asked Lord

I asked Lord Krishna to do away with my vices

  Krishna said: They are not there for me to take them away. They are there for you to resist them

  I asked Lord Krishna to complete my body

  Krishna said: Your spirit is complete, your body is only temporary

na sh ri K ce d or en L ti ed pa e sk a I em iv og t

Krishna said: Patience is a byproduct of difficulties. It is not given but learned

I asked Lord Krishna to give me happiness

  Krishna said: I give blessings. Happiness depends upon you

I asked Lord Krishna to free me of pain

Krishna said:   Suffering makes you go far away from this world and brings you nearer to me

I asked Lord Krishna to make my spirit grow

  Krishna said:
  You have to grow by yourself! But I will prune you to make you bear fruit

I asked Lord Krishna for the things that would make me like life

  Krishna said:
  I will give you life, so you can enjoy all those things

I asked Lord Krishna to help me LOVE others, like He loves me

    Krishna said: .... ohhh, you finally got the

If you love Krishna, send this message to at least 10 people and back to the sender of this message. It will make you feel good.

This will be your day. Don’t throw it away...

May  Lord Krishna bless you

“To the world  you may mean  just a person,  but to a person  you may mean  the world”

Do not judge to not be  judged. Understand what is  happening and you will be blessed

Always keep smile

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