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Quantitative Finance

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Behavioral Finance: The Closed-End Fund Puzzle

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and aims to bring together professionals and the scientific community in the fields of financial engineering and computational intelligence in finance. have been constantly improved and developed as a result of the increased power of modern computer systems. a new school of behavioural finance has arisen that mixes psychology and economics. Spain 25-28 May 2004 +44 (0)20 7915 5198. proprietary 10th Annual Global Alternative Investment Management Forum (GAIM 2004). Broad Street.www. MN. University of Minnesota. Italy. Chicago. Katie Banham (kbanham@wessex. This international conference has been organized because of the considerable interest and ever-increasing amount of development work going on in this field and will provide a forurn for discussing these advances.rnfn.Behavioral Finance: The Closed-End Fund Puzzle Stephen A Ross of the MIT Sloan School of Management presents a public lecture at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) at the University of Minnesota on 30 March 2004 at Italy 21-23 April 2004 +44 (0) 238 029 3223. University of Minnesota. Stephen Ross is best known as the inventor of the arbitrage pricing theory of agency. A widely published author in finance and economics. IL. www-sop. London. Bologna.html Global Derivatives and Risk Management 2004. UK).umn.uic. Intelligent computational systems have become increasingly important in many financial applications. See listing for further details. MARCH IMA Public Lecture: Behavioral Finance: The Closed-End Fund Puzzle (presented by-Stephen A 14th Annual Derivative Securities and Risk Management MAY GARP's 3rd Credit & Counterparty Risk Summit. Juan-les-Pins. this talk critiques behavioural finance by using the analytical tools of option pricing theory to solve a canonical puzzle of behavioural finance-the closed-end fund discount. He is a principal of Roll & Ross Asset Management Corporation. Despite the superficial appeal of this multi-disciplinary approach.cornell. www. USA 23-24 April 2004 001 607 254 8757. USA 24-28 May 2004 IMA Workshop 9: Fin'ancial Data Analysis and Applications. as well as being the co-discoverer of risk-neutral pricing and the binomial model for pricing derivatives. Downloaded By: [PERI Pakistan] At: 06:49 16 March 2011 Computational Finance in Bologna The First International Conference on Computational Finance and Applications will be held on 21-23 April 2004 in JUNE MC2QMC 2004 International Conference on Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte~Carlo Methods. which employs technology. risk management etc.unipmn. +33 4 92 38 78 64.umn. UK. NY. At the same time. Ross' current research efforts involve a variety of phenomena in financial markets.html First International Conference on Computational Finance and its Applications (organized by the Wessex Institute of Technology. MN. C8te d'Azur. www. +44 (0) 20 7626 9301. traditional USA 7pm on 30 March 2004 www. USA 12-16 April 2004 www. Italy 9-10 September 2004 colloquium@unipmn. University of Minnesota.Simonetti@sophia. France 7-10June2004 Monique Simonetti (Monique. USA 21-24 July 2004 bfs2004@uic. Madrid. please contact the Publishing Administrator at quant@iop. The event will be co-chaired by Dr Marco Costantino from the Royal Bank of Scotland Financial Markets. Frustrated by difficulties in explaining seemingly aberrant financial market behaviour using contemporary methods of financial APRIL IMA Workshop 7: Risk Management and Model Specifications Issues in Finance. JULY Bachelier Finance Society Third World Congress. which represent the basic building blocks of any financial application.cornell. Palazzo Borsalino.ima.ima.simou@garp. to manage over $3 billion in investments worldwide.ic. www. Manhattan. IntercontinentalHotel. CTC-Manhattan. His book Corporate Finance is in its fourth edition. Beaulieu. that Ross helped develop. Switzerland 8-11June2004 +44 (0)20 7915 See listing for further details. UK. Aden First Bonzenfreies Colloquium on Market Dynamics and Quantitative Economics. SEPTEMBER If you would like to submit an event for inclusion. such as portfolio selection.wessex.icbi-uk. Stephanie Specchio (specchio@tc.inria. UK 21-23 May 2004 Andreas Simou (andreas.ima.inria. MIT Sloan School of Management). and Professor Carlos Brebbia from Wessex Institute of Technology. ICBI (awatkiris@iirltd.

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