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2007 Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge Grade 2

Name : ______________________________________________ School : _____________________________________________ Solve each item and write the answer on the blank before the number. Give fraction answers in lowest terms. __________ 1. What is the place value of 6 in 9 634? ___________2. What is the value of 2 in 2 567? ___________3. Write eight thousand seventy-five in symbols. ___________4. How many hundreds are equal to 5 600? ___________5. What number goes in the ____ in 412, ___, 422? ___________6. 8000 + 400 + 90 +5 = _____

Score : ______ Time: 70 minutes

___________7. Rose has 4 P10-bills and three 5-peso coins. How much money has she? ___________8. Write twenty-fifth in symbols. ___________9. P17.75 = ___ 5-peso coins + two 1-peso coin + three 25 coins. __________10. Write 8+8+8+8+8+8+8+8 = 56 in a short way. __________11. In D I S P O N I B I L I T Y, which is the 10th letter from the left? __________12. Write LXXXIV in Hindu-Arabic. __________13. Write 46 in Roman Numerals. __________14. What is N in 48, 50, 52, ___, ___, N? __________15. What is the perimeter of the rectangle? __________16. What is the area of the rectangle in #15? 21 m 15 m

__________17. Lina has 6 pictures on each page of her album. How many pictures are on 9 pages of her album? __________18. In a box, there are 28 red balls and 35 blue balls. How many balls in all are in the box? __________19. Pete has 43 marbles. Rey has 27 marbles. How many more marbles has Pete than Rey? __________20. There are 87 boy and cub scouts in a school. There are 35 cub scouts. How many boy scouts are there? __________21. Add 36 to 45 and then subtract 26. What do you get? __________22. In a Grade 2 P.E. class, there are 5 groups of pupils. each group has 12 pupils. How many pupils are in the P.E. class?

__________23. Linda picked 45 shells on the sea shore. Olga picked 8 more shells than Linda. How many shells did Olga Pick? __________24. Mother put 18 chicos in each platter. How many chicos are in 6 platter? __________25. What is 256 8? __________26. What is the fraction for the shaded region? __________27. Which is the smallest among 1/2, 3/7, 4/8, 5/9? __________28. Rose has 156 stamps. She put an equal number of stamps on 13 pages of her album. How many stamps did she put on each page? __________29. Rita bought 16 ponkans. Each cost P9.00. How much did she pay for them? __________30.Mother baked a cake. She cut it into 36 equal pieces. She served 9 pieces for snacks and 14 pieces for visitors. What fraction of the cake remained? __________31. Ricky had P80. He spent 4/5 of it to buy a book. How much money had he left? __________32. Luz baked 56 cookies. She gave of them to her aunt and another of them to her grandma. How many cookies remained for her family? __________33. Luz has 8 yellow roses, 6 red roses and 10white roses. What fraction of the roses are yellow? __________34. In an audio visual room, there are 96 chairs arranged in 8 rows. How many chairs are there in a row? __________35. Liza has 15 more stamps than Letty. If together they have 105 stamps, how many stamps has Liza? __________36. Nena has P46.50. Lita has P10 more than Nena. How much money do the girls have together? __________37. Find the sum of the 3 odd numbers between 16 and 22. __________38. What is the biggest 3-digit even number? __________39. What will you add to 268 to get 500? __________40. Lita read 85 pages of her book. Carla borrowed her book and read 27 pages more than Lita. How many pages of the book did Carla read? __________41. One number is 27. Another number is 12 more than the first. What is their sum? __________42. The sum is 49. One number is 7 less than the other. What is the bigger number? __________43. How many weeks are there in 63 days? __________44. How many months are in 3 years? __________45. If today is Friday, what day is it 22 days from today? __________46. How many eighths are there in 6 wholes.

__________47. The product of 9 and 7 is how much greater than the sum of 12 and 18? __________48. Lolita did her assignment for 55 minutes. If she started at 7:35, what time did she finish? __________49. In Baguio, my brother and I walked 250 m from our house to the camp and 300 m from the camp to the church. How many meters in all did we walk if we took the same route back home? __________50. Lita has 6 stamps more than Rosa. Rosa has 17 stamps less than 100. How many stamps do the two girls have altogether?