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11. Weve corresponded with each other for years but Ive never meet him. A B C D 12.

Tom wishes his neighbors dont make so much noise. A B C D 13. Martina has won many tournaments for she moved from Slovakia. A B C D 14. You will be given the uniquely opportunity to study with one of Europes top chefs. A B C D 15.While some people say that a lot of time is wasting in shopping for clothes, others feel that it is a relaxing activity. A B C D 16. This is most beautiful piece of china I have ever seen. A B C D 17. Air composed of various gases including hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. A B C D 18. Changes in the schedule have been indicate on the bulletin board. A B C D 19. Elizabeth I has reigned as queen of Enland from 1558 to 1603. A B C D 20. Oh, no. It started to rain and my clothes are on the line. A B C D 11. I wish I could swim so I would feel safely in a boat. A B C D 12.Columbus made his first voyage from Europe till America in 1492. A B C D 13. My thirteen years old daughter wishes she werent so tall and that her hair were black and straight. A B C D 14. Students will take a two hour examine at the end of the year. A B C D 15. They complained that there isnt any water in the swimmming pool. A B C D 16. I will lend you this money if you will promise to pay it back. A B C D 17. Mary suggested to go to see a new film at the local cinema. A B C D 18. Sally said that we cooked a meal each other. A B C D 19. The boys promised not to make so many noise the following day. A B C D 20. Parents are sent a reading list a few weeks on advance of the start of the school year. A B C D 11. We listened to the news on the radio because our TV set was broke A B C D 12. It is important that students attending all the lactures. A B C D 13. These materials can be recycling into other packaging products A B C D 14.He suggested that they should delay to make a decision. A B C D 15. When I came into to the room, the boss just went on with what she doing and didnt look up. A B C D

1. 2. 3. 22. 23. 24. 22.

Can you help me with my homework? I wish I could but I couldnt A B C D The new film has been attracted a lot of people all over the world. A B C D We want to spend our holiday in a villa by the sea and enjoying sea food. A B C D He has written to her every other day since the last two weeks. A B C D There were nothing like this when I was your age. A B C D Vehicles also account with air pollution in our city. A B C D

He has done a lot of mistakes in his writing because of his carelessness. A B C D 23. Her father earned a large number of money last year. A B C D 24. You are going to buy a new motorcycle, dont you? A B C D 23. The bus is such an inexpensive means of transport that people take them very often. A B C D 24. He suggested staying at home and play chess instead. A B C D 16. Many of these countries are rich at timber and mineral resources. A B C D 17. We will have to replace all the furnitures that was damaged in the flood. A B C D 18. Tom likes watching TV so much that he turns on it as soon as he comes home from school. A B C D 19. I am pleased to tell you that your application to the post of Assistant Editor has been successful. A B C D 20. Emily has never wanted to return to Yukon to live because of the winters ae too severe A B C D 11. Thomas Raven is a physicist whom book on time and space has been translated into a dozen languages. A B C D 12. I made an appointment with Dr. Raven, who considered an expert on eye disorders. A B C D 13. Because of his age, John was not hired despite he had the necessary qualifications. A B C D 14. The paintings that is marked with a small red dot have already been sold A B C D 15. The person to who this letter was addressed died three years ago A B C D 16. We can expect seeing an improvement in the weather over the next few days. A B C D 17. The decision, which affected over 200 students, was not warmly receive. A B C D 18. The consultant which was hired to advise us never really understood our situation. A B C D 19. Our office needs a secretary whom knows how to use variousword processing programs. A B C D 20. My accountant, that understands the complexities of the tax system, is doing my tax this year. A B C D

MULTIPLE CHOICE Good morning ladies and gentlemen, 1. I / want / tell / it / be / necessary / save/ energy / protect / environment. (1) A. I want tell you it is necessary to save the energy to protect the environment. B. I want to tell you it is necessary to save the energy to protect the environment. C. I want to telling you it is necessary to save the energy to protect the environment. D. I want telling you it is necessary to save the energy to protect the environment. 2. Most / us / use / energy. A. Most of us use too much energy. B. Most us use too much energy. C. Most of us use too many energy. D. Most us use too many energy. 3. You / reduce / amount / by: A. You reduce amount by: B. You reduces this amount by: C. You can reduced this amount by: D. You can reduce this amount by: 4. Reduce garbage / reuse paper / save water A. Reduce garbage. Reuse paper. Save water. B. To reduce garbage. To reuse paper. To save water. C. Reducing garbage. Reusing paper. Saving water. D. Reduced garbage. Reused paper. Saved water. 5. If / follow / simple rules / not only / energy / environment. A. If you follow these simple rules, you not only save the energy but also the environment. B. If you follow these simple rules, you save not only the energy but also the environment. C. If you follow these simple rules, you save not only the energy but also protect the environment. D. If you follow these simple rules, you not only save the energy but also protect the environment. 1. They havent cleaned the streets this week. A. The streets havent been cleaned this week. B. The streets has been cleaned this week. C. The streets have been cleaned this week D. The streets hasnt been cleaned this week 2. They wish theya new house. A. will have B. have C. had D. would have had 3. They have worked in that factory since 2001. A. They have started to work in that factory in 2001 B. They started to work in that factory in 2001 C. They have worked in that factory in 2001 D. They worked in that factory since 2001 6. My car..yesterday. A. is repaired B. has been repaired C. was repaired D. can be repaired 7. She asked me where I..that car. A. will buy B. bought C. can buy D. buy 8. I want to.that course. A. attendance B. attended C. attend D. attendant 9. It was such a boring film that she fell asleep A. The film was so boring that she fell asleep B. The film was such boring that she fell asleep C. The film was so that she fell asleep D. The film was so boring to she fell asleep 10. Millions of Christmas cardslast month. A. send B. were sent C. are sent D. sent

11. Tom.his hair cut twice a month. A. has B. will have C. get D. have 13. If you want toyour English, we can help you. A. improving B. improvement C. improved D. improve 14. He failed to give..reasons for his absence from shool. A. suiting B. satisfactory C. right D. inadequate 15. I wish longer. A. could stay B. stays C. can stay D. will stay 17. Please phone this number for more.. A. informatively B. informative C. information D. inform 18. Its a pity; I cant play the piano. A. I wish I couldnt play the piano. B. I wish I could play the piano. C. I wish I can play the piano. D. I wish I play the piano. 30. He cant drive and.his brother. A. so cant B. neither can C. so can D. nor cant 31. My sister is studying hard..her exam. A. at B. to C. in D. for 32. He couldnt go far because he was afraid of.. A. flying B. be flying C. to fly D. being flying 33. Tim go fishing with his father when he was young. A. was used to B. is used to C. used to D. has used to 35. 8 pm last night ? A. was you doing B. were you doing C. have you been doing D. are you doing 36. That is the house which he was born and grew up . A B C D 37. I wish A. is being B. are C. is D. were 38. I asked him if me. A. can B. was C. will D. could 40. How many stampsso far? Fifty-seven. A. did you collect B. do you collect C. have you collected D. will you collect 44. It seems difficult for us..abroad at the moment. A. went B. gone C. to go D. go 1. Lan didnt go to the cinema with her friends last Saturday evening because her sickness. A B C D 2. The water and land around the chemical factory are serious polluted. A B C D 3. The letter has just written by one of my closest friends. A B C D 4. They played so good game of tennis last night that they surprised their audience. A B C D 5. My daughter likes watching cartoon films, and so do my son. A B C D 6. If I was in your place, I would make a trip to England. A B C D 7. I bought a computer which screen was not very good. A B C D 8. Physics are very difficult for students to learn. A B C D 9. The harder you learn, the most knowledge you get. A B C D 10. Mary's mother gave her a new hat at her birthday. A B C D

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. He __________ out of his house since he __________ his color TV. A. hasnt been - has bought B. hasnt been - bought C. wasnt - has bought D. wasnt - bought 2. __________ adequate precautions are taken, there is no risk involved in the operation. A. Although B. As C. Nevertheless D. Even 3. The computer wont work unless you _________ these cables. A. connect B. connected C. don't connect D. didnt connect 4. Lets go to the zoo, _________? A. dont we B. dont you C. shall we D. will you 5. He ran out of money so he had to ________ some from his friend. A. borrow B. ask C. lend D. earn 6. Not once _________ his promises. A. he is keeping B. he keeps C. did he keep D. has he kept 7. The teacher didn't explain the reason ________ he was punished. A. what B. which C. how D. why 8. Mothers are always _________ towards their children, arent they? A. protect B. protective C. protected D. protections 9. Dont tell me I didnt lock the door last night. I remember __________ it. A. to lock B. lock C. locked D. locking 10. Ill give you a ring _________ we get back from our vacation. A. and B. as soon as C. as long as D. since 11. Would you mind _________ in this library? A. not to smoke B. not smoke C. not smoking D. dont smoke 12. Those mushrooms are ________. Dont eat them! A. poisoned B. poisoning C. poisonous D. poison 13. I __________ the piano in my room at this time yesterday. A. played B. were playing C. was playing D. have played 14. I saw your school's ________ in today's edition of The Vietnam News. A. advertising B. advertises C. advertised D. advertisement 15. He tried to walk ________ so as not to be late for school. A. fast B. quick C. rapid D. slowly 16. Do you want _________ by the doctor? A. to examine B. to be examined C. being examined D. examining 17. I am _________ that you liked it. A. surprised B. surprising C. surprise D. surprisingly 18. Very often the chocolate inside is not as exciting as its __________ . A. coat B. wrapper C. cover D. paper 19. Alan is really impressed by the _________ of the city and by the friendliness of its people. A. beautiful B. beauty C. beautifully D. beautify 20. The boss said that he would fly to Ho Chi Minh City __________ day. A. next B. the previous C. the following D. the before 21. This book isnt very interesting,.? A. is it B. isnt it C. is this D. isnt this 22. He refused with me. A. go B. to go C. going D. having gone 23. I can with my friends and relatives by means of e-mail. A. relate B.get C.gather D. communicate 24. We are to help us. A. at B. in C. on D. with 25. Mr. Brown needs to leave right now,? A. doesnt he B. . neednt he C. need he D.does he

26. The nurse suggested..two aspirins. A. to take B.take C. taking D.being taken 27. Our teacher asked us to learn the poemheart. A. in B. by C. at D.on 28.The journey to the countryside is very ______ A. interest B. interesting C. interested D. a and b 29. We both like sailing , ______ we choose to live near the sea . A. and B. because C. so D. although 30. We wish It ______ now . A. doesnt rain B. isnt rain C. didnt rain D. wasnt rain 31. They ______ Hanoi with their family 2 days ago . A. left B.leave C. haven left D.a and c 32. I was born ______ October 31, 1990 . A. in B. to C. at D. on 33. He wishes he ______ his family . A. could visit B. can visit C. visit D. b and c 34. Mr Minh is a kind -------------------------------- . A. examine B. examiner C. examination D. exam 35. She asked Lan what her name ---------------------- . A. is B. was C. will be D. have been 36. We have well teachers. A. qualify B. qualified C. qualification D. quality 37.Were looking forward to you. A.seeing B.see C.saw D.seen 38.The internet has developed and become part our daily life. A.on D.of 39.The Blacks live in the house .......................... the green doors. A. have B. with C. which D. where 40. The train will leave ........................ ten minutes. A. in B. for C. at D. about 41. What is the ................................ of your country? A. introduction B. population C separation D. pollution 42. Did Lan use to Maryam? A. write B. written C. writing D. wrote 43. Is there .......................... for every one? A. wine enough B. enough wine C. enough of wine D. of wine enough 44. Does the grass need ...................................? A. be cut B. cut C. cutting D. to cut 45.. You d better .......................... harder. A. working B. worked C. to work D. work 46.. We are all ...................... about the football match. A. excited B. keen C. interested D. fond 47. I wanted some coffee but there was .......................... in the pot. A. any B. no C. out D. nothing 48. they have made a lot of progress.............. the country became independent. A. for B. since C. before D. until 49. Desgners made different______________ of jeans to match the 1960s fashions. A. form B. appearenee C. moduls D. styles 50. When ? In 1876. A. the telephone was invented B. was the telephone invented C. did the telephone invented D .did the telephone invent

REWRITE 1. I told you about the doctor last week . He is working here. -> The doctor ___________________________________________________________ 2. I always give my mother flowers on Mothers Day. -> My mother____________________________________________________________ -> Flowers ______________________________________________________________ 3. Mary has painted a new picture. She brings it to class. -> Mary brings___________________________________________________________ 4. Its a pity. I cant play chess. -> I wish _______________________________________________________________ 5. Why dont you have your hair cut? she said. -> She suggests _________________________________________________________ 6. Nam is good at English. He isnt very good at Maths. -> Although _____________________________________________________________ 9. Shall we go for a walk? said Peter. -> Peter suggested________________________________________________________ 10. Shes working late next Friday. She cant come to the party. -> Because ______________________________________________________________ 11. He told her about the book. He liked it best. -> He told her____________________________________________________________ 12. The old man is working in this factory. I borrowed his bicycle yesterday. -> The old man __________________________________________________________ 13. This is my opinion. You can do nothing to change it. -> There is ______________________________________________________________ 14. Its a pity that I dont have her phone number. -> If only _______________________________________________________________ 15. The man is my brother. You saw him on TV this morning. -> The man _____________________________________________________________ 16. He is overweight because he eats too much fatty food. -> If he _________________________________________________________________ 17. He is the tallest boy in the group. -> No one_______________________________________________________________ 18. He failed the exam because he was lazy. -> If he _________________________________________________________________ 19.A lot of languages young people use cant be understood by their parents. -> Young people _________________________________________________________ -> Some parents__________________________________________________________ 20. Could you wait a second while I get my books? Peter said to Jane. -> Peter asked ___________________________________________________________ 21. She was too busy to answer the phone. - > She was so ___________________________________________________________ 22. Can I borrow your pen please, Sam? said Allison. -> Allison asked__________________________________________________________ 23. Hed rather type than write by hand. -> He prefers ____________________________________________________________ 24. No one has collected the rubbish this week. -> The rubbish ___________________________________________________________

REWRITE 1. Her voice is so beautiful that everyone admires it. --> She _________________________________________________________________ 2. He regrets telling her the truth. --> He wishes____________________________________________________________ 3. The last time it rained was a fortnight ago. --> It hasn't______________________________________________________________ 4. We dont buy the house because we dont have enough money. --> If we had ____________________________________________________________ 5. How old is your son? the nurse said to Mrs. Green. --> The nurse ____________________________________________________________ 6. It's years since we decorated this room. --> We haven't ___________________________________________________________ 7. The news was so wonderful that she decided to have a celebration. --> It was _______________________________________________________________ 8. The garage is going to repair the car for us next week. --> We are going _________________________________________________________ 9. It is not necessary for you to finish the work now. --> You ________________________________________________________________ 10. Jane is the most talented student in my school. --> No student ___________________________________________________________ 11. When did they start wearing this uniform? How long ____________________________________________________________ 12. Gone with the Wind is the name of the novel. They have named ______________________________________________________ 13. Learning English is not easy. It ___________________________________________________________________ 14. No one has grown maize on this farm. Maize _______________________________________________________________ 15. Peter is the same age as David. Peter is as ____________________________________________________________ 16. You had better not touch that switch. If I __________________________________________________________________ 17. The traffic was so bad that the journey took six hours. It ___________________________________________________________________ 18. He was rescued from the mountain by John. It was________________________________________________________________ 19. The food is so stale that we cannot eat it. The food is ___________________________________________________________ 20. Could you please open the window? Would you mind _______________________________________________________ 21. Although he has a very important job, he isnt particularly well-paid. In spite of ____________________________________________________________ 22. I have no right qualification and I cant apply for the job. If ___________________________________________________________________ 23. The prime minister was going to open the new school. The new school________________________________________________________

INVERSION (O NG) Phn l thuyt: o ng l em tr ng t, hoc ng t to be hoc modals t trc ch t mang hm nhn mnh 1. No sooner.....than = hardly......when/ before = scarcely.....when/ before 3 cu trc ny u mang ngha "ngay". Thng c dng (thng vi th QKHT, i khi dng QK) ch 1 vic g xy ra khng lu sau vic khc. No sooner had I reached the door than I realised it was locked No sooner did I reach the door than I realised it was locked. 2. Not until Not until January will I have a holiday. 3. Only then/if/when/later/after=> S dng vi th qu kh n. Only then did I know what I had got myself into. Only after the film started did I realise that I'd seen it before. 4. Rarely/Seldom/Never COULD. => Thng dung vi th HT, HTHT, QKHT v CAN and

Seldom have I seen him looking so miserable. Never in her life had she experienced this exhilarating emotion. 5. So......that => y l cu trc ph bin, thng dng vi tnh t vad TO BE So exciting was the soap opera, that I forgot to do my English homework. => N c theerr c dng vi much. So much did she adore John, that she would not give him up. 6. Such....that => Dng vi danh t v TO BE Such was the popularity of the soap opera, that the streets were deserted whenever it was on. 7. Not only . but also Not only does she play piano well, but also she sings well 8. o ng trong cu iu kin (b IF) If it stops raining = Should it stop raining. If I were rich = Were I rich If he had known = Had he known

Phn bi tp Rewrite these sentences using NEVER, RARELY, SELDOM or LITTLE. 1. I have never heard such nonsense! 2. Our profits this year are higher than they have ever been. 3. One rarely finds good service these days. 4. Public borrowing has seldom been so high. 5. They little suspected that the musical was going to be a runaway success. 6. The embassy staff little realized that Ted was a secret agent. Rewrite these sentences, using inversion with NOT ONLY. 7. He is my friend as well as yours. 8. He booked tickets for the afternoon performance and the evening performance as well. 9. Burglars stole a thousand pounds worth of electrical goods, and left the flat in an awful mess. 10. Tony was not only late, but he had left all his books behind. 11. You will enhance your posture and improve your acting ability on this course. Rewrite these sentences, using inversion with ONLY./ NOT UNTIL 12. I only realized how dangerous the situation had been when I got home. 13. It wasnt until last week that the Agriculture Minister admitted defeat. 14. I understood Hamlet only after seeing it on the stage. 15. They didnt get round to business until they had finished eating. 16. They had to wait for twelve hours before their flight left. Rewrite these sentences, using inversion with SHOULD, WERE OR HAD 17. If the chemical were to leak, a large area of the sea would be contaminated.

18. If Germany were to beat Romania, they would face Italy in the final. 19. If Mr. Morgan were still head master, he would not permit such bad behavior. 20. If you had given it on time, you would have got a high mark. 21. If she had become a lawyer, as her parents wished, she would have earned a large salary. 22. If anything had gone wrong with my plan, I would have held responsibility. 23. If the Government were forced into another election, it would be the favorite to win. 24. If you should wish to make an appointment to see Dr Simons, she is available between 9.00 and 11.00. 25. If you should have further problems with your printer, contact your dealer for advice. 26. If you should decide to accept the post, you will be expected to start work on 1st April. Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences 1. No sooner had we started the picnic.............. the rain began pouring down! A. than A. have snakes B. when B. do snakes C. that C. snakes do D. and D. snakes have 2. Hardly....................................attack people. 3. ______ but he also proved himself a good athlete. A. Not only he showed himself a good student B. He did not show himself only a good student C. Not only did he show himself a good student D. A good student not only showed him 4. Not until the end of the 19th century ______ become a scientific discipline. A. plant breeding has B. did plant breeding C. plant breeding had D. has plant breeding 5. Had she worked harder last summer, she ______. A. wouldn't have been sacked B. wouldn't have sacked C. wouldn't sack D. wouldn't be sacked 6. ______ he arrived at the bus stop when the bus came.

A. No longer has A. you will know

B. No sooner had B. you know

C. Not until had C. do you know

D. Hardly had D. will you know

7. Only when you grow up ______ the truth. 8. ______, he would have learned how to read. A. If he has been able to go school as a child B. If he could go to school as a child C. Were he able to go to school as a child D. Had he been able to go to school as a child 9. _______,they would have had what they wanted. A. If they arrived at the fair early B. Had they arrived at the fair early C. Unless they arrived at the fair early enough D. Supposing they were arriving at the fair early 10. _______ that she burst into tears. A. Such was her anger B. So angry she was C. She was so anger D. Such her anger was 11. No sooner had she put the telephone down than her boss rang back. A. As soon as her boss rang back, she put down the telephone. B. Scarcely had she put the telephone down when her boss rang back. C. Hardly she had hung up, she rang her boss immediately. D. She had hardly put the telephone down without her boss rang back. 12. Never before ______ as accelerated as they are now during the technological age. A. have historical changes been B. have been historical changes C. historical changes have been D. historical have changes been 13. _____ make a good impression on her. A. Only by doing so can I B. Only so doing can I C.Only by so doing I can D. Only by doing so I can 14. They drove fifteen miles off the main road. Also, they had nothing to eat for the day. A. They drove fifteen miles off the main road until they had something to eat for the day. B. They neither drove fifteen miles off the main road nor had anything to eat for the day. C. Driving fifteen miles off the main road, they eventually had something to eat for the day. D. Not only did they drive fifteen miles off the main road, they also had nothing to eat for the day.

READING 1. Some volcanoes are always (1) ______. They are called active volcanoes. Mount Etna in Italy is an active (2) ______. Some volcanoes have not erupted since prehistoric times. These are (3) ______ extinct volcanoes. Most of the Hawaiian Islands are extinct volcanoes. These volcanoes (4) ______ have a hot spot under them. They (5) ______erupt anymore. Some volcanoes have not erupted for a long time, (6) ______ they could erupt again. These are called dormant volcanoes. Scientists try to figure out (7) ______ volcanoes will erupt. Studying volcanoes is hard and dangerous work. Scientists drill into volcanoes. They (8) ______ maps of the inside of the volcanoes. They use satellites to study volcanoes (9) ______ space. Scientists have been able to predict a few eruptions. But it is not (10) ______ to tell what a volcano might do. A. erupting A. mountain A. named A. any longer A. wont A. and A. where A. do A. in A. easy B. running B. volcano B. thought B. any more B. can not B. or B. why B. create B. from B. difficult C. going C. river C. called C. not more C. but C. that C. build C. into C. able D. firing D. hill D. said D. no longer D. so D. when D. make D. out of D. good

C. should not D. may not

2. Big cities have problems with crowded streets, congested traffic, noise and air pollution. Every day, thousands of vehicles fill the streets, especially during rush hours. The large numbers of cars, buses and trucks cause so much congestion. No vehicles can move in any direction. Parking is another problem. There are not enough parking facilities, and when cars try to park on the streets, there is not enough room for traffic. Finally, the traffic adds to the problem of air and noise pollution. 1. In big cities, there is a lot of traffic during rush hours. . 2. The traffic seldom causes air and noise pollution. . 3. In big cities, there are too many parking facilities. . 4. Cars, buses and trucks cause little congestion. . 3. My name if Phil. Im from Canada. Im living in a flat in HCM city, where I am taking a Vietnamese course. Its my first time abroad. I am sharing the flat with another student called Dev. We have known each other for just some months, since we entered the class. Dev is from Germany. We study in the same group. Dev had studied Vietnamese before he came here. So he can speak a little Vietnamese. We go to class in the morning, so in the afternoon we have time to work in groups. Dev helps me a lot not only in my study but also in my daily life. We often practise speaking Vietnamese and do our homework together. Thanks to his help, I have made big progress in speaking and listening as well. Last week we had a test and I did a really good job. Our papers will be returned tomorrow. And I hope that we will get good marks. Im very happy to have a friend like Dev. 1. This is the first time Phil has been in a foreign country. 2. Dev, Phils new friend, is Canadian. 3. Phil can now speak better Vietnamese then Dev can. 4. In Phils opinion, Dev is a helpful friend.

READING 1. John lay in hospital bed and look around. (31).beds in the ward, and each one had a patient in it. He wondered if the other patients had broken their legs (32) ,or whether they were suffering from something (33) . The man in the next bed smiled at John. What are you in for? he asked. Broken leg, said John. (34) . Same thing. Everybody here has a broken leg except for Fred over there Whats wrong with Fred? John asked curiously. He looked across at Fred, and realised (35).. Fred was completely wrapped in bandages with only his nose showing! 31. A. There were several other B. Looking at all the other C. He could see all the D. There werent any other 32. A. then B. after all C. either D. too 33. A. just the same B. other C. else D. that he was 34. A. Are you? B. What for? C. What about you? D. Whats it about? 35. A. there was a big problem for him B. what a silly question it was C. he didnt know the answer D. what the question was for 2. Wild animals (and wild plants) and the wild places where they live are seriously threatened almost everywhere. One species has become extinct in each year of this century. But many kinds are now in danger. Lack of attention would lead to the rapid advance of process of extinction. Already many kinds of wild animals has been so reduced in number that their role in the ecosystem is forgotten. Animals like the great apes, the whales, seals etc thought to be in danger of extinction. But even more important, perhaps, than individuals kinds of animals and plants, whole habitats are in danger of vanishing: marshes are being drained; and the world forests, especially the tropical forests are being cut down to satisfy man's need of timber and paper. 46. What would happen to the human beings if the wild life vanished? A. many species would quickly become extinct. B. the human life would be seriously threatened. C. species would go on dying out. D. tropical forests would be cut down. 47. What is more important than individual kinds of animals and plants? A. the vanishing of whole habitats. B. the extinction of many species. C. the rapid advance of the process of extinction. D. man's need of timber and paper. 48. What does the writer caution us against? A. cutting down the tropical forests. B. hunting wild animals. C. draining mashes. D. destroying our environment. 49. What would happen if we cut down forests? Cutting down forests would cause ....... A. the changes of temperature B. the flood C. both A and B are correct D. none are correct 50. "to threaten" in the passage means ...... A. to pollute B. to give fear to C. to vanish D. to poison

READING 1. Our classes take place for three hours every morning from Monday to Friday. The maximum class size is twelve and the average is ten. We use modern methods of teaching and learning, and the school has a language laboratory, a video camera and recorder. You will only be successful in improving your English, however, if you work hard and ______ (129) speaking English as much as you can. You will take a short ______ (130) in English as soon as you arrive. In this way, we can put you in a ______ (131) at the most suitable level. There are two classes at the Elementary level; one is complete ______ (132) and the other is for students who know only a little English. In both classes you will practise simple conversations. In the class at the Intermediate level you will have a lot of ______ (133) in communicating in reallife situations because we help you to use the English you have previously ______ (134) in your own country. You will also have the chance to improve your ______ (135) of English grammar and to build up your vocabulary. The emphasis is on oral communication practice in a wide variety of situations at the advanced ______ (136). You will learn how to use language correctly and appropriately when you ______ (137) to native speakers. In addition, you will develop such study skills as reading efficiently, writing articles and reports, and note-taking from books and ______ (138). 129. A. to try B. try C. trying D. tries 130. A. test B. examination C. examining D. A & B are correct 131. A. class B. room C. school D. place 132. A. students B. people C. partners D. beginners 133. A. practice B. practiced C. practicing D. practices 134. A. learnt B. studied C. acquired D. All are correct 135. A. knowledge B. mind C. subject D. matter 136. A. level B. step C. knowledge D. qualification 137. A. speak B. say C. tell D. discuss 138. A. lecture B. lecturing C. lectures D. lectured 2. One of my favorite places for a vacation is Mexico. I really like the weather because it never gets cold there. The people are very nice, too. They never laugh at my bad Spanish. And the food is wonderful! Mexico City is a very interesting place to visit. It has some great museums and lots of fascinating old buildings. And the hotels are not too expensive. But you can stay in other places in Mexico. For example, you should go to one of the beach resorts like Acapulco. And you shouldnt miss the Mayan temples near Merida. 124. David likes warm weather. ______ ______ 125. His Spanish is very good. ______ ______ 126. Theres a lot to see and do on a vacation in Mexico. ______ ______ 127. The hotels in Mexico City are pretty expensive. ______ ______ 128. The Mayan temples are in Mexico City ______ ______ 3.

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Television is one of the most important ______ (116) of communication. It brings ______(117) and sounds from around in the world into millions of homes. A person with a television set can sit in his house and watch the President ______ (118) a speech or visit a foreign country. He can see a war being fought and watch statesmen try to bring about peace. ______ (119) television, home viewers can see and learn about people, places, and things in ______ (120) lands. TV even takes its viewers out of this world. It brings them coverage of Americas astronauts as the astronauts explore outer space. ______ (121) all these things, television brings its viewers a steady stream of programs that are ______ (122) to entertain. In fact, TV provides many more ______ (123) than any other kind. The programs include actionpacked dramas, light comedies, sporting events and motion pictures.

READING 1. In AD 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted, sending out a huge cloud of dust and rock that darken the sky. It came without warning, and the power of the explosion was so great that it was felt from hundreds miles away. In the town of Pompeii, at the foot of the volcano, the inhabitants picked up whatever belongings they could carry and make for the open countryside. In the terrible storm that followed, dust and rock from the volcano rained down onto the town, filling the streets with deep layers of ash and poisonous gas, making it impossible for the people to get away. The town of Pompeii was completely destroyed by the rain of death, and lay lost to the world for centuries. Excavation work did not begin until 1748, when Roccco Alcubierre found some wall paintings while he was digging at the site. In the years that followed, archaeologists realized that they had come across one of the most astonishing ruins of all time. Almost everything in Pompeii had been perfectly preserved. Several houses still had their roofs, and inside the furniture and the decorations were just as they had been centuries earlier. There were also the remains of over 2,000 people. Some of the victims had made the mistake of sheltering in their cellars, where they were killed by poisonous gases from the volcano. Others had been prevented from escaping, and in the prison were men who had been chained to the wall and left to die. 46. Pompeii was .. a. the name of a town at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. b. the name of the town mayor c. the name of a city at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. d. the name of the country at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. 47. Mount Vesuvius erupted .. a. 79 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. b. 79 years after the birth of Jesus Christ. c. 2000 years ago. d. 79 centuries ago. 48. In the context of the passage, made for means . a. to prepare for b. to move in the direction of c. to be suitable with d. to be used in 49. The word Others in the last paragraph refers to . a. the remains b. cellars c. the victims d. poisonous gases 50. Which of the following is not true ? a. The inhabitants didnt have any chance of leaving the town. b. Though the town was completely destroyed, there were 2,000 people remained. c. After the year of 1748, archaeologists realized that the site was one of the most astonishing ruins of all the time. d. But for Rocco Alcubierre the excavation work wouldnt have begun in 1748. 2. Valentines Day is always (36) February 14. Its not a (37) .. day. On weekdays, schools are open. Banks are open. People go to work. Life goes (38) as usual, but there is one (39) .People give cards and gifts to friends and people they love. They say, Be my Valentine. . There are many kinds of Valentine cards. Some people make cards. Most people (40) .them. Men and women often give each another romantic cards. These (41)say, I love you. . The husbands give romantic cards to their (42)Children and friends usually give fuuny and humorous cards. These cards do not say, I love you. . They are not romatic.Children give cards to their friends (43) .sschool parties. Flowers and candies are popular gifts on Valentines Day. Many people give red roses (44) people they love. Stores sell chocolates and other candies in heart(45) 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. a. in a. national a. in a. differ a. buy a. men a. wives a. in a. for a. style b. at b. office b. at b. sell b. women b. wifes b. at b. at b. forms c. on c. regional c. for c. give c. cards c. wive c. on c. to c. shapes d. for d. religion d. on d. differences d. get d. pappers d. wife d. of d. d. pattern

b. difference c. different