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Berkeley Varitronics Systems CEO, Scott Schober, at N C !earable "ech Con#erence $!earableCom%Con
Building off of the momentum of past successful conferences, Golden Networking brings Wearable Computing Conference 2013 New ork Cit! "www#wearable$ computing$conference#com%, &'e(olutioni)ing the *uman +,perience -hrough Ne,t$Generation -echnolog!&, No(ember .# Ne& ork City, N , 'SA (No)ember *, +,*-. -- Mr/ Scott Schober( President and C)O o* +erkele, -aritroni.s S,ste/s 0+-S1( a 23-,ear-old New Jerse,-4ased .o/"an, and leading "rovider o* advan.ed wireless solutions and "rodu.ts *or /ultinational tele.o//uni.ations and se.urit, /arkets( will 4e s"eaker at Golden Networking5s 6eara4le Co/"uting Con*eren.e 7 12 0%tt"&''www$weara4le-.o/"uting-.on*eren.e$.o/1( 8Revolutioni9ing t%e :u/an );"erien.e <%roug% Ne;t-Generation <e.%nolog,8( to 4e %eld in New =ork Cit,( on Nove/4er >$ Sin.e t%e 4eginning o* Mr$ S.%o4er5s +-S tenure in 13?3( t%e .o/"an,5s "rodu.t line o* wireless test instru/ents %as in.reased to over @ "rodu.ts wit% a .ore * on 6ABN( .ellular( 6iMBC( A<) and advan.ed radio$ Bs an e;"erien.ed so*tware engineer( Mr$ S.%o4er %as develo"ed .ellular test instru/ents used *or /easuring( o"ti/i9ing and "lotting signal .overage( "ri/aril, *or t%e initial .ellular 4uild-out t%roug%out t%e United States$ Mr$ S.%o4er5s re.ent * %as 4een develo"/ent 0"atent "ending1 o* +-S5 .ell "%one dete.tion tools( used to en*or.e a 5no .ell "%one "oli.,5 in various venues$ <%ese tools are e**e.tivel, used around t%e glo4e to *ind .ontra4and .ell "%ones s/uggled into .orre.tional *a.ilities as well as se.ure *ederal *a.ilities and s.%ools$ Mr$ S.%o4er is a %ig%l, soug%t a*ter se.urit, e;"ert *or /edia a"" and .o//entar,$ B *ew o* %is re.ent /edia a"" w%ere %e %as dis.ussed a variet, o* se.urit, issues and t%e solutions o**ered 4, +-S( in.lude& television5s Fo; +usiness C%annel( Fo; News Aive and News 17 New Jerse,( as well as several radio "rogra/s in.luding CM'Sirius radio$ :e %as "resented as a su4!e.t e;"ert on t%e to"i. o* .,4er se.urit,'.or"orate es"ionage( as well as .ell "%one dete.tion and lo.ation at nu/erous .on* and trade s%ows around t%e glo4e in.luding GovSe.( Counter <error e;"o( DSS B/ as well as GSM 6orld Congress$ Mr$ S.%o4er was a -DP attendee at t%e Se"te/4er 7 11 Con.ordia Su//it in New =ork and was sele.ted to a""ear in an

interview dis.ussing national se.urit,$ :e is a *eatured guest-.ontri4utor *or :o/eland Se.urit, Newswire$ Mr$ S.%o4er re.eived a +a.%elor o* S.ien.e degree in Co/"uter S.ien.e *ro/ t%e Universit, o* Eean in 1337 and t%erea*ter attended graduate studies in tele.o//uni.ations at New =ork Universit,$ 6eara4le Co/"uting Con*eren.e 7 12 is "rodu.ed 4, Golden Networking 0%tt"&''www$goldennetworking$net1( t%e "re/ier networking .o//unit, *or 4usiness and te.%nolog, e;e.utives( entre"reneurs and investors& - :ig%-*reFuen., <rading Aeaders Foru/ 7 12 Frank*urt( Nove/4er 71 0%tt"&''www$%*tleaders*oru/$.o/1 - :ig%-*reFuen., <rading Aeaders Foru/ 7 12 Aondon( Ge.e/4er @ 0%tt"&''www$%*tleaders-*oru/$.o/1 - Co/"lian.e Aeaders Foru/ 7 12 New =ork Cit,( Ge.e/4er 17 0%tt"&''www$Co/"lian.eAeadersForu/$.o/1 - :ig%-*reFuen., <rading Aeaders Foru/ 7 14 Singa"ore( Januar, 3 0%tt"&''www$:ig%FreFuen.,-<rading-Con*eren.e$.o/1 - :ig%-*reFuen., <rading Aeaders Foru/ 7 14 New =ork Cit,( Ma, H 0%tt"&''www$:F<);"ertsForu/$.o/1 - :ig%-*reFuen., <rading Aeaders Foru/ 7 14 C%i.ago( O.to4er 3 0%tt"&''www$:ig%FreFuen.,-<rading$in*o1 Panelists( s"eakers and s"onsors are invited to .onta.t Golden Networking 4, sending an e/ail to in*or/ation#goldennetworking$.o/$ $+nds$

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