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Engineering Procedure

SAEP-1142 Qualification of Non-Saudi Aramco NDT Personnel Non-destructive Testing Standards Committee Members
Miller, S.D., Chairman Al-Gahtani, M.S. Al-Motairy, M.S. Al-Qadeeb, F.E. Al-Subaii, G.M. Carswell, R.J. Jones, S.B. Perez, J.P. Scales, T.E. Wescott, E.A.

29 February, 2004

Saudi Aramco DeskTop Standards

Table of Contents

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Scope............................................................. 2 Conflicts and Deviations................................. 2 References..................................................... 2 General.......................................................... 3 Training.......................................................... 3 Qualification Examinations............................. 4 Certification.................................................... 5

Appendix I - Individual Certification Techniques.. 6 Appendix II - Approved National Certification Programs..................... 7

Previous Issue: 30 September, 2000 Next Planned Update: 1 March, 2009 Revised paragraphs are indicated in the right margin Primary contact: Scott D. Miller on 872-0148

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Document Responsibility: Non-destructive Testing Issue Date: 29 February, 2004 Next Planned Update: 1 March, 2009

SAEP-1142 Qualification of Non-Saudi Aramco NDT Personnel

Scope This Saudi Aramco Engineering Procedure (SAEP) establishes the minimum training, examination, qualification, and certification requirements of contractor, subcontractor, consultant, or other non-Saudi Aramco personnel performing, interpreting, or otherwise affecting the results of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) operations during purchase, construction, or maintenance of plant and equipment being purchased, constructed, or operated for Saudi Aramco.

Conflicts and Deviations 2.1 Any conflicts between this procedure and other Saudi Aramco Engineering Procedures (SAEP's), Engineering Standards (SAES's), Materials System Specifications (SAMSS's), Standard Drawings (SASD's), or industry standards, codes, and forms shall be resolved in writing by the Company or Buyer Representative through the Manager, Inspection Department of Saudi Aramco, Dhahran. Direct all requests to deviate from this procedure in writing to the Company or Buyer Representative, who shall follow internal company procedure SAEP-302 and forward such requests to the Manager, Inspection Department of Saudi Aramco, Dhahran.


References 3.1 Saudi Aramco References Saudi Aramco Engineering Procedure SAEP-302 Instructions for Obtaining a Waiver of a Mandatory Saudi Aramco Engineering Requirement


Industry Codes and Standards American National Standards Institute/American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc. ANSI/ASNT CP-189 (Latest Revision) ASNT SNT-TC-1A (Latest Revision) Qualification and Certification of NDT Personnel Recommended Practice

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Document Responsibility: Non-destructive Testing Issue Date: 29 February, 2004 Next Planned Update: 1 March, 2009

SAEP-1142 Qualification of Non-Saudi Aramco NDT Personnel

British Standards Institution BS EN 473 Non-Destructive Testing - Qualification and Certification of NDT personnel - General Principles

General 4.1 4.2 This procedure shall cover any and all NDT methods or operations and shall include, but not be limited to, those listed in ANSI/ASNT CP-189. Any organization supplying, employing, or delegating NDT personnel shall have a written practice or procedure covering NDT personnel training, experience, qualification, and certification. This written practice shall meet or exceed the minimum requirements of ANSI/ASNT CP-189 (latest edition) plus the additions and clarifications outlined in this SAEP. However, NDT personnel performing NDT out of kingdom (OOK) as a result of procurement of materials or equipment obtained from OOK vendors using Purchase Orders may be certified to a nationally recognized program as listed in Appendix II. An updated list of these programs is maintained by the Supervisor, NDT Unit, Saudi Aramco Inspection Department, Dhahran. The organization's NDT personnel qualification and certification procedure shall be submitted to the Saudi Aramco Inspection Department, Dhahran, for review and approval prior to the commencement of any NDT operations. All documentation shall be prepared in the English language. Personnel responsible for interpretation of or affecting the results of NDT operations shall be certified to a minimum of Level II per the certifying organization's written practice.

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Training 5.1 Training programs for any NDT method shall include at least the body of knowledge shown in Appendix B of ANSI/ASNT CP-189 for the applicable method and include at least the minimum required hours shown in Appendix A of ANSI/ASNT CP-189 in the NDT method being certified. Radiographic Film Interpretation Personnel shall have documented and verified training in the body of knowledge listed in ANSI/ASNT CP-189, Appendix B, Radiographic Evaluation and Interpretation Course. If the current employer has not administered the training being claimed for qualification, or the experience being claimed for qualification was not gained with the current employer, the current employer shall verify the claimed training
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Document Responsibility: Non-destructive Testing Issue Date: 29 February, 2004 Next Planned Update: 1 March, 2009

SAEP-1142 Qualification of Non-Saudi Aramco NDT Personnel

and/or experience in writing from the previous employer(s) and retain the verification on file. Any claimed training or experience that cannot be verified and documented shall be considered invalid. 5.4 Wet ink originals are the only acceptable documentation of previous training. Photocopies may be made and kept on file. The responsible NDT Level III shall verify the documentation and attest in writing to its validity. Saudi Aramco shall have the right to request submission of, or be granted access to, any and all training, experience, qualification, and certification records pertaining to NDT personnel. This applies to any organization covered under the scope of this document.


Qualification Examinations 6.1 Access to qualification materials shall be limited, and the qualification examinations shall be maintained in secure files. Training course materials and examinations shall be available for review or assessment by Saudi Aramco Inspection Department. 6.1.1 Written qualification examinations shall contain questions covering at least the body of knowledge listed in Appendix B of ANSI/ASNT CP189 in the method being examined. Questions used in general written examinations for Level I and Level II personnel shall be similar in type and difficulty to those published by ASNT. Questions shall not be used verbatim from the ASNT published lists. Examinations shall be established from a database of questions that ensures that no two candidates receive more that 25% of identical questions during any individual examination session. Specific written examinations shall be tailored to the NDT techniques listed in Appendix I. The specific examination shall also cover experience and knowledge of recognized standards and codes for the technique being used.




Practical Examinations 6.2.1 In addition to the employer's practical examination requirements as per ANSI/ASNT CP-189, Saudi Aramco may, at it's sole discretion, require all NDT personnel, as well as any individuals interpreting or influencing the interpretation of NDT results to take and pass a verification examination administered by Saudi Aramco.

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Document Responsibility: Non-destructive Testing Issue Date: 29 February, 2004 Next Planned Update: 1 March, 2009

SAEP-1142 Qualification of Non-Saudi Aramco NDT Personnel


Verification examinations for personnel performing ultrasonic examinations, radiographic film interpretation, and MFL tubing or tank floor testing and personnel affecting the interpretation thereof shall be administered by Saudi Aramco or an Inspection Department approved independent test authority.


Visual Acuity Examinations Vision examinations shall be performed annually according to Section 6 of ANSI/ASNT CP-189. The examinations shall be documented and retained in the individuals file.

Certification 7.1 Individual NDT methods may be subdivided into specialized techniques as listed in Appendix I; performance qualification may be required in each of the applicable specialized techniques at the discretion of the Inspection Department NDT Unit, Dhahran. Limited certifications in NDT methods are acceptable providing the training and education requirements are reduced to not less than half for that particular method. For example: Level II UT personnel are required to possess 1) a total of 80 hours training; 2) total of 800 hours experience in UT; and 3) a total of 1600 hours total NDT experience. A level II UT Thickness Gauging certification would require at least half of those same hours of training(40) and experience(400) with the bulk of the training in thickness gauging operations. Personnel performing or evaluating NDT results shall be certified in the NDT method or specialized technique being used. Recertification 7.3.1 Level I and II personnel shall be recertified by the employer as per Section 6 of CP-189, i.e., by examination. Recertification by demonstration of experience is not allowed. Level III personnel shall be recertified by verification of the individual's ASNT Level III certificate in each method for which recertification is sought. A practical examination may be required as well for level III recertification as per 6.2.1 at the discretion of the Saudi Aramco Head Level III.
Revision Summary Revised the "Next Planned Update". Reaffirmed the contents of the document, and reissued with minor changes.

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29 February, 2004

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Document Responsibility: Non-destructive Testing Issue Date: 29 February, 2004 Next Planned Update: 1 March, 2009

SAEP-1142 Qualification of Non-Saudi Aramco NDT Personnel

Appendix I Individual Certification Techniques Training and Certification shall be required in the following methods and sub methods. This list shall be subject to revision at any time and reference should be made to the NDT Standards Committee for the latest revision: Visual Testing Magnetic Particle Testing Liquid Penetrant Testing Radiographic Testing Radiographic Film Interpretation Ultrasonic Testing (Automated Corrosion Mapping) Ultrasonic Testing (Automated Pipeline Girth Weld Inspection) Ultrasonic Testing (Plate & Pipe - Manual) Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UTT) Eddy Current Testing Remote Field Eddy Current Testing MFL Tubing Testing MFL Tank Floor Testing Infrared Testing Acoustic Emission Testing (Tank Floors) Acoustic Emission Testing (Pressure Retaining Systems) Leak Testing: BT PCT HDLT MSLT Bubble Test Pressure Change Test Halogen Diode Leak Test Mass Spectrometer Leak Test

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Document Responsibility: Non-destructive Testing Issue Date: 29 February, 2004 Next Planned Update: 1 March, 2009

SAEP-1142 Qualification of Non-Saudi Aramco NDT Personnel

Appendix II Approved National Certification Programs The following Certification Programs for NDT personnel are acceptable: PCN Scheme AWS CSWIP Other National schemes meeting requirements of EN 473 For out of kingdom NDT performed as a result of purchase orders, ASNT SNT-TC-1A (latest edition or that specified by governing code) is acceptable. An updated list is held by:

NDT Unit Operations Inspection Division Inspection Department Saudi Aramco Dhahran Tel: 966-3-874-6605 Fax 966-3-873-7903

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