Sunil Thamke APPS Techanical Consultant WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31, 2010 UTL file BANK FILE CREATE OR REPLACE procedure

APPS.XXSCC_SAUDI_PAY_OUTPUT_FILE( errbuf OUT varchar2, retcode OUT varchar2 ) IS v_emsg VARCHAR2(2000) := 'Proc Bank Payment interface Failed with ERROR '; v_err_msg VARCHAR2(2000); v_message VARCHAR2(2000); v_no_asset NUMBER := 0 ; Out_File_Handle UTL_FILE.FILE_TYPE; Out_FileErrMsg VARCHAR2(100); lv_total_emp number := 0; lv_total_amt number := 0; lv_date varchar2(10) ; CURSOR lcu_bank_file IS SELECT rownum,pact.payroll_action_id, pact.action_type, pact.consolidation_set_i d, pact.payroll_id, pact.start_date, pact.effective_date, pay.payroll_name, cons.consolidation_set_name, ppy.VALUE netpay, asact.assignment_id, asact.assignment_action_id, asg.employee_number, asg.full_name, asg.original_date_of_hire, asg.grade, asg.ORGANIZATION, asg.POSITION, pym.org_payment_method_name,, bnk.branch, asg.account_name account_name, bnk.account_number, pym.CURRENCY_CODE FROM pay_payroll_actions pact, pay_all_payrolls_f pay, pay_assignment_actions asact, pay_consolidation_sets cons, pay_pre_payments ppy, pay_org_payment_methods_f pym, (SELECT ass.assignment_id, per.employee_number, per.full_name, per.original_date_of_hire, per.full_name account_name, gra.NAME grade, pos.NAME POSITION, org.NAME ORGANIZATION FROM per_all_people_f per, per_all_assignments_f ass, hr_all_organization_units org, per_grades gra, per_positions pos WHERE per.person_id = ass.person_id AND TRUNC (SYSDATE) BETWEEN per.effective_start_date AND per.effective_end_date AND ass.effective_end_date = (SELECT MAX (asg2.effective_end_date) FROM per_all_assignments_f asg2 WHERE asg2.assignment_id = ass.assignment_id) AND ass.grade_id = gra.grade_id(+) AND ass.position_id = pos.position_id(+) AND ass.organization_id = org.organization_id) asg, (select ppm.external_account_id, ppm.org_payment_method_id,

'YYYYMMDD'). MO_GLOBAL.org_payment_method_id = pym. UTL_FILE.Prepayment AND pact.segment1 bank.segment4 account_number from pay_org_payment_methods_f ppm .SET_POLICY_CONTEXT('S'.0 /appsutil/outbound/PRDCLONE_ebsdev'.txt'.pay_external_accounts bnk where ppm.effective_start_date AND pay.consolidation_set_id = cons.PUT_LINE(Out_File_Handle.'PAYROLL_ID' ||chr(9)|| 'EMPLOYEE_NUMBER'||chr(9)|| 'FULL_NAME'||chr(9)|| 'NETPAY'||chr(9)|| 'BANK'||chr(9)|| 'BRANCH'||chr(9)|| 'ACCOUNT_NUMBER' ). FOR c_bank_file IN lcu_bank_file LOOP UTL_FILE.PUT_LINE(Out_File_Handle.payroll_action_id AND asact.assignment_id = asg. lv_total_amt := 0. */ lv_total_emp := 0.effective_date BETWEEN pay.action_type = 'U') -.VALUE('org_id')).FOPEN('/netappbkup/clonescc/oracle/db/tech_st/10.org_payment_method_id AND ppy. Out_File_Handle := UTL_FILE.assignment_action_id AND asact.assignment_id AND ppy.external_account_id=bnk.assignment_action_id = ppy.EXTERNAL_ACCOUNT_ID(+) order by asg. BEGIN select to_char(sysdate. /* UTL_FILE.2.3)|| .action_status = 'C' -.PUT_LINE(Out_File_Handle.lpad('112'.35) ).segment2 branch.effective_start_date AND ppm.payroll_action_id = asact.8)|| rpad('SAUDI CEMENT COMPANY PAYROLL'. bnk.bnk.segment3 account_name.payroll_id AND pact.'XXSCC_Saudi_Payment_Output_file'||lv_date|| '. FND_PROFILE.ORG_PAYMENT_METHOD_ID = bnk.employee_number.'mmddyyyy') into lv_date from dual. bnk.effective_end_date) bnk WHERE pact.effective_end_date AND pact.payroll_id = pay.Completed AND (pact.action_type = 'P' OR pact.'000' || 'SAUDICEM'|| rpad(TO_CHAR(sysdate. bnk.external_account_id AND TRUNC (SYSDATE) BETWEEN ppm. 'W').consolidation_set_id AND pact.

' ').BRANCH.6.NETPAY.18. /*FOR c_bank_file_total IN lcu_bank_file_total LOOP UTL_FILE.-----------.' ').'0')|| rpad(nvl(c_bank_file. RAISE.18.'999'|| lpad(c_bank_file_total. lv_total_emp := lv_total_emp+1. RAISE.INVALID_OPERATION THEN FND_FILE.FOPEN was invalid. Mo dify the INIT.*/ UTL_FILE.35)|| rpad(nvl(c_bank_file.140) ).FOPEN was invalid.'The value provided for the open_mode parameter i n UTL_FILE." or "W.xxs cc_Asset_Details_outbound_file.'0')|| lpad(c_bank_file_total.BANK.' ')." "R.6.payroll_name.PUT_LINE(FND_FILE." ').'The operating system returned an error when trie .PUT_LINE(FND_FILE.'0') ).34)|| lpad(c_bank_file.3)|| rpad(nvl(c_bank_file.PUT_LINE('UTL_FILE could not open or operate on the file as requeste d.LOG. UTL_FILE.2.TOTAL_EMPLOYEE.FULL_NAME. WHEN UTL_FILE. It must be "A.'The Output File is available at this path :-/orabackup/crpinst/UAT/oracle/db/tech_st/10.35) || rpad(nvl(c_bank_file." "R. Modify the I NIT.20)|| rpad('CITY'. DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(FND_FILE." or "W.ROWNUM.PUT_LINE(FND_FILE.' ').PUT_LINE(Out_File_Handle.'0')|| rpad(c_bank_file.CURRENCY_CODE. It must be "A.NETPAY. DBMS_OUTPUT.WRITE_ERROR THEN FND_FILE." '). WHEN UTL_FILE. END LOOP.'0') ).INVALID_PATH THEN FND_FILE.PAYROLL_ID.6.ORA parameter initialization file of your instance').9)|| rpad(nvl(c_bank_file.OUTPUT.EMPLOYEE_NUMBER.16) || rpad(nvl(c_bank_file. RAISE. DBMS_OUTPUT. WHEN UTL_FILE.'). -. END LOOP.12)|| 'RIBLSARIXXX'|| rpad(nvl(c_bank_file.PUT_LINE(FND_FILE.PUT_LINE('The file location or the filename is invalid.xls').' ').0/appsutil/outbound/UAT_ebsdev.LOG.PUT_LINE(Out_File_Handle. lv_total_amt := lv_total_amt+c_bank_file.FCLOSE(Out_File_Handle).'0')||lpad(lv_total_emp.LOG. You are trying to write to a read-only file.TOTAL_NETPAY.EXCEPTION PART BEGINS HERE --------------EXCEPTION WHEN UTL_FILE.').'999'|| lpad(lv_total_amt. FND_FILE.' ').15.LOG.ORA parameter initialization file of your instance').' ').'The file location or the filename is invalid.'UTL_FILE could not open or operate on the file a s requested.PUT_LINE('The value provided for the open_mode parameter in UTL_FILE .ACCOUNT_NUMBER.lpad(c_bank_file.INVALID_MODE THEN FND_FILE. You are trying to write to a read-only file.

The current implementation of UTL_FILE limits the size of a line rea d by UTL_FILE.'). WHEN OTHERS THEN Out_FileErrMsg := SUBSTR(SQLERRM.PUT_LINE(FND_FILE. RAISE.'Something went wrong and the PL/SQL runtime engi ne cannot assign blame to any of the previous exceptions.'You are trying to read or write lines in the fil e which are too long.LOG. ').PUT_LINE(FND_FILE. '). FND_FILE. The current implementation of UTL_FILE limits the size of a line read by UTL_FILE. v_message := v_emsg || v_err_msg.FCLOSE(Out_File_Handle).LOG.GET_LINE to 1022 bytes.GET_LINE to 1022 bytes.'). UTL_FILE. RAISE. END XXSCC_SAUDI_PAY_OUTPUT_FILE.d to write to the file'). DBMS_OUTPUT.'The file handle passed to a UTL_FILE program was invalid.PUT_LINE('The file handle passed to a UTL_FILE program was invalid.FOPEN to obtain a valid file handle.PUT_LINE('You are trying to read or write lines in the file which ar e too long. v_emsg:=SQLERRM. RAISE.100).PUT_LINE('The operating system returned an error when tried to write to the file').INVALID_FILEHANDLE THEN FND_FILE. WHEN UTL_FILE.'). DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Some error is there'||SUBSTR(SQLERRM. / Posted by Sunil Thamke APPS Techanical at 12:43 AM No comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) BLOG ARCHIVE ? 2010 (68) ? December (2) ? October (8) ? September (3) ? August (1) ? July (1) ? June (22) ? May (16) ? April (4) ? March (11) UTL file BANK FILE HRMS API create_element_entry Sales Invoice Report Sales Order Details Customer Details Find Order Number based on receipt Number .INTERNAL_ERROR THEN FND_FILE. Call UTL_FILE.Out_FileErrMsg).PUT_LINE(FND_FILE. DBMS_OUTPUT. WHEN UTL_FILE.PUT_LINE(FND_FILE. WHEN VALUE_ERROR THEN FND_FILE. RAISE. DBMS_OUTPUT.LOG. DBMS_OUTPUT.100)).1. Call UTL_FILE.PUT_LINE('Something went wrong and the PL/SQL runtime engine cannot assign blame to any of the previous exceptions.1.').LOG.FOPEN to obtain a valid file handle.

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