr 29:18; Without a vision the people perish . . .(Hope is the expectation of the vision coming to pass) CONCLUSION: The purpose of a having a Fresh Hope for a New Vision is to lead, guide and direct you in expecting God to bring to pass His will for your life spiritually and physically. Remember, a vision gives man a blueprint of instructions, directions or goals God intends for us to fulfill with His help; for his purpose and glory. A vision must then be received by faith and acted on through the believer. So then faith gives life to your vision and it’s inspired by hope. Keep hope fresh and walk out your new vision!! 2006-2007 © All Rights Reserved Be a KINGDOM INVESTER at New Vision Christian Church Center. When you send your contributions, offerings, and financial gifts of support to New Vision Christian Church Center c/o Pastor Vaughn, you activate the Word of God and cause increase in your life! We stand on the Word of God for you found in Luke 6:38; “Give to people and they will give to you. They will fill your cup, press it down, shake it, and let it run over. That is what they will give to you. How much you give to others is how much God will give to you” WWE translation. Send all donations to: NVCCC, P.O. Box 1341, Warren, Ohio, 44482-1341.; or call 330.394.8003, with your credit card today. Thank you for being a Email: nvcm@yahoo.com Visit Us: New Vision Christian Church Center Warren Location- Sunday 11AM & Wednesday 7PM; 2500 MAHONING AVE WARREN, OHIO 44483 Cleveland Location – Sunday 6PM; 11123 MILES RD. CLEVELAND, OHIO 44112 Teleprayer Ministry(330) 394-8003 Intercessory Prayer on the TELEYou can purchase videos, DVD, CD or tapes by writing: NVCCC, P.O. Box 1341, Warren, Ohio, 44482-1341.; or call 330.394.8003, or email us at: nvcm@yahoo requesting a product catalog of further messages.

Objective: To give the believer a
greater understanding and better perspective of what hope is, how hope works, insights to the function of hope, and how hope inspires a new vision. I believe that a fresh study of hope will increase ones understanding, and cause desire to obtain a new vision (the perception of increase through the Word of God). This is brought to pass through having fresh hope.

Foundational Scripture:

Romans 15:4; For whatsoever thing were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patient and comfort of the scriptures might have hope. I Peter 3:15; But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear (reverence) Point #1: Understanding What Hope Is . . . Hope in the Greek is the Word elpis taken from the root word elpo; meaning an earnest expectation

TBR Magazine 15 MARCH/ APRIL

The Voice of Inspiration
Despite your present circumstances and in case no one has told you lately, you’re a precious and rare flower in God’s garden, being watered by His word and strengthened by His Son. Show His glory and bloom your little petals off!
BY DR. VI VI MONROE CONGRESS contractors of sort, building each other up. What’s more, we’re to test everything that is said and to only hold onto those good things that are spoken to us as directed in 1 Thessalonians 5: 21. When you’ve got someone speaking negatively into your life or if, God forbid, you are that someone sabotaging your own spirit with unforgiving words or undermining and condemning thoughts, I encourage you to uproot those weeds by asking God for that portion of faith He has set aside for you and only you. Faith in yourself, faith in Him, faith that, like seedlings planted in rich soil under the right conditions, grows strong and bears much fruit. Despite your present circumstances and in case no one has told you lately, you’re a precious and rare flower in God’s garden, being watered by His word and strengthened by His Son. Show His glory and bloom your little petals off! © February 2007 Vivi Monroe Congress, D. Min. Dr. Vivi Monroe Congress, author of The Bankrupt Spirit: Principles for Turning Setbacks into Comebacks and The McMillon Family Cookbook: Something to Shout About! and founder of The Grand Prairie African American AUTHOR SHOWCASE (Author Showcase Events) is a graduate of Pace University in New York and obtained a Doctor of Ministry degree in Christian Counseling from Vision University.


f you’re fortunate enough to care for a garden or to participate in any landscaping activities, the word “weed” undoubtedly leaves a less than desirable taste in your mouth and conjures up similarly disturbing images in your mind. Plainly stated, weeds are not our friends. Not our best friends anyway. Undesirable, unattractive, undisciplined—and those can be the positive adjectives to describe weeds. The mere presence and sighting of one in an otherwise near-perfect yard can significantly detract from a property’s value and appearance, not to mention reduce the access of nourishing elements (sunlight and water) to neighboring healthy foliage, which is both vital to development and growth. In life, weeds are those things and people that hold us back from normal growth in our walk with God and His purpose for our lives. A

seeds and weeds

weed can be that seemingly hopeless situation you might be facing right now that’s trying to choke the life out of you. Or weeds can bear the spitting image of someone close to you who chooses to remind you of your few faults and weaknesses instead of the abundance of beauty God has placed within you. Unfortunately, weeds can also be ourselves, replaying past mistakes and not believing we can be recipients of God’s best. Romans 12:3 wants us to be honest with ourselves not judgmental, but to inspect ourselves fairly and evenly by allowing God’s faith— the faith that he has in each of us and has given to each of us—to serve as the true measuring tool. As Proverbs 18:21 declares, our tongues carry words that possess the power of life and death and that not only includes words spoken but those thoughts we use to assess ourselves as well. God gave clear instructions to us in 1 Thessalonians 5:11-14 to be encouragers of one another and to be independent

TBR Magazine 16 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

The Freedom Corner
“Now about the questions you asked in your letter. Yes, it is good to live a celibate life.” 1 Cor 7:1 (NLT)

rowing up, you may have heard the adage, “wait on the Lord”. A woman recently told me, “I’ve been waiting so long my cobwebs have cobwebs. When is that man comin’?” Aside from laughing, I didn’t have much more to offer except some advice on changing the focus from “when” to “what are you doing in the meantime”. Having been single, married, divorced, and married again, I have had an opportunity to see single life and married life from unique perspectives each go around. I was in my early 20s when I married the first time and my perspective on marriage was a lot different then when I remarried after being a divorced single Mom for nine years. I will tell you honestly that no matter where I found myself in terms of my marital status, I did not find true fulfillment until I started walking in purpose. Although there were (and are) moments of fulfillment and accomplishment stemmed from my spiritual and mental growth as an individual, my most fulfilling moment was and continues to be my “love affair” with the Lord as I work to do what he has called me to do as a writer. I have received countless awards and accolades, I have beamed with pride at the accomplishments of my family, but the light that shines in me when I am doing


what he has tasked of me is like no other. No man, woman, or child can do that for you, yet from the time we hit puberty and beyond, many of us fantasize about being with or meeting “the One”. We haven’t even begun to maturate through one state and we are already thinking about the other! It’s a travesty, but it is a reality we most deal with and seek to overcome. The more we allow ourselves to get bogged down with this type of thinking, the more we miss our opportunity to look beyond ourselves to see what God has in store for us. In Corinthians 7:31-34, Paul tells us that a married man’s focus should be on how he can please his wife or family, and a single man looks to see how he can please God. Because we do not come out of the womb mar-

Are you a Satisfied Single?
ried to someone, we have the opportunity to live through both states. As a Mom, I talk to my son about the importance of having and maintaining a relationship with God. The “adolescent experience” has him thinking more intently about the opposite sex and how they fit into the equation. Not channeled properly, this could be disastrous, however, our discussions and his reaction to certain situations he encounter tell me he understands where his focus should lie at this point in his life. Does that mean he will always successfully deny the hormonal and external pressures that has and will continue to plague him through adolescence and well into adulthood? No, but it does mean he is aware of the kinds of pressures he will face

TBR Magazine 17 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

and what he can do to seek support, strength, and guidance to deal with those pressures. My son knows the importance of having a continual relationship with the Father, and how critical it is to arm himself with the Word when dealing with these pressures. Now, if a teenager can grasp it, so can an adult, right? The bottom line is this–if you are single and fantasizing about married life, wake up and shake off the fantasy. Don’t spend your time wondering when (or if) it’s going to “happen” to you, and definitely don’t be discouraged if your relationships don’t work out or lead to marriage. Be encouraged with the knowledge that the Father, who knows all your needs, will provide for you. If that translates into a husband or wife in your future, it will surely come. In the meantime, stay focused on the Lord and allow Him to rain blessings upon you in your

current unmarried state. ‘Pick up your plow’ and get into the business of kingdom building! Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, we all know it’s not and we all need encouragement to stay steadfast. Start by joining a bible teaching church and get involved in the life of that church. See what you can do in your community to help those who are not as fortunate as you. Try not to worry about when it’s going to “happen”, and ask God how you can be of assistance to your brother and sister. He’ll take care of the rest. Who knows, while you are making the business of the kingdom your ‘primary concern’, you may find yourself elbow-to-elbow with your potential mate-to-be. Freedom Reflection Thought of the Day: Am I a “satisfied single” being mindful of what the Lord wants from me?

Related Freedom Scripture: Matt 19:10 1 Cor 7:26-27 1 Cor 7:1 1 Cor 7:7 © 2007 by V. Helena V. Helena is author of the Christian relationship book entitled, His Love Is Freedom, which is available in stores or online at www.trafford.com and www.amazon.com. She lives in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

Already, Alright One day as I was taking out the trash, I noticed some schoolchildren coming down the oak tree path. Some walking slower than others, some older than others, all with their mother’s prayer of protection. I smiled. Went to work, my usual Monday thru Friday thang.

Even sang some gospel before I got out of my car and into the swing of the job ching-ching. Meetings became conferences, many uses of demonstratives, people want to know what it is that keeps their life afloat. I laughed. Caught dinner at a new gig in town. Told a friend I would check it out, do a re-

view, maybe save her and her husband a buck or two. “Will anyone be joining you?” said the voice of the size
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Let me holla at you!

He sat up and threw his legs over Malachi regretfully looked the side of his bed. Kneeling at his get up!” Mal- bedside he bowed his head to pray. at Enoch and shuffled behind his mom. Enoch’s back stung achi snatched the spider man comMalachi ran back to their from the feel of that belt and he forter off his younger brother’s body. “Enoch, mom said to get up and get room to grab his book bag, could feel a whelp developing. ready for school before you’re late.” “Enoch. Yo Enoch.” Malachi He closed his eyes and wished whispered. “Here comes mom.” his grandma hadn’t left them. Four Enoch ignored his brother and Their mom’s hard and quick foot- months ago she had passed away turned towards his bedroom window. From where he lay he could steps thumped against the hard wood and since then things hadn’t been see icicles had formed on the bare flooring outside their bedroom. “Boy, the same. Their mom had moved tree branches outside. Old man didn’t I tell you not to pray when you in to take care of them, but she winter had snuck into the city have to be to school.” She swung wasn’t like grandma. Mom drank of Camden and set up residence her hand back and her belt sliced and cursed at them. There was throughout the entire area. Tem- through the air and landed across hardly any food in the house and peratures had only reached a high Enoch’s back. He jumped and fled their house had become a haven for of thirteen and the cold weather to the corner of his room to escape drug addicts. Most days he didn’t vowed to stick around for a spell. her wrath. His seven year old eyes want to come home from school. stared at her, but he refused to cry. When grandma was living she Enoch was already not a lover taught the boys to always put God of mornings and the cold weather “Get up and get dressed. Now!” She wasn’t helping any. The sound of screamed then stomped out the room first. She explained to them that the his mom calling his name compelled and down the hall, “Malachi, you most important person to talk to him to rise for the start of a new day. come on and eat your breakfast be- first thing in the morning was the fore I give you some of this belt too.” Lord. She lived off the belief that TBR Magazine 19 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

Enoch-First Fruits “Enoch,

‘Mornings are reserved for God.’ with that? Can’t you pray later?” Enoch was not upset over his “But God says to give him your first beating. He simply got up and fruits? I’m just obeying God’s word.” did as his mother asked. He then joined them at the kitchen table. “Enoch, I think that means giving His mom had already fixed him a part of your paycheck to God. You a bowl of cereal and had it wait- don’t have any money to give God.” ing for him in front of his chair. “Grandma told me first fruits He sat and bowed his head low. means giving God the first of Again thanking the Lord. When he anything you get because it all finished he looked up and saw his comes from him. I not only give mom watching him. She gave him him the first few minutes of my a mean look and took the cigarette day but I thank him before I take she was smoking out of her mouth the first bite of any meal I eat.” and blew the smoke in his direction. “Man, if you keep giving God “What did I tell you about that your first. Mom is going to give you praying when I’m trying to get you a beating first thing every morning.” off to school?” Enoch avoided answering her by sticking a spoon“I’m not scared. God ful of cereal in his mouth. “Since said I should fear nothing.” you feel the need to talk to God so much why don’t you share with Malachi opened the door for us what you were saying to him.” him to enter the school. “That was fine when we were living with Enoch chewed then swal- grandma but since she died and lowed, “I thanked him for the mom moved in she doesn’t like bowl of cereal I was about to eat.” when you talk about God so much.” They stopped in front of his classRage ignited in his mother’s room. “I think you should keep eyes. She lifted the cereal bowl from that stuff to yourself. Do it when in front of him and threw it across she’s not around then she won’t the room. The bowl and its contents get so mad at you.” The ten minsplattered against the kitchen wall. ute buzzer sounded off. “I’ll meet “If you thank God for food I buy you out front after school.” Malathen you don’t need to eat my food.” chi took off towards his classroom.

“Morning Prayer”

Is the


She stormed out the room. Mal“I believe in Matthew 6:33 achi got up and handed Enoch his Seek ye first the kingdom of God book bag. “Come on. Let’s get go- and his righteousness and all ing before were late for school.” these things shall be added unto you.” Enoch recited before takThey bundled up in coats, hats, ing his assigned seat in class. scarves and boots for their hike to school. “I miss grandma!” Enoch said. © 2007 by Dinah Zale, author of Drama in the Church. All Rights “So do I, but you make mom mad Reserved. © 2007 Crystal “Disguise” Simmons when you pray so much. What’s up TBR Magazine 20 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

Thank you Lord for blessing me to see another day; Lord I thank you for the strength to get up to start me on my way. I might now have gotten up on the right side of bed; But just because You gave me the chance, I’ll make sure I rejoice in it instead. Lord watch over me as I go along on this day; And please forgive me for all of my sins that I’ve committed, I pray. Lord please bless my family, friends, and definitely my enemies; Some may wonder why I pray for them, but I’ll let them find out when they get down on their knees. Lord I love You and I’m resting in Your bosom until the end; Lord I thank You and I believe You’ll do it, in Your holy name I pray AMEN...AMEN...AMEN!

Walking into



Evangelist Celeste

ow many times have we sat back and waited on God like He’s a magician to just magically make things happen in our lives or change our circumstances? So many times we believe God has left us in the pitfalls of life that have us burdened to the core of our soul and bound in despair. Often times when we encounter abusive and hurtful situations, satan will deceive us into believing we are not worthy of love and leaving us with the question, “Where is God?” However, we are worthy, Sisters! We are Divinely Intended for Victory and Abundance – DIVAs! As royalty, the royal priesthood of our Lord and Savior we must learn how to walk it out! Destructive relationship – walk i t out! for our lives. We must walk in His ways and keep His commandments. Bills are due – walk it out! However as we walk, the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Baby need a new pair of shoes – walk the Lord has come that you may have it out! life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). The Wayward children – walk it out! devil seeks Friends don’t understand – walk it out! to steal our hearts and Where am I walking to, you may affections we ask? Walk in royalty. God’s chosen gen- that eration. Walk in the Word of God. Walk possess for with holy boldness. Walk out of those Christ and hurt us spiritually, robbing yokes of bondage that satan has cast us of the Word that lies in our hearts. upon you. With royalty comes respon- He also seeks to lead us and carry sibility. We are responsible to be obedi- us away from the flock of Christ. ent to the Word, and in obedience to His Ever wonder why you don’t Word, He promises that He will bless us (Deuteronomy 28). We must diligently feel like attending worship serlisten to the voice of God and endeav- vice to fellowship with other beor to acquaint ourselves with His will lievers when attacked by satan? Ever wonder why batterers try to keep their victims from fellowship with other believers? We must understand, however, that clutching what little we have in fear won’t allow us to fulfill God’s plan. In fact, this kind of mindset allows the devil to continue to lie to us and cause us to give up on our dreams and God’s plan for our lives. Fear only supplies the characteristics of the idle, lazy and wicked servant. When we listen to the devil, we soon believe we can do nothing. In Matthew 25:1—13 there’s a parable about the five foolish virgins who were totally unprepared to receive the

TBR Magazine 21 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

bridegroom. The devil uses abuse, which comes in many forms – not just physically – to get us to a point where we believe there is no use to keep the oil in our lamps or have oil prepared. What if the Lord came to deliver you from your situation right now, are you ready? Or, will you say, “Wait Lord, let me pack this, I need to get that! Let me get my credit straight. Let me save a little money.” We should always be ready for God’s miraculous power to reign supreme. As DIVAs walking in royalty we are to hold up the Lord’s Name and hold onto the praise of the exalted Jesus! Don’t allow your hurts, disappointments and painful experiences to steal those royal qualities away from you and cause you to miss your bridegroom of dreams and promises. Being the emotional creatures we are, it is often very easy for us to fall into a shell of complacency in our situation and develop an acceptance that things will always be as they would appear. Matthew 25:13 (NKJV) says, “Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming.” If He has given you dreams and visions, the oil won’t magically appear in your lamp – walk in royalty and pursue! In spite of what we face, DIVAs are more than conquerors through the Lord who loves us – walk in royalty and pursue! Store the oil for your lamp of dreams, visions and promises, so that when destiny comes you are ready. In the meantime, my sisters, walk it out – as royalty! And the Sisters said, “Amen!” © 2007 by Evangelist Celeste, author of “Sister Girl… It’s Not That Serious!”. Visit www.myspace.com/ evangelistceleste, today.

And the Sisters said, “Amen!”
AMEN! I’m walking into my destiny It’s royalty, you see AMEN! No more Waiting to Exhale parties, I’m free From those sister friends that just don’t understand me AMEN! I’ve lost a few friends along the way Were they really my friends if they didn’t want to stay? AMEN! My dreams and visions are coming to pass AMEN! Peace in the Lord, alas. AND THE SISTERS SAID, “AMEN!”
TBR Magazine 22 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

by Evangelist Celeste

© 2007 by Evangelist Celeste, author of “Sister Girl… It’s Not That Serious!”. Visit www.myspace.com/evangelistceleste, today.

Stacy Hawkins Adams


New Hope and New Life Are Yours for the Taking ever we decide to claim and live a life birds who have returned from winter of purpose, it is ours for the shaping. hibernation, embrace the things that bring you peace, contentment and We don’t have to wait until Dec. passion. Utter a prayer of thanks to 31, the mandatory New Year’s the Savior for sacrificing His life resolution date, to pursue a life of so that yours might stand a chance. hope and meaning. The early days of Spring 2007 are the perfect time Remember that just as spring is mito rededicate ourselves to the goals raculously beautiful, so too can be and commitments we’ve embraced your life’s journey, even with the in various areas of our lives, from cracks and crevices you’ve collectour faith, our finances and our work ed along the way. Remember that to our relationships and our health. nothing is too hard, too grand or too impractical for God to spring to life. Spring isn’t just a routine weather cycle to be taken for granted. It is a season © 2007 by Stacy Hawkins Adams of opportunity, of new beginnings. Stacy Hawkins Adams is an InThis is the season to begin trust- pirational speaker and author ing that the desires of our hearts of “Speak To My Heart” and are authentic, because they are “Nothing But the Right Thing”. uniquely ours. This is the season to heed the whispers of our soul, to talk less about what we want and do more to make it come to pass. As you enjoy the sunshine, the fragrant flowers, and the music of song-

sunny day can be a symbol of hope, especially after a cold and dreary winter. Just as one’s dreams and desires can lie dormant or die when they aren’t nurtured, so can the belief that one’s circumstances will never improve. Thank God, however, for spring. The brighter days, warmer weather and blossoming plants and flowers usher in a welcomed cycle of the seasons. Not only does spring symbolize the rebirth of nature, it reminds us that we, too, can be born again. In the spring, seeds that were planted in dark and cold ground nudge their way through the earth to dance in the wind as colorful flowers. The darkness of a Savior’s death on a Friday is overshadowed by the unquenchable joy of His resurrection three days later. These miracles are reminders that when-

TBR Magazine 23 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

Just For Women
by Queen E. F. Phillips
was handed down to his eldest, who took over the position of leadership upon the death of the father. But now, and the one that had assumed responsibility and leadership for the household was now dead, and he was the only son. Consequently, the weight of her inner turmoil, burdens, grief and pain were manifested on her countenance. In modern day, this situation would merit the questions such as, What am I going to do now? How am I going make it? Reading and believing dealing with the challenges of life. what Jesus did for her encourages us today—Jesus will fix it for you! When I consider the passage of scripture recorded in Luke 7:11-16, How encouraging is this passage this level of compassion is demon- of scripture to those of us who strated to highest dimension—res- face death everyday, whether the urrection of a dead son. Wow! physical death of children, parents, loved ones, friends, or dead dreams, Let’s consider how the death of this hopes, visions, or hopeless situason affected the economical and tions. We must remember that the emotional well being of this mother. Lord Jesus sees our broken hearts, Luke makes it clear that ‘he was the and the same compassion that He only son of his mother (v.12). In had on this mother He has on us. accordance with the manners and His compassions never fail (Lam. customs of that day, it was the de- 3:21-22) because He is faithful. sire of both the mother and father to have a boy rather than a girl. Boys In the case of death, the dead may were desired to increase the size, not be raised physically, but if wealth, and importance of the fam- they belong to Him they will be ily clan. Since this an only son, the raised in the last day. And even in possibility of family increasing was our grief, sorrow and brokenness, hopeless. And any hopes or dreams His touch will revive our spirits so for an inheritance died with this that we continue in His strength in son. Consequently, the economical spite of emotional upheaval in our situation of this woman changed. lives. His touch still resurrects dead dreams and makes them reality. Luke also states that this woman was a widow—her husband was Women, as we embrace this new dead. The father was the supreme season of hope and restoration, I authority in the household. When ask what’s being carried out of your there was a son in the household, life because it’s dead? What are the authority which the father had you about to bury? Don’t give up; TBR Magazine 24 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

as long as I can remember I’ve heard, “He may not come when you want Him, but He’s always right on time.”


Perfect Timing


Although this truth is revealed throughout the Bible, the avalanche of emotional occurrences in our lives causes us to sometimes question the timeliness of God’s intervention in our affairs. However, even facing the tumult of challenges, difficulties and trials, which often comes upon the Christian, I’m learning that women really do hold a special place in the heart of God. He understands everything about us—our personality, how we think, our needs, our concerns, our dreams, our hurts and disappointment—He especially understands our faults and weaknesses. Yet, He is always compassionate toward us. His tenderness of heart is manifested in the lives of women who often struggle emotionally instability when

don’t bury it yet because God’s timing is inconceivable. Think about it! It was no coincidence that Jesus showed up in the village of Nain just at the time this dead son was being carried out. What perfect timing! It may seem as though you can’t take anymore disappointments, hurts. He knows your emotional state concerning that son that seems hopelessly lost. He is concerned about your financial situation. He is aware of your needs, and He is available to comfort you like no one else can. You sense His tenderness when you get into His presence; you feel the softness of His touch. When He speaks unsurpassing peace saturates your mind to point of no understanding. Today, He is waiting to say arise to whatever is dead in your life. And when He speaks to that dead thing in your life, it has to resurrect because He is the resurrection and the life (John 11:25). It will be in perfect timing so that God will be glorified, and His name will be exalted in the earth. As you face your challenging experiences, you too will learn that He may come when you think He should, but for certain, He will be right on time—His timing is perfect. © 2007 by Queen E. F. Phillips. All Rights Reserved. Queen Phillips is a freelance writer currently residing in Houston, Texas. She is a Spirit-led writer with over twenty years devoted to the Christian writing ministry. She is a published author, poet and speaker. For speaking engagements, or to contact her for more information about her ministry, visit her website at www.majesticpublications.com . TBR Magazine 25 MARCH/ APRIL 2007


Heart -t Heart wit T Bles Room! oh he sed

i a m w o r t h t h e w a i t

Dr. Lindsay Marsh is a young, inspiring woman with a heart to see young people: teenagers, college students and singles, experience God’s best, and fulfill their destinies, while keeping their own ‘flavor’ as a sold-out believer, who is not ashamed of the gospel.

. c o m

Upon moving to Washington, DC at the age of 18, she connected with her awesome Pastors and mentors Drs. Mike and Dee-Dee Freeman of Spirit of Faith Christian Center, in Temple Hills, M.D., where she was ordained at the age of 21. She is greatly humbled and appreciative of God’s blessing and favor on her life and accepts the challenge of being a ‘supermodel’ for the kingdom of God. In this month’s Heart -to- Heart with TBR, Dr. Lindsay tells us about her book “The Best Sex of my Life: A Guide to Purity, and why she’s “Worth the Wait”!

The Life of Your Writer

Wait, LLC. Yes, I want to be married one day…and yes, I want to have kids as well. But in the mean time, I have made a decision to pursue my dreams and do it with flava! I am an anesthesiologist by day and a minister fashionista by night. Originally from Shaker Heights, Ohio, I moved to Washington, DC to attend undergraduate pre-med studies at George Washington University. God strategically connected me to my fabulous Pastors and mentors, Drs. Mike and Dee-Dee Freeman of Spirit of Faith Christian Center. At 18 years old, my journey of truly discovering sexual purity began. TBR: Tell me what is your favorite article of clothing?

Dr. Lindsay Marsh

TBR: Tell me a little bit about yourself? Who is Dr. Lindsay Marsh?

is a young, inspiring woman with a heart to see young people: teenagers, college students and singles, experience God’s best, and fulfill their destinies, while keeping their own ‘flavor’ as a sold-out believer, who is not ashamed of the gospel. Originally from Shaker Heights, Ohio, Dr. Lindsay attended The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. for undergraduate, medical school, and post-graduate training, specializing in anesthesiology.

LM: Worth The Wait jeans, which is LM: I am a 30 year old doctor, part of a new line of denim, sexual minister, entrepreneur, author and purity urban wear, coming soon. VIRGIN! However, I am not your typical virgin. I have endeavored to TBR: If you could go anyrevolutionize the concept of sexual where in the world right now, purity and virginity. I have coined where would you go and why? myself a ‘supermodel’ for the kingdom of God, because I am set to LM: A world tour featuring: Lonrepresent ‘sexual purity with con- don, Paris, South Africa, Italy, temporary style and urban class’! Spain, Dubai……for the shopThat’s the tag line for my sexual ping, sites, resorts, food and fun. purity clothing label, Worth The My world tour is long overdue .

TBR Magazine 28 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

unaccompanied areas of their lives. God has inspired me and charged me to be ‘one’ of those examples. The book has inspired others to ‘join the revolution’ and become a part of the Worth The Wait Revolution!






Your Writer’s Perspective
TBR: When and why did you make the decision to write for the Lord?

LM: After I finished medical school I just began to write. I didn’t have any chapters or titles. It simply began as ‘my testimony’. I wanted to put my memoirs of 25 years (at the time) into a body of work, almost in the form of a diary. I wanted to share intimate parts of my journey with the Lord, to encourage others to pursue him, as well. I truly wanted to embody the scripture in Psalms 37:4, “….Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart…”. I have always wanted to show people that the ‘real’ path to getting the desires of your heart is seeking the Lord! TBR: What do you think makes a writer successful? TBR: What inspires you to write and why? LM: A successful writer must have a clear understanding of LM: This generation is in dire need the issues, concerns and lifeof ‘examples’. People who make style of his/her target audience. a quality decision to glorify God in the visible arenas, as well as the TBR: What is it that makes TBR Magazine 29 MARCH/ APRIL

LM: My honesty and sensitivity to the ‘real’ needs of people make me a successful writer. Wisdom from God’s Word coupled with the intuition and discernment God TBR: What is your favorite book has given me, allow me to boldly, and why? yet carefully approach several ambiguous topics in sexual purity. LM: Understanding Your Potential: Dr. Myles Monroe It’s my favorite because it teaches A Writer’s Journey you how to maximize your potential and takes the limits off of your TBR: Tell me about “The Best Sex of ability. I have made a commitment My Life: A Guide to Purity”? In your to God not to leave the earth with- book you touch on the importance of out fulfilling and maximizing my sexual purity. Why is it imperative destiny and potential, as a result that one discovers the importance of f this book. According to Myles remaining abstinent until marriage? Monroe, the wealthiest place on earth is the graveyard. People die LM: 1) Sexual purity is the will of everyday with dreams, inventions, God, plain and simple. Holiness projects, books, businesses, solu- is what He requires. So, if we detions, ministries, musical composi- sire ‘the best’ and we want to see tions etc.- I refuse to let that be me! our dreams come to pass, we’ll do things His way. Aside from the riTBR: List your three favorite diculous drama of STD’s, the HIV authors (any genre) and why? epidemic, unwanted pregnancies/ abortions, abstinence/sexual purity LM: 1) Myles Monroe: He writes with establishes a track-record of faithsuch authority, purpose and poise. fulness in a relationship. In my 2) Joyce Meyer: She has a refreshingly practical, everyday approach to allowing you to become closer to God. 3) Joshua Harris: He speaks to the needs of this generation, and started it all with “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”... loved it!

opinion, a man or woman that can honor God with his/her body and abstain from sexual sin prior to the marriage covenant displays true discipline, integrity and character. This is an individual that will be trustworthy, faithful and honest in a marriage covenant, because they were found to be ‘trustworthy, faithful and honest’ in their single state.

10) Stop the sin (1Cor.15:34) Only. I want the Best Sex of M Life Series to speak to the need of teens, TBR: Often writers incorporate sev- college students, adult singles, as eral themes into their books. Tell us well as married couples. Sexual about one of the themes from “The purity is a HUGE topic for marBest Sex of My Life: A Guide to Pu- ried couples, and God has shown rity” and how you hope readers might connect this idea to their own lives?

LM: A central theme from my book comes out of chapter four TBR: How do you con- entitled, “Ten Choices To Keep quer the challenges of re- Your Out of Trouble”. The ten maining pure until marriage? things I share here are basic, but they are also life-changing. These LM: Actually, I abide by the ’10 ten choices incorporate the ‘how Choice to Keep You Out of Trouble’ to’ information….telling people which I detail in chapter of my book. ‘how to’ remain sexual pure in the midst of this ‘sexploitative’ society. 1) Guard your heart (Proverbs 4: 21-23) TBR: Tell readers how your book is different and why they 2) Honor your mother and father/ spiri- should read this new arrival? tual parents/Pastors (Ephesians 6:2, 3) LM: Quite frankly, it’s my book 3) Hang with people who have your and my perspective. It’s my tesanswer, and get away from people timony. Yes, I’m a virgin….but I who have your problem (1Cor.15:33, have engaged in humping, bumpProverbs 12:26 and 13:20) ing and grinding, petting, other forms of sexual sin that we do not 4) Sexual purity (1Thessalonians usually label as, SEX or fornica5:22, Romans 8:14, 1Cor 6:12) tion. Well, I dispute this notion. It’s all sin. I am a virgin because 5) Build your self-esteem I have never been penetrated, but around the Word of God (1Pe- I have participated in what I call ter2:9, Col. 2:9, Ps 139:14-16) “satisfaction without penetration”. People NEED to read this new ar6) Decide to come to church, rival so that we can understand sexbible study and sessions that ual purity from God’s perspective. promote spiritual growth (Hosea 4:6, Roman 12:1, 2) TBR: What are your goals as a writer? 7) Get a vision: mate, school, pro- LM: I’m so glad you asked! I will fession, future, ministry (Hab. 2:2-3) be publishing the Best Sex of My Life Series. Book #1 of course, is 8) Pray (Jeremiah 33:3) The Best Sex of My Life: a guide to purity. Book #2 will be co-writ9) Change your attitude: walk in ten by my husband and I, (when love (1Cor. 13) he finds me), entitled, the Best Sex of My Life: For Married Couples Continued on page 37... TBR Magazine 30 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

For The Lord of God
Hold me, Caress me, Never let me go, My hands in yours will remain As our hearts beat Our heart and soul join as one Like the sea it reseeds Hold me, Never let me go please, I am but a rose just blossoming Sweet as the fragrance, Yet delicate in beauty Hold me, Never let me go, I am the tidal wave, Going in and going out, Yet calm as the sunset over the horizon Hold me, Caress me, Never let me go, I am yours God, As you are mine. Copyright 2007 by Feon Lavyette Davis. Email: spiritfreewithin@yahoo.com Web site: www.inthearmsofgod.com

Food and Festivities

Peanut Butter Bunny Crisp Cake

Makes 16 servings. 1. In large saucepan, melt butter over low heat. Add marshmallows. Stir until completely melted and remove from heat. 2. Stir in peanut butter and mix well to incorporate. 3. Add rice crisp cereal and stir until well coated. 4. Press into two 9-inch pans, well coated with cooking spray and allow to cool. 5. Cut ears and bow tie from one cake. This is done by cutting two football shaped ears from the top and bottom of one cake layer, leaving a bow tie-shaped piece in the middle. 6. Position two ears at top of whole round cake and place bow tie under face. 7. Apply optional glaze, if desired. Decorate with jelly beans, marshmallows, lico-

6 tablespoons butter or margarine 2-10oz packages of marshmallows 2 cups creamy peanut butter 10 cups crisp rice cereal no-stick cooking spray jelly beans, licorice gum drops, or decorative candy Glaze (optional) 1/2 cup butter or margarine

rice, and gum drops or any of your favorite cake decorations. Approximate nutritional information per serving: 320 calories, 21g fat, 12mg cholesterol, 339mg sodium, 10g protein, 51g carbohydrates. Jif® Peanut Butter. The kids will surely love this one for Easter!

TBR Magazine 31 MARCH/ APRIL 2007



BY DEE- DEE WATSON- SMITH thing to remember is, not all abuse takes place within the home, some abuse can come from friends and from church folk from the pulpit to the pew- any and everyone has the potential of being an abuser. Trust me, our mouths are more lethal than any weapons of mass destruction, and have put more nails in coffins than any hammer ever has. When I told God yes, and when I said to God purify me, I never imagined that I would have to stay out of the mirror for a period of time. Even as I prepare myself for my initial sermon, I can see God still pruning me, molding me, putting me in the fire, and taking me out to remove any pieces of imperfection that He finds along the way. He then places me back in the fire again to continue the purification process. When I think about issues in my life and the things that I have gone through, I have to ask God, “How many people did I kill along the way in this walk called life?”. I have to ask Him, “How many people did I hurt, because I was hurting?”. I have to ask Him, “God, why do you love me so, how can You forgive me when I find it so hard to forgive myself?”. I also have been asking God to clean me and purify me from the inside out. When I stand before His people and preach His Word, I want to have a clean heart. I want to have the saturation and the anointing of the Holy Spirit through and through. I have to bear my heart and soul in


hen thinking about the theme for this months magazine, “Restoration, Revival, Resurrection,” I had to ask myself when does those things actually take place. How does one get restored, how is one revived, how is one resurrected? And then I thought, before all that can take place, we have to deal with those inner issues that plague us. What good is restoration, revival and resurrection, when you are not ready to deal with those issues that have you bound? It is almost like being an alcoholic or a drug addict, you really can’t be restored until you admit what you are. You can not be restored from a problem when you are denying that there is a problem. So many of us have issues that live within us, and we fail to face them. For example, a few weeks ago, I went to a friend of mines church for “Ladies Night Out,” and received something there that I had so desper-

ately needed. There was a word spoken that made me look deep within myself and examine many feelings that I thought were no longer there. The sermon was entitled “Ministering With Issues” and it was such a mighty, mighty word. While I was at home today listening to my music, the word that was spoken from the ladies night fell on me like a ton of bricks. However, I checked my email and saw a persons name that made me cringe, and that shook me- I normally don’t do that. I also felt something else dwell up in me... JEALOUSY. I had no idea that that ugly beast was still hanging out, but there it was, laughing at me. You see, back in November, I went on a period of purification, consecration, and asked God to show me anything in me that could affect my ministry, and to take it away. Recently, I was speaking to someone and a lot of anger poured out of me about things I thought I had gotten over, past hurts and wrongs that were done to me in addition to wrongs that I have done to myself. I thought about past and present abuse (mental). A good

TBR Magazine 32 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

this “writing” so that others can bear theirs as well. Not to me or necessarily anyone else, but to God. Only God can take away the hurts, feelings of inadequacies, loneliness, despair, and the pain from abuse from those you respect and love. One possible reason that there are so many hurting people in the church right now is because no one wants to be real and admit they have issues. No one wants to be transparent or live in a glass house, because no one wants others to see that they do not have it all together. In dealing with the issue, freedom comes. We have to admit who and what we are in order to be healed. I am a sinner, I am as a filthy rag, and I need Jesus to heal and fill me. I need His love and His Spirit to dwell within me. I need Jesus to search and give me a clean heart, and renew in me a right Spirit. I need Jesus’ love to hold me. I need the blood of Jesus to cover me. More than anything, I need Jesus with me each and every day. Be blessed. Copyright ©2006 by Denisa Watson- Smith, inspirational writer for faithwriters.com with such articles as DID GOD CALL WOMEN? and SHACKLED YET FREE.


New Survey Shows Ham is the Star of Easter
Easter conjures up images of baskets, bunnies, egg hunts and a holiday favorite - ham. A new survey by the National Pork Board found that ham is the star of the Easter feast for two-thirds of Americans, yet half of cooks admit they need help picking the perfect ham. “The meat case may seem a bit intimidating, but by learning the basic language and knowing what to look for, selecting the ham that best fits you and your guests’ tastes and preferences is easy,” says Parade food editor and cookbook author, Sheila Lukins. “This holiday, spice up your centerpiece dish with a new flavor twist to a traditional recipe.”

bone-in ham that brings a unique, savory flavor to the table. Baked Ham with Mojo Sauce ------------------------4 cups Mojo Sauce (see recipe) 1 bone-in ready-to-eat ham (about 14 to 16 pounds) About 16 whole cloves 2 to 4 tablespoons Dijon mustard 1/4 cup (packed) brown sugar 1 1/2 cups dry white wine Papaya Salsa, for serving

Prepare Mojo Sauce ahead of time. Set aside 2 cups of sauce For a meal that adds flare to any for holiday, Lukins has developed a ham recipe that will have your serving. guests raving year round. Baked Ham with Mojo Sauce topped Preheat the oven to 350 degrees with Papaya Salsa is an elegant,
TBR Magazine 33 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

Fahrenheit. Place ham in shal- Mojo Sauce low ---------roasting pan; score a diamond pattern about 1/8-inch thick into 16 cloves garlic, thinly sliced the lengthwise upper surface of the ham. Insert a 1 cup finely slivered onion clove at the crossed points of the 1 teaspoon ground cumin diamonds. 1 cup extra-virgin olive oil Brush the ham with the mustard and sprinkle it with the brown 2 cup fresh orange juice (from 3 sugar. - 4 oranges) Pour 1 cup of the Mojo Sauce 1/2 cup fresh lime juice (from 2 over the top. Bake in the center - 3 limes) of the 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar heated oven for 1 1/2 hour or until an instant-read thermometer Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste inserted in the thickest portion (not touching bone) registers In a medium bowl, combine gar140 lic, onion, cumin, salt and pepper. Heat degrees Fahrenheit. (about 1518 minutes per pound), basting the olive oil in a medium sauceevery pan over low heat. 20-30 minutes, alternating with Add the onion mixture and cook, 1/4 cup each white wine and re- stirring, until softened, about 10 maining minutes. Mojo Sauce. Add the orange juice, lime juice Transfer ham to platter. Let stand and vinegar; cook another 5 min15 minutes; slice and serve with utes for the flavors to blend. Cool to room temperature. Makes 4 the reserved 2 cups of Mojo Sauce cups. and Papaya Salsa. Serves 20 to 25.
TBR Magazine 34 MARCH/ APRIL

© 2006 Business Wire Copyright 2006, Gale Group. All rights reserved. Gale Group is a Thomson Corporation Company.

Loving in the Red Zone
When Is Your Next Time
by Shewanda Riley So Pharaoh sent for Joseph, and he was quickly brought from the dungeon.… “I cannot do it,” Joseph replied to Pharaoh, “but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires.” – Genesis 41:14-16 accompanies that next time faith that puts us in a position to get the much-prayed for breakthrough. Can you put trust in God after years of disappointments, stinging memories of rejection or feeling fooled by God to believe in something that has yet to come to pass? the past. I also wonder if he ever told God that the next time someone came to him with a dream, they’d have to figure it out for themselves. The bible isn’t clear on what Joseph said during those two years. What if Joseph had said when he was summoned to the pharaoh’s court that next time he just wasn’t “feeling it” because of what had happened two years earlier?



Pharaoh sent for Joseph, and he was quickly brought from the dungeon.… “I cannot do it,” Joseph replied to Pharaoh, “but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires.” – Genesis 41:14-16 Even though some say that it’s the first time that’s most significant, I think that when it comes to faith and trust in God, the most important one is your next time. Are you ready to put your whole hearted faith and trust in God again? I know I myself have said, “this is the last time I’m praying about that.” But I kept praying anyway. Why is the “next” time more important than the first? Because it is often sincere desperation that

Unlike some of us, Joseph put his trust in God again…and his life changed instantly. The scriptures don’t say if it was an easy thing The story of Joseph shows the pow- for him to do. They do say that he er of that “next time” faith. Gene- was quickly taken from the dunsis 37 describes how in his youth- geon and cleaned probably so fast ful pride, Joseph described dreams that he didn’t have a chance to even to his older brothers that showed think about refusing the request. him having authority over them. Joseph’s story shows that when Out of jealousy and hatred, Joseph’s God has promised a breakthrough brothers sold him into slavery. or a blessing, we have to hold Things just seemed to get worse for onto to it…no matter what. He ulJoseph who then ended up in jail. timately was able to fulfill God’s While in jail, he correctly interpret- purpose not because of him beed dreams for two members of the lieving the first time…but because pharaoh’s court. He sat languish- he made the choice to believe ing in jail as one’s promise of get- and trust God the “next” time. ting him released went unheeded for two years. Overall, thirteen years Shewanda Riley is the author of the elapsed between the time of Joseph’s Essence best-seller “Love Hangdream and his release from jail. over: Moving From Pain to Purpose after a Relationship ends.” She can I wondered just what thoughts ran be reached at lovehangover@juno. through his mind as he sat thinking com or by visiting www.shewanabout those who’d betrayed him in dariley.com.

TBR Magazine 35 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

Poem Continued....

“Desire to know you and Already, Alright walk with you… by V. Helena understand and talk to you.” “I’m in church 4 times 2, a week, and in tongues I do with the diamond-clad ring finger and dressed in speak.” periwinkle blue. “So, tell me now!!” I moaned. “I want to know!” Sitting across from me, They look as happy as can “Is this the rest of my life!” be. Transfixed on every word “Is it my heart that I am to sacrifice!” and bat of the lash. Sweet sounds of laughter, “Tell me why you have forsaken me! that’s all I’m after! Where is MY mate-toBut the great “now and forever after” never seems be?” In the stillness of the to come my way. night, I cried. Your breath filled my Said my prayers nostrils with chamomile. slipped into bed Your warmth filled my started to bury me heart with soothing balm head… and tranquility. but got indignant and Your touch filled my soul lamented. “Father, have I not been with peace. And as I rested in your true to you?” “Did what you asked me to do?” “I’m working 3 ministries, and I desire to please.”

© 2007 by V. Helena V. Helena is author of the Christian relationship book entitled, His Love Is Freedom, which is available in stores or online at www.trafford.com and www.amazon.com. She lives in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

TBR Magazine 36 MARCH/ APRIL

Completing my first book: The Best Sex of My Life: a guide to purity Pursuing my ministry calling, manifesting my destiny and having a relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Your Writer’s Response
TBR: Please, tell us about the Worth the Wait Clothing Line? Is there a message behind the material? LM: Worth The Wait is an innovative clothing label that promotes sexual purity with contemporary style and urban class. Clothing with a message and a mission, Worth The Wait is committed to high fashion trends and styles, yet upholds the standard of godly taste and integrity. Worth The Wait is sexual purity expression urban wear for males and females. Crossing traditional barriers, this fashion label serves customers in faith-based, non-profit, community, public and private sectors. This unconventional clothing label caters to those who desire to be sexually pure, while maintaining their own finesse and flavor. We endeavor to revolutionize the traditional image of sexual abstinence, through clothing that is attractive, appealing and stylish. Worth The Wait is not a clothing label boasting of one’s perfection, but rather a label exhibiting renewal and restoration for all. The company’s aim is to inspire the true virtuous diva that God has called all young women to be, and to cultivate the 100% man of valor, that God has called all men to be. All are welcome to join the Worth The Wait Revolution.

www.iamworththewait.com, or TBR: This is your chance to “Talk- www.myspace.com/worththewaitllBack” to teens and young adults. com. What would you like to say to them about why they’re worth the wait? TBR: Once again Dr. Marsh, thank you for interviewing with T B R LM: Simply put, you deserve God’s Magazine! best. Why settle for average? Why settle for ‘less than’? Jesus died © 2007 The Blessed Room, Inc. on the cross, to liberate you to BE all that He has called you to BE, to DO all that He has called you to DO, and to HAVE all that He has called you to HAVE! Receive that, and stop living a mediocre life. Walk in the fullness of your destiny and purpose. Jesus died to increase our ‘worth’ and value. You are ‘worth’ the wait because of the price that was paid for your life! TBR: What’s the one thing that you want them to know about you and your writing? I am very honest. I am not perfect. I make the distinction between being a ‘virgin’ and living a ‘sexually pure’ life. ‘Virgin’ is a title. ‘Sexual purity’ is a lifestyle. TBR: Where can readers find out more about you and your ministry?

TBR Magazine 37 MARCH/ APRIL 2007


Guide to ontainer
by Patricia R. Barret


the vapors can damage the plants. One advantage of wooden containers is that they can be built to sizes ven the smallest patio or and shapes that suit the location. porch can boast a crop of vegetables Use containers between 15 and or a garden of flowers in contain120 quarts capacity. Small pots reers. Planter boxes, wooden barrels, strict the root area and dry out very hanging baskets and large flowerquickly. The size and number of pots are just some of the containers plants to be grown will determine that can be used. The container garthe size of the container used. Deep dener is limited only by his imaginarooted vegetables require deep pots. tion. Consider the following guidelines when choosing your container. Make sure your pot has adequate drainage. Holes should be 1/2 inch Avoid containers with narrow openacross. Line the base of the pot ings. with newspaper to prevent soil loss. In hot climates use light-colored Cheap plastic pots may deteriocontainers to lessen heat absorption rate in UV sunlight and terracotta and discourage uneven root growth. pots dry out rapidly. Glazed ceramic pots are excellent choices Set containers on bricks or blocks to but require several drainage holes. allow free drainage. Wooden containers are susceptible to rot. Redwood and cedar are relatively rot resistant and can be used without staining or painting. Avoid wood treated with creosote, penta or other toxic compounds since



If you choose clay pots, remember that clay is porous and water is lost from the sides of the container. Plants in clay pots should be monitored closely for loss of moisture. Growing Mixture Make sure your planting medium drains rapidly but retains enough moisture to keep the roots evenly moist. Your compost will make an excellent potting soil. Check the requirements of the plants you grow to determine whether you will need to add sand. If compost is not available, purchase a good quality potting mixture or make your own from equal parts of sand, loamy garden soil, and peat moss. Commercial potting mixes are usually slightly acidic, so you may want to add a little lime. Most container gardeners have found that a “soilless” potting mix works best. In addition to draining quickly, “soilless” mixes are lightweight and free from soil- borne diseases and weed seeds. These mixes can be purchased from garden centers.

Line hanging baskets with sphagnum moss for water retention. When you add your soil to your Keep baskets away from afternoon container, leave a 2 inch space between the top of the soil and the top sun. of the container. You will be able to

TBR Magazine 39 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

add 1/2 inch or so of mulch later. Sunlight Your container garden will need at least five hours of direct sunlight each day, and many plants will benefit from even more. As a general rule, leafy vegetables such as cabbage and lettuce can tolerate the most shade, while root crops such as beets and carrots will need more sun. Fruiting vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers need the most sun. The amount of sunlight needed by flowers varies depending on the varieties grown. Check the flower guides for sunlight requirements. Fertilizer Since potting mixes drain water rapidly, fertilizer will be washed out of the container as you water. Lighter mixes will require more frequent fertilizing than heavier mixes. It’s a good idea to use a dilute liquid fertilizer with every other watering. Liquid fish emulsion or liquid seaweed are great plant boosters, but remember that you need to provide your plants with a variety of nutrients. Check the labels on the products in you garden center to be sure that they contain a complete, balanced solution that includes trace elements. Watering

Alyssum Begonia Browallia Coleus Geraniums Impatiens Latana Lobelia Marigolds Periwinkle Nasturtiums Pansies Petunias Salvia Sanvitalia Snapdragons Thunbergia Zinnias Vegetables Small salad green such as oak leaf lettuce and mustard cress, or vegetables such as silver beet, which have a quick maturing period are ideal. You may be able to get several crops of a quick maturing vegetable from your container. Cherry tomatoes and other fruiting vegetables, including peppers or eggplant can be easily grown in containers, as can root vegetables such as baby carrots, radishes or spring onions. Try planting quick-growing small herbs and leaf lettuces around you larger fruiting vegetables.

Copyright © 2007 Patricia R. BarIn an exposed location, container rett, The Sacred Garden, 2001. All plants loose moisture quickly. Some rights reserved. plants will need to be watered daily, especially during hot, dry weather. What to Grow? Annuals Annuals suitable for containers include: TBR Magazine 40 MARCH/ APRIL 2007


by Kimberly Powell

18 Steps to a Successful Family Reunion


5) Select the date(s).

ith some creativity and advance planning, you can organize a memorable family reunion that everyone will talk about for years. Steps to a Successful Family Reunion

you’re planning to include a lot of people in your family reunion, consider sending out a survey (by postal mail and/or email) to let people know that a reunion is in the works. This will help you gauge interest 1) Which family? It may and preferences, and ask for help with the planning. Include possible seem obvious, but the first step for dates, proposed reunion type, and a any family reunion is to decide who general location (discussing possible is family. Which side of the famcosts early on can discourage a posily are you inviting? Do you want itive response), and politely ask for to include only close relatives or a timely response to your questions. all descendants of Great Grandpa Add the names of interested relaJones (or other common ancestor)? tives who return the survey to your Are you inviting only direct-line reunion list for future mailings, and/ relatives (parents, grandparents, or keep them up-to-date on reunion grandkids) or do you plan to inplans via a family reunion Web site. clude cousins, second cousins, or third cousins, twice removed? Just remember, every step back on the 4) Form a reunion comancestral tree adds a ton of new pomittee. Unless this is a get-totential attendees. Know your limits. gether of five sisters at Aunt Maggie’s house, a reunion committee 2) Create a guest list. is almost essential to planning a Start by assembling a list of smooth, successful family reunion. family members, including Put someone in charge of each maspouses, partners and children. jor aspect of the reunion - location, social events, budget, mailings, reetc. Why do all 3) Survey attendees. If cord-keeping, if you don’t have the work yourself to?

It’s not much of a reunion if no one can attend. Whether you plan your family reunion to coincide with a family milestone or special day, summer vacation, or a holiday, it helps to poll family members (see step 3) to avoid time and date conflicts. Since family reunions can encompass everything from an afternoon barbecue to a large affair lasting three or more days, you’ll also need to determine how long you plan to get together. A good rule of thumb - the farther people have to travel to reach the reunion location, the longer the reunion should last. Most importantly, remember that you won’t be able to accommodate everyone. Choose your final date(s) based on what’s best for the majority of attendees.

6) Pick a location. Aim for a

family reunion location that is most accessible and affordable to the majority of people you want to attend. If family members are clustered in one area, then select a reunion location that’s nearby. If everyone’s scattered, then choose a central location to help cut down on travel expenses for far-flung relatives.

TBR Magazine 41 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

Feeding a large group of people 7) Develop a budget. This will with different tastes is perhaps one of the trickiest parts of planning a determine the scale of the food, decoreunion. Make it easy on yourself by rations, accommodations and activiselecting a menu that relates to your ties for your family reunion. You can theme, or perhaps one that celebrates choose to have families pay for their your family’s heritage. Organize a own overnight accommodations, group of family members to prepare bring a covered dish, etc., but unless the food for the family reunion or, you have another source of income, if you have a large group and your you’ll also need to set a per-family budget allows, find a caterer or registration fee to help with decorestaurant to do at least part of the ration, activity and location costs. work for you. A tasty menu makes for an unforgettable family reunion.

eos, you should prepare a list of the people and events that you want recorded. For spontaneous “moments,” purchase a dozen disposable cameras and hand them out to volunteer guests. Don’t forget to collect them at the end of the day!

14) Invite the guests.

8) Reserve a reunion site.

Once you’ve chosen a location and set a date, it’s time to select a site for the reunion. “Going home” is a big draw for family reunions, so you may want to consider the old family homestead or other historic site connected to your family’s past. Depending on the size of the reunion, you may be able to find a family member who will volunteer to have it at their home. For larger reunions, parks, hotels, restaurants and community halls are a good place to start. If you’re planning a multi-day reunion, then consider a resort location where people can combine reunion activities with a family vacation.

11) Plan social activities.
You don’t need to occupy everyone all the time, but planned activities and ice-breakers at your family reunion will provide an easy way for people who do not know each other well to comfortable spend time together. Include activities that will appeal to all ages and further family knowledge of shared heritage. You may also want to award prizes for special distinctions such as oldest family member or longest distance traveled to attend.

Once you have most of your plans in place, it’s time to invite the guests by mail, email and/or phone. You’ll want to do this way in advance to make sure and give everyone time to get it on their calendar. If you’re charging admission fees, mention this in the invitation and set an advance deadline by which at least a percentage of the ticket price is required (unless you’re wealthy enough to cover all of the costs yourself and can wait until the actual reunion for reimbursement). Tickets purchased in advance also means people will be less likely to cancel at the last moment! This is also a good opportunity to ask people, even if they can’t attend the reunion, to provide family trees, photos, collectibles and stories to share with other family members.

You’ve got a bunch of people, now what do you with them? 9) What about a theme? plan to doarrangementsIt’s time now to make for tents (if Creating a theme for a family rean outside reunion), chairs, parkunion is a great way to interest peoing decorations, programs, signs, tple and make them more likely to atshirts, goodie bags and other reuniontend. It also makes things more fun day requirements. This is the time to when it comes to being imaginative consult a family reunion checklist! with food, games, activities, invitations and just about every other aspect of the reunion. Family history 13) Say cheese! While many themes are especially popular, as family members will no doubt bring are reunions which celebrate a very their own cameras, it helps to also special family member’s birthday make plans to record the overall or anniversary, or the family’s cul- event. Whether you designate a spetural heritage (i.e. Hawaiian luau). cific relative as the official reunion photographer, or hire a professional photographer to take photos or vid-

12) Set the stage.

15) Fund the extras. If you

don’t want to charge admission fees for your reunion, then you’ll need to plan for a little fund raising. Even if you do collect admissions, fund raising can provide money for some fancy “extras.” Creative ways for raising money include holding an auction or raffle at the reunion or making and selling family hats, t-shirts, books or reunion videos.

16) Print up a program.
Create a program that outlines the lineup of scheduled reunion events to provide to family members as

10) Determine the menu.

TBR Magazine 42 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

they arrive for the reunion. You may also want to send this out via email or your reunion Web site in advance of the reunion as well. This will help serve as a reminder to people of activities which may require they bring something with them, such as a photo wall or family tree chart.

BEAUTY AND FASHION with Jackie O’ Neal

17) Decorate for the big day.

The big day is almost here and now it’s time to make sure it goes smoothly. Create catchy, easy-to-ready signs to point arriving guests to registration, parking, and important locations such as bathrooms. Purchase or make a guest book to collect signatures, addresses, and other important information, as well as serve as a permanent record of the reunion. Purchase pre-made name badges, or print your own, to facilitate mixing and mingling between unacquainted family members. Family tree wall charts are always a big hit as reunion attendees always want to know where they fit in to the family. Framed photos or printed posters of common ancestors or past family reunions are also popular. And, if you want to know what everyone thought of all your reunion planning, print up some evaluation forms for people to fill out as they leave.

Get the inside

r’s secret


18) Keep the fun going. Des-


high on your beauty learning curve!


ley’s book Secrets of the Beau- tor: Manley offers product recty Insiders (SourceBooks Inc., 2006), offers the reader expertise drawn from the fonts of over 75 renowned beauty experts Manley worked with as a beauty editor over a span of twelve years.

ada Guirgis Man- •The Buzz from the beauty ediommendations and elucidation on several popular beauty issues all women can relate to including the attainment of flawless, glowing skin and a manicure to die for!

ignate a volunteer or volunteers to create and send out a post-reunion newsletter with stories, photos and news items from the reunion. If you collected family information, send along an updated genealogy chart as well. This is a great way to get people excited about the next reunion, as well as include less fortunate family members who were not able to attend ©2007 by Kimberly Powell a professional genealogist, Internet consultant, Web developer, and proud mother of three children.

What the Pros Pick: You’ll be The book’s eleven chapters struc- dazzled by an assortment of prodtured in an eye-catching way uct selections by industry experts . to get the reader’s attention on several intriguing elements: My favorite tip drawn from Nada’s own expertise and years of •Insider information from the beau- practice, related to the use of for a ty bunch: A detailed elaboration on natural look. I consider her advice tips, techniques and ideas by over on the issue, transformational. As 75 beauty experts. Get ready to rise a super-busy, on the go, freelance

TBR Magazine 43 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

writer, college professor, wife, mother and minister, I need to look my best, but I’d rather not invest half my day doing so! Nada writes: “The moment you step out of the shower, while your skin is still moist, apply concealer just where you need it, over your skin care products. By the time you’re ready to tackle your make-up, your concealer will have sunk in and you’ll be left with nothing but natural coverage.” Thanks, Nada! I’m now a woman with flawless skin- and very little foundation as a result of learning some straight out of the shower beauty secrets only the pros in high places are privy to. Nada’s book is replete with advice on just about everything connected to looking and feeling great and it will save you money and hours of research. The added bonus, of course, is gaining more confidence in make-up application, skin, body, hair care and all around pampering. Chapter Six, Luscious Lip Make-

up taught me the benefits of and I have not been without a tube since! She writes: “I love them when I want to seem as if I’m wearing no make-up at all.” Nada writes with passion, clarity in a casual style as if talking to her best friend. You really get the sense Nada is your own beauty coach with the reader’s best interests at heart. Stay tuned for a broadcast on NBBTA Radio featuring an interview with Nada to discuss her book, events and insights on beauty. We were scheduled to do the interview on Feb. 7th, but due to a death in my family, it was cancelled. We will announce the new date and hope you will join us! For more information, visit: http:// www.nadamanley.com Jackie O’ Neal is a Christian freelance writer and author of “Giving Hearts”. Visit her webpage:http://creativetouchmarket.networkingmothers.com and http://www.bellaonline.com/site/ charity.

TBR Magazine 44 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

by Lindsay Banecker





ith New York’s Fashion Week behind us, it’s time for an overview of what was put out on the runway and how to translate high-class fashion into college campus chic. The starting point this year is hard to find due to the variety of trends being displayed and discussed. This year is borderline anti-trend, but there is a decent list of spring staples. The most talked about and anticipated look for the spring is the white dress. Every designer had a version of this clean, ultra-feminine article of clothing and each one was stunning. Lengths and styles varied. Black and white prints are just as sophisticated as the plain white dress. There are no rules to prints and patterns if they stay within black and white boundaries. There was also plenty of color on the runways, with this year’s top favorite being yellow. Before getting excited, mustard yellow has not made its comeback. Softer shades of yellow contributed to the overall feminine feel of Fashion Week. The second color on

the list is blue and the shades can range from light to royal to navy. Spring dresses may not be the dominate fashion on campus, but If neither of these colors work, don’t do not rule them out. Basic fabworry. There is an obvious vari- rics can make dresses into casual ety of color trends and designers attire. Shirt dresses with belts are showed them all off. Bright colors still popular and can be worn with define spring. There are no guide- tight-fitting jeans or pants. Again, lines, but wear colors responsibly. lengths can vary. To show off legs, There is no excuse for neon green. go shorter and wear wedges. Going

TBR Magazine 45 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

below the knee will create a more classic look. A pair of flats will also As for the shoes, ballet flats help make the look more casual. and wedges made a comeback and no one should complain. Floral patterns and prints are another spring staple. They are gor- With so many options and ideas, geous in black and white, but also there is an opportunity for everythrive in bright colors. Bold prints one to make their own fashion give a dress or skirt an edgier feel. statement. Take the basic ideas Flowers also show up on hems. and form them into what fits best. Since most students do not show © 2007 Lindsay Banecker up to class in dresses, the next best trend is one that has been dubbed the name, Sporty Chic. Long, fitted hoodies with big pockets are comfortable and cute. This is where colors or patterns are a must. Three quarter sleeves can help with the transition to warmer days. Layers will also help with the transition. Having survived the past few seasons, they are still going strong. Long tees help lengthen the torso and slim down the figure. They also give you the opportunity to wear blazers, hoodies, and jackets that are shorter in length. The runway fashions that will have a tough time making their way into the real world include bubble skirts, metallic fabrics and extra baggy pants. Metallics that were used for futuristic looks failed. When used in a more subtle way, metallics can work. Gold and silver sandals can compliment an outfit without being overbearing. Accessories can’t be forgotten. Bangle bracelets can add a modern touch to most outfits. Cocktail rings with large stones add class. Rose broaches go along with the popular floral trend. Hard headbands add a sophisticated feel. The idea is to add a simple touch to outfits. Try not to over accessorize, as simple will always be chic. TBR Magazine 46 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

Cusco is a busy tourist town, and the large luxury hotels get crowded and noisy. The Garden House is a small hotel just outside of Cusco, and a perfect, relaxing escape.

BY JENNIFER W. MINER co, and quiet corners in which to curl up and read. The library also has WiFi. The library, like the rest of the hotel, is serene and peaceful. At The Garden House, there are always people to help with arranging trips, whether they be to Machu Picchu, The Sacred Valley, or within Cusco itself. Other possibilities that the staff are happy to plan include hikes, bike tours, horseback rides, and river rafting. Families appreciate the reliable and friendly onsite child care. The level of service and care at this hotel rivals that of any luxury hotel in the world. The hotel isn’t called The Garden House for nothing; it features the largest rose garden in all of Cusco, beautifully and lovingly maintained by one of the owners. In Spring, the scent of roses in the air is intoxicating. Cusco is a very popular travel destination for tourists interested in Peru’s Inca Empire history. History buffs, adventure travelers and and luxury travel fans all flock to Cusco. The Garden House is the perfect hotel in which to take a break from the tourists and crowds. © Jennifer W. Miner Jennifer Miner is a freelance travel and luxury writer with an extensive background in psychology and counseling, holding two Masters degrees from Columbia University.

The Garden House in Cusco, Peru

The luxury boutique hotel is a peaceful respite from Cusco. Peru has named Cusco the “Tourist Capital of Peru,” and the ancient city has also been named both the “Cultural Heritage of Humanity” (UNESCO), and the “Cultural Heritage of the World” (7th Convention of Mayors from Great Worldwide Cities). It’s clear, then, that a vacation here will not be remote or off the beaten path. In fact, during high travel season, Cusco is as crowded with tourists as are major metropolitan areas of the world. Someone who vacations in Peru, likely plans to experience high points of the Inca Empire like Machu Picchu, The Sacred Valley, and other highlights around Cusco. This has meant staying in hotels in the middle of Cusco, which as a city is crowded, filled with tourists, and noisy. Booking a hotel outside of Cusco used to mean sacrificing luxury and convenience for relative quiet, but no longer. The Garden House is a new contender into the world of luxury class hotels in and around Cusco. It’s a ten minute drive from Cusco: The Garden House is just far enough away from the crowds to feel like a peaceful respite, but close enough to not feel isolated. The Garden House is not a large hotel; with just 7 rooms, it is a luxury boutique hotel. It’s a great hotel for small groups. The bedrooms all open up a large patio, where many guests choose to have their breakfasts each morning. The relatively lower elevation just ten minutes away, helps travelers acclimate to Cusco’s thinner air. The elevated library has a sweeping view of Cus

TBR Magazine 48 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

Becoming Rich

Business, Career and Finances from the InsideOut!

by Farrah Gray with Fran Harris Farrah Gray
it up straight. Brush your teeth. Don’t talk to strangers. Smile. Do unto others. The list goes on and on. Since we took our first breath people have been telling us what to do, haven’t they? They meant well, but in the grand scheme of things, most of the advice people gave us growing up wasn’t very useful. That’s why I have a saying in my office: “Less is better -- if less is good to begin with.” I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I know what I know. In business you talks about the best advice he received on his way to becoming a millionaire in an excerpt from ‘Reallionaire.’ have to dot your I’s, cross your T’s, admit your mistakes and say thank you if you want to get anywhere. Nobody wants to do business with someone who pays no attention to detail and isn’t appreciative. Stakeholders invest in people first and the idea second, as I’ve said. This premise is sometimes lost on entrepreneurs seeking seed capital. People invest in people based on their perceived worthiness. I have seen wealthy individuals walk past a homeless person holding out a cup. Why? Because they felt that nobody should be given anything -- and even more importantly, they didn’t perceive that they’d be getting value in return Our world is caught up in the “you wash my hands, I’ll wash yours” syndrome. Some people feel it’s foolish to give unless you’re getting something in return. That’s not true giving. That’s conditional giving. I learned early in my life that the real gift is in the giving. Mom and Grandma taught me that. * * *


TBR Magazine 49 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

My extensive travels resulted in many fortuitous meetings with business executives. I was suddenly thrust into a world known only to the elite. I was picked up by limousines, taken to United Red Carpet, American’s Admiralty or Delta’s Crown Room clubs, comfortable private lounges complete with VIP checkin and amenities. I must have been a sight, walking leisurely to my gate in a suit and tie and carrying a Wall Street Journal or a Japanese selfhelp book. I was also interesting fodder for the other first-class passengers. A man once told me on the way to New York, “Can’t say I see many passengers like you up here.” I remembered wondering what he meant by that. Was he referring to my age, race or both? Eventually I was somewhat adopted by the flight attendants. They became my surrogate airline mothers who would look after me by waiting with me at the gate until the host sponsor representative met me. They would call the hotel to make sure I was checked in properly. Often, after the plane crew checked into their hotel rooms for their overnight stay, they would appear in my audience in uniform. Life was good. I was seeing the world, meeting myriad people from all walks of life and more good news was just around the corner. I became fond of the nightly business report on the local PBS stationsin the hotel rooms. This heightened my interest in the stock market, investing, venture capital and technology. But mostly I started studying the meals I was served on the planes. I got the strong urge to try my hand at preparing some of the unique meals I was served in-flight and in the hotel. I made myself feel at home even when I was on the road. Instead of

maid service I wanted to help clean the dishes and take the trash out, and I asked the room service attendants about the ingredients in the meals they delivered to me. I also learned the importance of physical and mental fitness on the road, where it can sometimes be lonely. In the span of a few years, my life had done a complete 360. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was becoming my mother. I know you’re more accustomed to hearing women saying that about their moms, but it was true. I was becoming Mom. I was spending more time in the air than I was at home with my family. And if I wasn’t on a plane, I was on the telephone making a deal. I had become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, but my travels left little time for me to bond with my family, who were all doing their own things. Andre was setting up in Las Vegas, which demanded a lot of his time because he had to work within several time zones in the U.K. or Japan. Kiki had started studying to become a certified fitness trainer. My brother Jonathan had gone to Chicago, and Alex was still in Phoenix with Grandma. Slowly but surely Mom gained her strength back. I sensed she would never be able to run as hard and fast as she used to. She was like a former heavyweight boxer. She still had that fire in her belly, which meant you always had to keep a watchful eye on her. You just knew that one day she’d walk into the room and announce her comeback, whether it compromised her health or not. Even on my travels, I called her several times a day. I was enjoying my newfound freedom and earning power, but I missed my family. What kept me going was a liberal adaptation of an Aesop fable.

It seems that a fox spotted a rabbit and started chasing him around a field. The fox did everything in his power to track the rabbit but could never seem to catch him. The fox barked, thinking he could scare the rabbit into submission. He growled, thinking that maybe the rabbit would surrender. Finally, the rabbit was gone. Two people were watching the entire pursuit. One of the men shook his head in wonder. Then he said to his friend, “I wonder why the fox didn’t catch him?” His friend looked out into the distance as the rabbit disappeared from sight. “The fox,” he said, “was chasing and running for fun. The rabbit was running for his life.” I’m the rabbit in this fable. I started running to provide for the health and financial well-being of my family at thirteen years old. I was running for my life. Excerpted from ‘Reallionaire: The Essential Lessons that Took Me From Public Assistance to a Millionaire by the Age of 14’ by Farrah Gray with Fran Harris. Copyright© 2004 by Farrah Gray. Excerpted by permission of HCI Books. All rights reserved.

TBR Magazine 50 MARCH/ APRIL 2007



Steps on Improving Your


by Karen Sessions


eeling sluggish and low on energy? Do you feel like you work and work toward your weight loss goal and never seem to make any dramatic improvement? You could be suffering from a slow metabolism. This does not have to destroy your weight loss efforts. You can dramatically improve your metabolism and boost energy without taking supplements. Your metabolism simply refers to the conversion of food to usable energy by the body. It is the biological process by which energy is extracted from food or how fast or slowly the body burns calories. A few steps you can take to improve your metabolism naturally are: 1. Drink Cold Water – Water is great to drink and you should be drinking a minimum of 8 to 10, glasses daily, of course, more is better. It will help increase your metabolism and remove toxins and fat. Drinking ice cold water before meals will shrink your stomach so you feel plete protein, carbohydrates, as well full quicker, and the cold water also as natural fat. Failure to eat consishelps to increase the metabolism. tently can lead to a slower metabolism and fat storage. Skipping meals 2. Eat Every Three Hours slows down your metabolism. To – Eat a small balanced meal ev- ignite weight loss you need to be ery three hours, including snacks. consuming the right foods throughMeals and snacks should be balance, out the day in a balanced manner. meaning they should contain a com-

3. Don’t Skip Breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it gets your metabolism running in high gear. You wouldn’t drive to work on an empty tank and you shouldn’t start your day without adequate nourishment. Your first meal sets your metabolism for the day and keeps it go-

TBR Magazine 51 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

take the stairs when possible or park further out to get that little bit of extra movement and keep the heart and lungs working optimally. Studies show little movements such as tapping your toes while working also helps to burn calories. 7. Do Cardiovascular Exercise – Cardio is heart and lung healthy. It also burns calories. Doing cardio first thing in the morning on an empty can tap into fat stores and keeps the body burning calories at a high rate for about an hour after cardio is finished. If you fail to eat adequately daily, this can work against you. Doing morning cardio on very low calorie die can burn muscle. Another good time to incorporate cardio is in the evening, after your last meal. This allows you to burn calories so you are not sleeping on them. You do not have to implement a morning and evening session, choose one or the other or cycle between the two to prevent staleness and boredom. 8. HIIT It – Blend some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) into your cardiovascular program from time to time to give your body and metabolism a good shock. The body is programmed to adapt. Therefore, the same cardio day in and day out can become stale real fast. Take one or two days a week and implement some HIIT to give the body an added shock. 9. Weight Train – Resistance training builds muscle, which is metabolically active tissue. The more muscle you acquire, the faster your metabolism. Muscle will put curves in the right places and allow you to eat more calories a day. 10. Listen to Your Body – Killing yourself with workouts

is just as dangerous as not working out at all. Listen to your body and get proper rest. Don’t train if you are ill or just simply too tired. Training in such a state can cause more problems than it solves. If any of the above fail to prove results in 4 to 6 weeks, there could be an underlying problem, such as a food allergy, acidic pH, sluggish thyroid, hormonal imbalance, etc. If so, I recommend searching a natural healer in your area to determine the cause and work from there. For the most part, proper diet and herbs can correct any ailments. © 2007 by Karen Sessions Karen Sessions has been in the fitness industry since 1988. She embarked on weight training to overcome an eating disorder, Anorexia Nervosa in its early stages. She overcame the eating disorder, received her personal training certificate, competed in many local bodybuilding contests, and qualified for Nationals. Notice: The articles presented are provided by third party authors and do not neccessarily reflect the views or opinions of The Blessed Room magazine. They should not be construed as medical advice or diagnosis. Consult with your physician prior to following any suggestions provided.

ing as long as you eat every three hours. If you get up early and eat a late breakfast, you missed out on several hours of burning calories. 4. Don’t Fear Fat – Fat has a bad rep. Many think fat makes you fat. This is false. The type of fat and how much fat you eat impact your body fat composition. Fat is needed by the body. Those who follow a very low-fat diet have a harder time ridding their body of fat. Choose natural healthy fats such as olive oil, avocados, various nuts, flax, and natural peanut butter. 5. Omit Trans Fat – Trans fat is the bad fat, the cause of weight gain, low energy, depression, cancer, and heart disease. You will never get the body you desire by eating “healthy” fast food, frozen dinners, etc. If it’s man-made, it’s not the best choice. Go with the foods Mother Nature provided to meet your fat loss goals. 6. Be Active tive at least six can easily cycle training so it’s overbearing. In Daily – Stay acdays a week. You cardio and weight balanced and not addition to that,

TBR Magazine 52 MARCH/ APRIL 2007


lies eens an T hristi C
tell themselves about



How Far is Too Far


takes a stronger person, or a person backed up by the strength of God, to resist temptation. When you stand So, how far is too far? Is that a valid up to peer pressure you are actually question to ask? In a world where saving yourself from committing sex is seen in every medium and sin while being a good Christian condoms are being handed out in witness to other teens around you. schools, what is a Christian teen to do when confronted with conflicting ad- 2) It’s No Big Deal vice about what constitutes a sexual Sex is a big deal. Ask any Christian activity or abstinence? Here are the teen who struggles with having had top 10 lies Christian teens tell them- sex before. There are a lot of emoselves when it comes to answering tions and spiritual struggles that the question, “How far is too far?” come from having had sex outside of marriage. It is one of the reasons God placed such an emphasis on 1) Everybody Does It sex and relationships in the Bible. Everybody? No. Not everybody is Sex is a beautiful act that comes having sex. While the media and out of the marriage covenant, and people in school may make it seem it means more than just an action. like everyone is having sex, there are just as many Christian teens 3) Virginity is a State of Mind (and non-Christians, too) waiting Some people use the term “techniuntil marriage. Doing something cal virgin” when describing their just because everyone else is doing sexual status. Usually this means it is just giving into peer pressure. It that the person has not had a sex-

By Kelli Mahoney

ual act that involved penetration. Virginity is more than that. Virginity is not a state of mind, but it is the conscious choice to not involve oneself in sexual acts until after marriage. Usually this excuse is used if someone wants to justify participating in sexual activity.

4) Sex and Love are the Same Thing

Sex and love are very different, but they are meant to complement one another. If you are in love it does not mean you should have sex. Sex is an act. Love is an emotion. They are very different, and it can be dangerous to mix them up. You should never feel like you have to have sex with someone just because you want to show them you love them. There are plenty of non-sexual ways to show your love to someone.

TBR Magazine 53 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

5) Sex is a Minor Sin

Pre-marital sex is sin. Sin is sin. However, it is dangerous to think that sex is a minor or equal sin to all others, because it can put you in a frame of mind to make bad choices. Sexual sin is still a defiance of God, and no sin is acceptable to God. Yes, you can be forgiven, but you will have to live with the sin you have committed, which can be difficult if you are not prepared to deal with sex emotionally.

tation, and it can be a useful tool.

9) Watching Porn or Masturbating is Less of a Sin Than Having Sex
A lot of people believe that pornography and masturbation are helpful in preventing a person from having sex. However, having sex is not just about the act, but it is about the frame of mind. If you have lust in your heart while you are watching pornographic movies or masturbating, then there is sin there.

6) Oral Sex Isn’t Really Sex

Oral sex is a sexual act. Just be- 10) I’ve Already Had Sex, So It’s cause Christian teens are not havToo Late for Me ing sex in the textbook fashion, It is never too late. While the idea it is still a sexual act that bonds of “born-again virgin” may seem a man and a woman together. a little like “technical virgin,” it is not the same thing. Many Chris7) Third Base Isn’t a Big Deal tian teens that have already had sex Third base, also known as “heavy choose to act as if they have never petting,” is a big deal, because it can had sex and vow to wait until marlead to other things. Not only is it a riage. Having sex is not the end of form of sexual action, but it can lead the world. God is very forgiving, to sexual intercourse. It is very easy and He smiles at those who return for Christian teens to get caught up to Him with a desire to do His will. in the moment and forget about any While the temptation for someone desire to stay abstinent. Sin is very who has had sex can be even strontempting, and it does not always come ger than the virgin, it can be overwith warning or stop signs. Going come with God’s help. God is waitto Third Base can be a danger zone. ing to welcome you with open arms.

8) My Will Can Overcome Any Temptation

(c) 2007 Kelli Mahoney

Kelli Mahoney is an experienced God’s will can overcome any temp- Christian Youth worker and pubtation. If you feel you have the lished writer. She has been a strength alone to conquer any temp- Christian for over 12 years now. tation, you are setting yourself up for trouble. Man is known for falling into sin, especially when there is an overconfidence in the self. Christian teens need to keep their eyes on God, and allow God to help set boundaries so they can resist the temptation. The Bible is full of helpful advice when it comes to coping with tempTBR Magazine 54 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

ure Hope and a Fut

Tesimonials and Life St t ories

by Sandra Gerard
ing glue, paint thinner, hair spray and drinking vanilla, to graduating to street drugs such as acid and alcohol. I was hospitalized countless times trying to take my own life. I had three boys from one abusive relationship. My fourth son came into the world sick because of my addictions. He survived to be a healthy, strong baby, but my children were taken from me because of my lifestyle, and neglect and abuse. I got clean and sober from the drugs and alcohol and I fought to get my children back for close to three years. After I got them back, though, I returned to my former life style. Finally, I stopped drinking for the sake of my children. Yet I was still unhealthy. I had no hope, only misery living a day to day existence, and nothing more. My four oldest children went to a church near our home. I believed it was the lure of the cookies and cakes that got them. They went every Sunday. I didn’t care as it gave me some We were taken from our parents, time to myself. They didn’t give then separated from one another to me any difficulty for not going to live in various foster homes. I en- church. God wasn’t real to me, and dured sexual, emotional, verbal even if He was, He wasn’t for me. and physical abuse. I had lost everything dear to me. I desired love Finally the children tricked me into and acceptance, but found none. going, and I went reluctantly. My oldest son led me through a prayer, No place to call home at the age of eight years old, with They placed me in an institution his other siblings by his side. I was for juvenile delinquents, but I was desperate and I needed something. I kicked out on my fifteenth birth- didn’t have much feeling, but I wantday. The street became my home. ed to finally believe. So I said, “If you I tried drugs of all sorts from sniff- are real, God, come into my heart.”


am a Native North American woman. I was abandoned at the age of four, with five other siblings, in a hotel in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. My parents were on a drinking spree. They were alcoholics and had left my oldest brother, who was seven years old, to care for us. The police and the welfare people stepped in and apprehended us to permanent custody.

TBR Magazine 55 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

After saying the prayer, my life started to change bit by bit. I have been a Christian for about twelve years. I still don’t have it all together. I have been healed of many deep wounds in my life and no longer do I use drugs or alcohol. It is a day to day walk, reading God’s Word, the Bible, and applying it to my life. My life is so much different now. I have joy and hope and a place waiting for me in heaven because of Jesus Christ. No matter what comes into my life, God is with me. Many of you are looking for your purpose in life or looking for love and acceptance like I was. You have tried many things only to come away more emptied, or more hurt. Don’t forget to try Jesus Christ. He will be the best decision that you have ever made in your life. Just come the way you are--He has seen everything you have ever done, said or thought. Yes, everything. He loves you and paid a price being nailed to a cross for our sins, because of His great love for us. You cannot earn it by good works, or buy it. Just accept His free gift of love for you. © 2007 by Sandra Gerard

The Defining Process by

Godschosenqueen (Shaunte’ Smith)

Prehistric choices have molded me Young and immature, through foolish eyes I chose to see But even past the sight I had a first hand feel My adolescent mind, back when, unseasoned, not yet ready for thereal Consequences to the choices I have made in my life Not understanding the power of words and it’s ability to cut as deep as a knife But, bold enough toaccept my self-inflicted demise Responsibility starts with truth to one’s self, but when I woke up an finally realized By my own hand my stripes were peeled By knowing just that, I began to heal The process to whom I have been summoned to be “The Defining Process” forever evolving me
-----------------------------------------------------I have had many life changing experiences. I have put together a collaboration of unique pieces that have influenced my life and that have come tome by way of those who have shared my life. These pieces are composed of extraordinary and heartfelt lyrics that all can identify with!

TBR Magazine 56 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

Family and Parenting

Teaching Your Child


By Pamela Harris



- shelves, plastic storage containers, hampers, etc. Create a special storage area out of a plastic storage unit made for storing garden tools. Attach laundry bags in colorful colors to the hooks meant for rakes and shovels. Spray paint the unit in a cheerful color to match the room. Voila! A fun storage area!

4. Reward your child’s cleaning and organizing efforts with your children neatness and organihen you call 911 fun! Make a checklist of tasks with zation: because there is a distinct and suspia reward when the tasks are comcious odor in the neighborhood and pleted such as permission to watch a 1. Your child learns by example. the culprit turns out to be two pairs favorite show, time to play a favorIf the only clear area of your home of sneakers, three pairs of underwear ite computer game, a special story is the path from the sofa to the teleand a dozen or more hotdog remnants time with you or staying up an hour vision to the refrigerator and back, of unknown origin and vintage found past bedtime. Simple rewards such then it’s time to commit to orgaunder your child’s bed, it’s past time as these will provide an incentive nizing your home! Make the proto get your child’s room organized! to keep up the good work! Make a cess a family project so that your game of cleaning! This works eschildren can learn that everyone When your child has gotten lost pecially well with young children. must pitch in to keep the home tidy. for hours in the mounds of clutA game of “Pick Up” to see which ter trying to find his way from the of you can pick up more clothes 2. Establish a routine and stick bed to the door, it’s past time to within a certain time limit or a game with it! Teach your child that beds teach your child to organize himof “Hide the Clothes in the Hamare made and toys are picked up evself! But if you haven’t reached per” will make cleaning more fun! ery day. It is easier for a child to clean that stage yet, there is still hope! a room a little every day, rather than 5. Be specific. Telling a child be faced with a huge mess all at once. Here are some tips to help you teach to “clean that room” can set the 3. Provide plenty of storage TBR Magazine 57 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

wit and WISDOM

stage for failure and frustration. The task may seem overwhelming! But telling your child to pick up the clothes which are on the floor allows your child to focus in on a specific, achievable task. 6. Limit the amount of “stuff” your child has. Once a month, go through your child’s room together and give toys and clothes that have been outgrown and are no longer needed to those less fortunate. Not only will your child’s room stay cleaner, but they will learn a valuable lesson in sharing and giving. Although you may think it inevitable, the process of keeping your child’s bedroom clean need not be a war! If you are consistent with the rules, your child will learn what is expected and do it (eventually!). If you are inconsistent, you have already lost the battle! Better stock up on flashlights and compasses in case you need to find your way to their closet! © Pamela Cole Harris, 2004- 2007 Pamela Cole Harris is the author of “Home and Garden Design Tips”, a free weekly syndicated home and garden content service for your website. Visit her other sites at pajamabusinesses.com and thewellfedtraveler.com. And while you are there, sign up for her monthly newsletter!

TBR Magazine 58 MARCH/ APRIL 2007

wit and WISDOM
Bible Crossword #2 -

The Sermon on the Mount

A crossword based on the Sermon on the Mount. This crossword uses the King James Version of the Bible.

© 2007 www.biblequizzes.org.uk Across 1 Not to be put under a bushel. (6) 3 Let yours shine before men! (5) 7 Moth and rust will do this to your earthly store. (7) 8 If you do this, you will find. (4) 10 These should not be done in view of men. (4) 13 The eight sayings by Christ at the beginning of his sermon. (10) 15 They sound trumpets in the streets when they are being charitable. (10) 18 The peacemakers will be called this. (8,2,3) 20 They were with Jesus when he gave the sermon. (9) 22 You can’t serve God and this. (6) 23 Fellow believers. (8) Down 2 Jesus gave this as example of how to commuicate with God. (5,6) 4 Don’t lay these upon the earth. (9) 5 Whoever says this to his brother shall be in danger of the council. (4) 6 Those who are given happiness and good fortune. (7) 9 When engaging in this, you should enter into your closet and shut the door. (6) 11 Where the sermon was given. (8) 12 You should search for this first, TBR Magazine 59 MARCH/ APRIL 2007 before worrying about food and clothing. (13) 14 What you should do to your eye if it offends. (5) 16 They which do this shall be filled. (6) 17 The hypocrites disfigured their faces while doing this. (7) 19 If you are forced to go a mile with someone, this is how far you should go. (5) 21 The foolish man built his house on this. (4)

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