SENTENCE CORRECTION TEST Name________________________________________________ Roll no.

______________________ Which of phrases given below each sentence shoul replace the phrase printe in bol t!pe to ma"e the grammaticall! correct# If the sentence is correct as it is$ mar" %E% as the answer. &. 'e never has and ever will take such strong measures. (. ha ta"en nor will ever ta"e ). ha ta"en an will ever ta"e C. has an never will ta"e *. ha an ever will ta"e E. No correction re+uire ,. Technolog! must use to feed the forces of change. (. must be use to fee ). must have been using to fee C. must use having fe *. must be using to fee E. No correction re+uire -. (n!one intereste in the use of computers can learn much if you have access to a personal computer. (. the! have access ). access can be available C. he or she has access *. one of them have access E. No correction re+uire .. The! are not beware of all the facts (. are not aware for ). are not aware of C. are not to be aware *. must not to be aware for E. No correction re+uire /. We can not always convey ourselves in simple sentences. (. cannot alwa!s conve! ). can not alwa!s e0press C. cannot alwa!s e0press *. can not alwa!s communicate E. No correction re+uire 1. What does agonise me most is not this criticism$ but the trivial reason behin it. (. most agonising me ). agonises me most C. agonising me most *. I most agonise E. No correction re+uire 2. (s there was no time$ the remaining items were deferred into the ne0t meeting. (. are eferre till ). were eferre till C. were eferre to *. ha eferre with E. No correction re+uire 3. Despite of their ifferences on matters of principles$ the! all agree on the eman of hi"e is salar!# (. *espite their ). *espite of the C. *espite for their *. *espite off their E. No correction re+uire 4. The man who has committe such a serious crime must get the mostly severe punishment. (. be getting the mostl! severel! ). get the most severe C. have got the most severel! *. have been getting the severe most E. No correction re+uire &5. 6or man! centuries in In ian 'istor! there was no cit! so famous like the cit! of 788ain. (. as ). such as

performances about !ester a! were E. so li"e E. (. (. !ester a! performance was C. No correction re+uire &&. No correction re+uire &3. Had you been told me about !our problem$ I woul have helpe !ou. li"ewise *. to ma"e both en s meet *. No correction re+uire &/. It was until many years later that 9an hi became a rebel against authorit!. phenomena C. (.. to ma"ings both en s meet ). (. to rise against E. (. 'e is a singer of repute$ but his yesterday's performance was +uite isappointing. to ma"e both en s for meeting C. to rise to *. 'a !ou have tol C. !ester a! performance were *. No correction re+uire &2. for ma"ing both en s to meet E. how the thief oes ma"e C. 7ntil It was man! !ears E. It was till man! !ears C. as"e him to rush his village ). as"ing him to have rush his village C. (. in rising from ). how the thief ma e *. as"ing him rushing at his village E. phenomenon ). One of the most significant phenomenons of our time has been the evelopment of cinema. as"ing him to rush to his village *. 'e has receive no other message than an urgent telegram asking him to rush his village imme iatel!. No correction re+uire &1. how the thief i ma"e ). If !ou have tol E. (.C.. If !ou woul have tol ). phenomenonna *. phenomenonns E. No correction re+uire &. how was the thief ma e E. No correction re+uire &-. ha !ou tol *. (nan has the guts to rise from the occasion an come out successfull!. We on%t "now how did the thief made an escape. (. No correction re+uire . It was not until man! !ears ). No correction re+uire &. to raise with C. Their earnings are such that the! fin it ifficult to make both ends to meet. It was not man! !ears *. performances of !ester a! were ).