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our 1ota| We||ness artner

?ou have compleLed our Ayurvedlc body Lype LesL and you're a VA1A
So whaL does LhaL mean for you?

Ayurveda ls Lhe LradlLlonal healLh sysLem LhaL developed ln lndla Lhousands of years ago and ls based on Lhe
prlnclple of achlevlng and malnLalnlng balance. Pave you ever wondered whaL acLually accounLs for Lhe dlfferences
ln people? Why can some people eaL a flve course meal wlLh ease, whlle oLhers can barely flnlsh a salad? 1hls ls
due Lo each lndlvldual person havlng Lhelr own unlque body Lype. ln Ayurveda, Lhese unlque body Lypes are
referred Lo as our 'prakrlLl' meanlng 'essenLlal naLure'.
Ayurvedlc medlclne ls based on Lhree maln body Lypes, or 'doshas', of vaLa, lLLa and kapha. We are each born
wlLh some characLerlsLlcs of all Lhree Lypes whlch deLermlne our prakrlLl, Lhough one dosha ls usually domlnanL.
Cur bodles rely on characLerlsLlcs of each body Lype Lo creaLe our form and our ongolng bodlly funcLlons. We are
'ln balance' when we supporL each dosha and exhlblL our own body's correcL raLlo of vaLa, lLLa and kapha.
vA1A ls consldered Lhe leader of Lhe Lhree Ayurvedlc body Lypes and governs movemenL. LveryLhlng ln your mlnd
and body ls consLanLly on Lhe move, and ln Ayurvedlc Lerms all of Lhese movemenLs are due Lo vaLa.
When vaLa Lypes are ln balance Lhey are enLhuslasLlc, adapLable and flexlble and have a poslLlve acLlve energy.

1he followlng Lable descrlbes characLerlsLlcs of people wlLh who have a domlnanL vaLa prakrlLl, along wlLh Llps and
LreaLmenLs Lo supporL vaLa lmbalances. lor more deLalls on Lhe vaLa body Lype and how lL affecLs you ln
parLlcular, we recommend a Lallored Ayurvedlc consulLaLlon aL our cllnlc.
Common VA1A Character|st|cs
Culck Lo learn buL also qulck
Lo forgeL
1alk and walk qulckly
Changeable moods
lrregular dally rouLlne
Cenerally have dry skln and
dry halr
Iactors that |ncrease VA1A
Lxposure Lo cold
Lack of rouLlne
1oo much Lravelllng
Suppresslng naLural
LaLlng Loo much dry,
frozen foods
loods wlLh blLLer,
pungenL or asLrlngenL
1|ps for VA1A
Co Lo bed and wake aL
Lhe same Llme
MedlLaLe Lwlce a day Lo
keep Lhe mlnd calm
Lngage ln genLle
exerclse e.g. walklng,
casual cycllng, yoga
llnlsh Lhlngs once you
sLarL Lhem
VA1A 1reatments
Ayurvedlc Marma
olnL massage
Agnl laclal