India's 'Rent-a-Womb' Industry Draws Criticism

By Beth Greenfield, Shine Staff | Parenting – Wed, Oct 2, 2013 • Email • Share25
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Dr. Nayna Patel, center, surrounded by surrogates at her clinic. Photo: SWNSNews of a contro ersial surrogacy center!s e"#ansion in $ndia % where im#o erished women ha e been hired out to birth more than 5&& babies for Westerners % has reignited a debate on the ethics of what some ha e called a 'rent(a(womb' #ractice. )ut the clinic!s director, Dr. Nayana Patel, is defending what!s become a *+ billion(a(year industry in the country. ,ore on -ahoo Shine: What .re a Surrogate/s 0ights1 Woman/s 2ontro ersial Pregnancy in S#otlight 34hese woman are doing a 5ob. $t!s a #hysical 5ob. 4hey are #aid for that 5ob,6 Patel noted in the ))2 documentary 37ouse of Surrogates,6 which aired on 4uesday in the 8.9. and #ro ided a loo: inside Patel!s .:an:sha $nfertility 2linic. 34hese women :now there is no gain without #ain. $ definitely see myself as a feminist. Surrogacy is one woman hel#ing another.6 4o those who say the #ractice e"#loits women, Patel told -ahoo Shine in an email, '$t is ery easy to critici;e, but it is ery difficult to face the reality. $f the critics can gi e the surrogate what she dreams and change her life and gi e the childless cou#le their baby, one can sto# surrogacy.'

$t will be 5ust another one of $ndia/s +5& :nown fertility clinics.6 Edan e"#lains. admits.6 Patel noted in a 2&+& inter iew. because this. through a surrogate at . 3. according to a recent in( de#th story on the sub5ect in the San >rancisco 2hronicle. and because Patel had 3im#eccable credentials. though. an $=> de#artment. is a contro ersial sub5ect. . 3$ ha e faced criticism. so to gi e him away is more u#setting. Won!t they16 Patel.aybe not my life.' . had twins.6 in 2&+2.:an:sha. 3$ ha e s#ent a lot more time with this one. in the documentary.rieff said about her relationshi# with the surrogate mother. a#artments for the isiting Westerners. '$ care about her tremendously. she told -ahoo Shine that. '$ . but my children!s li es will be better. 4rue Story of )ecoming a .6 @n Wednesday. about ?& #ercent of which offer commercial surrogacy. '$ was su#erengaged%$ mo ed to $ndia for the #regnancy%and $ treated her the way $ would treat any family member.en @#t to )ecome Single Dads .t . which is a large sum for women whose husbands earn about *D& a month. and many women re#ort feeling a connection immediately after conce#tion. $ feel that each and e ery #erson in this society is using one or the other #erson.' she had an 'incredible' e"#erience. according to many.6 . deli ery rooms.other and >inding a >amily%7alf a World . two(time surrogate Edan tal:s about how difficult it will be to say goodbye to the boy she birthed. $n e"change. owner of a #ublic relations firm in San >rancisco. @nly we :now how much #ain we go through. Scientists.Patel.&&& for twinsC. now D +E2. after three miscarriages. who has run the clinic in rural <u5arat for nearly a decade. Some . is currently building a new. loo: after and breastfeed the newborn for u# to eight wee:s while its new #arents deal with com#le" #a#erwor: in $ndia before ta:ing their baby bac: home. 34he Sacred 4hread: . they must agree to li e in a surrogate dormitory and remain celibate throughout the #regnancy % and. so the attachment is almost nil.6 She adds. state(of(the(art surrogacy hos#ital that will contain residences for the surrogate mothers. this is 5ust baby(selling. and all these #hrases used to hurt. $n the film. the gestational surrogates % who carry babies created from foreign embryos not containing their own eggs % recei e a##ro"imately *A. she e"#lained that. according to the ))2. 34here are a lot of allegations that this is 5ust a business. in some cases. while '$ definitely ha e issues with surrogacy in general. and e en restaurants and a gift sho#.&&& from Patel for their ser ices B*+&.drienne .:an:sha and wrote a memoir about her e"#erience.way. ha e asserted for years that women can begin bonding with their babies while they/re still in the womb.ore from -ahoo: =ia Surrogacy. 34his is a white baby being born to an $ndian(nation lady. $n a 2NN inter iew following her boo:!s #ublication. she and her husband loo:ed into $ndian surrogacy because she had s#ent time in the country and felt a connection. a baby(ma:ing factory. whose side she was at during the birth of her twins. No one can understand.' She also owed her #ositi e e"#erience to ha ing wor:ed with Patel. $ am facing it and $ will be facing it.rieff.

3$ don!t thin: any of us has a right to be a #arent.nother woman who wor:ed with Patel % identified only as )arbara. in the ))2 documentary % tried to get #regnant for F& years before hiring a surrogate at Patel!s clinic.feel li:e she/s #retty ama. $t/s li:e religion % you are either #ro or against. why can!t we get medical treatment for our #roblem16 Some ethicists. . )ut these women wouldn!t be doing this if #o erty wasn!t a dri er.rieff has faced criticism since writing her boo: and has been called 'elitist' and '#ri ileged' by those who ha en/t a##ro ed. 4hough .arilyn 2rawshaw. from 2anada. 3$nfertility is a medical #roblem.' she said. and you can find $ndian women who ha e acted as surrogates who say they ha e earned more money in nine months than they would in +& years. remain critical of the industry. she said she/s @9 with that. '$/m not going to change anybody/s mind. and diabetics get insulin. a sociologist and assisted re#roduction e"#ert told the 4elegra#h and that she/s doing this for a lot of the right reasons.' she said.6 . 3$f #eo#le born with bad eyesight get correcti e eyeglasses. 34here are #eo#le who say this is a win(win situation. 5D.' she said.6 . though.

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