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Table of Contents Miracles, Miracles, Miracles

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"oo uch of the Christian 4orld has 3een asleep for t4o thousand /ears since .esus gave the Great Commission and told us all to preach the gospel9 cast out devils9 inister the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit9 and heal the sick= 7e are in the end%ti es9 and .esus has uch still to 3e done in the earth 3efore #e can return= "his is the hour of the 3eliever5 $od is calling ever/ 3eliever to co e off their co forta3le9 soft9 padded pe4s and 3egin to 3e en and 4o en 4ho actuall/ cause the 4ords of .esus to 3eco e a realit/ in toda/'s 4orld5 As its title proclai s9 this is a 3ook of iracles= But the e-citing thing is9 4e are not onl/ going to share 4hat has happened to and through us9 3ut 4e are going to share signs and 4onders 4hich have happened through others 4ho have taken our How to Heal the Sick training and 4ho are stepping out in faith and 3eco ing 3elievers of action5 $od never intended for one or t4o speciall/ selected disciples to go out and do the Great Commission= #e gave that co and to ever/ single 3eliever= 2or the last >uarter of a centur/9 $od has put it in our hearts and souls to teach 3elievers that ?If Charles and 2rances can do it9 /ou can do it9 too5@ = = =and also ?If .esus did it9 /ou can do it9 too5@ In fact9 /ou can do even greater things 3ecause .esus said so in #is 4ord5@ A.ohn 14B12C= "his co ission is the ver/ core of our teaching= "his is the 3reath of our lives= *uring our #ealing ,-plosions and through ongoing and current training 4ith live healing schools9 television9 videos9 *D*s9 3ooks and Internet9 4e have trained thousands and thousands of 3elievers that9 in the na e of .esus and 3/ the po4er of the #ol/ Spirit9 ever/ 3eliever can acco plish signs9 4onders and iracles toda/9 in the t4entieth centur/= .esus Christ is the sa e /esterda/9 toda/9 and forever A#e3re4s 13B8C= #e has not changed9 nor has the Great Commission changed one 3it5 "oda/ 3elievers are 3eco ing real ?doers@ of the 4ord= 7herever 4e have taken this essage of the 3eliever doing the Great

Commission9 it has spread like 4ildfire= "here is revival going on all over the 4orld5 As /ou read through our stories and the testi onies 4e have 4itnessed or have later received fro people9 /ou 4ill see that ?$od is no respecter of persons=@ 8ou 4ill read ho4 the iraculous occurred in the lives of /oung children9 teenagers9 and adults of all ages9 people fro ever/ nation9 ever/ deno ination and ever/ 4alk of life= It 4ould 3e i possi3le for us to 4rite a3out ever/ sign and 4onder 4hich has follo4ed us over the /ears9 si pl/ 3ecause there 4ould not 3e enough roo to contain the incredi3le accounts= It 4ould also 3e i possi3le for us to print each and ever/ letter of testi on/ 4hich 4e have received since our teachings on #o4 to #eal the Sick 3egan circling the glo3e= 7e have selected so e of our favorite signs and 4onders plus a sa pling of 4hat has happened across the 4orld through ordinar/9 ever/da/9 iracle%4orking 3elievers 3ecause the/ have 3een trained ?ho4 to heal the sick=@ So e of the stories 4e have selected happened /ears ago and so e happened onl/ a fe4 da/s ago= $od is still oving and so are his disciples5 Charles and Frances Hunter

Chapter 1

Supernatural Beginnings
I L6D, "#, S:&,);A":)AL5 I guess one of the reasons is that I 4as 3orn into the kingdo of $od through a supernatural e-perience= As a result9 I associate all things concerning $od and .esus Christ totall/ 4ith the supernatural= #o4 4ell I re e 3er the night $od 4iped all the printing off of the page of / Bi3le 4here &sal 23 4as 4ritten9 and revealed a sno4 4hite page= "hen #e proceeded to 4rite on it in the 3rilliant red 3lood of .esus5 "he 4ords #e 4rote 4ere life%changing= ?2rances $ardner Athat 4as / na e thenC9 I love /ou5@ 2ive 4ords 4ere all that #e 4rote9 3ut it 4as enough to ake e realiEe for the first ti e in / life that $od loved e personall/ as an individual9 and not Fust as part of the ?4orld@ that #e sent .esus to redee = Charles' life 4as also totall/ changed through the supernatural= After thirt/%one /ears as a leader in the church9 he 4as co pletel/ transfor ed and 3aptiEed 4ith the fire of the #ol/ Spirit 3/ aking a si ple state ent to $odB ?"ake all of / life and ake e spirituall/ 4hat 86: 4ant e to 3e5@ #e 4as transfor ed in the t4inkling of an e/e after all those /ears of tr/ing to live a hol/ life5 It 4as onl/ natural that our love affair should 3e supernatural= 7e et and arried 4ithout ever having a date9 or ever seeing each other fro the ti e 4e et until 4e 4ere arried eight/%eight da/s later= "hese co plete stories are told in previous 3ooks9 $od is 2a3ulous9 2ollo4 !e9 and #o4 to &ick a &erfect #us3and=== or 7ife= 7ith such supernatural events dra4ing us into $od's plan9 I suppose it 4as onl/ natural that our 4alk 4ith $od 4ould 3e totall/ in the supernatural5 $od had ordained fro the ver/ 3eginning that 4e should 4alk in the iraculous5 Since 4e 4ere over a hundred /ears 3et4een us 4hen 4e got started9 ever/ /ear since then has 3een a 6

4hirl4ind of the supernatural9 as though $od 4anted to help us catch up to 4hat 4e could have done had 4e started 4hen 4e 4ere uch /ounger= 2ro the instant 4e received the 3aptis of the #ol/ Spirit the desire of our hearts has 3een to 3reathe a real and active discipleship into the lives of others= .esus' co and in !ark 16 is so 3urned in our hearts 4e can hardl/ think of an/thing else= It is as through $od placed a red%hot 3rand on our hearts 4hich contained the Great Commission of the Bi3le= $o into all the 4orld and preach the gospel to ever/ creature= #e 4ho 3elieves and is 3aptiEed 4ill 3e savedG 3ut he 4ho does not 3elieve 4ill 3e conde ned= And these signs 4ill follo4 those 4ho 3elieveB In !/ na e the/ 4ill cast out de onsG the/ 4ill speak 4ith ne4 tonguesG the/ 4ill take up serpents9 and if the/ drink an/thing deadl/9 it 4ill 3/ no eans hurt the G the/ 4ill la/ hands on the sick9 and the/ 4ill recover= A!ark 16B1(%18C= Although this scripture has 3een in the Bi3le all the ti e9 it see s as though $od has shined do4n a glorious light on it= It radiates and pulsates fro our inner ost 3eing= 7e live it9 4e eat it9 4e sleep it9 4e love it9 4e think it9 4e speak it9 and 4e do it at all ti es5 ;o4 4ith a co 3ined age of 1819 4e are as passionate ever/ da/ as 4e 4ere the da/ 4e trained our first 3eliever to la/ hands on the sick= 7e reFoice ever/ single da/ that9 all over the 4orld9 signs and 4onders are still ultipl/ing as the people of $od co e alive to the fact that each of us ust 3e out there doing 4hat .esus told us to do=

Chapter 2 Living the Book of Acts

Luke9 the $reat &h/sician 4rote the ost e-citing 3ook of the Bi3le9 and I 3elieve the #ol/ Spirit chose Luke 3ecause a doctor reall/ looks at the details= Acts is a3solutel/ alive 4ith the po4er of $od9 and 4hat is so e-citing is that it records ever/da/ people getting 3aptiEed 4ith the #ol/ Spirit9 forgetting all their past and all their fears and going out and doing the 4orks that .esus did5 "he/ didn't do it the sa e 4a/ all the ti e9 the/ had challenges along the 4a/9 3ut the/ o3e/ed .esus and created a legac/ for ever/ 3eliever to follo4 until .esus returns= *o /ou kno4 ho4 an/ chapters are in the 3ook of ActsH I suppose ever/ Bi3le that 4ould 3e found on this planet 4ould sho4 that Acts has 28 chapters= But I 3elieve 4ith all / heart and soul that Acts is still 3eing 4ritten toda/9 and 4hen 4e read the Bi3le as it 4ill appear in heaven9 an/ of us 4ho have o3e/ed 4hat .esus told us to do9 4ill find our na es in the hundredth or thousandth or illionth chapter of Acts5 Let's get started no4 and enFo/ the e-cite ent and thrill of $od's iracle 4orking po4er happening toda/9 that 4e 4ill undou3tedl/ read a3out in so e of those ongoing chapters in the heavenl/ Bi3le= 7e had attended a pastors' and leaders' eeting in Charlotte9 ;=C= 4here 4e et the pastor of an Asse 3l/ of $od church in 6r ond Beach9 2lorida= #e invited us to co e to his church on the one night still availa3le in our 2lorida schedule and insisted he could put a good eeting together in four da/s= !ore than 19111 people sho4ed up to Fa the church on a !onda/ night9 4ith those four da/s' notice5 After an incredi3le praise and 4orship service9 4e shared on the iraculous things $od is doing toda/9 and 8

then 4e asked if there 4as an/one in the audience 4ho had tre endous pain= 7e 4anted onl/ so eone 4ho 4as e-periencing serious pain at that particular o ent=

A Leap of Joy
6ver on the right hand side of the church9 a /oung 4o an lifted her hand= She 4as a Southern Baptist 4ho had gone to the doctor that afternoon for her final check%up 3efore surger/ on 7ednesda/= 6n her 4a/ to the doctor9 she had seen the sign in front of the church 4hich said9 ?!iracle Service "onight 7ith Charles and 2rances #unter=@ After she passed the sign9 several thoughts 4ent through her indG ?Could $od reall/ do it toda/H *oes $od still heal toda/H 7ould $od heal eH@ She did not realiEe the #ol/ Spirit 4as speaking to her= She pondered a3out so e teaching she had previousl/ received on 4hether $od still heals toda/9 3ut those #ol/ Spirit inspired thoughts 4ould not leave her= She decided she had nothing to lose9 and asked so e friends to 3ring her to the church that night= After she raised her hand9 ushers assisted her up onto the stage 3ecause she 4as in such agon/ she could not 4alk 3/ herself= &ain 4as o3vious 4ith ever/ step she took and 4as reflected in her voice 4ith ever/ 4ord she spoke= A chiropractor 4as in the audience9 so 4e asked hi to e-a ine her= #e reconfir ed the fact that she had an area of such intense spas that it indicated a ruptured disc= "he Bi3le sa/s in )o ans 4B1+ that 4e can call into 3eing those things 4hich do not e-ist as though the/ did e-ist9 3ringing faith into realit/G so 4e sat her do4n in a chair and co anded a ne4 disc to for in her 3ack= #er legs 4ere uneven due to the intense pull in her 3ack= 7hen the supernatural po4er of $od 4ent into her spine9 her leg oved 3ack into proper position= Before 4e even told her to get up9 the girl Fu ped up fro the chair and screa ed9 ?It doesn't hurt an/ ore5 It doesn't hurt an/ ore5@ She

3egan to run 3ack and forth across the stage as the entire church stood and 3egan to cheer and praise $od5 "he rostru 4as raised three steps a3ove the auditoriu floor9 so 4e suggested she 4alk up and do4n the three stairs to ake real sure she 4as healed= She shocked the entire church9 3ut pro3a3l/ alar ed the chiropractor ost of all9 as she slo4l/9 deli3eratel/ 4alked to the 3ack of the stage9 step 3/ step9 and then turned and ran all the 4a/ across the stage and L,A&,* out into the audience9 landed on her feet and took off running= 7e 4ere glad she 4as not an athletic 3road Fu per or she 4ould have landed 4ith a crushing thud on so eone's lap= "he audience received a shot of faith adrenalin as she took that leap and de onstrated her healing= "he chiropractor put his hands over his e/es and e-clai ed9 ?6h9 no5@ But she kept right on running 4ith a3solutel/ no pain= "he chiropractor later told us9 ?If $od hadn't healed her9 she 4ould have e-ploded her 3ack=@ #er 3ack did not e-plode9 3ut faith e-ploded in that church9 and scores of iracles follo4ed that one5 7hen the girl 4ent 3ack to her doctor9 he cancelled her scheduled surger/5

Black-Eyed Peas and Cornbread

After 4itnessing such a 4ild introduction to the iraculous9 a an ca e for4ard 4ho 4as eight/%t4o /ears of age and appeared to 4eigh not uch ore than eight/% t4o pounds= #is 3ent and t4isted 3od/ 4as in severe pain fro arthritis= !uscles had atrophied in his legs9 ar s and feet= #e had also undergone surger/ to re ove his sto ach and had not 3een a3le to eat for an/ onths= 7e inistered healing to the arthritis first 3/ casting out the spirit of arthritis= "hen 4e co anded a 3rand ne4 sto ach to for in his 3od/ 3/ the po4er of the #ol/ Sprit and all pain to leave in the na e of .esus= Suddenl/ this old gentle an 4ho had ho33led up to the stage realiEed that all of his pain 4as gone and his 3od/ could do e-actl/ 4hat he 4anted it to9 and he 3egan to dance all over the stage= #e leaned this 4a/ and stretched 11

that 4a/ and tested his 3od/ all over the place 4ith a3solutel/ no pain= #e 4as so e-cited that he said he 4as going to go right ho e and fill up that ne4 sto ach 4ith 3lack%e/ed peas9 corn3read and 3utter ilk= #alleluFah5 7e 4ere 3ack in that area a onth later9 and his friends reported that 4as e-actl/ 4hat he did % gorged hi self on 3lack%e/ed peas9 corn3read and 3utter ilk and had no pro3le eating an/thing and ever/thing else that he 4anted5

From Looking Gray to Feeling Great

It is a aEing ho4 the po4er of $od escalates and faith e-plodes 4hen there are a fe4 visi3le iracles= "his church 4hich had onl/ a fe4 da/s of anticipation e-perienced a night of great reFoicing as all kinds of diseases 4ere healed= A an 4ho 4as d/ing of cancer could hardl/ 4alk to the platfor = #e 4as in e-cruciating pain and had a horri3le death%like gra/ cast to his skin= 7e co anded the foul spirit of cancer to co e out in the na e of .esus9 co anded all the root and seed of cancer cells to die9 and co anded the arro4 of his 3ones to anufacture health/9 red 3lood= "he church 4atched 3reathlessl/ as the ashen pallor faded and health/ color returned to his face= "hen he noticed that his pain had co pletel/ disappeared= "his elderl/ saint 4ho had dragged hi self up to the front 4alked a4a/ reFoicing in the Lord9 his face 3ea ing and his cane 4aving in the air5 Can /ou i agine the i pact of the life%changing iracles each of these people e-periencedH If Charles and I had sta/ed on our church pe49 4e 4ould never have 4itnessed 4hat $od 4ants to do ever/ single da/= Signs and 4onders 4ill follo4 the 3eliever9 if 4e 4ill get out there and fulfill the Great Commission5


Chapter 3

Camp Meeting Time

$od takes us into interesting and unusual places to do interesting and unusual iracles= Such 4as a ti e 4hen 4e inistered in a large *allas9 "e-as9 ca p eeting under a tent on a s4eltering .ul/ (th evening= "here are ti es that $od ?sho4s off@ for television9 and this 4as one of those e-citing de onstrations of his po4er= 7e called for people 4ho had severe pain in their 3od/9 3ecause those are al4a/s the easiest to reall/ kno4 the/ have 3een healed= 6ne of the first to co e 4as a lad/ 4hose ri3 4as so separated fro the rest that /ou could put three fingers 3et4een t4o of her ri3s= 7e co anded her ar s to gro4 out and ri3s to go 3ack into place9 in .esus' na e9 and co anded the uscles9 nerve9 liga ents and tendons to 3e healed= 7hat an i partation of faith 4ent into the cro4d 4hen she i ediatel/ felt her ri3s ove into place and all pain leave5 As the people continued to co e for inistr/ and depart fro the stage totall/ healed9 a an 4ho had 3een o3serving finall/ ade his 4a/ to the front= 7a/ne 4as the last one in line9 and as he told his stor/9 4e could hardl/ 4ait to see 4hat $od 4as going to do= #e 4as a Dietna veteran 4ho9 t4ent/ /ears earlier9 4as hunkered do4n in a 3unker 4hen an 88 ortar shell ade a direct hit= #e 4as so seriousl/ 4ounded that he re>uired e-tensive surger/9 3ut the highl/ trained surgeons 4ere una3le to re ove all the shrapnel fro his 3od/= #e re>uired onths in the hospital9 during 4hich ti e the shrapnel in his right leg deteriorated his hip Foint9 so a plastic hip Foint 4as i planted= #o4ever9 even after onths of healing and reha3ilitation9 he could not 3ear his full 4eight on the i planted Foint= #e had also 3een ?4ired together@ near the 3roken hip Foint= "hree discs in his spine 4ere ru33ing ?3one on 3one@= #is pain over the /ears had 3een severe and unrelenting= 12

"o ake 7a/ne's iser/ even 4orse9 several /ears later9 he suffered further inFuries in a truck accident and 4as hospitaliEed for a onth 4hile he recovered fro having his left side crushed= #is left shoulder 3lade had 3een fractured like a 3roken dish= 7hen he ca e to the stage9 4e could put a finger into the indentation 4here there should have 3een a solid section of shoulder 3lade= 7e 4ere confident in the po4er of $od9 so 4hen he 4as e-a ined 3/ our chiropractors to verif/ all of his pro3le s9 4e e-clai ed9 ?"hat's eas/5@ 7e co anded his leg to gro4 out and co anded the hip Foint to 3e restored in .esus' na e= "hen 4e laid hands on the 3roken shoulder 3lade and co anded all the 3ones to co e together5 7e paused and 4atched 3reathlessl/ as $od de onstrated a surge of his glorious po4er 4hich 4e sa4 reflected in 7a/ne's surprised face= 7e told 7a/ne9 ?Lift /our ar 5@ "o his a aEe ent9 his ar dra aticall/ shot straight up5 "his 4as the first ti e he had 3een a3le to lift his ar ore than half 4a/= "he audience 4ent 4ild 4ith e-cite ent 3ecause the co passion of a cro4d is al4a/s great to4ards a 4ar veteran= #e oved his ar around in ever/ direction9 including all the 4a/ around to touch the iddle of his 3ack= #e said his 4ife had 3een 4ashing his 3ack since the truck accident9 3ecause his ar 4ould not reach there= "hen 4e told hi 9 ?"est the rest of /our 3od/ and see 4hat $od has done5@ #e asked for a chair9 sat do4n and 3egan crossing his right leg over his left9 ti e and ti e again= #e 3roke into laughter and told the cro4d9 ?"here's not an artificial hip Foint ade in A erica that can do that5 I haven't 3een a3le to do that since 10685@ #is Fo/ 4as so contagious ever/one 4as laughing and praising $od right along 4ith hi = It is a aEing ho4 little things like crossing /our legs 3eco e reall/ i portant 4hen /ou can't do the 5 7e then asked hi to run do4n the ra p and into the audience= #e looked at us 4ith a >uiEEical e-pression9 then took off running and laughing= 7e ran do4n the ra p 13

3ehind hi to eet hi 4hen he ca e 3ack9 and then directed hi 9 ?Let's see /ou run 3ack up the ra p5@ #e ans4ered9 ?!/ 4ife can tell /ou that I can't even 4alk up a ra p like that=@ She ca e to his side and e-plained that he reall/ could not 4alk uphill= She also testified that she had 3een healed t4o nights previousl/ of arthritis= 6ur response 4as9 ?Let's see 4hich of /ou can outrun the other5@ "he/ dashed off together9 3ut he 4as at the top 4hen she 4as onl/ half 4a/ there= "he stage 4as a3out eighteen inches higher than the ra p9 and he put his left leg up on the stage and lifted his entire 18( pounds of 4eight= #e stepped on and off the stage and did this over and over again= #e could hardl/ 3elieve his hip 4as 4orking so perfectl/= "here 4as no pain left9 his legs and ar s 4ere 4orking perfectl/9 and the hip Foint see ed like a 3rand ne4 one= 7e called 7a/ne a fe4 da/s later9 asking hi ho4 he 4as doing= #e said that 3efore his healing 4hen he 4ent up the stairs in his ho e9 he had to pull hi self up 4ith his ar s and al ost drag the leg= But ;67 he could run effortlessl/ up the stairs t4o steps at a ti e 4ithout hindrance or pain= #is ar also 4as perfect= As is our custo 9 4e asked hi to have his doctor -%ra/ his 3od/9 e-a ine it9 and give us a edical report9 at our e-pense= #e sent us a cop/ of the -%ra/s= Shortl/ after4ard9 4e 4ere 4ith a chiropractor and a edical doctor and asked the to take a look at the -%ra/s 7a/ne had sent= 7hen the/ e-a ined the -%ra/s9 the/ 3oth e-clai ed9 ?Look at that shoulder 3lade5 "here's not even a hairline 3reak there= Look at that hip socket5@ "he/ pointed out that the artificial hip Foint 4as still there 3ut $od had gro4n hu an cartilage over the Foint9 so that it 4ould function as nor all/ as the Foint he had 3een 3orn 4ith= $od can do #is iracles an/ 4a/ he 4ants9 and that is fine 4ith this happ/ Dietna veteran9 3ecause he has a3solutel/ no pro3le s 4alking9 leaping and praising $od since he received his iracles5 #alleluFah5 14

Chapter 4

A ealer !ets ealed " #lus a Bonus

*r= .i #a/es 4as a general practitioner near St= Augustine9 2lorida= #e 4as the edical doctor 4ho had 3een assisting us on the stage during the St= Augustine healing service= After he 4itnessed so an/ people receiving iracles9 he asked if he could possi3l/ 3e healed= And9 of course9 /ou kno4 4hat 4e said5 #e told us he had fallen fro a second stor/ 3uilding at the age of four= "he fall had i pacted his spine9 and as a result he had lo4er 3ack spas s and chronic pain= #e then said that9 for the past /ear9 he had 3een una3le to lift an/thing9 to 4alk >uickl/ or to even 3end over 4ithout e-periencing severe spas and pain= #e had 3een under the care of an orthopedic surgeon and an osteopath for a3out si- onths 4ith so e i prove ent9 3ut 4as still li ited 3/ pain and stiffness= 7hen 4e inistered to hi 9 he 4ent a4a/ thanking .esus9 3ut 4e all reall/ reFoiced 4hen 4e received the follo4ing letter fro hi several onths laterB ?7hen /ou laid hands on e and gre4 out / right leg and co anded / pelvis to rotate and / 3ack to 3e nor al in the na e of .esus9 I 4as instantl/ healed5 ?As /ou re e 3er9 I i ediatel/ 3ent over and touched / toes 4ith / knees un3ent I so ething I never 4as a3le to do= I have 3een sharing this iracle 4ith / patients and friends ever since9 and I have 3een a3le to do all the things I couldn't do for /ears 4ithout pain= &raise $od5 ?I 3eca e a Christian during / first /ear of college a3out si-teen /ears ago at the age of seventeen= After graduating fro edical school9 I received the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit eight /ears ago and ca e to the 1(

realiEation that iracles and healing had not passed a4a/ as I had 3een taught= ?7hen 4e 4ere first arried in 10++9 Bar3ara and I dedicated our future children to the Lord= 7e 3elieved #e 4ould give us children in #is perfect ti e= After five /ears of seeking #i and trusting #i 3ut still not having an/ children9 4e sought edical help= 7e under4ent an/ tests and procedures and 4ere finall/ told our situation 4as hopeless= ,ver/ ti e I sought #i 9 #e 4ould tell e 4e 4ould have children 3ut 4ould never sa/ 4hen= ?"he healing of / 3ack 4as so inspiring to us that 4e 4atched /our video course9 #o4 to #eal the Sick= 7e heard /ou share that there 4ere an/ J#unter 3a3ies' in the 4orld and I realiEed $od 4as leading us to have /ou pra/ for us in .acksonville= ?As /ou recall9 on Dalentine's *a/9 after the doctors' panel in .acksonville9 Bar3ara and I asked for pra/er to 3e healed of infertilit/ after eight /ears of arriage= "he Lord spoke through /ou9 2rances9 and said Bar3ara 4ould conceive and deliver 4ithin one /ear= 7e 3oth fell out under the po4er si ultaneousl/= I kne4 $od had finall/ ans4ered our pra/ers= Bar3ara 3eca e pregnant 4ithin a onth5 #alleluFah5 ?Since the #ealing ,-plosion in .acksonville9 / inistr/ has literall/ e-ploded and I have 3een leading an/ patients to accept .esus as their personal Lord and Savior= So e have 3een healed and 3aptiEed in the #ol/ Spirit as 4ell= ?.esus surel/ is the $),A" &#8SICIA;= Love9 .i and Bar3ara@ I 4ill never forget the da/ .i called to let us kno4 Bar3ara 4as pregnant= #e didn't even have to use the telephone I I could have heard hi all the 4a/ fro 2lorida to "e-as= And again 4hen their little 3o/ .oshua 4as 3orn9 his Fo/ could not 3e contained5 ;othing is ever dull 4hen /ou're 4alking in the supernatural 4ith $od5 And the greatest Fo/ is that so an/ of the people 4ho receive a iracle in their o4n life9 pass 16

the love and po4er of $od along to others= "his is the Great Commission in action5


Chapter 5

$aise the %ead&

7e 4ere in a !ennonite church in a ver/ s all &enns/lvania to4n 4hen I had a tre endous 4ord of kno4ledge a3out a severe heart pro3le 3eing healed= $od spoke ver/ clearl/ and said #e 4as giving so eone a ne4 heart9 so I asked if there 4as an/one there 4ho had an e-tre el/ serious heart pro3le = It 4as difficult to understand the response 3ecause9 4here I had anticipated one person9 ore than t4ent/ people ca e for4ard= "his never 3others e 3ecause I kno4 in / spirit that $od has a 4hole 4arehouse of spare parts= $eneral !otors9 as 4ell as all other anufacturers9 ake spare parts for their productsG and $od is uch s arter than all of the 3usiness geniuses in the 4orld9 so I kno4 that #e can give /ou a 3rand ne4 part= As a atter of fact9 Charles often sa/s I have ore ne4 parts than originals= 7e 4ent do4n the line la/ing hands on ever/one and speaking a creative iracle of a ne4 heart into each of the = ,ver/one in the line fell under the po4er of $od e-cept one an= #e looked >uiEEicall/ around at e as if to sa/9 ?7h/ didn't I fall do4nH@ and I said9 ?*on't 4orr/9 that's all right9 /ou got a ne4 heart5@ "he/ all 4ent 3ack to their seats9 and 4e continued the service= Suddenl/ I noticed a lot of activit/ around this an 4ho had not gone do4n under the po4er= 7e tried to not allo4 this co otion to interrupt the service9 3ut then 4e sa4 so eone run out of the church and return 4ith an o-/gen tank= A3out this ti e9 I decided I had 3etter get do4n there= I 4alked up to the an and declared9 ?Brother9 I didn't la/ hands on /ou for a heart attackG I laid hands on /ou for a ne4 heart5@ #e i ediatel/ fell for4ard and gasped9 ?;itro% gl/cerine9 nitrogl/cerine5@


So eone placed a nitrogl/cerine ta3let under his tongue9 and his son turned an-iousl/ to e and rela/ed9 ?#e has e ph/se a and dia3etes as 4ell=@ I laid hands on hi and co anded a ne4 pancreas and ne4 lungs in the na e of .esus5 B/ this ti e9 Charles ca e do4n off the stage to Foin e= After looking at hi 9 4e decided 4e should get an a 3ulance9 so the church secretar/ ran to call one= 7e asked the entire audience to get on their knees and pra/9 3ecause 4e kne4 a an's life 4as at stake= I ediatel/9 all of the 3egan to pra/ ferventl/= 6ne of the things 4e did not kno4 4as that this to4n 4as so s all it did not have a hospital9 or a doctor9 or a para edic9 so the/ had to call a volunteer group a3out thirt/ inutes a4a/= 7e pra/ed and pra/ed9 and so eti es I 4ondered if I 4as pra/ing like the rest of the 9 3ecause I 4as asking $od to get that a 3ulance there in a hurr/ and get the poor an out of the church= I certainl/ didn't 4ant hi d/ing in a iracle service5 After 4hat see ed an inter ina3le length of ti e9 the para edics finall/ arrived= I felt 4e could 3reathe a little easier 3ecause 4hen the/ rushed in9 it 4as like a ?*%*a/@ invasion5 Seven of the ran to the an9 3egan giving hi o-/gen and doing various other things= Suddenl/ ever/one in the church heard the sa/ on their porta3le phone9 ?&atient unsta3le5 7e don't kno4 4hen 4e can ove hi 5@ *o /ou have an/ idea ho4 the heart of an evangelist 3eats 4hen /ou have a critical situation like that on /our handsH I thought9 ?6h9 no5@ "hen the entire congregation dou3led up on their pra/ers9 3ecause there is no 4a/ /ou can continue a service 4hen there is a situation like that capturing ever/one's attention= "he follo4ing is Charles' account of 4hat he sa4 during those tense o entsB ?I have seen the spirits of t4o different people 4hen the/ left their 3odies in death= I 4as 4atching the 10

para edics franticall/ 4orking on the an9 and at a point 4hen it see ed the/ 4ere especiall/ alar ed9 I sa4 the an's spirit leave his 3od/ like a vapor= It 4ent up until it 4as half in the 3od/ and half a3ove the 3od/9 oving up4ard= ?I said9 JSpirit of life9 go 3ack into hi in the na e of .esus5' #is spirit 4ent 3ack9 3ut no sooner had it re%entered than up it ca e again9 this ti e going co pletel/ a3ove the 3od/= I felt like tr/ing to push it 3ack in 4ith / hands9 3ut I kne4 the onl/ po4er 4hich could do this9 so again I said9 JIn the na e of .esus9 spirit of life9 go 3ack into hi 5' ?Again it 4ent 3ack into the 3od/= "his 4as repeated seven ti esG and the seventh ti e9 it sta/ed in his 3od/= "his 4as apparentl/ the e-act ti e the para edics found hi sta3iliEed enough to take hi to the a 3ulance and on to the hospital=@ "hese t4elve .esus sent out and co anded the 9 sa/ingB===#eal the sick9 cleanse the lepers9 )AIS, "#, *,A*9 cast out de ons= 2reel/ /ou have received9 freel/ give A!atthe4 11B(9 8C= 7e 3reathed a deep sigh of relief= "hen 4hat do /ou do after thatH It 4as no4 >uite late9 and /et 4e kne4 there 4ere an/ people 4ho had co e for a healing9 so 4e announced9 ?If an/ of /ou 4ould like for us to la/ hands on /ou9 4e'll 3e glad to right no4 if /ou'll co e for4ard=@ 7e had the shortest healing line 4e have ever e-perienced in the histor/ of our inistr/5 7e never sa4 so an/ people go out the door as fast as the/ did5 I' not sure I 3la e the = 7e laid hands on the fe4 4ho 4ere left fro that huge church9 and then 4ent to 3ed= "he to4n is so s all that there 4as no otel or hotel9 so 4e sta/ed in a roo in the church= A3out idnight9 there 4as a knock on the door= It 4as the pastor= 7ith hi 4as the son of the an 4ho had the heart attack= "he /oung an said9 ?!/ father told e not to go ho e tonight until I had personall/ delivered a essage to /ou= #e said for e to tell /ou that he still has faith to 3elieve he received a ne4 heart5@ 21

,ven at that late hour9 I 4as so e-cited that I screa ed9 ?#e got it9 he got it5@ After going through 4hat he had e-perienced9 if he still had faith to 3elieve he had a ne4 heart9 then I kne4 that the devil had not 3een a3le to ro3 hi of 4hat $od had given hi = "he pastor continued and told e that the an had 3een in a Balti ore hospital 4aiting for a >uadruple 3/%pass for several onths= 2inall/9 an opening had co e9 3ut 3ecause the/ did not feel he could live through it9 the doctors told hi to co e ho e and ake arrange ents for his funeral= "he pastor heard the ne4s and 4ent over and invited hi to the iracle service9 telling hi he 3elieved he could 3e healed5 Instead9 he had a assive heart attack5 !/ spirit leaped 4ithin e even at this ne4s9 3ecause I kne4 that the an had not lost his faith5 It is at ti es like this that the devil loves to co e in and ro3 us of an/thing and ever/thing $od 4ants us to have9 3ut that an a3solutel/ did not listen to an/thing the devil had to sa/= "he local doctors called for a heart specialist 3ecause the/ kne4 he could not 3e oved to Balti ore= "he/ took -%ra/s earl/ the ne-t orning= "hen the/ took another series of -%ra/s 3ecause the/ could not 3elieve 4hat the/ sa45 Instead of the old 4orn%out heart that needed a >uadruple 3/%pass9 the/ said the/ sa4 the heart of a ?t4ent/%five%/ear%old athlete5@ *octors kept hi in the hospital for additional tests and9 after five da/s9 reported that the/ could find no trace of dia3etes in his 3od/9 even though he had 3een using insulin for thirt/%seven /ears5 "he/ checked his lungs for e ph/se a and found not a trace left5 "he/ had no choice 3ut to release hi 4ith -%ra/ proof that he had a ne4 heart9 ne4 pancreas and ne4 lungs5 "he follo4ing Sunda/9 he 4as 3ack at the sa e church dancing in the Spirit on the stage 4ith the pastor and sharing his testi on/ of 4hat the Lord had done for hi = "he ne-t /ear9 this an 4as the star pla/er on the church soft3all tea 5 $lor/ to $od9 nothing is i possi3le 4ith $od9 if 4e can 3elieve5 21

One Sign Follo s Anot!er

Several /ears later9 a gentle an ca e to a Chattanooga iracle service d/ing fro heart failure= "he pastor of the church 4hispered to us at the 3eginning of the service that this 4as a ver/ sick an9 so 4e called hi up >uickl/9 laid hands on hi 9 and he fell out under the po4er of $od= "he 4orship and praise continued9 3ut / spirit 4as not satisfied 3ecause I felt the iracle had not /et 3een co pletedG so at the conclusion of the 4orship service9 4e called hi for4ard again= #e then entioned to us that he also suffered fro severe dia3etes and e ph/se a= "hat triggered in / e or/ the iracle stor/ of the an 4ho had received a ne4 heart9 pancreas and lungs in that tin/ &enns/lvania to4n three /ears earlier= As the an stood 3efore us the second ti e9 I related to hi the entire iraculous stor/= $od had a special purpose in re inding e of the other iracle so it could 3uild his faith= #is 3lood pressure 4as 2(1K114 4hen he 4as last seen 3/ the doctor 4ho had told his 4ife that his heart had enlarged to eighteen centi eters across and 4as leaking 3lood= "he doctor had told the that it 4as too late for a transplant= #e and his 4ife realiEed that 4ithout divine intervention9 his future in this earth 4as to 3e ver/ short= 7e laid hands on hi again and spoke a ne4 heart9 pancreas and lungs into his 3od/= 7hen he fell under the po4er of $od the second ti e9 he suddenl/ realiEed that he could 3reathe deepl/ and had no pain in his chest 4hatsoever= 7hen he 4ent to his doctor's office the ne-t da/9 the doctor turned pale and al ost fainted as he asked hi 9 ?7hat happened to /ouH@ #e si pl/ replied9 ?$od healed e=@ "ests revealed his 3lood pressure 4as 12+K82= "he doctor heard a strong heart%3eat9 and -%ra/s sho4ed the heart had reduced in siEe to nor al and his lungs had cleared5 #e resu ed 4orking full ti e at his Fo39 and he and his 4ife 3egan having 4eekl/ #o4 to #eal the Sick video schools in their ho e5 A letter fro his doctor is in our files= It is as follo4sB 22

?I a 4riting /ou at the re>uest of one of / patients9 4ho in / opinion e-perienced a J iracle' in that he 4as literall/ at death's door and follo4ing this event at church9 the state of his health 4as i proved to an e-tent that 4as une-plaina3le 3/ the la4s of odern edicine= ?7hen he 4as initiall/ seen 3/ e9 his congestive heart failure 4as as severe as an/ patient I have seen in t4ent/ /ears and nothing short of a heart transplant 4ould have kept hi alive= I e-plained this ori3und state to / patient and his 4ife and offered to refer hi to one of the :niversit/ !edical Centers9 3ut he declined and told e at that ti e that he 4ould leave his living or d/ing up to the Lord= ?!/ response 4as that the Lord ust have had reasons unkno4n to us all for keeping hi alive and that I 4ould do all that I kne4 to do and leave it up to the Lord as to 4hether he lived or died= ?#e 4ill return to 4ork ne-t 4eek and 4ithout a dou3t could never have survived his heart failure 4ithout the Lord's intervention= It 4as indeed an act of $od=@ 6ne sign and 4onder follo4s another= "hat is 4h/ 4e encourage people to do 4hat the Bi3le tells us9 ?"ell often 4hat the Lord has done for /ou5@ A!ark (B10C= In sharing the iracle of one an9 another an got healed of e-actl/ the sa e pro3le s and then passed on his 3lessing of $od 3/ training others= "he fact that iracles follo4 after us is good enough reason for /ou to 3elieve the/ can follo4 after /ou as 4ell5


Chapter 6

Let's !o to a ealing ()plosion&

"he 4orld is fed up 4ith dead religion= "he/ 4ant to see a living .esus5 "he/ are tired of 3eing po4erless % the/ 4ant the supernatural po4er of $od in their lives5 7e had seen our first iracles in tin/ eetings in ho es9 churches9 school 3uildings9 and graduall/ larger churches and auditoriu s across the countr/= It soon 3eca e apparent that $od had uch ore on #is ind than inistering to a fe4 doEen or a fe4 hundred thirst/ 3elievers9 and it 4as pounding in our hearts to teach ever/ disciple to get on fire 4ith the Great Commission and go into all the 4orld 4ith signs and 4onders follo4ing= 7e videotaped our 14%hour teaching series9 #o4 to #eal the Sick9 sho4ing actual iracles and ethods of inistering to specific needs9 and ade it availa3le to church leaders and 3elievers= "he #o4 to #eal the Sick videotapes Ano4 also on *D*C and acco pan/ing 3ooks 3eca e a current of living 4ater 4hich gre4 into strea s and then rivers across the nation and into all the 4orld= Believers got the essage5 #ealing tea s 4ere eagerl/ eeting to 4atch the videotapes and then ?practice@ on each other= "he/ 4ere seeing signs and 4onders in their idst long 3efore the/ even got to inister in the #ealing ,-plosions= !inneapolis 4as not our first #ealing ,-plosion9 and no e-plosion 4as ?t/pical@= ,ach had its o4n uni>ue flavor9 3ut I 4ant to take /ou to !inneapolis as an e-a ple 4hich 4ill 3ring /ou into the flo4 of electrif/ing po4er and anointing of $od that acco panied each one of these spirituall/ historical events=


E"citing Preparations
So /ou 4on't iss a single thing9 let's start at the ver/ 3eginning 4ith the advanced training sessions 4hich are reall/ life%changing to ever/ person 4ho attends the = "he !inneapolis healing tea s9 totaling appro-i atel/ 29111 trained 3elievers9 4ere read/ for the glor/ of $od to fall on the 9 plus an/thing else and ever/thing else $od had in ind5 "he praise started off on an e-tre el/ high plane= &raise and 4orship is so vital 3ecause it is the plo4 that akes the furro4 to open hearts so people can receive $od's 3lessings= "he glor/ of $od filled the at osphere9 and then ca e a spine%tingling essage fro the Lord through CharlesB ?I the Lord $od have gathered into this roo this night a ver/9 ver/ peculiar people= "here has never9 in all of !/ creation on earth9 there has never 3een this nu 3er 3rought together 4ho 4ere trained and read/ to go out to do !/ 4ork supernaturall/= ?;ever 3efore upon this earth until this night has there 3een such a group of this t/pe= I see /ou= I kno4 each little ark upon /our 3od/= I kno4 /our hearts= I kno4 /our thoughts= I kno4 /our desires= I kno4 4h/ /ou are here= I kno4 ho4 I 3rought each of /ou together and inistered !/ Spirit upon /ou till I 3rought /ou to this point9 3ut I9 the Lord $od9 sa/ to /ou no49 this is erel/ the 3eginning of /our life= ?.ust as great to !e9@ saith the Lord $od9 ?as 4hen I for ed Ada and ade hi not afraid and sa4 a living 3eing that 4as ight/ and po4erful9 a 3rilliant likeness of !/ o4n likeness===even this night9 /ou kno4 that I have created a group of people to 3e the 3od/ of !/ Son and /ou are a great host of those people9 and this is the 3eginning= 8our life 4ill ultipl/9@ saith $od= ?,ach of /ou 4ill ultipl/ rapidl/ as /ou inister to others and the/ catch the vision=== ?I have created as though it 4ere a ne4 reproductive s/ste 9 so9 as Ada and ,ve could reproduce another9 so it 2(

is that I have created /ou for that divine purpose of rapidl/ increasing and populating the earth 4ith those in the likeness of /ou= ?"hose 4ho 4ill do !/ 4ork 4ill create a great and ight/ host all over this earth until !/ glor/ in people 4ill cover the earth as the 4ater covers the sea= So saith the Lord /our $od=@

Praise Sends Po er O#er t!e City

7hen the presence and po4er of $od 3eco es evident through praise and 4orship9 and Christians are in one accord9 then a series of 4onderful things can 3egin to happen= A pastor ca e running to the platfor and shared the follo4ing e-citing vision 4hich 3rought the ore than 29111 trainees to their feet 4ith 4ild e-cite entB ?As 4e 3egan to 4orship tonight9 I sa4 in the Spirit the 4orship go up and it 4as as though it 4ent right through all of the floors and to the top of the hotel= It cul inated there in the heavenlies and then like it had a co and fro $od9 it started arching as an ar / to the !et Center Asite of the #ealing ,-plosionC= As the praise 4ent forth9 it 4as doing 3attle= "here 4ere a lot of po4ers of darkness9 there 4as a lot of spiritual 4ickedness that it had to cut through9 3ut as 4e continued9 it kept rising up and the continued praise kept follo4ing= As it got to the !et Center9 there 4ere angelic 3eings= It 4as the 4arring angel standing over the !et Center= ?"hat 4arring angel 3egan to give direction to the praise and he 3egan to direct it around the !et Center into various seats in the auditoriu 9 on the floor9 all around the corridors= As it appeared to e9 it 4as like there 4as a spiritual cleansing of that place= As the praise continued9 there 4as still praise co ing out of here9 still going over there= It 4as like there 4as such an a3undance that the 4arring angel 3egan to direct the praise out in various directions all over the "4in Cities=@


$o %ore Baby Food for God&s Army

7ith ever/ 3reath of praise and 4orship9 4ith ever/ utterance pro pted 3/ the #ol/ Spirit9 $od's presence increased in intensit/= "he group asse 3led for the advanced training sessions 4as a3out read/ to e-plode= "hen the #ol/ Spirit gave e a ost uni>ue 4ord fro the LordB ?2or the last fe4 /ears /ou have 3een like a 3a3/ on a 3ottle= 8ou have 3een eating diluted food= But9 #e sa/s9 ?I give it to /ou straight= ;o longer 4ill /our 3ottle 3e diluted 4ith 4ater= 8ou 4ill get it straight9@ saith the Lord= ?;o longer 4ill /ou have to 3e on 3a3/ food 4hich has 3een che4ed up 3efore it got to /ou= 8ou 4ill 3e a3le to take the strongest eat and to dissect it 4ith /our teeth= ?But9@ $od sa/s9 ?I a not sending out a po4erless ar /= I' not sending out an ar / that has 3een diluted9 an ar / that has 3een 4atered do4n= I a sending out an ar / that is straight fro the 4ord $6 and aking hi 4ho has never even drea ed a3out 3eing in a inistr/ have a inistr/ 3irthed to orro4 night at the #ealing ,-plosion= ?I a sending /ou out to feed people instead of sitting there 4ith a 3ottle in /our outh drinking in9 drinking in9 drinking in9@ sa/s the Lord= ?;o4 /ou go forth in the na e of .esus= )a/s are going on to the churches that are continuing on9 to the churches 4hich are going to 3e aking supernatural house calls9 3ut these ra/s of praise 4ill 3/%pass all of the churches 4hich are going to still sit in a rut and are sa/ing9 "hat's too 4a/ out for e9 I don't 4ant to get involved=' "hose ra/s of praise 4ill go right straight to the churches 4hich catch the vision=@ It 4as difficult to co e 3ack into the natural after such an incredi3le succession of #ol/ Spirit inistr/= ,ven after final instructions for the #ealing ,-plosion 4ere given9 people did not 4ant to leave $od's presence= $raduall/9 the 3allroo e ptied9 and a hol/ silence 3lanketed the roo = 2+

'!e E"plosion(
.une 69 1086 4as an ?e-plosive@ evening for the !inneapolis9 !innesota area= "he Bloo ington !et Center9 usuall/ used for such nois/ sporting events as the !innesota ;orth Stars hocke/ tea 9 4as invaded 3/ a totall/ different cro4d= &repared and trained to heal the sick9 over 29111 enthusiastic and turned%on healing tea e 3ers took their places= Dolunteers greeted the asses and directed traffic as the cro4d pushed their 4a/ into the large auditoriu to find their seats= As the parking lot filled 4ith cars9 ca pers and 3usses fro hundreds of iles around9 thousands ore 4aited patientl/ outside to enter the arena= 6n and on the/ ca e % people hungering for 4hat $od had to offer during the great !inneapolis #ealing ,-plosion= "he cro4d 4as so receptive to the usic that high praise and 4orship 4as reached 4ith in inutes of the start of the eeting= ;o one entered the 3uilding 4ithout feeling the po4er of $od rush over the = Stepping into the actual arena 4as e>uall/ as a4eso e % a special ?#ol/ $host glo4@ radiated fro ore than 119111 3elievers singing $od's praises= After several special and po4erful 4ords fro the Lord9 4e gave a call for salvation and the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit= As the cro4d cheered and clapped9 appro-i atel/ (9111 people stood and strea ed do4n to the arena floor to receive the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit= It 4as electrif/ing 3ecause one of the ost heart%thu ping ti es in the #ealing ,-plosions is to see the people respond 4hen that call is ade= As the people ca e do4n fro the stands9 it looked like strea s of olten lava pouring do4n each stair4a/ onto the great arena floor= &astors 4ept 4ith Fo/ as the entire arena floor filled 4ith spirituall/ hungr/ people5 Luite like the cheering that fre>uented this 3us/ sports arena on an/ other evenings9 the roar 4as deafening5 #o4ever9 on this ver/ special occasion9 the one that 4as honored 4as .esus % the #ero9 the Dictor9 the #ealer5 28

Charles inistered the 3aptis 9 and under his instruction9 the/ spoke in tongues9 the/ sang in tongues9 the/ 4hispered in tongues= And the po4er of $od covered each and ever/ one of the 4hile photographers and ca era en fro the local ne4spapers and "D stations scurried around shooting pictures of this o entous event in the !inneapolis area= "he cro4d in the stands cheered9 pra/ed and 4ept as the/ 4itnessed such a ight/ ove of $od a ong the 3od/ of Christ= ;o one had ever seen an/thing like this in A erica 3efore5

Armed and )eady for Action(

"he healing tea s 4ere on fire and 4ere prepared to devastate the devil's 4ork= "he/ had 3een strategicall/ placed throughout the 4hole arena9 interspersed 3et4een others 4ho had co e for healing= At a given signal9 the tea s 4ere released to arch into place9 in a po4erful procession all the 4a/ fro the 3alconies9 do4n the steps onto the arena floor9 as vocalist <aren 7heaton led the cro4d in a stirring ?Battle #/ n of the )epu3lic=@ "he entire audience rose to their feet singing9 ?!ine e/es have seen the glor/ of the co ing of the LordG #is truth is arching on9@ as the healing tea s flo4ed in strea s of faith and po4er onto the arena floor= "he agnitude of 4hat $od 4as going to do in !inneapolis 3eca e vividl/ evident as the 29111% plus tea e 3ers took their places on the floor as 4ell as throughout the 4heelchair sections= 7herever /ou looked9 /ou could see the ar / of $od dressed in full ar or and prepared to set #is people free= "hen9 on cue fro the platfor 9 those 4ho ca e for healing follo4ed the tea s onto the floor9 and the tea s 4ere released to go to 4ork5 All the hours of training and stud/ 4ere put to good use as the/ 3egan to inister to the thousands 4ho had co e e-pecting a iracle fro $od= "rul/ 29111 ne4 iracle%4orking disciples 4ere 3eginning a ne4 di ension as 4itnesses for .esus= 20

7e 4atched intentl/ as the sick and hurting and ter inall/ ill ade their 4a/ over to 4aiting healing tea s and received inistr/ fro ordinar/ 3elievers9 as .esus said 4as #is perfect 4ill to 3e done in the earth= A hu of confident inistering voices co posed an electrif/ing faith s/ phon/ 4hich surel/ reached the ears of $od= 2or too long9 an/ have felt that onl/ the ?stars@ M the evangelists9 the apostles9 the prophets % could do the healing9 and /et 3efore our e/es 4e 4itnessed iracles and healings taking place through the o3edience of people like "o and A33/ and Stephanie and .i and *arla % ordinar/ people 4ho 4ere not content sitting on their church pe4s= ,ver/ da/ of our lives 4e praise $od that #e co issioned us to teach 3elievers that ?If Charles and 2rances can do it9 /ou can do it9 too5@ #o4 do /ou interrupt a service 4here $od is oving all over the placeH 8ou 4atch and 4ait9 /ou thrill to the 3eat of $od's victor/ songs9 and /ou anticipate hearing ever/ single testi on/9 although /ou kno4 it 4on't 3e possi3le to hear the all= 7hen the #ol/ Spirit gives /ou that cue that it's alright to interrupt9 /ou call the people to co e and testif/9 and scores rush to the front9 an-ious to report their iracles= 8ou ask trained ushers to 3egin screening the testi onies of those 4ho line up in long >ueues cho ping at the 3it to tell their good ne4s= 6nl/ a fe4 4ill get to speak co pared to the gro4ing nu 3ers in the lines9 so the ushers choose those 4hose testi onies have 3een tested as uch as possi3le and 4hich 4ill 3e e-citing and faith%3uilding to others= "he iracles are reported9 healings are de onstrated on stage9 and encourage ent is given for the to go and have ever/thing checked 3/ their doctor and then 4rite or call the inistr/ 4ith their praise reports= "he a4e of $od's #ol/ presence lingers even as the evening co es to a close and the cro4d slo4l/9 a fe4 at a ti e9 e-its a 3uilding ade 3/ hu an hands 3ut 4hich contained9 for a divinel/ appointed ti e9 the po4er9 the presence9 the e-cite ent and the glor/ of $od's supernatural #ealing ,-plosion= 31

'!e Proof of t!e P*dding is in t!e Eating

"he testi onies on stage and the ne-t orning at the Dictor/ Breakfast are al4a/s the ?proof of the pudding@ that $od has called 3elievers to 4alk in the supernatural= 7hen these e-citing reports are shared9 plus others 4hich are later co unicated 3/ phone calls or letters9 it akes our spirits soar5

Jes*s +ealed %e(

A little 3o/ 4ith cere3ral pals/ ca e up on the stage after healing tea e 3ers laid hands on hi = #e 4as a3out four /ears old9 and he kept opening and shutting his fist as he repeated over and over again9 ?I had cere3ral pals/ and I couldn't straighten / ar 9 and I couldn't open / hand9 3ut .esus healed e9 and no4 I can5@ #e 4anted ever/one in the auditoriu to kno4 4hat .esus had done for hi G and little as he 4as9 he gave all the credit to .esus5

+earing ,it!o*t Ears

A little 3o/ 4as there 4ho had no ph/sical ears9 not even an opening 4here the ear should have 3een= #ealing tea s inistered to hi 9 and 4hen he ca e up on the stage9 he 4as hearing perfectl/= "he ears had not for ed /et9 3ut the/ had started9 and 4hat 4as so e-citing 4as that the hearing 4as alread/ there5 #is face reflected pure a aEe ent as he repeated 4ords softl/ spoken to hi 3ehind his 3ack= #e could hardl/ contain his e-cite ent9 and Fo/ful tears rolled do4n his little face5

%irac*lo*s Speec!- +earingand $o %ore Glasses

A /oung lad/ ca e up onto the stage holding t4o hearing aids= 7hen she 4as a little girl a3out one /ear old9 a light 3ul3 had e-ploded inside her outh= #er ear dru s 4ere utterl/ destro/ed9 3ut she could hear slightl/ 4ith ver/ strong hearing aids= #er Fa4s 4ere 4ired together9 and she had no lips= "he faith%filled healing tea co anded reconstructive iracles to her inner ear9 nerve s/ste and 31

3ones= After 3eing slain in the Spirit9 she could hear a whisper and could speak without restriction. She didnt even realize she wasnt wearing her glasses! God really did a supernatural job on her not through us, but through the healing team members who had been trained and were bold enough to believe God could do miracles!

Fail*re Becomes .ictory

A 4o an ca e up 4ho had arthritis in her 3ack= "he healing tea s did ever/thing the/ could think of9 3ut nothing see ed to 4ork= 2inall/ the/ discovered she 4o an had unforgiveness in her heart to4ards so eone 4ho had deepl/ hurt her= 7e have learned that an unforgiving spirit can keep a lot of people fro 3eing healed= As soon as she got rid of the unforgiveness9 she 4as co pletel/ healed= As she testified on the stage9 her face radiated 4ith Fo/ as she realiEed that not onl/ had the unforgiveness 3rought on the arthritis9 3ut it had al4a/s kept her in 3itterness9 and no4 she 4as set free5 "he testi onies don't end 4ith the #ealing ,-plosion9 nor do the/ end 4ith the Dictor/ Breakfast= "ruthfull/9 the/ should never end as 4e continue to do the things .esus co anded us to do= "he follo4ing letter 4ill sho4 ho4 the ver/ life of .esus can operate in ever/ 3eliever I 4hich is the true goal of the #ealing ,-plosionsB

'!e Gift Goes On

?I feel like a little kid co ing ho e 4ith a good report card for / other to look at= So an/ opportunities have presented the selves since /esterda/ after the Dictor/ Breakfast= ?I a the 4o an 4ho had the 3roken 4rist 4ho gave the testi on/ at the Dictor/ Breakfast a3out hearing / 4rist snap into place "hursda/ afternoon 4hen 4e 4ere practicing the Jneck thing' on each other= I 4ondered and 4as /stified 3/ 4h/ $od gave e such a 4onderful e-perience= I thought it 4as a/3e so I could tell / doctorG then I thought it 4as so I could tell / relatives and 32

the people at church= But it's 3igger than that= It is so I can tell anyone 4ho asks e 4hat happened to / 4rist= $od kno4s I' 3old enough to tell an/one5 #o4 could /ou keep stillH ?In thinking a3out it9 I think the 4rist 4as actuall/ dislocated as 4ell as 3roken9 and 4hat I heard 4as it snapping 3ack into place= 7e'll see 4hen I go 3ack to the doctor for / ne-t visit9 3ut to let /ou kno4 I' in good shape9 I' t/ping this letter 4ith full freedo of ove ent= ?"he first thing I did Saturda/ afternoon 4as tell / neigh3ors 4ho are staunch9 funda entalist9 )L*S people AI live in an )L*S co unit/ of fift/ fa iliesC 4ho 3elieve that onl/ ordained priesthood e 3ers can ad inister to the sick 4ith oil= I sho4ed the the references in the Bi3le9 the Book of !or on and the *octrine and Covenants 4hich all agree on it= "here 4as nothing the/ could sa/= ?"hen I 4ent to the grocer/ store and told the store anager and his 4ife and t4o other people standing near3/ a3out the e-perience= ?As I 4alked a4a/9 a little lad/ trailed after e and said she onl/ got part of it 3ecause she had 3een on a near3/ telephone= I tried to pass over it >uickl/ and get on 4ith shopping 3ut she said9 J7ell9 I have a lot of things 4rong that I 4ould certainl/ like to get healed of=' ?!/ ears perked up and I said9 J8ou 4ouldH' ?She said9 J8es=' ?Can /ou guess 4hat I said 4ith a gleeful grin spreading across / faceH I said9 J*o /ou 4ant e to pra/ for /ouH' ?She said9 J8es9' ?So I said9 J7ell9 co e on= Let's find a place=' I took her in the anager's office9 shut the door and started fro the top do4n= 7hen I finished9 I said9 J;o49 listen9 &egg/= $od's iracles 4ill stand up under a icroscope= So /ou don't have to have an/ fear 4hen /ou go 3ack to see /our doctor=' "hen I 4ent a3out / 3usiness= &raise $od5 I can't 33

i agine having this craE/ 3oldness and the Fo/ that co es 4ith it= ?Since then9 this cast 4as an opening for e to tell the stor/ t4o ore ti es that sa e afternoon= 6nce again toda/ after church to a total stranger 4ho 4as a guest and again Sunda/ night at 11B31 to a friend 4ho needed pra/er= It a aEes e ho4 the opportunities present the selves right and left=@

And a Little C!ild S!all Lead '!em

"he ne-t letter touches / heart in a special 4a/ 3ecause9 although the iracle is e-citing9 Fust as e-citing is the fact that a little 0%/ear%old 3o/ 4as one of the healing tea e 3ers and he used his faith to inister healing to a perfect stranger= "hink 4hat an i pact that event has had on his life5 "he letter 4e received follo4sB ?7hen I 4as 229 after a slip on the ice9 a trip to a chiropractor and -%ra/s9 it 4as found that / 3ack had never for ed correctl/= "he last five 3ones in the spine for ed al ost an JL going off to the right= 2ro the ti e of that slip on the ice9 I had constant pain and occasional uscle spas s that 4ent fro / hip do4n to / ankle on the left side9 as the uscles 4ould tr/ to pull the 3ones 3ack into their correct position= Standing for an/ length of ti e 4as not pleasant as I constantl/ shifted fro foot to foot to 3eco e co forta3le= I 4as given 3ack e-ercises 3/ the chiropractor9 4hich helped so e4hat 3ut I al4a/s had so e pain= ?At the #ealing ,-plosion9 I 4ent for4ard to 3e pra/ed 4ith 3/ a tea consisting of a 4o an and her nine%/ear% old son= 7hen the/ sat e do4n and pra/ed 4ith e9 I could feel and see / leg gro4 nearl/ an inch5 I have had to readFust car irrors for driving9 / shoes no longer are 4orn do4n 3ecause I 4alk and stand perfectl/ co forta3l/9 and I have had no 3ack pain 4hatever since $od's healing5@


'!e Angels ,ere '!ere in Great $*mbers

*o /ou re e 3er at the 3eginning of this chapter9 prior to the #ealing ,-plosion9 a pastor as 3ursting 4ith e-cite ent 3ecause he sa4 angelic 3eings hovering over the !et CenterH #e as not the onl/ one 4ho spotted $od's angels= 7e received the follo4ing letter after the ,-plosionB ?I had the opportunit/ and privilege to inister n a healing tea at the !inneapolis #ealing ,-plosion on .une 6th= 7e heard and sa4 an/ e-citing things that night and at the Dictor/ Breakfast the ne-t orning= ?After 4e had 3een singing for several inutes9 I had a vision of a huge angel leaning casuall/ on a s4ord 3eside the left side of the stage= *o /ou re e 3er the 3lack curtains 3ehind the stageH 7ell he 4as al ost as tall as those curtains= I 4as so i pressed 4ith his siEe that I called the !et Center and asked the the height of the curtains= "he/ said that the curtains 4ere fift/ feet in height= #e 4as one BI$ angel5 ?A fe4 inutes later as 4e 4ere singing the 4ords9 JBlo4 the "ru pet in Nion'9 I sa4 a si ilar angel on the right side of the stage9 and his s4ord 4as starting to co e up5 So eone started pra/ing and thanked the Lord for the Jinha3itation of angels' there that night= ?7hen he said that9 I thought9 J8es9 the/ ),ALL8 are here9 and things are ),ALL8 going to 3e happening tonight5' ?.ust 3efore Charles and 2rances entered the arena9 I glanced 3ack to the stage again= I sa4 ore 4arrior angels5 ?6n the iddle of the three carpet runners that ran the 4hole length of the arena9 there 4ere angels lined up on its entire length and the/ 4ere each facing alternate directions5 ?7ith that vision9 I kne4 that 4e did not have to 4orr/ a3out an/thing that night= It 4as all in $od's hand9 and #e had it 7,LL in hand5 Also9 I recogniEed that it 4as a ver/ i portant night I not for 4hat 4e as 3elievers perceived9 3ut as 3eing e-tre el/ i portant for the fruition of $od's ulti ate purpose= 3(

/Bless yo* for yo*r ministry01

*uring the training sessions at the )adisson #otel South9 the healing tea trainees asked $od to station angels around the !et Center= Several people sa4 the flood of angelic 3eings flo4ing en asse fro the )adisson to the !et Center 4here the ,-plosion 4as held= 6ver the /ears of the #ealing ,-plosions9 in ever/ case9 4ithout e-ception9 there 4ere reports of 3elievers sighting angels hovering like a heavenl/ u 3rella over the great arenas or soccer fields 4here the e-plosions 4ere to take place= 7e have 3een to arenas over thirt/ da/s ahead of the e-plosions9 and the angels have 3een there= 7e 3elieve that $od 4ould send the fift/ da/s ahead for so e reason unkno4n to us= "hen on the da/ of the #ealing ,-plosion9 at the ver/ o ent the healing tea s entered for final instructions9 all the angels 4ould descend into the arena= 7e don't kno4 4hat the/ did9 3ut 4e 3elieve $od used the to 4ork 4ith the tea e 3ers in so e 4a/= After one of the e-plosions9 a lad/ reported that she 4as having a pro3le getting so eone healed and she called a supervisor Athe/ 4ere identified 4ith a 3lue ri33onC= "he an ca e to help9 gave instructions 4hich she applied9 and the person as healed= She turned to thank the supervisor9 and ?he had vanished5@ 6n another occasion9 angels 3lo4ing tru pets ed the roof of a large Asse 3l/ of $od church9 ailing people in fro the north9 east9 south and 4est5 7hat a sight to 3ehold as 4e left the free4a/ and caught sight of the 3uilding 4here 4e ere to inister5 ,ach da/9 as 4e drove to the church9 the angels 4ere ver/ apparent= "he pastor hared 4ith us that at their pra/er eeting t4o 4eeks prior to the #ealing ,-plosion9 the/ had all faced different directions and 3egan calling people in fro specific to4ns in all directions 4ithin a three hundred ile radius= #o4 glorious it is to kno4 that $od assigns angels to specific duties in and around the areas 4here #is 7ord is going to 3e proclai ed 4ith signs and 4onders follo4ing5 36

)e2oicing in +ea#en
Can /ou i agine the reFoicing in heaven 4hen hundreds of ordinar/ 3elievers9 odern%da/ disciples9 all 4orking in one accord9 3ring healing and deliverance to thousands in one nightH As e-citing as each and ever/ iracle is the kno4ledge that each person 4ho testified 4ould sa/9 ?so eone@ or ?a little lad/@ or ?a /oung an@ or ?a healing tea e 3er laid hands on e and I 4as healed=@ 7hat Fo/ it ust 3e to .esus and the angels of heaven= 2inall/ after 29111 /ears9 the 3od/ of Christ is arising in po4er and great glor/ to do the sa e iracles as 4ere done 3/ those earl/ sevent/9 onl/ no4 there are thousands instead of a fe45 #ealing ,-plosions 4ere not and are not the end result of $od's 4ork in a cit/= "he/ are 3ut an e-plosive 3eginning= "hose tea s are no4 going out to spread 4hat the/ learned I healing the sick9 setting the captives free9 3ringing salvation to the lost and inistering the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit and aking disciples of others to do the sa e= 6rdinar/ 3elievers % construction 4orkers9 secretaries9 teachers9 doctors and 3usiness en I are 4orking in $od's po4er9 to share $od's 3est9 to 3ring thousands to .esus through their po4erful 4itness 4ith signs and 4onders follo4ing9 Fust as the Great Commission proclai s= #o4 else can 4e reach the lost9 the unsaved9 the sickH &raise $od9 #e has replaced ignorance 4ith kno4ledge of the truth= "he fa il/ of $od ust step out and 3elieve 4hat the 4ord of $od sa/s and accept their inistr/= Although $od a/ not call /ou to a fullti e traveling evangelistic inistr/9 /our inistr/ is e>uall/ i portant= 7herever $od has placed /ou % at 4ork9 at school9 at ho e % is /our ground to plo49 to seed and to harvest=


Chapter 7

!lorious *et Lag

Several /ears ago9 4hen 4e ade a fe4 trips overseas9 I 4ould co e ho e each ti e so e-hausted and suffering fro Fet%lag so 3adl/ that I ade a state ent to several friends9 ?I'll never go overseas again unless $od 4rites e a special deliver/ letter and hands it to e in person5@ Be careful 4hat /ou sa/9 3ecause $od hears /our ever/ 4ord5 I reall/ thought $od ercifull/ e-cused e fro traveling overseas 3ecause of the tre endous ph/sical strain placed upon / 3od/= "hen I got healed of dia3etes9 and $od 3rought that special deliver/ letter to e in person5 #e didn't 4rite it on paper 4ith a pen or pencil9 3ut #e 4rote it on / heart 4hen #e told us to lip%s/nc the healing video tapes into Spanish as our first foreign language and then go to the countries 4here 4e 4ould send the =

$od pro ised us that #e had prepared spiritual sticks of d/na ite 4hich 4ould set off an e-plosion around the 4orld= "he first stick of spiritual healing d/na ite 4as set in place on *ece 3er 149 1086 at the Coliseo de Salitre in BogotO9 Colo 3ia= $od's plan to spread the iracle ,vangelis essage to all of South A erica 4as ver/ apparent as church leaders fro Colo 3ia9 &eru9 Bolivia9 ,cuador and BraEil converged for the first #ealing ,-plosion in a Spanish%speaking nation= 2ro the o ent the plane landed9 4e felt electricit/ in the air= 7e could feel and sense in our spirits that $od 4as going to do so ething pedal= 6ur plane 4as t4o hours late 3ecause of authorities >uestioning so e of the passengers as o the reason for their visit to BogotO % 4as it legiti ate or 4as it cocaineH "his onl/ heightened our e-cite ent a3out 4hat $od 4as going to do in BogotO5 38

6ver 111 enthusiastic Colo 3ian cristianos ere 4aiting to greet los Americanos. "he/ et us 4ith outstretched ar s and loving songs of 4elco e= ,ven though the/ 4ere singing in Spanish9 4e easil/ recogniEed ?I Love 8ou 4ith the Love of the Lord@ and ?Alleluia@ as 4ell as other songs 4ith fa iliar elodies= "heir love and anticipation 4ere e-pressed in their tears9 4ar e 3races and 3rotherl/ kisses as 4e ade our 4a/ through the cro4d 4hich enveloped us fro the plane to the 4aiting cars= ;ever have 4e 3een an/ place 4here 4e felt such i ediate and tre endous love as 4e did there5 As 4e drove to the hotel9 4e 4ere e-cited to hear 4hat had 3een going on 3efore our arrival in BogotO= 6ver 49111 3elievers had taken the video training on How to Heal the Sick, 3ut 3ecause of space li itations9 onl/ 19611 4ere going to 3e a3le to attend the ?live@ training eetings scheduled 3efore the ,-plosion= "he pastor shared ho4 one group in his church9 3efore the/ co pleted their training 4ith the video9 4ent out on the streets one night and 3egan asking if an/one needed healing= A cro4d 3egan to gather9 and 3efore the/ finished9 over 211 people had 3een healed= "he e-citing 3onus 4as9 (1 souls 4ere saved as a result of the love of $od de onstrated in the street healings= !iracle evangelis 4orks5 *uring the final training sessions9 due to the large nu 3er of churches 4hich 4ere involved9 onl/ a li ited nu 3er of healing tea e 3ers 4ere allo4ed fro each congregation= ,ach of the faithfull/ attended ever/ training session9 skipping eals and using the short 3reaks 3et4een sessions to gra3 a >uick 3ite to eat and a roo % te perature 3ottle of soda pop fro food stands on the street= Because of the agnitude of the eetings9 the Coffee Co issioner of Colo 3ia sent out trucks to dispense free coffee= 7herever /ou looked during the 3reaks9 /ou could see people pra/ing for each other9 so e 4ith one hand holding their free coffee and the other hand laid upon so eone 4ho needed healing= 30

,ver/ training session 4as co pletel/ packed out9 4all to 4all5 "heir e-cite ent to learn ore and to 3e trained in healing 4as a delight to those of us 4ho atte pted to co unicate in our inade>uate Spanish and through interpreters= "he 4orship and praise 4as t/pical of the love of $od 4hich so deepl/ per eates the hearts of the Colo 3ian Christians= "he/ put the selves 4holeheartedl/ into agnif/ing $od9 4ith hands and voices lifted to heaven9 never see ing to tire and 4ith 4ave after 4ave of adoration di inishing onl/ reluctantl/= 7e 4ere all lifted up into the ver/ throne roo of $od at each service=

To God Be the Glory

"he #ealing ,-plosion 4as scheduled for *ece 3er 149 1086 at 0 a= = It had not 3een advertised until several da/s prior to the event= hen 4e arrived at the coliseu 9 over +9111 4ild9 turned%on Colo 3ians 4ere 4aiting for us5 !an/ of the 9 not 4anting to iss an/thing9 sta/ed throughout the da/ until the last service ended at o'clock that evening= "he usic could 3e heard % and felt % a 3lock a4a/9 and $od used it to dra4 ore and ore into the Coliseo de Salitre to e-perience #is po4er= "he /oung people of &astor Castellano's church 3oth sang and danced in a 3eautiful panora a throughout 3oth ti es of 4orship= "heir voices9 acco panied 3/ enthusiastic clapping and cheering9 4ere like a agnet 4hich dre4 the cro4d into their e-u3erance and created an energ/ that per eated the arena= 7hen 4e drove up to the Coliseo de Salitre for the first eeting9 angels filled the coliseu so full that Charles sensed a ?3ulging of the 4alls@ 4ith the po4er of $od= $od al4a/s sends a ight/ host of angels to ever/ #ealing ,-plosion9 and this one see ed to outdo all others5 As 4e drove to the coliseu for the second #ealing ,-plosion in one da/9 4e sa4 people pushing 4heelchairs for iles to get to the services= As 4e 4alked in9 4e 4ere 41

greeted 4ith diseases that 4e had never encountered 3efore9 3ut there 4as also an e-cited anticipation in the entire audience that 4e had never felt 3efore in an/ eeting=

E"pectancy 4ra s t!e S*pernat*ral

,ver/ seat in the great coliseu 4as filled9 and ever/ aisle 4as packed solid 4ith people= It looked like one giant sea of faces s>ueeEed together like sardines9 3ut full of faith and 3elief5 "he faith of one ooEed over onto others5 !an/ people 4ere 4aiting outside9 hoping to get in= It ade our hearts cr/ out 3ecause of the needs that 4ere there and the hopeless cripples 4e sa4= "he praise service 4as alread/ in progress as 4e arrived9 and there 4as such a sense of ever/one entering into co plete and total 4orship of $od and .esus that /ou could feel the supernatural even 4hile 4alking to the stage= "he people 4ere so e-cited a3out 4hat $od 4as going to do that the/ 4anted to touch us 3efore 4e 4alked onto the platfor = Believing that the/ 4ould 3e healed9 the/ reached out9 and the/ 4ere healed % the #ealing ,-plosion 4as their point of contact5 As 4e reached the stage9 the pastor asked us if 4e 4ould ind la/ing hands on those in 4heelchairs during the praise and 4orship= 6ur spirits leaped 4ithin us 3ecause 4e had 3een 4anting to do this during our :nited States #ealing ,-plosions9 and here 4as our opportunit/= "he 4orship paused long enough for us to sa/ a fe4 4ords= 7e pra/ed over the icrophone9 en told the 4hat 4e 4ere going to do= 7e said9 hen 4e touch each of /ou 4ho are in 4heelchairs or crippled9 $od's healing po4er 4ill into /ou9 so get up and 4alk9 in .esus' na e5@ As 4e stepped off the stage9 4e 3oth pra/ed ferventl/9 3ecause the enor it/ of the o ent 3eca e a realit/ in 3oth of us at the sa e ti e= I told $od9 ?$od9 if /ou're not in this9 it 4ill 3e a ess5@ 7e 4alked over to the first person in a 4heelchair and9 in ver/ li ited Spanish9 I said9 )eceive su sanidad en el 41

no 3re de .esus5@ A)eceive /our healing in the na e of .esus5C "hen I said9 ?Levantase5@ 4hich eans J$et up5@ ;either of us could re e 3er ho4 to sa/ the 4ord ?4alk@= I had studied Spanish fift/%five /ears previousl/ in high school9 3ut had never used the language= "he #ol/ Spirit 3rought so e phrases 3ack to / re e 3rance9 3ut the 4ord ?4alk@ 4ould not co e into / ind I 4hispered to Charles 4ho also had studied Spanish for t4o /ears in school9 ?#o4 do /ou sa/ J4alk'H@ "he #ol/ Spirit re inded us in a ost unusual 4a/= I dou3t if there is an/one reading this 3ook 4ho has not heard the little song 4hich goes like thisB ?La cucaracha9 La cucaracha9 8a no puede ca inar= &or>ue no tiene9 por>ue le falta9 ar :uana >ue fu ar5@ Interpreted9 that eans9 ?"he cockroach9 the cockroach= ;o4 he is una3le to walk. A"here 4as the 4ord 4e needed5C Because he does not have9 3ecause he lacks9 ariFuana to s oke5@ 7hat a sill/ thing to co e 3ack into /our ind at a ti e like this9 3ut it 4orked5 Charles leaned over and looked at the an and said9 ?Ca ina en el no 3re de .esus5@ "his horri3l/ crippled an i ediatel/ 4alked right out of his 4heelchair as if he had never had an/thing 4rong 4ith hi = "he cro4d 4ent 4ild9 and faith soared5 !/ ind said9 ?#e ust not have 3een crippled like 4e thought5@ Such faith5 63viousl/ this 4as a 4ork of $od and not an/thing great or special in Charles or e9 4hich ensures that $od gets ever/ ounce of glor/5 7e 4ent to the second person and said e-actl/ the sa e 4ords9 ?Ca ina en el no 3re de .esus5@ "hat person also 4alked right out of his 4heelchair as if nothing had 3een 4rong 4ith hi = 2aith ignited like atchsticks aligned in a ro49 and ever/ person in the line 3eca e a3laEe 4ith faith5 7e 4ent to nu 3er three5 Sa e results5 ;u 3er 49 nu 3er (9 nu 3er 6 and right do4n the line until finall/ one person failed to rise fro their 4heelchair= 7e could hardl/ 3elieve the gift of faith had so risen up in us= 7e thought9 ?7hat's 4rong 4ith /ou that /ou didn't get upH@ But 4e 4ent right on to the ne-t person9 and the flo4 kept 42

going9 as one after another got up and 4alked= At that point9 our faith 4as so high that 4e 3oth felt 4e could have done an/thing that .esus had done9 including 4alking on 4ater5 A little girl 4ith a 3roken 3ack had 3een 3rought to the eeting on a stretcher= After 4e said the sa e 4ords to her9 she ca e off of that stretcher9 and the ne-t thing 4e kne49 she 4as on the stage testif/ing to 4hat $od had done for her= #er little testi on/ 3rought tears to the e/es of ever/one as he 4alked even in the cast that i o3iliEed ost of her 3od/= "hen 4e got to a an 3oth 3lind and crippled9 ho had 3een 3rought on a stretcher= As I stretched out / hand to4ard his e/es9 / fingers ere a3out three inches a4a/ 4hen he screa ed9 JI can see5 I can see5@ In a atter of seconds9 he as off his stretcher and on the stage glorif/ing $od for #is iracle po4er5 It 4as a o ent none of us 4ill ever forget5 7e didn't stop= 7e 4ent right do4n the line9 and as soon as the/ ca e out of the 4heelchairs or dropped their crutches9 4e turned the over to the healing tea s to help the e-ercise their ne4 4alking a3ilities5 !ore than 111 ca e out of 4heelchairs9 stretchers and 3races in one service5 ;or all/9 4hen so eone is healed dra aticall/ or co es out of a 4heelchair during a healing service9 ti e is taken to tell the audience a3out the healing= #o4ever9 the po4er of $od 4as so strong on those 4ho had co e that 4e felt 4e could not 4aste even one o ent 3ut had to continue as fast as 4e could through the cro4d 4hile the po4er 4as so supernatural= 7hen 4e had laid hands on the last one9 the realit/ of the greatness of 4hat $od had done fell upon 3oth of us9 and 4e cried like 3a3ies as 4e ran 3ack to the stage= ,ver/one on the stage 4as 4eeping= As I reached for / purse to get a tissue9 / daughter .oan said9 ?*on't 3other9 !other9 I've alread/ used the all up5@ !anuel 2errera9 Assistant Superintendent of the $eneral Council of the thirteen illion Asse 3lies of $od 43

church e 3ers in BraEil9 4ept openl/ as he said9 ?;ever in all / /ears of &entecost have I ever seen an/thing like this5@ And neither had 4e5 Shortl/ after this9 so e 49111 people poured out of the cro4d of a3out 119111 to receive salvation and the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit= "he/ ALL 3egan to speak in tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance9 and 4hat a agnificent thundering of po4er reached into the heavens5 "here 4as no 4a/ 4e could get the people 3ack into the stands after the 3aptis 9 so 4e released the healing tea s9 4ho 4ere 3/ no4 even ore charged 4ith anticipation and faith than the/ had 3een at the training sessions5 "he tea s oved as a ight/ strea onto the floor and throughout the audience that re ained in the stands= #ealings took place like popcorn popping all over that cro4ded 3uilding5 Although ti e had see ed suspended for ost of the ,-plosion9 there finall/ arrived a lull9 and the service 3egan to dra4 to a gentle close= #o4ever9 ores of people 4ho 4ere un4illing to leave 4ithout taking the po4er of $od ho e 4ith the 9 took pieces of clothing off and thre4 the at us for us to touch and return to the 9 3elieving that the/ 4ould receive the pro ise of Acts 10B129 4hen pieces of clothing that had touched &aul's 3od/ 4ere laid upon the sick9 the/ 4ere healed and the de ons fled fro the = 6thers reached for the he of / gar ent and 4ere healed 3ecause of their faith level5 "he sa e #ol/ Spirit po4er heals toda/ as healed through .esus and &aul= "he po4er of $od e-hi3ited in BogotO has ade S shrink into o3livion as 4e stand in a4e at the 4onder of #is aFest/9 glor/ and grace5 8ou cannot stand in the presence of Al ight/ $od and see #is 4ondrous handi4ork and 3e the sa e person /ou 4ere 4hen /ou ca e= And 4e don't ant to 3e5

One Fire Lig!ts Anot!er

.ust as a string of little firecrackers is lit and a chain reaction of popping 3egins9 so the report of a ight/ ove of $od creates a divine chain reaction= $od pro ised us 44

that BogotO 4ould 3e like a stick of d/na ite9 not a tin/ firecracker9 and it 4ould 3e the 3eginning of a 3urst of po4erful life%changing e-plosions across South A erica= !anuel 2errera ca e fro BraEil to BogotO for the #ealing ,-plosion9 and as he 4itnessed the ight/ anifestations of $od's presence9 he 4ept= #e sa4 4ith his o4n e/es so e eight to ten thousand people receive the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ spirit during the t4o Sunda/ services= #e 4ept again as he sa4 over a hundred people Fu p out of 4heelchairs or drop their crutches and 4alk out onto the coliseu floor praising $od= ;ever had he seen the likes of this po4erful anifestation of .esus' healing touch= #is life forever i pacted9 he no4 4anted to do all he could do to carr/ the vision to BraEil and train all thirteen illion Asse 3l/ of $od church e 3ers= 7e challenged hi to let us help hi do the greatest iracle ever seen on earth5 7hen $od put a 4orld vision into our hearts eighteen onths earlier9 #e conve/ed to us that #e 4anted to set an e-a ple 3efore the 4orld of the s4iftness 4ith 4hich #e can reach all the 4orld= "he first stick of d/na ite had e-ploded 4ith great resounding effects that 4ere going to ignite fires throughout the nations= "he ne-t da/9 4e 4ent over the ountains to Cali9 Colo 3ia= 7ord had gotten to Cali 3efore 4e did9 telling of the 4onderful iracles that happened in BogotO9 and the/ 4ere read/ for a real e-plosion5 "he cro4d 4as so e-cited that the/ 4ere al ost i possi3le to control9 even 4ith the ar ed guards 4ho patrolled the arena= "here 4as a soccer ga e the sa e night9 so an/ people thought there 4ould 3e a s all attendance9 3ut the stands 4ere cro4ded 4ith people 4ho 3elieved $od for healings= "he ne4s of signs and 4onders spread >uickl/9 and the press of the cro4d 4as 3e/ond an/thing 4e could ever i agine= 7e could hardl/ 4ait to go do4n to the 4heelchair section 3ecause our faith 4as at such high level 4e kne4 $od 4ould perfor iracles a = But 4ord ca e to us that 4(

the police 4ould 4ouldnPt let us off the stage 3ecause of the danger to us= = "he people 4ere so hungr/ for $od9 the police felt the/ 4ould sta pede and 4e could 3e killed in the crush of the cro4d= 6ur hearts cried out= 7e 4anted so 3adl/ to go do4n there and la/ hands on the sickG then 4e heard the >uiet voice of $od over the enthusiastic praise and 4orship= #e said9 ?7hat did I send /ou to Colo 3ia to doH@ 7e responded9 ?"hank 8ou9 2ather= 8ou sent us here to teach these people that if Charles and 2rances can do it9 the/ can do it9 too5@ $od had given us one night of divine glor/ and allo4ed us to personall/ partake in the feast of iracles9 and then #e re inded us in #is loving 4a/ that #e 4anted the ordinar/ 3elievers 4ho had 3een trained to kno4 4hat the/ could actuall/ acco plish in the na e of .esus and 3/ the po4er the #ol/ Spirit=

The Hands of God Multiplied

7hen the t4o of us laid hands on the people in the 4heelchairs in BogotO9 onl/ one person ca e out at a ti e= But 4hat happens 4hen (11 people la/ hands on the cripples at one ti eH 7e 4ere soon to find out= 7e e-plained to the cro4d that the healing tea s had 3een trained and could do e-actl/ the sa e things that 4e could9 3ecause $od is the #ealer and #e uses 3elievers to 3e e-tensions of #is hands= 7e instructed those on the healing tea s to go to the 4heelchair section= "hen 4e told the people that 4hen I said the 4ords9 ?Silver and gold I do not have9 3ut 4hat I do have9 I give /ouG In the na e of .esus Christ of ;aEareth9 rise up and 4alk@ AActs 3B6C9 the healings tea s 4ould la/ hands on the and the/ should get up and 4alk5 7e re inded the that the healing tea s had the sa e #ol/ Spirit po4er 4e have9 and that there is no difference in the voltage5 "he healing tea s 4ere in place= "he people in 4heelchairs 4ere 4aiting 4ith supernatural e-pectanc/= "hen I spoke the 4ords that 4ere electrif/ing as the/ resounded through the icrophone to all the loud speakers 46

of the arenaB ?SILD,) A;* $6L* I *6 ;6" #AD,9 B:" 7#A" I *6 #AD,9 I $ID, 86:G I; "#, ;A!, 62 .,S:S C#)IS" 62 ;ANA),"#9 )IS, :& A;* 7AL<5@ As the healing tea s laid hands on the 9 people ca e out of 4heelchairs like the/ did in BogotO= "he/ 3egan running out to the center of the arena9 and for a 4hile it looked like co plete pande oniu = $lor/ to $od 4hen pande oniu is caused 3/ the po4er of $od5 "he first person 4ho ca e out of a 4heelchair 4as a paraplegic= #is legs had 3een totall/ lifeless9 and 4hen the po4er of $od hit hi 9 he ran to the center of the arena and 3egan t4irling around in the center of the arena floor= #is picture appeared on the front page of the ne4spaper the ne-t orning5 It 4as proof that ?If Charles and 2rances can do it9 /ou can do it9 too5@ 7hen the call for the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit 4as ade9 over 69111 ca e9 and it 4as a night of #ol/ $host &entecost= !ost of the 4ho re ceived the #ol/ Spirit had Fust gotten saved9 3ecause 0(Q of the had raised their hands to sho4 the/ had pra/ed the sinner's pra/er for the first ti e that night= Signs and 4onders 4ill al4a/s follo4ed 3/ a great harvest of souls5 "he 4ord 4hich 4as so vividl/ placed into our hearts in earl/ ;ove 3er9 10869 ca e to our re e 3ranceB ?"hus far in 1086 I have set the foundation= *uring the last t4o onths of 1086 I 4ill put the d/na ite in place= *uring the first four onths of 108+9 I 4ill set off an e-plosion 4hich 4ill go around the 4orld9 and "#,;===@ 7e kne4 clearl/ 4hat the ?and "#,;==@ eant= .esus said that all of the population of the earth 4ould hear the gospel fro ordinar/ 3elievers 4ith signs and 4onders follo4ing= 7e heard .esus sa/ that ever/ one of these 3elievers and the ones the/ 4in to .esus 4ill 3e endued 4ith the po4er of the #ol/ Spirit9 4ill speak in tongues and 4ill 3e a 4itness 3/ doing the supernatural 4ith signs and 4onders follo4ing=


'!e .ision is Ali#e and ,ell

If 4e 4ent to BogotO9 and sa4 the iraculous9 and then nothing happened after 4e left9 4e 4ould have gone in vain= 7hen .esus ascended into heaven9 it 4as not $od's plan that a fe4 evangelists 4ould go to ever/ person on the planet and heal the sick and lead the to Christ= It 4as a 3urning fire in our hearts that the plan of $od 4as for one fire to light another until all the 4orld 4as a3laEe 4ith the glor/ of $od= As 4onderful as it 4as to see 3odies healed 3/ the po4er of $od in Colo 3ia9 4hat thrilled us 3e/ond 4ords is that the/ caught the vision9 and it spread and spread and spread like a 4ildfire= .ai e )o an9 one of our interpreters for the Colo 3ia eetings9 testified of continuing iracles through an e-plosion his church held long after 4e had leftB ?A nine%/ear%old 3o/ 3orn 3lind received his sight for the ver/ first ti e= A deaf% ute 4as healed= A /oung 3o/ 4ho 4as a3nor all/ short for his age 4anted to gro4 to nor al height= After a 3eliever laid hands on hi 9 $od added three inches to his height5 !an/ 4ho ca e in 4heelchairs 4ere healed and 4alking 3/ the end of the eeting5@ 7e have heard the tru pet5 7e have heard the announce ent of .esus that #e is co ing soon and 4e Christians ust prepare for #is co ing5 7e are seeing 4hat once see ed i possi3le as9 through ordinar/ 3elievers9 sickness is turned to health9 death into life9 un3elievers into iracle 4orkers9 and pe4 4ar ers into active9 po4er packed disciples 4inning the 4orld to .esus5


Chapter 8
)eady +earts in t!e P!ilippines
,ver/ #ealing ,-plosion has a different flavor= ,ach is distinct9 and each has so ething uni>ue to that particular e-plosion= In Colo 3ia9 it 4as astounding to 4atch the tre endous nu 3er of 4heelchairs 4hich 4ere e ptied= In !anila9 4e sa4 so ething totall/ different= 7e sa4 a hunger in the hearts of people to actuall/ get out and do the 4orks of .esus9 pro3a3l/ ore than in an/ other cit/ or countr/ 4here 4e have 3een= "he 2ilipinos are not noted for their aggressiveness9 and /et9 in the area of healing and 4anting to follo4 after .esus9 the/ 4ere a3solutel/ incredi3le= !anila 4as e-citing fro the 4ord $65 .ust 3efore 4e left the San 2rancisco airport to fl/ into the &hilippines9 4e called our office to see if an/thing critical had co e in that 4e should kno49 since 4e kne4 4e 4ould not 3e in touch 4ith the for a 4eek= "he ne4s 4e received 4as that there had 3een a coup in the &hilippines and that the Christian television station had 3een taken over 3/ the ene /5 7e realiEed that stories can 3e 3lo4n out of proportion9 3ut it 4as a o ent of decision I do 4e go to the &hilippines in the face of achine gunsH 6r do 4e sta/ on the safe soil of ho eH 7e talked 4ith the other e 3ers of the tea 4ho 4ere going 4ith us= ;o one 4anted to retreat= 4e 4ere all in the ode to advance= 7hen 4e arrived in !anila9 there 4as a3solutel/ no pro3le that 4e encountered nor an/ hindrance to the 4ork $od had called us to do there= "he o ent 4e arrived in !anila9 the tea s 4ere read/ to go5 7e did not have an/ eetings scheduled for that first night9 so ever/one 4ent to o a little shopping at a near3/ store= #o4ever9 4hen the tea s got inside the store9 the/ 4ere so 4ound up the/ 3egan talking a3out .esus instead of deciding 4hat the/ 4ere going to purchase= Before long9 40

the/ 4ere la/ing hands on the sick instead of shopping= &eople in the large a 4arehouse%st/le store 4ere l/ing all over the place under the po4er of $od= "he/ 4ere getting saved9 3aptiEed 4ith the #ol/ Spirit9 and healed as the e 3ers of the tea s 4ho had co e 4ith us laid hands on ever/one 4ho 4as sick9 e-pecting signs and 4onders to follo45 So an/ people 4ere healed that the store o4ner asked the tea s to co e 3ack the ne-t da/ and then again for a third da/ and pro ised that the/ 4ould 3ring in a lot ore sick people for the to inister to5 I 4as in one store 4hich had received a 3rochure 4ith our picture on it= Shortl/ after I arrived9 one of the sales girls 3rought out the flier9 pointed at the picture and said9 ?86:H@ I said9 ?8es5@ "he/ 4anted to kno4 if I 4ould pra/ for a lad/9 and I responded that I 4ould 3e happ/ to do that= "he lad/ 4as 3ent over 4ith painful arthritis9 and she 4as instantl/ healed 3/ the po4er of $od= All her pain left9 and her 3ack straightened co pletel/= Before I kne4 it9 there 4as so eone poking a finger through the curtain of / dressing roo 9 and a s4eet little voice 4as asking9 ?Could /ou pra/ for eH@ I peeked out and there 4as a lad/ 4ith a huge goiter on her throat= She asked if .esus could heal the goiter9 and I ans4ered9 ?6f course9 .esus can and #e 4ill5@ I laid hands on her9 and for a o ent9 it see ed like she al ost choked= "hen she s4allo4ed= She s4allo4ed a second ti e9 and there 4as a3solutel/ no sign of the goiter left 4hatsoever= ,-cla ations of praise and 4onder oved >uickl/ through the store9 and 3efore I could catch / 3reath9 a lad/ ca e to e 4ith t4o lu ps on her 3reast= "he faith level of the clerks 4as reall/ high 3ecause the/ had heard a lot a3out the #ealing ,-plosion and the/ 4ere read/ to 3elieve for an/thing= "he t4o lu ps disappeared fro this lad/ the instant I put hands on the "here 4as another clerk 4ho 4as pregnant9 and I laid hands on her for a perfect 3a3/ and a fast deliver/= Before (1

long9 the/ 4ere co ing up 4ith headaches9 3ig pro3le s and little pro3le s= "here 4ere appro-i atel/ thirt/%five people in the store9 and 4e had a little ini #ealing e-plosion right there on the spot5 "he faith of the &hilippine people is incredi3le= the/ 3elieve that if /ou touch the 9 the/ 4ill 3e healed 3/ the po4er of $od= "he/ are spirituall/ uneducated people for the ost part= !ost of the have no religious training= "he/ don't reall/ understand the Bi3le or 4ho the/ are in Christ and the authorit/ 4e have9 3ut their si ple faith is a3solutel/ 3eautiful to 3ehold= 7hen people 3elieve that 4a/9 iracles can reall/ happen= "he da/ of the #ealing ,-plosion 4as a 3eautiful9 3al / south &acific da/= Anticipation 4as as high as 4e had ever e-perienced= 7hen 4e had arrived in !anila and checked into our hotel9 as 4e stood in our hotel roo on the seventeenth floor9 4e had seen the angels high a3ove the )iEel !e orial Coliseu 9 4here the e-plosion 4as to 3e held= ;o4 on the da/ of the e-plosion9 the angels had co e do4n to the level 4here the people co ing to the arena 4ould 3e seated= Charles and I held hands and said9 "hank 8ou9 .esus=@ As 4e looked out of our 4indo49 4e sa4 the healing tea s as the/ 3egan to gather for the great event= 7e sa4 the stadiu 3egin to fill 4ith he 611%voice choir= 7e sa4 the people looking ever so tin/9 3ut kne4 that9 in $od's e/es9 the/ 4ere giants as the/ arched into position9 read/ to do the things #e had co issioned the to do= 2inall/9 it 4as ti e for the service to start9 and s 4e arrived9 the praise and 4orship 4as tre endous= "he 2ilipinos enthusiasticall/ inistered the sa e songs 4e sing in the :nited States= A salvation essage 4as given and the opportunit/ to pra/ the sinner's pra/er= "hen the call 4as given for the po4er of $od in people's lives I the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit= 7hen 4e told the to co e out of the stands onto the field for the 3aptis of the #ol/ Spirit9 it 4as al ost like a cattle sta pede= 7e have never seen people run as fast as the/ did to receive the po4er of $od= 8ou could actuall/ (1

see the dust in the field rising as their feet pounded the earth= "here 4as no slo4 pokingG the/ 4ere deter ined that the/ 4ere going to latch onto $od and the #ol/ Spirit and that their nation 4as going to 3eco e a ight/ nation in the Spirit and po4er of the living $od= It can 3e ver/ difficult to Fudge the siEe of a cro4d in a large area= #o4ever9 the A erican healing tea s esti ated that appro-i atel/ 119111 ca e and received the #ol/ Spirit into their lives= 7hen the/ started speaking in tongues9 there 4as a sound as of a rushing9 ight/ 4ind= 6ur tea s fro A erica 4ere the healing tea supervisors for the ,-plosion9 and the/ did an outstanding Fo39 3ut the 2ilipinos reall/ thrilled us 4ith their spiritual aggressiveness= 7e 4atched healing after healing and person after person get out of 4heelchairs= 7hat a thrilling sight it 4as to see the healing tea s9 consisting of people fro all 4alks of life9 doing the 4ork that $od assigned all 3elievers to do5 After several hours of the glor/ of $od and 4hat 4e thought 4as the close of the service9 4e 4ent 3ack to our hotel= 2ro the seventeenth floor9 4e again looked do4n fro our roo to the coliseu 3elo4= So e3od/ forgot to tell the 2ilipinos that the service 4as over5 And that is e-actl/ the 4a/ it should 3e5 "here 4ere still people la/ing hands on the sick all over the field9 and the po4er of $od 4as still 4orking= as 4e 4ere so thrilled to see the 2ilipinos 4orking9 think of the thrill to .esus as #e looks do4n upon #is end%ti e church see the o3e/ing 4hat #e co issioned the to do5 !an/ hours later9 the healing tea s finall/ left9 the lights 4ent out9 and the angels vanished= But the e-citing reports and testi onies flo4ed to us for onths and onths= "he 2ilipino tea s held over fift/ #ealing ,-plosions on their o4n over the ne-t /ear 4ith signs and 4onders follo4ing= &eople once totall/ deaf received hearing= cataracts dissolved= An e/e3all 4as created 4here there 4as none= Cere3ral pals/ 4as healed= Indians in ountainous areas 4ere delivered fro de on possession= A child 3lind fro (2

3irth received sight= "ea s 4ent into prisons9 and hardened cri inals 4ere saved and received iracles= "he lost9 the poor9 the rich9 the sick9 the ai ed9 Catholics9 &rotestants9 &entecostals % all 4ere inistered to and spiritual fires 4ere lit that caught up into ever%gro4ing fla es of the po4er of $od=


Chapter 9

Into the Morning Sun

7e left South A erica 4ith nations a3laEe 4ith the po4er of $od= In the &hilippines9 our hearts and souls 4ere thrilled 4ith the supernatural energ/ of healing tea s continuing the 4orks of $od= "hen9 the #ol/ Spirit launched us east4ard into ,urope= 7e had 3een told that the 2innish people 4ere ver/ cold and unde onstrative9 and that 4e should not e-pect the to get e-cited9 or to sho4 uch enthusias over spiritual things= 7hat a surprise 4e received 4hen 4e 4alked into our first eeting 4hich 4as packed out 4ith people9 standing 4all to 4all= "he love of the people e-uded fro the to us= It 4as so strong the/ and 4e alike 3urst into tears 3/ the po4er of the #ol/ Spirit= "he/ rose to a standing ovation9 and 4e 4ere co pletel/ over4hel ed as 4e sa4 so e of the ost e-cited and e-citing people 4e had ever et= A recent letter told us that the/ 4ere still enthusiasticall/ clapping at ever/ offering ti e 3ecause I taught the a3out giving to $od5 "he 3ook9 How to Heal the Sick, had 3een pu3lished in the 2innish language9 and the/ reall/ responded to the teaching on the po4er of pra/er cloths= "he first da/9 there 4ere pro3a3l/ sevent/%five to one hundred ite s given to us for 4hich to pra/9 3ut 3/ the final da/9 4e had huge ta3les leaped high 4ith personal ite s 3rought to us for pra/er= 7e laid hands on each one= A 3eautiful 4o an 4ho attended ever/ eeting cut ountains of pra/er cloths so there 4ould 3e plent/ for ever/ service9 so 4e laid hands on thousands of little pra/er cloths for healing9 salvation and other needs= At each service9 4e de onstrated the po4er in an anointed pra/er cloth 3/ la/ing one that 4e had pra/ed for on a sick individual= An infected ear stopped draining and (4

>uit hurting instantl/= A froEen ar 4as loosened 4hen 4e laid the anointed pra/er cloth on it= At one service9 4e told the stor/ of )=7= Scha 3ach ?4earing cand/@9 and it so touched their hearts that the/ started 3ringing cand/ for us to pra/ for9 and 3efore 4e left 2inland9 4e pra/ed or hundreds of pounds of cand/5 Licorice is the favorite cand/ in 2inland9 and 4e never sa4 such piles of licorice in our entire life= !iraculous cand/ reports ca e 3ack to us long after 4e returned to the :nited States5

'!e Empty 5s Filled

,urope has so e of the ost 3eautiful churches in the entire 4orld9 designed 4ith e-pensive ar3le and gorgeous stained glass 4indo4s9 3ut e pt/ of people5 "he state church in 2inland is the Lutheran Church9 and 4e rented one of the large ones for our final eetings there= "his huge church could hold up to 19211 people= "he attendance 3oard indicated onl/ t4ent/%eight people had attended church the previous Sunda/ and that 4as the nor al attendance= Can /ou figure out 4h/H "here pro3a3l/ had 3een no po4er of $od de onstrated in that ornate9 3eautiful 3uilding for decades or a/3e even for centuries5 But so ething happened in that glorious 3uilding 4hen the people heard that the glor/ of $od 4as going to sho4 up5 7ord had gone through the to4n a3out our iracle service= 6ne hour 3efore starting ti e9 the/ had to close the church and 3olt the door= 19411 people had Fa ed the selves on the inside of a 3uilding 4ith a 19211 capacit/= "heir e-cite ent 4as a pulsating force of energ/ as the/ ferventl/ pra/ed for $od to ove in their idst= $od has a different agenda in different places= 6ne of the first iracles 4as 4hen a 4ell%kno4n drunk got saved and 4as i ediatel/ delivered fro alcohol= #e 4as totall/ ?spaced out@ 4hen he ca e for4ard9 3ut 4ith his salvation ca e an instant so3ering up5 "his 4as a sign and 4onder that the 2innish people 4anted and9 perhaps9 ((

needed to see9 as an/ people throughout ,urope are 3ound 3/ alcohol= A crippled an 4ith innu era3le 3ack pro3le s ho33led for4ard and 4as instantl/ healed 3/ the po4er of $od= "hen ca e a 4ord of kno4ledge on deafness9 and appro-i atel/ fort/ people received perfect hearing= "hat 4as follo4ed 3/ a succession of iracles 4hich9 4hen the service 4as over9 produced an overflo4 of praise and reFoicing throughout the entire cit/= It takes iracles to get a countr/ turned to4ard $od= .esus said9 ?If I do not do the 4orks of !/ 2ather do not 3elieve !eG 3ut if I do9 though /ou do not 3elieve !e9 3elieve the 4orks==@ A.ohn 11B3+%38C= According to an article in a paper given to us on 2in% Air9 2inland has the highest suicide rate in the entire 4orld9 per capita9 especiall/ a ong /oung ales= After having the entire audience repeat the sinner's pra/er9 I had all the en under thirt/%five stand and pro ise not to co it suicide5 It created >uite a stir9 3ut I 3elieve that lives 4ere saved that night for the glor/ of $od5

,!o 6no s ,!at +appened7

"4o /ears later9 4e 4ent 3ack to 2inland for another round of tre endous healing services= As 4e entered the 3uilding9 I spotted so eone pushing to4ard e 4ith hands 4aving and e-clai ing so ething 4hich I could not understand= As she got closer9 I recogniEed that it 4as the 4o an 4ho had cut up those innu era3le pra/er cloths for us on our first visit= she ca e running out onto the arena floor and al ost 3roke / ri3s 3ecause she hugged e so tightl/= She 4as laughing and shouting9 ?<iitos5 <iitos5 <iitos5@ along 4ith other 2innish e-cla ations= 2inall/ I got an interpreter9 and then I realiEed 4h/ she 4as so e-cited= She said9 ?"hank /ou9 thank /ou9 thank /ou for co ing to 2inland 4hen I 4as so sick and 4as not e-pected to live= I 4ill never forget /our love as /ou ca e to / 3edside and sta/ed 4ith e four da/s and nights holding / hand=@ (6

She continued9 ?But it al ost 3roke / heart9 4hen the doctors told e that I 4asn't going to die9 that /ou 4alked over to the door9 4aved at e9 and said9 J$ood3/e9' and then /ou vanished=@ I told her I had not 3een there and9 in fact9 had not 3een 3ack to 2inland at all since our first eeting t4o /ears prior= But she insisted that I 4as there 4ith her for four da/s and nights9 3/ her 3edside9 and there 4as no changing her ind= I didn't re e 3er a vision9 or a drea 9 or an/thing 4hich could e-plain her seeing e and thanking e so passionatel/ for 3eing 4ith her until she 4as told that she 4ould live and not die= "here 4as si pl/ no e-planation9 other than a iracle of $od9 a translation of / spirit or 3od/9 or $od stopping ti e like the ti e #e turned the sun 3ack ten degrees on the sundial9 or the ti e #e stopped the sun9 oon and stars for t4ent/%four hours= &erhaps toda/'s astrono ers have not discovered an/ such instance in this centur/ or it 4ould have 3een reported9 3ut so ething definitel/ happened9 and it 4as as real to that precious 4o an as the 4ords on this page= $lor/ to $od5


Chapter 10

A True Irish Miracle

7e 4ere invited to the lush9 green island nation of Ireland 3/ Annie 2itEgerald9 creator of the fa3ulous ?*ear $od@ ite s9 and 4ere privileged to sta/ in her ho e and inister to individuals the ver/ first da/ 4e 4ere there= 6ne of the greatest highlights 4as that not one single person 4ho ca e to the door unsaved left 4ithout kno4ing .esus and receiving the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit= 7hat a da/ of reFoicing5 So eti es 4e 4onder 4hat a iracle reall/ is= Is it Fust healing9 or are other things e>uall/ iraculousH 7e feel there are iracles happening all the ti e if 4e 4ill give credit to $od for ever/thing that happens= Ireland9 3eing predo inantl/ a Catholic nation9 has their churches occupied at all ti es 4ith people co ing in9 pra/ing9 and then leaving= Annie9 her other9 and friends kept so eone at the church all da/ long9 inviting people to co e to her house for healing and 4hatever other needs the/ had= 7e had one person after another arriving all da/ long9 3ut 4hat e-cite ent to see their needs et5 In the evening9 t4ent/ little girls fro a Catholic school ca e over to serenade us= "he/ 4ere all 3orn again9 3ut onl/ one had received the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit= 7e inistered the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit9 and the/ ALL received= ;ot onl/ did the/ speak in tongues9 the/ all left the house singing in tongues as the/ 4alked do4n the side4alk to their ho es= 6ne of the little girls 4as ver/ 3ashful and cried 4hen 4e 3egan gro4ing out ar s and legs= But she 4as taking in ever/thing that 4e had taught the children= "he ne-t orning9 her other ca e over to report that her daughter had co e ho e and announced that she spoke in tongues could no4 heal her other's 3ack pro3le = As the little girl instructed9 her other held out her ar s= "hen her daughter (8

pra/ed9 the ar s gre4 out and he other's 3ack 4as healed5 "hree ore little girls ca e to Annie's house the da/ after 4e left9 and each one received the 3aptis = All of those little girls 3egan their o4n Bi3le stud/9 4ent out healing the sick9 and so e of the have had visions5 In Ireland9 alcoholis is pro3a3l/ one of their greatest pro3le s= 6ur evening service 4as to 3e held in a discothe>ue9 4hich 4as certainl/ an unusual venue for us5 A sign had 3een hung across the street 4here 4inos 4ere kno4n to ca p out9 4hich read9 ?!iracle Service9 Co e and Be #ealed5@ 7e credit that sign 4ith 3ringing to us one of the ost interesting and unusual congregations 4e have ever had= A an on the front ro4 4as s oking a cigarette and singing9 ?Oh, How I Love Jesus @ "hat 4as a first for us5 7e anaged to aintain our co posure during that scene9 and then 4e noticed an unusual thing occurring as 4e 3egan to do iracles= "hose on the 3ack ro4 4ere drinking ?stout@9 and ever/ ti e another iracle happened9 the/ otioned to the 3artender to 3ring another round of drinks5 I had 3een 4arned not to sa/ an/thing a3out drinking since it is part of their culture9 3ut 4hen I see the effects of alcoholis 9 it is hard to keep / outh shut= So an/ of the people there 4ere o3viousl/ under the influence of li>uor that I asked the #ol/ Spirit to sho4 e ho4 to approach the su3Fect9 and #e did= "his is 4hat I saidB ?I understand /our culture and I understand the custo s of /our countr/ concerning 3eer9 stout9 4hiske/ and 4ine= I kno4 /our custo s are different fro ours in A erica= I 4ant /ou to kno4 that I a 4ell a4are of the differences in our custo s9 3ut the 4ord of $od is the sa e9 4hether /ou read it in ,nglish or $aelic9 and it sa/s9 J7ine is a ocker9 strong drink is ragingB and 4hosoever is deceived there3/ is not 4ise=@ "hat is a super strong state ent to ake 4hen the drinks are free%flo4ing on the 3ack 3enches of the eeting place5 I could not sa/ other4ise 3ecause I learned a long ti e ago to 3e a $od%pleaser rather than a an%pleaser5 (0

I could hardl/ 3elieve the response= "he/ literall/ ran to e asking e if the/ could 3e set free fro the curse of alcohol= 6ld en9 /oung en9 4o en and even children kne4 the/ had a pro3le G and the #ol/ Spirit had convicted the 3/ the 4ords #e gave e to sa/= "he last an in line 4as an o3viousl/ prosperous an 3ecause he 4as 4ell dressed and did not look like a lot of the others there= I laid hands on hi 9 and he fell under the po4er of $od onto a stick/9 3eer%soaked floor= #e had literall/ sucked the po4er right out of e 4hen he fell= #e stood up9 3rushed hi self off9 gra33ed e and aid9 ?Shure and 3egorra9 I'll 3elieve I' delivered if /ou'll kiss e9 lass5@ I re e 3ered 4hat &aul said9 I have !ecome ALL thin"s to ALL men, that I mi"ht !y all means have some AI Cor= 0B22C= And /ou're right5 I planted a kiss on his cheek9 and he got saved5 $lor/5 "here's never a dull o ent in the life of a iracle%4orking 3eliever5


Chapter 11

+ake Shoes but $eal #o,er

7hen /ou think of #olland9 4hat co es to /our indH !ost of us think of 4ooden shoes and fields of tulips= Charles and I re e 3ered seeing paintings of little 3londe% haired children 4earing un3ending9 odd%shaped shoes of 4ood and 4ere interested to learn that *utch people do not reall/ 4ear 4ooden shoes e-cept for festive ?clogging@ dances and an occasional far er= "he 4ooden shoes are produced pri aril/ for tourists to take ho e and displa/ on their 3ookshelves or fill 4ith artificial flo4ers= "here is uch ore to the countr/ of #olland than 4ooden shoes and tulips9 and there 4as a special anointing upon the little *utch children 4e et % 4ho did not 4ear 4ooden shoes= In the healing service9 little ;ao i fell under the po4er of $od and la/ there for a3out fifteen inutes= So eti es people pop up i ediatel/ after going under the po4er9 and so eti es the/ sta/ do4n longer 4hen $od is doing a special 4ork in the = 7hen ;ao i got up9 she said9 ?!o ies9 I sa4 .esus5@ She descri3ed .esus as standing there 4ith #is ar s outstretched9 loving ever/3od/= She said #e had 4hite hair and 4as 3eautiful= "he ne-t da/9 she as looking at so e pictures in a Bi3le and said9 J!o ies9 .esus doesn't look like that at all5@ #alleluFah5 I have al4a/s thought that ost portraits of .esus looked sad and 3roken and discouraged= I picture .esus as strong and virile9 passionate in #is love for ever/ hu an 3eing9 having a Fo/ful countenance and a heart/ laugh= Could that 3e the .esus that ;ao i sa4H I hope so5 At that particular service9 ore than t4o hundred s all children ranging fro the ages of t4o to eleven received the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit= !an/ parents underesti ate the a3ilit/ of children to respond to spiritual things and to understand the oving of the #ol/ Spirit= But 61

children are alive unto $od and ver/ receptive to the Spirit of $od= 6ne little girl around t4ent/ to t4ent/%four onths 4as 3eing held 3/ her other and 4as sucking a pacifier= 7hen the ti e ca e for the children to respond to the instructions for receiving the 3aptis of the #ol/ Spirit9 the other gra33ed the pacifier out of the child's outh9 and the little girl instantl/ 3egan to speak in tongues5 7e had another children's service9 and ore than three hundred children received the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit= $od is oving a ong the children9 so parents9 B, ),A*85 "hese are the da/s 4hen 86:) sons and daughters 4ill prophes/= Let us all ake sure that our children are capa3le of prophes/ing in these end ti es= ,ver/ parent has a responsi3ilit/ to their children to see that the/ are trained in the things of $od at an earl/ age and that the/ receive the po4er of $od through the 3aptis of the #ol/ Spirit= )evival ca e to the gro4nups9 as 4ell= !ore than 29111 people 4ere saved and 3aptiEed 4ith the #ol/ Spirit= #undreds 4ere healed9 and four children sa4 .esus= 6ne of the ost outstanding happenings 4as during the final night 4hen 4e had a deliverance service= #o ose-uals9 drug addicts9 alcoholics9 les3ians and people totall/ 3ound 4ith fear ca e to 3e deliveredG and the/ got 4hat the/ ca e for= !ore than five hundred ca e to the large stage on that o entous night= As 4e took authorit/ over the devil9 it looked as though the 3ones had 3een re oved fro their 3odies= "he/ all cru pled to the floor9 slain 3/ the po4er of the #ol/ $host and looking as if the/ had 3een hit 4ith a 3olt of lightning fro heaven=

God +onors E"-Con#icts

A pastor traveled fro Belgiu to 3ring t4o e-% prisoners to the #olland eetings= #e later sent us the follo4ing infor ation 4hich ade our hearts leap 4ith Fo/9 3ecause $od is no respecter of persons= #e al4a/s honors a gift fro the heart= 62

?I a a inister of prison in Belgiu and 4as several ti es 4ith a fe4 e-%prisoners in /our eetings= "4o of our 3o/s have e-perienced a iracle in their lives= 6ne 4as an alcoholic and 4as totall/ at his end= #e 4as Fust a fe4 da/s in our ho e and 4ent 4ith us to the eeting= Before the invitation9 he disappeared suddenl/9 3ut 4e found hi 3ack hidden 3ehind so e cars outside= 2inall/9 he 4ent 3ack 4ith e inside and /ou pra/ed for hi = ;o4 he has totall/ changed= #e isn't scared an/ ore= ABefore that he 4as so scared=C And even his face is totall/ changed= &raise $od= ?A second an ca e free fro prison 3ut he still had to pa/ one%third of all his fines= And that 4as reall/ a lot of one/= #e is Fo3less9 and the govern ent pa/s hi a little 3ut it is too little to pa/ all his fines= If he couldn't pa/9 he had to go 3ack to prison= So there 4as al ost nothing left to spend= ?6ne night9 2rances said so ething a3out offering and that reall/ touched hi = So he gave all he had and there 4as nothing left for the entire onth= ?"he other da/9 so eone ca e to hi and gave hi B2(111= "hat 4as one hundred ti es as uch as he gave= .esus did this9 #alleluFah5 #e paid so e of his fines= But $od also encouraged hi to trust #i for the rest of the fines= And $od 4ent on 3lessing hi = ;or all/ it is al ost i possi3le for an e-%prisoner to find a Fo3= "he ne-t da/ he 4as offered a good Fo35 "his is incredi3le5@

J*st Like C!arles and Frances

God has given us a essage to take to the world, to get the believers out of their co fort Eone and doing 4hat .esus did= #olland responded 3eautifull/= A single little flier 3rought so e re arka3le iracles in #olland= A 4o an had one of those little posters on the 3ack of her 3ic/cle to advertise the eetings= She had 3een through the trainings and had learned that9 ?If Charles and 2rances can do it9 /ou can do it too5@ $od pro ptl/ arranged a divine opportunit/ for her to put 4hat she had learned into practice= 63

As she steered her 3ic/cle out of the flo4 of traffic and over to the side4alk9 a /oung an fro *en ark approached her and asked in ,nglish9 ?7hat does that sign sa/H@ She replied9 ?It tells a3out iracle services that are going to 3e held at the <o en Nie Church=@ #e said9 ?"he 4orld is terri3le= "here are so an/ pro3le s that no3od/ kno4s 4hat to do= A group of us ca e do4n fro *en ark to see if 4e could discover the real eaning of life= So e of us 4ent to A sterda 9 so e 4ent to :trecht9 and so e of us have co e to )otterda tr/ing to find the ans4er to life=@ "he 4o an's heart raced as she Fu ped at the opportunit/ to 4itness to so eone= She replied9 ?I have the ans4er5 #is na e is .esus= #e can give /ou peace9 Fo/9 and happiness= !/ hus3and left e for another 4o an9 and I have four children and no one/9 3ut I have peace9 Fo/ and happiness=@ #e pursed his 3ro4 thoughtfull/ and asked9 ?7here can I eet this an9 .esusH@ #er pal s 4ere s4eating no4= She thought9 ?I'll invite hi to the eeting tonight= 7hen he listens to Charles and 2rances9 he'll get saved and find the ans4er5@ "hen the #ol/ Spirit re inded her of 4hat 4e said9 ?If Charles and 2rances can do it9 /ou can do it9 too5@ She straightened up9 took a 3reath and confidentl/ responded to the an9 ?)epeat after e===@ and she led hi in a sinner's pra/er= "hen she said9 ?;o4 sla the door of /our heart shut9 lock it and thro4 the ke/ a4a/ so .esus can never get out of there=@ AShe re e 3ered 4hat 4e had told the cro4d5C $od 4asn't finished9 and #e re inded her of the ne-t step= She e-plained ho4 .esus had died for our sins9 had gone to heaven and had sent 3ack the #ol/ Spirit to give us po4er to live the Christian life= A 3rand ne4 Christian9 3orn 3/ the Spirit of $od is the ost receptive the/ 4ill ever 3e= So this /oung an i ediatel/ asked9 ?#o4 do I get the #ol/ SpiritH@ 64

Again9 she 4as te pted to ask hi to the eeting9 4here Charles and 2rances 4ould give a call for people to 3e 3aptiEed 4ith the #ol/ Spirit9 and he 4ould go up and receive= But again the #ol/ Spirit pro pted her a3out 3elievers doing 4hat Charles and 2rances did= She asked9 ?#ave /ou ever heard an/one speak in tonguesH@ ?;o9@ he replied= So she spoke in tongues for a o ent= As she paused9 he e-clai ed9 #$hat did /ou sa/H@ She ans4ered9 ?I don't kno4= I 4as praising and 4orshiping $od in an unkno4n language=@ #e 3egan to argue 4ith her9 and finall/ he said9 ?8ou 4ere not 4orshiping $od9 3ecause /ou 4ere speaking directl/ to e= 8ou said9 J8ou are to take the essage /ou have heard to all of *en ark9 and through /our efforts9 it 4ill spread into )ussia and then do4n into 7estern $er an/'=@ #e continued9 ?8ou 4ere not speaking in tongues9 /ou 4ere speaking in *anish5@ "he 4o an didn't kno4 a single 4ord of *anish= $od had supernaturall/ given her a essage for this /oung an in his o4n native language 4hich he understood clearl/= She then laid hands on hi to receive the 3aptis 9 and he i ediatel/ spoke in tongues5 $od called a chosen servant and then e>uipped hi all in a o ent of ti e9 using an ordinar/ 3eliever to deliver a supernatural essage5


Chapter 1

Miracles Are (as7hen $od changes lives supernaturall/9 the 4ord speeds ore rapidl/ around the 4orld than /ou can keep up 4ith it5 7e received ore invitations to inister throughout Africa than 4e could count9 3ut it 4as i possi3le to respond to ever/ invitation= 7e finall/ packed for South Africa and 4ere thrilled so see the faith of the 4onderful African people= "he/ ca e to our eetings e-pecting $od to do the supernatural9 and 4hen /ou e-pect $od to do the supernatural9 iracles are eas/5 A girl 4ho had 3een involved in a otorc/cle accident a 4eek 3efore attended one of our first eetings= #er neck 4as in a stiff etal collar= #er skull and verte3rae at the 3ack of her neck had 3een fractured= She had 3een told she 4ould have to re ain in the neck collar for onths= 7hen she first had the accident9 it see ed as though there 4as nothing 4rongG 3ut 3efore the da/ 4as over9 her one entire side 3eca e paral/Eed9 and her ar and leg dre4 up= "his 4as 4hen the/ discovered the fracture= Charles laid hands on her9 and she fell out under the po4er of $od and 4as there on the floor for a considera3le length of ti e= 7hen she got up9 she ripped the collar off her neck= She t4isted her neck in ever/ direction9 and ever/ 3it of pain and ever/ 3it of an/ associated pro3le 4as totall/ healed 3/ the po4er of $od= She could hardl/ contain herself and announced to the cro4ded auditoriu 9 ?I' going to the doctor tonight9 and I a going to tell hi a3out / healing5@ She 4ent to her doctor at 11B31 that night and got hi out of 3ed to verif/ the healing5 #e 4as not reall/ happ/ a3out 3eing a4akened9 3ut he had to ad it that the po4er of $od had done a iracle 4ork in her neck= 7e discovered there 4ere an/ people 4ho had stuttering pro3le s in South Africa9 and 4e 4itnessed 66

person after person healed co pletel/ of stuttering= 7hat a Fo/ to see their tongue released totall/ for the Lord5 In , pangeni9 there 4as a lad/ 4ho had polio 4hen she 4as a 3a3/ and had 3een crippled on one side of her 3od/ all of her life= 7hen she 4as inistered to9 her leg gre4 out and her ar gre4 out= She ca e 3ack the ne-t night to tell us that9 for the first ti e in her life9 she had a4akened that orning 4ithout pain in her 3od/= 7e took a drive over to the tin/ nation of Nulu9 4hich is positioned in the interior of South Africa like a tin/ hole in a large donut= "hat night9 4e had a 4ord of kno4ledge on ear pro3le s9 and eight people ca e for4ard 4ho had 3een 3orn deaf in one ear= $od opened ever/ single deaf ear5 7hat a ti e of reFoicing this 4as for the Nulu people5 "hroughout South Africa9 in , pangeni9 in .ohannes3urg9 Cape "o4n9 &ort ,liEa3eth9 Nulu9 *ur3an9 the hungering for the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit 4as al ost un3elieva3le= Service after service after service9 it looked like half to three% >uarters of the audience 4ould co e for4ard to receive the 3aptis = So an/ people ca e for4ard the first night in , pangeni for 3aptis in the #ol/ Spirit that 4e had no one left to la/ hands on for healing= 2our thousand people received the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit that night= In &ort ,liEa3eth9 there 4as no place for the people to co e for4ard in the to4n hall e-cept to go up on the stage= "here 4ere so an/ cro4ded on the stage to receive the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit that 4e had to pra/ the stage 4ould not collapse under their 4eight5 &ort ,liEa3eth 4as interesting 3ecause 4e reall/ had ver/ little to do in the healing line= "he people realiEed "#,8 could do the sa e thing as Charles and 2rances9 and the/ 3egan inistering to each other and getting people healed= 6ne /oung 3o/ a3out nine /ears old et e as I ca e off the stage= #e had a lo4er 3ack pro3le and could hardl/ 4alk= #e asked e if I 4ould please heal hi = #e sat do4n9 his leg gre4 out9 and his 3ack 4as instantl/ healed= 6+

"he ost e-citing part of the stor/ is that he got the essage9 ?If Charles and 2rances can do it9 I can do it9 too5 As I 4as la/ing hands on other people do4n the line9 I turned around and sa4 hi la/ing hands on a 3ig Nulu an 4ho stood a3out si- foot t4o= "hat an 4as totall/ healed and fell under the po4er of $od= 7hat a Fo/ that this little nine%/ear%old 3o/ caught the vision and continued to inister to people do4n the line5 So eti es people find uni>ue 4a/s to receive 4hat the/ need fro $od= In *ur3an9 the chef at the hotel accepted .esus as his Savior and Lord after hiding 3ehind a screen to listen to e share / testi on/= "hen he 4ent on to receive the 3aptis and fell under the po4er of $od= After he received the po4er of $od9 he no longer felt he had to hide 3ehind a screen5 !an/9 an/ people received heart healings= "he/ returned to our services after 4e had laid hands on the for ne4 hearts9 to report that the pain the/ had suffered for /ears 4as totall/ gone= Signs and 4onders follo4ed us 4herever 4e 4ent in Africa= 7hen people are e-pecting9 iracles are eas/5


Chapter 13

.n the $oad /ith Charles and +rances

A *ivine Appoint ent in &itts3urgh 7hat 4ould /ou do if /our fourteen%/ear%old son 4ere d/ingH #is parents took hi to ever/ doctor the/ could= "he/ pra/ed= "he/ laid hands on hi = "he/ called a Christian television station to arshal the efforts of the entire cit/ to stor the gates of heaven in 3ehalf of their son= But9 in spite of ever/thing9 their son .ason 4as slo4l/ disintegrating fro a health/9 active teenager to such a 4eakened state that he needed 4heelchair assistance to ove a3out= #e did not have strength enough to 3e on his feet for ore than five inutes at a ti e and could 3arel/ hold his head up even 4hen seated= I did not kno4 the a3ove infor ation 4hen I first sa4 .ason= Charles and I 4ere at a eeting in &itts3urgh9 &enns/lvania9 and as 4e 4ere sharing at the 3eginning of the service9 I could not help 3ut notice the /oung an sitting at a front%ro4 ta3le= All I could see of hi 4as a op of red hair resting on the ta3le= *uring the praise and 4orship9 he never lifted his head9 he never stood up9 he never did an/thing5 I 4ondered % 4as he a super re3ellious teenager 4ho had 3een dragged to the eetingH 7as he sickH 7as he ad at so eoneH Because I sa4 no response fro hi to an/thing that 4as done nor to an/thing Charles or I said9 I spoke to so eone at the sa e ta3le and asked9 ?7ould /ou ind tapping that /oung an on the shoulderH@ "he person did9 and .ason lifted his head up for the first ti e= I sa4 he 4as around fourteen or fifteen /ears of age9 and I asked hi 9 ?#one/9 are /ou sickH@ #is repl/ stunned e= #e said9 ?I' d/ing=@ I >uickl/ replied9 ?"hen /ou 3etter get up here real fast5@ 60

#e got out of his chair and 4alked the fe4 steps necessar/ to get to the platfor = As he approached9 so eone shouted fro his ta3le9 ?#e's got a cancerous tu or floating through his 3od/5@ I laid hands on hi and cursed that foul spirit of cancer9 and cursed ever/ cancer cell in his 3od/ and co anded the root and seed to die in the na e of .esus= #e dropped to the floor under the po4er of $od= #is other ran up to the stage9 and I said9 ?8ou ight as 4ell Foin hi 9@ and she fell under the po4er of $od9 too= "hen the unusual stor/ 3egan to co e forth fro various people in the roo = .ason 4as the son of a local pastor= After he contracted this disease9 he had rapidl/ gone do4nhill ph/sicall/= #e finished his school /ear in a 4heelchair 3ecause he had no strength to 4alk fro classroo to classroo = !edicall/9 ever/thing had 3een done that 4as possi3le9 and he gre4 progressivel/ 4orse= 2inall/9 in desperation9 doctors ordered an e-peri ental edication fro the research la3orator/ of a universit/9 4hich cost R69841=1+= CA" scans 4ere done on hi for five da/s in succession9 at a cost of R49111=11 per da/= .ason's fa il/ 4as not 4ealth/= "he/ did not have one/ for these e-penses9 3ut the/ 4ere 4illing to do an/thing and sacrifice ever/thing to get their son healed= ,ver/thing failed= #e continued to deteriorate= 6ne Sunda/ night9 .ason's father had a vision= In the vision9 he sa4 e call his son out of an audience to la/ hands on hi = #e sa4 his son fall under the po4er of $od and get up totall/ healed5 "he vision 4as so real to hi that the ne-t da/9 he called the president of a local Christian television station to find out if the/ kne4 4hen 4e 4ould 3e co ing to &itts3urgh= "he "D station president advised hi that 4e 4ere in to4n that ver/ night9 and gave hi directions ho4 to get to the eeting= "he/ couldn't get a 3a3/%sitter for their other children9 so the father sta/ed ho e 4hile the other 3rought .ason to our eeting= .ason la/ flat on the floor under the po4er of $od for 4hat see ed an eternit/= "he audience sang a fe4 4orship +1

songs9 and he 4as still on the floor= 7e sang a fe4 ore songs9 and he 4as still on the floor= "hen I finall/ decided to take the offering= I spent a considera3le a ount of ti e 3ecause I al4a/s teach 3efore I receive the offering= .ason 4as still on the floor9 under the po4er of $od= Suddenl/9 4hat looked like a dead person sprang to life5 .ason Fu ped to his feet and took off running across the front of the platfor = All the 4hile he 4as sa/ing9 ?I feel cool5 !an9 I feel cool5@ 7e certainl/ didn't kno4 4hat he eant until his other e-plained9 ?#is 3od/ te perature has 3een running three to four degrees a3ove nor al9 and he al4a/s felt hot inside= She said this 4as the first ti e since he got sick that he felt nor al9 4hich to hi eant he felt cool5 #is pulse had returned to nor al fro the e-tre el/ fast rate he had e-perienced during the onths of his sickness= It 4as then that .ason's other shared his father's vision 4ith e= "here 4as no dou3t in / ind that he 4as co pletel/ healed5 I called their house the ne-t da/ to find out ho4 .ason 4as doing9 and although I ade call after call9 the line 4as al4a/s 3us/= 2inall/ I 4as a3le to get through around sio'clock9 and learned that he had 3een outside all da/ long helping his father paint the house= "his is the /oung an 4ho9 less than t4ent/%four hours earlier9 4as slu ped across the ta3le and una3le to stand on his feet longer than five inutes 4ithout passing out5 .ason 4ent 3ack to school the ne-t fall and ade the foot3all tea 5 #e has had a3solutel/ no recurrence of an/ for of the disease= "rul/9 4e serve a 4onderful $od5 #is healing 4as the kind 4e 4ish 4e sa4 all the ti e9 3ecause it 4as an instantaneous iracle5 All the s/ pto s i ediatel/ left9 and I had hi go 4ith e to la/ hands on the sick at the end of the service= "hen I instructed hi to do the sa e thing at his father's church the ne-t Sunda/= "o have the privilege of 3eing a part of and 4atching as a iracle happens is one of the ost soul%stirring things /ou can ever e-perience= "here is nothing greater than seeing $od ove9 4hether it is in salvation9 deliverance9 +1

the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit or healing= But9 as 4e instructed /oung .ason9 4hat thrills us the ost is to see the 3od/ of Christ out there doing the sa e things toda/ that .esus did and co issioned each of us to do5

Angels of Lo#e in %innesota

7e inistered in a school auditoriu in central !innesota in the dog da/s of su er= "he school had no air conditioning9 and the te perature 4as 3et4een 111 and 114 degrees 4ith no ventilation in the 3uilding= ;eedless to sa/9 it 4as e-tre el/ unco forta3le= Because of the tre endous heat9 the cro4d 4as not the usual siEe= All of the 3alcon/ seats 4ere e pt/= At least the/ 4ere e pt/ of people= *uring the service9 4e glanced up into the 3alcon/ and sa4 ever/ seat up there 4as filled 4ith an angel= 7hen the audience ca e for4ard to receive the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit9 it 4as as though $od released the angels 4ho 4ere sitting in the 3alcon/ and dispatched one to ever/ person in the audience= "hese 4ere s all angels 4ho appeared to 3e so e4here 3et4een three and four feet tall= ,ach angel re inded e of the Australian koala 3ear 3ecause the/ sat on the shoulder of each individual= ,ach person had their o4n special angel hugging the and hugging the and hugging the 4hile an e-plosive essage fro the Lord ca e forth= $od said9 ?8ou a/ not understand 4hat I' talking a3out 4hen /ou receive the 3aptis 4ith fire= 8ou a/ not understand 4h/ it 4as necessar/ for /ou to 3e purified 4ith fire= 8ou a/ not understand the supernatural things I a doing9 3ut I have stationed 4ith each one of /ou a special angel to help /ou and to guide /ou as /ou 4alk through these ne4 4aters 4hich I have called /ou to tonight= "hese angels 4ill not leave /ou nor desert /ou 3ecause I have stationed the 4ith /ou on a per anent 3asis9@ saith the Lord= It 4as one of the ost unusual sights I had ever seen= ,ach little angel 4as loving the person to 4ho the/ 4ere +2

assigned in an un3elieva3le and incredi3le anner= !an/ people sa4 the angels co e out of the 3alcon/ and co e do4n to inister to the people there= ;ot al4a/s do people see 4hat is going on in the spirit real 9 3ut there 4as an unusual nu 3er 4ho sa4 these angels of love=

From %ental 5nstit*tion to %inistry

In !ar>uette9 !ichigan 4e sa4 so e of the ost supernatural iracles 4e had seen in all of our inistr/= 6ne stands out 3ecause of the tre endous difference a touch fro $od can ake in a person's life= A 4o an ca e to our eeting 4ho had 3een in a ental institution for an/ /ears and had escaped three 4eeks previousl/= She 4as spotted 3/ t4o /oung college students as she 4as standing out in the lake 4ith the 4ater right up to her e/e3alls9 read/ to co it suicide= "he /oung en rescued her9 inistered to her 3/ the po4er of the #ol/ Spirit and led her to the Lord9 then took her to church= She had 3een on crutches for t4elve /ears and could not 4alk 4ithout the = 7hen hands 4ere laid on her9 $od healed her instantl/ of arthritis in the knees and several other pro3le s= "he o ent she realiEed she 4as healed9 she 3roke forth in praise to $od9 Fo/ousl/ thre4 her crutches up in the air and told the pastor to keep the for a souvenir5 Because 4e 4ere preaching the essage to the 3od/ of Christ that $od is tr/ing to get ever/ 3eliever out of the pe4s and doing e-actl/ the sa e things .esus did9 4e called upon this ne4 3a3/ Christian9 4ho had onl/ 3een saved for three 4eeks9 to heal so e3od/ 4ith a severe 3ack pro3le = She follo4ed our instructions and inistered 4ith authorit/= She had the person line up their toes and look straight for4ard as the/ stretched out their ar s= "hen she co anded the ar s to gro4 out= "he ar s 4ere a3out t4o inches different in length= As the ar s gre4 out9 this lad/9 a for er ental institution patient9 3egan screa ing out9 ?I did it5 I did it5 I did it5@ "he Fo/ and e-cite ent on


her face 4as enough to dra4 the attention of heaven9 and I 3elieve the angels 4ere reFoicing 4ith her= #o4 4e 4ish the entire 3od/ of Christ could get the essage that 4e all are to go out and do e-actl/ the sa e things .esus did= 7hat an e-plosion 4ill take place in our churches 4hen 4e all understand and act upon that revelation5

)*s!ing %ig!ty ,inds in Sio*" Falls

7e 4ill never forget a certain convention in Siou2alls9 South *akota= "he first night of the convention9 4e 4ere in a tornado alert9 so 4e took authorit/ over the 4eather and co anded the tornadoes to go up into the sk/ and dissipate= "he ne-t orning on the local televised ne4s9 the announcer said Siou- 2alls had received a iracle9 3ecause the tornado 4hich 4as heading directl/ for the cit/ suddenl/ lifted up into the sk/ and dissipated5 $lor/ to $od9 #e ans4ers all kinds of pra/ers5 "he ne-t night9 4e did not hear a 4eather report9 3ut 4hen 4e got to the eeting9 the 4orship had 3egun 4hen the hotel anager ca e running into the roo and e-clai ed9 ?,ver/3od/ to an inside 4all5 "here's a tornado in the vicinit/9 and a tornado 4atch is on=@ 7e learned later that 4hen /ou are instructed to go to an inside 4all or hall4a/9 the tornado is reall/ close and e-pected to touch do4n= &eople ran >uickl/ to the inside 4alls9 4here 4e 4ere told to face the 4alls and place our hands on the = Charles i ediatel/ said this 4as going to 3e a ?4ailing 4all@ 3ut not one 4here 4e cr/ out for the !essiah to co e9 3ecause 4e kne4 #e had alread/ co e9 3ut a 4all 4here 4e 4ere calling out to #i for divine protection fro the stor = 7e stood there and pra/ed in tongues for a good thirt/ inutes 3efore the ?all clear@ signal sounded9 and an/ people received the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit as a result of this e-perience= It is a aEing ho4 fast people can 4ant ever/thing $od has for the 4hen the/'re in the iddle of +4

a crisis situation5 "here 4as no da age to the hotel9 nor to the cars of an/ of those 4ho 4ere in the hotel9 although the tornado dipped do4n and da aged propert/ a short 4a/ do4n the street= A praise service reall/ gets turned on 4hen /ou have 3een delivered fro a tornado5 "hen9 as the people thanked and 4orshiped $od9 iracles e-ploded= A an 4hose ar 4as in danger of 3eing a putated 4as totall/ healed= A 4o an 4ith scleroder a9 the disease 4hich turns a 3od/ as into stone9 4as instantl/ healed= #undreds and hundreds ca e for the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit=

Second-+oneymooners in 5o a
7e received a letter after inistering in Io4a 4hich reall/ de onstrates ho4 uch $od is genuinel/ interested in ever/ part of /our lifeB ?#ere is one of the an/ iracles 4hich took place 4hile /ou inistered in our to4n= A couple in their si-ties have 3een co ing to our fello4ship for a fe4 onths= In that ti e9 the/ 4ere 3oth saved and asked for the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit= #e9 ho4ever9 did not receive tongues= But9 through /our inistr/9 he received that fulfill ent= 2or t4o /ears the/ had not had se-= She had a 3ad heart9 and he had difficulties hi self= After the healing of her heart and his release 4ith speaking in tongues9 the/ are proud to sa/ the/ have a ne4 and e-citing arriage5@

6ick %e(
"his couple had co e a long 4a/ to attend the Chicago healing service= "he/ had never 3een to a charis atic service and stood there 4ondering 4hat it 4as all a3out as the praise and 4orship virtuall/ raised the roof of the church= "he singing and the e-u3erant participation fro the congregation 3rought a tre endous presence of $od during that 4onderful part of the service= "hen ca e the offering ti e9 and the/ ad itted the/ had never seen people so Fo/ous a3out giving9 3ut $od had +(

ordained all of this to prepare the for the ost une-pected of all % their healings5 "he hus3and had 3roken his 3ack and 4as sitting in a 4heelchair= I stepped do4n to hi 9 laid / hands on his 3ack and co anded a ne4 spine to co e into 3eing= "hen I said so ething as I stood in front of his chair to let hi see that $od had ans4ered his pra/er= I said9 ?<ick e5@ "o ever/one's a aEe ent9 including 3oth his and ine9 he i ediatel/ kicked out his leg5 I said9 ?If /ou can kick that leg9 then /ou can stand up9 so in the na e of .esus9 stand up5@ #e stood up5 "hen I said9 ?If /ou can stand up9 then /ou can 4alk9 so in the na e of .esus9 4alk5@ "he place 4as so Fa ed 4ith people it 4as al ost i possi3le to go an/4here9 3ut 3ecause he had discovered he 4as healed9 he stood up9 3egan to 4alk and actuall/ ade a path for hi self= "he audience roared 4ith e-cite ent9 and his 4ife turned up her o-/gen 3ecause she 4as so e-cited she 4as using up her re aining suppl/= She had e ph/se a and had alread/ used up one and one%half tanks of o-/gen= She kne4 she had to have that last half tank in order to get her ho e= But $od had other plans= It 4as eas/ to discern the/ 4ere not saved9 so 4e led the to .esus i ediatel/9 3ecause it is hard to turn do4n .esus after /ou have had a iracle= "hen 4e laid hands on her for total healing9 and she fell under the po4er of $od9 got hol/ laughter and 4as co pletel/ healed of e ph/se a= She 4as laughing so uncontrolla3l/ that9 if she had not 3een healed9 she 4ould have needed an a 3ulance5 ;eedless to sa/9 she did not need her o-/gen tank on the 4a/ ho e or9 to our kno4ledge9 ever again= "o so eone 4ho has 3een a &entecostal for /ears9 the a3ove ight not see so supernatural9 3ut 4hen so eone 4ho has never e-perienced the supernatural ends up receiving t4o incredi3le iracles and then gets a real dose of hol/ laughter9 it is a night never to 3e forgotten= "he/ left the service 4ith the 4ife riding and the hus3and pushing the 4heelchair5 +6

Chapter 14

$iding on a /hirl,ind
Charles and I have 3een 3ased in "e-as since our arriage9 3ut 4e are close to 4hat is called the ?"ornado Alle/@ of the !id4est= "hose gigantic 4hirl4inds co e through like roaring trains9 and people get out of their 4a/ and into stor shelters 4hen possi3le9 3ecause the force of the s4irling 4inds can suck up ever/thing in their path= "he passion that $od gave us for healing the sick and training ordinar/ 3elievers to heal the sick created an uncontaina3le force of the po4er of $od ever/4here 4e 4ent= And re e 3er9 4e didn't even get started until 4e 4ere over 111 /ears old5 As 4e continued doing 4hat $od called us to do and the /ears of our age increased to 1419 1(19 161=== the energ/ of the #ol/ Spirit 4as un3elieva3le9 and 4e have had an/ people over the /ears tell us that 4e out%run people one third of our age= ,ven no4 at 181 and no longer traveling ?on the road@9 we still get up ever/ single orning 4ith praise and e-pectation to see 4hat $od is going to do today, and there is never a dull o ent5 As 4e fle4 coast to coast and around the 4orld9 4e often found ourselves co ing ho e onl/ to unpack and repack our 3ags= ,ver/ single iracle of $od is 4ritten in #is hol/ record 3ook9 4hich 4e 3elieve is the Bi3le 3eing continuall/ 4ritten toda/ 3/ heavenl/ Fournalists9 3ut 4e do not have the space to record all of even the ost e-citing iracles= Let's take a 4hirl4ind tour of several cities 4hich received a ight/ touch of the po4er of $od9 and then 4e 4ill feast on several reall/ heart4ar ing testi onies=

Chicago9 the 4ind/ cit/9 e-perienced the ight/ 4inds of the #ol/ Spirit= &eople ca e 3/ 3us fro all over the cit/= So e rode the elevated train across the Chicago ++

sk/line= 6thers drove all night fro hundreds of iles around= !ore than 49(11 responded to the call to 3e 3aptiEed 4ith the #ol/ Spirit9 strea ing to the arena floor= A an 3orn deaf in 3oth ears 4as healed= )heu atoid arthritis9 ringing in the ears9 spina 3ifida 4ere gloriousl/ healed= Crushed 3ones and 3roken 3ones 4ere knitted 3ack together 3/ the po4er of $od9 4hile dislocated 3ones and discs si pl/ o3e/ed the co ands of ordinar/ 3elievers= "he de on%possessed 4ere set free and 4ent on their 4a/ reFoicing 4ith their ne4%found freedo in .esus Christ9 speaking in tongues as tears rolled do4n their cheeks=

2or three da/s9 the 3allroo of the *isne/land hotel rocked 4ith the praises and cheers of $od's ar / as the/ 4itnessed first%hand as 4ell as put into practice the principles of la/ing hands on the sick and seeing the recover= Californians have al4a/s 3een noted for their 3oldness and their gregarious personalities= "his cro4d 4as no different= "here 4as no sh/ness or dou3t9 no >uestioning9 no self%consciousness= 7hen the/ 4ere released to la/ hands on so eone9 the person to 3e healed kne4 that the po4er of $od 4as co ing at the full force= At the anointing 3reakfast9 a person actuall/ collapsed and appeared dead= &eople 4ere gathered to hear the ?charge@ and to receive the co ission to the healing tea s9 4hen the person 4ho collapsed created >uite a stir= 7hat an event to 4itness as the tea s instantl/ surrounded the person and 3rought $od's healing po4er on the scene= B/ the ti e ph/sicians reached the ta3le9 the individual 4as seated nor all/ and had regained their co posure= In the #ealing ,-plosion9 as the healing tea s inistered9 $od healed dia3etes and 3lurred vision9 acular degeneration9 nu 3ness in the legs and 3egan tangi3l/ closing a cleft palate= #e re oved varicose veins and repaired torn cartilage 4hich 4as scheduled for surger/= +8

A gentle an9 pro3a3l/ in his late si-ties9 ca e to the service in a 4heelchair as the result of a stroke= #e had 3een paral/Eed on the left side9 and had difficult/ speaking9 3ut he ca e e-pecting to 3e healed= 7hen the healing tea s 4ent to the 4heelchair section9 the/ cast out the spirit of death and co anded a ne4 3rain into hi in the na e of .esus= "he an i ediatel/ got up and 4alked9 unaided= In fact9 4henever so eone 4ent to help hi 9 he vigorousl/ pushed the a4a/= Like a little child9 he kept indicating9 ?I do it9 I do it@9 as he 4as learning to 4alk again= A s all /oungster 4hose other 4as a e 3er of the healing tea s had 3een operated on for cancer of the 3rain= "he child ca e riding in a 4heelchair to 4hich he had 3een confined for the past five /ears= #e did not kno4 the person 4ho laid hands on his 3od/ and co anded a ne4 3rain 3/ the Spirit of $od in .esus' na e= All the child kne4 4as he had co e e-pecting $od to ove on his 3ehalf9 so 4hen the healing tea e 3er laid hands on hi 9 he responded like a tiger raring to go and get 4ith it= #e got up out of that 4heelchair and 4alked all over the place5 A real acho%looking otorc/cle rider had e-tre e pain fro herniated discs caused 3/ a otorc/cle accident= 7hen a healing tea e 3er spoke to the condition in .esus' na e and he realiEed all the pain had left9 this 3iker 3ent9 t4isted and stretched ever/ 4a/ he could and took off running up and do4n the stairs= #e forgot all a3out looking ? acho5@

Bell&s Palsy '!at&s Easy(


&icture /ourself in this ne-t situation9 as a t4ent/%nine /ear old "a pa an a4aits his turn 4ith a healing tea e 3er and these thoughts race through his indB ?7hat can 3e done for a diagnosed case of Bell's &als/H !/ e/e closes 4hen I don't 4ant it to= !/ face t4itches= "he 3ones of / face see lopsided= Is there an/ help for eH 7hen I s ile9 / e/e shuts and 4on't sta/ open= 7hen 4ill


so ething 3e done to help keep / e/e openH 7ho can help / face that is so distortedH@ Suddenl/9 it 4as his turn and he 4as asked9 ?7hat's /our pro3le H@ #e >uickl/ ans4ered9 ?Bell's &als/5@ Later he related9 ?As soon as the 4ords dropped fro / lips9 I realiEed the /oung en did not understand the agnitude of the disease9 3ecause the/ i ediatel/ got e-cited and said9 J;6 S7,A" 26) $6*5' "he/ did so ething the/ called J";"@ Athe neck thingC= !/ face 3egan to tingle and ove and it's all 6< no45@ As he gave his testi on/9 he had a 3ea ing s ile9 and 3oth his e/es sta/ed open5 "a pa iracles 4ere a aEing9 as are all iracles= *eaf ears opened9 a teenager 4as healed fro severe car accident inFuries9 ulcerative colitis disappeared and underar lu ps dissolved= "hen there 4as===

'!e +*g of a Lifetime

After the "a pa #ealing ,-plosion9 3elievers continued o3e/ing the Great Commission= In one of the churches 4here a healing school 4as in progress9 there 4as a sevent/ /ear old 4o an Athe pastor's otherC 4ho had 3een inFured at 3irth 4hen the id4ife pulled her tin/ infant ar too hard at deliver/= "he ar 9 for all practical purposes9 4as useless9 and the 4o an had carried it to her front all of her life 3ecause it 4ould not 3end= As a child9 she had to endure painful e-ercises and casts /ear after /ear= She 4as not even a3le to dress herself 4ithout assistance= "he healing tea sho4ed the ne-t one%hour seg ent of the healing school and then de onstrated the gro4ing out of ar s and legs= It is al4a/s e-citing 4hen people get involved and see and feel their o4n ar s and legs gro4 and other people's li 3s gro49 3ecause the/ realiEe the po4er and authorit/ the/ have in the na e of .esus= "he last person to co e for4ard for healing 4as the pastor's other= "he healing tea laid hands on her and 81

co anded her uscles9 nerves9 liga ents and tendons9 verte3rae and discs to 3e adFusted 3ecause she had 3ack pro3le s= She 4alked 4ith a cane and had leg pro3le s9 so the/ inistered to that area9 plus inistered to the neck and shoulder for pain to leave= Last9 3ecause of the ar 3eing la e9 the/ laid hands on her and asked the Lord to ?give her an overhaul=@ At that point9 the 4o an fell under the po4er A4hich she did not 3elieve in % 3ut she no4 does5C= She re ained on the floor 3asking in the po4er of $od for >uite a4hile= #er son knelt do4n 3eside her and laid hands on the la e ar 9 co anding it to 3e healed in .esus' na e= As ever/one's e/es 4ere glued in her direction9 she 3egan to ove 3oth ar s= 7hen she realiEed 3oth ar s 4ere freel/ oving ho4ever she 4anted the to9 she 3urst forth in praise to $od9 lifting 3oth ar s straight up in the air= ,ver/one 4ent 4ild 3ecause9 as the pastor's other9 she 4as kno4n 3/ all the congregation= "his little grand a9 4ho a fe4 inutes earlier didn't 3elieve in falling under $od's po4er9 4as so drunk in the Spirit that9 for a4hile9 she still could not get up= 7hen she did finall/ get to her feet9 she 4as over4hel ed 4ith the presence of $od= She kept oving her ar s up and do4n in sheer delight= As she returned to her seat9 4ithout her cane9 she placed one ar around her son's neck and placed her ne4l/ healed ar around her hus3and's neck and said9 ?;67 I CA; #:$ 86:5@ In sevent/ /ears she had never 3een a3le to do that=


Chapter 15

Long %istance Miracle

If /ou have an/ dou3t a3out long distance pra/er 4orking9 /ou 4on't have an/ 4hen /ou finish this ne-t chapter= *uring the &ortland #ealing ,-plosion9 4e learned of the a3duction and 3rutal 3eating of a Seattle pastor's /oung daughter= She had 3een left unconscious in a drainage ditch 4ith her head under 4ater= Initial reports clai ed the child 4as 3rain dead= I ediatel/ all fourteen hundred of the healing tea trainees Foined us in 3inding the devil and speaking healing over the child= *uring the #ealing ,-plosion9 a progress report reached the stage stating that the child 4as still in critical condition 3ut her little 3ruised and 3attered 3od/ 4as at least responding= 7e again pra/ed9 en asse9 for her total healing= *oes ?long distance@ pra/er 4orkH 6h9 /es5 .esus' po4er is not li ited 3/ 4alls or distance= )ead this article fro a local ne4spaper regarding her iraculous recover/B

+ospital 4isc!arges Ellensb*rg 'oddler

?*escri3ing "heresa .ohnson's recover/ as J iraculous' and June-pected'9 doctors at Seattle's Children's 6rthopedic #ospital agreed to discharge the ,llens3urg girl this afternoon= ?A discharge panel of eleven health professionals revie4ed the toddler's case "hursda/ afternoon and Jdecided she had recovered al ost co pletel/ and is read/ to go ho e9' according to *ean 2or3es9 a hospital spokes an= ?"he child has 3een hospitaliEed since .ul/ 319 after she 4as a3ducted and 3eaten near her ,llens3urg ho e= 82

?"heresa's speech is not /et full/ recovered9 and she 4ill need to continue seeing a speech therapist in ,llens3urg= "hat9 ho4ever9 is the onl/ therap/ the /oung girl 4ill need= ?2or3es said there is so e concern the child's vocal cords 4ere da aged during incu3ation= 6n t4o occasions a tu3e 4as inserted into "heresa's throat to help her 3reathe= 2or3es said "heresa is scheduled to return to the hospital ne-t 4eek to have her throat checked=@ In addition to the ne4spaper coverage9 the local television station onitored the little girl's progress= "he anchor an reported that an/ people had 3een pra/ing for her co plete recover/= ,ven the ne4s edia gave credit to the Lord5 &raise $od5 &ra/er 4orks9 and distance is not an issue for $od5


Chapter 16

If 0our

eart Is Strong, Come Along

+ere e are- Lord0 Send *s0

7hat an e-perience to see /ourself on i ense9 a oth 3ill3oards5 "hirt/ of these ?giants@ announced the #ealing ,-plosion in the cit/ of Bele 9 BraEil= !ore than 119111 posters and fliers 4ere ailed to telephone poles9 4alls and 4herever the/ could 3e hung all over the cit/= 7e sa4 ourselves co ing and going= "he da/ 4e arrived9 a do4npour of rain had co pletel/ saturated the field of the open air stadiu 4here the eeting 4as to 3e held= 7e 4ere ver/ concerned a3out the ud= #o4ever9 $od si pl/ 3le4 #is 3reath over the field9 and it 4as totall/ dr/ 3efore the eeting 3egan= A tre endous air of e-pectanc/ surrounded all of us the night of the first #ealing ,-plosion ever held in BraEil A.ul/9 108+C= "here 4as even a 3eautiful rain3o4 positioned over the oon 3efore 4e arrived at the stadiu = ,ver/one 4ho sa4 it e-clai ed9 ?It is a sign fro $od5@ Because South A ericans are notorious for not 3eing on ti e9 4e 4ere encouraged to arrive late9 3ut 4e 4ere so e-cited 4e could hardl/ 4ait9 so 4e left earl/5 7hen 4e arrived9 4e discovered the stadiu 4hich holds 3(9111 4as alread/ filled to capacit/= "he doors had 3een locked9 keeping thousands of people on the outside= 7e panicked5 7e agreed that 4e did not co e to Bele to lock people out= 7e insisted that the doors 3e opened and the cro4d allo4ed to stand on the field of the stadiu = 7hat a sight5 "housands of hu an 3eings filled the great field9 packed in as close as possi3le to each other= ,ven 4ith t4ent/%five $reen Beret &olice and trained counselors aking a hu an chain across the front of the platfor 9 the enthusias of the pressing cro4d 4as so great that no3od/ could keep the 3ack= "he/ 4ere hungr/ for 4hat $od had for the = 84

"here 4as an esti ated cro4d of over 619111 at that first great BraEilian #ealing ,-plosion9 and an/ ore 4ere turned a4a/ 3ecause there 4as no roo = After 4orship and praise9 I read fro a &ortuguese Bi3le= A essage reached us later that the people thought it 4as 4onderful that I read the Bi3le in their language9 even though / accent 4as ?terri3le@= After a 3rief teaching on the iracle%4orking po4er of $od and ho4 $od 4anted to heal the 9 4e inistered salvation to the entire audience and called for the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit= "here 4as no 4a/ the people could co e out of the stadiu seats onto the field 3ecause the huge soccer field 4as packed9 3ut an esti ated eight/ percent of the people raised their hands to receive the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit= 7hile 4e 4ere inistering the 3aptis 9 thousands of people 3egan to pra/ in tongues= 7ith close to si-t/ thousand people loudl/ and po4erfull/ pra/ing in the Spirit at one ti e9 $od's glor/ ca e do4n= $od took over the service as #is po4er literall/ e-ploded 4ith a thunderous crack5 "he agnitude of $od's po4er in that stadiu 4as so ething none of us had e-perienced to that degree 3efore9 and it 4as actuall/ al ost frightening 3ecause it 4as so strong5 "he people 4ere e-cited a3out their ne4 tongues9 and the/ continued to pra/= 8ou could actuall/ feel the po4er of $od 3uilding and 3uilding and 3uilding= I turned to Charles and said9 ?#one/9 4e Fust lost the service5@ I kne4 in / spirit that 4as e-actl/ 4hat happened9 so I looked at Charles 4hile those si-t/ thousand people 4ere pra/ing loudl/ and ferventl/ in tongues and I said9 ?Let's Foin the 5= 7e continued pra/ing in the Spirit9 and 4e could feel the po4er of $od still increasing and faith igniting= After possi3l/ fifteen inutes of pra/ing in tongues Athe/ don't stop like 4e do in A ericaC9 I held up / hand for the to stop9 and the/ thought I 4as 4aving at the 9 so the/ 4aved right 3ack at e and continued pra/ing in tongues9 onl/ the/ increased the volu e= 8(

I looked up at $od and said9 ?$od9 4hat are 4e going to do no4H@ 7e didn't have to do one thing= $od did it all5 Suddenl/ an e pt/ 4heelchair 4ent up in the air and 4as passed for4ard to the stage9 then ca e another e pt/ 4heelchair % then ca e another 4heelchair I then ca e a stretcher 4ith no one on it % then ca e crutches % then ca e another 4heelchair= In the distance9 so e3od/ screa ed9 ?She 4as 3lind and no4 she can see5@ "hen so eone 3rought t4o children to the stage 4ho had 3een deaf and their ears 4ere opened and totall/ healed= A screa rose fro the audience at the end of the field= 6ur interpreter said the people 4ere /elling9 ?Look at the orange shirt5@ 7e had no idea 4hat that eant9 3ut our e/es searched the field until 4e finall/ spotted the an 4ith an orange shirt= #e 4as running around the outside peri eter of the field9 4ith a3out a hundred people follo4ing hi = "he nu 3er s4elled to a3out five hundred people tr/ing to catch hi = After running nearl/ a >uarter of a ile around the track9 he ran up to the stage9 hugged 3oth of us and e-clai ed9 ?I' not even a Christian9 and $od healed e5@ "hen he added9 ?&lease9 I 4ant to 3e a Christian5@ 7e took care of that real fast5 "hen through our interpreter9 4e heard his stor/= #e had 3een in an auto o3ile 4reck a3out four /ears 3efore9 4hich had severed his spine9 causing paral/sis fro the 4aist do4n= As he sat on the field9 he 3egan to feel life in his legs again and realiEed he could 4alk= ;ot satisfied Fust to 4alk9 he ran9 and he ran9 and he ran5 $od had done a second iracle to restore the atrophied uscles and lungs9 and to suppl/ strength for hi to run nearl/ a >uarter ile= #e 4ent running and leaping and praising $od5 $od is continuing the 3ook of Acts through #is disciples in this end%ti e generation harvest of souls5 7e never regained control of the service 3ecause $od's po4er kept oving supernaturall/ through the people= 86

Crippled 3odies 4ere ade straight9 and little children 4ere healed 3/ the scores= 6ne little girl anaged to ake her 4a/ up to the edge of the stage= "hrough an interpreter9 I said to the pastor of the Asse 3l/ of $od church9 ?8ou la/ hands on her=@ #e laid hands on this little child 4ho had 3een inFured in an auto o3ile accident9 and she 4as totall/ and co pletel/ healed 3/ the po4er of $od= #er da aged little legs instantl/ straightened out5 As 4e stood in the a4e of 4hat $od 4as doing throughout the stadiu 9 the tears that 4ere shed 4ere incredi3le= All of us 4ho had co e fro the :nited States could do nothing 3ut stand there and 4eep at the presence and po4er of $od= "he Asse 3l/ of $od pastor 4ept like a 3a3/ and finall/ left the stage and stood there and cried and cried= #e kept sending e essages sa/ing9 ?I have never seen an/thing like this in all / life=@ And none of us had either5 "he pressing cro4d surged for4ard into the stage area in spite of the securit/ 4e had9 and an entire cordon of police 4as necessar/ to assist us in getting through the people to the e-its= "he thing that thrilled us as uch as 4hat had alread/ transpired9 4as the fact that after 4e left and the cro4d 3egan to thin do4n9 the healing tea s had the space and opportunit/ to inister to the people= A little 3o/ 4hose 3od/ 4as totall/ crippled fro cere3ral pals/ 4as healed 3/ the po4er of $od as a healing tea e 3er laid hands on hi = A child's skull 4hich had not closed9 closed instantl/ 4hen another healing tea e 3er inistered= It didn't Fust start to close9 3ut the entire skull closed co pletel/5 "he other had 3een told that her child 4as going to 3e entall/ retarded= #o4ever9 she felt confident that the supernatural po4er of $od had totall/ healed the child= "here 4ere an/ other healings that took place through the trained BraEilian healing tea e 3ers after 4e left the stadiu = 7hat gave us indescri3a3le Fo/ 4as to kno4 8+

that after 4e left BraEil9 3elievers 4ould continue doing the 4orks of .esus=

Golania- Bra9il
"he ne-t da/ 4hen 4e arrived at the $olania airport9 four people 4ere standing on the airfield 4ith signs that said9 ?Charles and 2rances #unter9 7e Love 8ou= 7elco e5@ As 4e 4alked into the airport9 a choir of over one hundred people greeted us 4ith the ost glorious songs 4e had ever heard= All of us 4ept 3ecause of the love of these people and their desire to find ore of $od= "he night of the #ealing ,-plosion 4as a3solutel/ 3eautiful= $od supernaturall/ sent doves to fl/ over the stadiu 9 circling as though to sa/9 ?"he #ol/ Spirit is here in this place=@ "he ne-t thing 4e sa4 4as the stadiu field totall/ filled 4ith the presence of angels= At the sa e ti e9 4e sa4 the glor/ cloud of $od descend over the area= 7e kne4 that once again $od 4as going to do so e tre endous things= 2or reasons 4e do not understand9 stadiu officials have a tendenc/ to lock the doors once the seats are filled= After uch discussion9 the/ finall/ opened the gates and allo4ed an esti ated fifteen thousand additional people to co e onto the field= 7ith the stadiu seats and the field filled to capacit/9 the cro4d 4as esti ated to 3e over 6191119 all 4ith a tre endous hunger for the po4er of $od= It 4as another glorious night to re e 3er5 7hen the call 4as given for the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit9 there 4as an e-plosion of the po4er of $od= "he 3eautiful BraEilian people 4ere like an e pt/ sponge 4aiting to soak up the po4er= Can /ou i agine the sound of tens of thousands of people praising $od in tongues at the sa e ti eH 7hen that happens9 there is &67,)= As the iraculous po4er of $od spread through the cro4d9 people 3egan passing crutches9 canes and 4heelchairs up to the stage= Because inistering to individuals 4as totall/ i possi3le9 4e instructed the to 88

la/ hands on 4hatever part of their 3od/ needed a iracle as 4e pra/ed in unison= "housands and thousands raised their hands 4hen 4e asked ho4 an/ of the had actuall/ felt the po4er of $od in the part of their 3od/ that 4as sick= "he/ 4ere so full of si ple faith9 it 4as eas/ for the to 3e healed=

And t!e 4emons 4id Flee

At one point in the service9 4e 3ound the devil in the na e of .esus and co anded the foul tor enting spirits to co e out of the people= 7ith 619111 e-cited9 e-pectant people pra/ing in tongues along 4ith our 3inding the devil and casting out de ons9 4hat happened ne-t 4as inevita3le= At the na e of .esus9 those de ons have to co e out9 and /ou never sa4 such a displa/ of de onic activit/ in /our life5 6ne de on%possessed 4o an started running to4ard the stage knocking ever/3od/ do4n that ca e 4ithin ten feet of her= She 4ould pick up 3ig en and thro4 the = Securit/ >uickl/ re oved the platfor steps to prevent her fro getting up on the eight%foot%high stage= After e-periencing such a anifestation of the po4er of $od in Bele and no4 in $olania9 I confidentl/ said9 ?In the na e of .esus9 /ou foul tor enting devil9 I co and /ou to co e out of her5@ "hat didn't stop that devil one single 3it5 I repeated it9 onl/ this ti e I 4as a little louder and a little ore e phatic= She kept right on co ing9 thro4ing people out of her 4a/= I ust have repeated9 ?In the na e of .esus9 /ou foul tor enting devil9 I co and /ou to co e out of her@ at least fifteen ti es9 3ut she kept right on co ing= She 4as getting closer and closer to the stage9 Fust as devil% tor ented as she ever 4as= B/ this ti e9 / heart 4as 3eating a little faster than nor al9 and I repeated the co and a little louder and a little ore e phatic= She kept right on co ing5


I' going to 3e real honest 4ith /ou= At a ti e like that9 /ou can think of a lot of things in the t4inkling of an e/e9 and pro3a3l/ the first thought the devil 4ould have liked for e to 3elieve 4as9 ?Is the na e of .esus reall/ ore po4erful than the devilH@ "he second thought 4as9 ?$et 3ehind Charles and let hi protect /ou5@ But I kne4 once I gave up control of the situation9 ever/thing 4as lostG so I stood / ground9 even 4hen she got to a3out t4o feet fro 4here I 4as standing eight feet a3ove her on the stage= I didn't have ti e to sa/ the 4hole co and9 so instead9 I looked her right in the e/e and co anded that devil9 ?In the na e of .esus9 S#:" :&5@ So eone screa ed at the side of the soccer field= I glanced over in that direction for an instant and9 4hen I looked 3ack9 there 4as no longer a de on%possessed 4o an there= I 4ondered 4hat had happened to her and didn't discover the real ans4er until a3out a onth later 4hen I 4as going through so e pictures of BraEil= "here 4as a series of pictures sho4ing an opening in the cro4d 4here this 4o an 4as thro4ing people around= "he final picture sho4ed this sa e 4o an9 co pletel/ cal and in her right ind9 her face reflecting the s4eetest look of love /ou could ever i agine= ;o 4onder I had not recogniEed her5 "he de ons had finall/ given up and fled9 and she 4as covered in the peace of $od= I looked again and again= It 4as the sa e dress9 the sa e hair9 the sa e ever/thing9 e-cept an insane 4o an 4as ade perfectl/ 4hole 3/ the po4er of $od and the ight/ na e of .esus5 An entire 3ook could 3e filled 4ith the a aEing iracles 4hich ca e a3out in BraEil 3/ the po4er of the #ol/ Spirit= 7e had tre endous eetings in Sao &aulo 4here 4e received a detailed 4ord of kno4ledge concerning a an 4ho had 3een shot so e eight /ears 3efore9 and he 4as totall/ healed fro all the effects of the 3ullet 4ound= In Ca pinas9 an aged 3lind an received sight and 3roke into shouts of praise9 ?$lori a *ios5 $lori a *ios5 $lori a *ios5 $lori a .esus5@ 7hat a 3eautiful sound5 "he iracles 4ent on and on and on= $lori a *i 6s5 01

7e loved the people of BraEil9 and the/ loved us= "heir faith 4as unco plicated9 and the/ 4ere a3le to receive easil/ fro $od= 7e esti ated that 4ell over 1119111 received the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit in this short series of #ealing ,-plosions= "here is no 4a/ to easure the nu 3er 4ho 4ere saved and healed9 3ut great ultitudes 4ere touched= A part of our hearts 4as left in BraEil= 7hen 4e returned ho e on Sunda/9 4e 4ere read/ to go 3ack on !onda/ if $od had even hinted that #e 4anted us to go5


Chapter 17

Special #eople in +ar".ff #laces

$od has 3lessed us 4ith the privilege of eeting thousands and thousands of 3eautiful people9 across the :nited States and on ever/ continent I e-cept Antarctica I and 4ho kno4s 4hat a/ happen do4n there 3efore .esus co esH So e of the people 4e et9 4e had a feeling that $od ight use to influence a lot of other people in a 3ig 4a/= #ere are a fe4 international stories that still cause us to feel ver/ hu 3led=

A P!ysician Learns to +eal in a $e ,ay

7e arrived in San Salvador9 Central A erica9 greeted 3/ achine guns and police en= #o4ever9 the/ ust have found us to 3e nonI threatening 3ecause 4e had no trou3le getting 4herever 4e needed to go to do 4hat $od called us to do= 6n Sunda/ orning9 4e had a iracle service at a Catholic church9 and that evening 4e visited an Asse 3l/ of $od church 4here re arka3le things happened= "he first healing 4as a 4o an 4ho 4as in e-cruciating pain fro t4o ruptured discs9 4ho 4as scheduled for surger/= She 4as co pletel/ healed and literall/ felt the discs gro4 3ack into perfect for ation in her 3od/= "he ne-t person on the stage 4as a an 4ho also had severe 3ack pro3le s= Additionall/9 he had an incura3le disease 4hich caused tre endous pressure and pain 3ehind his e/es and 4hich 4ould eventuall/ lead to 3lindness= #e 4as 4earing 3ottle%thick glasses 4hen he ca e up on the stage= 7e inistered to his 3ack first9 and he 4as instantl/ healed5 "hen he said hopefull/9 ?See 4hat /ou can do for / e/es=@ 7e laid hands on his e/es and co anded that foul spirit of infir it/ to co e out in the na e of .esus9 the


3lood and fluid to flo4 nor all/ 4ithin the e/e structures9 and spoke healing and 4holeness to 3oth e/es= 7hen he fell under the po4er of $od9 his glasses fle4 off= !o ents later9 he Fu ped to his feet9 pointed to4ard us and stated9 ?8ou are not a doctor9 3ut I a = 8ou cannot diagnose e9 3ut I can=@ 7e 4ere not sure 4hat he 4as going to sa/ ne-t9 3ut then he turned to the audience and declared9 ?As a ph/sician9 I a telling /ou that I a co pletel/ healed5@ ;ot onl/ 4as his 3ack pain% free 3ut his e/es 4ere perfectl/ nor al5 Because of his for er condition9 he 4as 3eing forced to retire fro edical practice9 3ut no4 he 4as restored in 3od/ and soul9 4ith a 3right and productive future ahead of hi = "he audience rose to their feet in a standing ovation5 :nkno4n to us9 he 4as a ver/ fa ous neurosurgeon 4hose sole purpose for co ing had 3een ?to inspect the eeting and check us out@= 7hen he sa4 the first 4o an healed9 it ignited faith to 3elieve for his o4n healing= #e received the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit then and there9 attended our #ealing ,-plosion training sessions the ne-t da/ and 4as on a healing tea at the San Salvador #ealing ,-plosion5 "he first person to 4ho the neurosurgeon inistered 4as a /oung an in a 4heelchair 4ho had 3een una3le to 4alk= As a result of 4hat the doctor had learned a3out healing and applied in faith9 the /oung an 4as totall/ healed 3/ the po4er of $od and ca e right out of that 4heelchair 4alking=

Surrounded b- Shotguns
In Antigua9 $uate ala9 after one of the training sessions9 4e 4ere privileged to eet the other of the &resident of $uate ala= "o reach her9 4e had to pass through her tight securit/ s/ste I several no%nonsense9 rigid%faced soldiers carr/ing sa4ed off shotguns= She graciousl/ ushered us into her cha 3ers 4here 4e asked9 through her interpreter9 ?*o /ou need $od to heal /ou in an/ 4a/H@ 03

She ans4ered9 ?8es5 I have a separated shoulder 4hich 4as the result of an accident=@ 7e inistered to her in the na e of .esus9 and she 4as totall/ healed5 <no4ing she 4as a Christian9 Charles 3egan to talk a3out the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit9 3ecause 4e did not kno4 4hether or not she spoke in tongues= She told us 4ith enthusias 9 ?I 4ould love to receive the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit5@ 7hen I inistered to her9 she i ediatel/ 3egan speaking fluentl/ in her heavenl/ language= Before 4e left this ost delightful lad/9 4e laid hands on her and she fell under the po4er of $od= As 4e stood there9 the sa e thought struck all of usB ?7hat 4ould happen if the guards ca e in here 4ith those sa4ed%off shotguns and sa4 her l/ing on the floorH@ &raise $od9 the guards did not co e in5 But 4hat an e-citing ti e9 and 4hat an honor to 3e a3le to inister to such a 4onderful 4o an5

$ot )eally So Stoic&

7e hand carried the first t4ent/ sets of .apanese video healing tapes to "ok/o= 7here onl/ one percent of the population is Christian9 the hunger for $od in .apan is incredi3le= 6ver t4o hundred pastors and leaders had gathered together for our one%night stop in .apan= 7hen 4e 4ere introduced to the pastors9 the video tapes 4ere turned on9 and the first 4ords the pastors heard us speak to the 4ere in their native language= After a fe4 o ents of video9 I 4as given the icrophone and9 through an interpreter9 I asked the if the/ 4ould reall/ like to kno4 4hat the 4orld sa/s a3out the .apanese= I then repeated the >uestion to ake sure the/ reall/ 4anted to kno45 "hen I said9 ?"he 4orld sa/s that the .apanese are the 4orld's 3est arketing people9 and once the/ get the essage of .esus9 it 4ill spread rapidl/ over the entire 4orld and then .esus 4ill 3e 3ack5@ "he people 4ho the 4orld thinks are so stoic laughed so hard the/ al ost fell off their chairs5


After our single night in .apan9 4e fle4 to #ong <ong for one eeting= "he people there had never seen ar s and legs gro4 out9 and it co pletel/ astounded the = So e of the Chinese en cra4led on the floor to get 3et4een the cro4d 4here the/ could 3etter see the iracles $od 4as doing5 "he e-pressions of a aEe ent on their faces 3rought Fo/ to our hearts= A tre endous hunger 4as created in their hearts to learn ho4 to heal the sick9 and video schools 3egan to spread all over the area= 2ro #ong <ong 4e fle4 to !anila 4here 4e 4ere overFo/ed to learn that over fift/ #ealing ,-plosions had 3een held since 4e 4ere there a /ear earlier= 6ne of the ost interesting 4ords $od had said to us then 4as9 ?"he talk of the streets in the &hilippines 4ill 3e .esus5 "he conversations 4ill not 3e of sin and the things of the 4orld 3ut 4ill 3e centered on .esus=@ ,ach e 3er of the A erican healing tea s 4ho had acco panied us had ri33ons printed 4ith the 4ords9 Hunter Healin" %eam, so the/ 4ould 3e easil/ identifia3le during the eetings= 7e told the tea s to 4ear their healing tea ri33ons 4herever the/ 4ent9 and the results 4ere astonishing= "he tea s i ediatel/ discovered that the/ could not ove t4o feet 4ithout so eone 4alking up to the and asking for healing= Before the/ 4ould finish 4ith the first person9 a line 4ould for 4ith others hungr/ for the healing touch of .esus= "he sa e thing happened to all the tea s as the/ 4ore their ri33ons into depart ent stores and restaurants= "he/ had lines for ing 4herever the/ 4ent= "rul/ .esus had 3eco e the talk of the streets5 7e fle4 ho e fro the &hilippines for a da/ and a half 3efore 4e left for South A erica= &eople have asked us ho4 4e keep fro having Fet lag9 and 4e told the 9 ?7e leave to4n 3efore the Fet lag has ti e to catch up 4ith us5@

And God %et :s E#ery !ere

BraEil a4aited us 4ith soaring faith5 A 4o an 4ho hadn't 4alked in thirt/%t4o /ears 4alked to the stage 0(

totall/ healed= "he deaf 4ere healed and the de on% possessed 4ere set free= Bill3oards and posters 4ere ever/4here9 and the people told us9 ?As 4e go 3/ /our picture ever/ da/9 4e la/ hands on it and pra/ for /ou=@ 7e 3elieve that a lot of the results 4e sa4 in South A erica 4ere 3ecause of 3elievers 4ho 4ere pra/ing for us= 2ro BraEil 4e fle4 to Cordo3a9 Argentina9 4here the ver/ first orning9 4e inistered to the hotel anager and he 4as 3aptiEed 4ith the #ol/ Sprit= #e said he 4as e 3arrassed for us to la/ hands on hi in the restaurant for healing of his 3ack9 3ut 4e assured hi 4e did this all the ti e9 an/4here and ever/4here= #e kne4 one of his legs 4as an inch short and could hardl/ 3elieve as he sa4 it gro4 out 3efore his e/es=

'!e %*ltiplication Principle

Although the iracles in Cordo3a 4ere glorious9 the ost e-citing thing happened 4hen the healing tea s 4ent to 4ork after 4e left the 3uilding5 6ur purpose in going to the nations 4as not to 3ring attention to Charles and 2rances 3ut to teach the that the/ can do it9 too= "he iracles 4hich the healing tea s reported 4ere over4hel ing and 3rought Fo/ous tears to our e/es= "4o reporters fro Avida A!undante, a Christian agaEine 4hich circulates throughout Argentina and :rugua/9 intervie4ed us in Buenos Aires= 6ne of the entioned she had a painful pro3le in her spine= 7hen 4e inistered to her9 she indicated that all pain left i ediatel/= "hen I said9 ?;o4 I 4ant /ou to practice on /our friend=@ 7e instructed her to la/ hands on the second reporter's legs 4hich 4ere a3out one inch different in length9 and instantl/ the short leg shot out= 7hat 4as so interesting 4as her co ent9 ?I did not 3elieve it 4hen it happened to e9 3ut 4hen I did it to / friend9 then I 3elieved=@ "hen 4e told the second reporter it 4as no4 her turn to la/ hands on their photographer5


"he photographer had 3een in an accident 4hich had severed the tendons in his left leg9 and gangrene had done da age as 4ell= #e suffered great pain 4hen 4alking= 7hen the area 4as touched9 he descri3ed the pain as electric shocks going through hi = As Charles gave instructions in ,nglish and the/ 4ere interpreted to the second reporter9 she ade the co ands9 and a creative iracle took place= 7hen the photographer realiEed he had a3solutel/ no pain9 he spent the ne-t fe4 inutes Fu ping up and do4n on the healed leg 3ecause he 4as co pletel/ over4hel ed that a iracle had happened to hi 5 "his is ultiplication5 ,ver/ 3eliever needs to teach so e3od/ else ho4 to heal the sick= As 4e packed our 3ags to leave Argentina9 a report reached us that an e-citing iracle had happened in :rugua/ during one of the video training schools= An a 3assador in :rugua/ had suffered the first Foint of his little finger 3eing cut off 4hen he 4as a s all child= After 4atching the teaching on creative iracles at the video school9 the tea s inistered to hi and co anded the finger to gro4 3ack= ;othing happened that night9 3ut fifteen da/s later9 a perfect little finger had gro4n 3ack5 Signs and 4onders follo4ed the 3elievers long after 4e had left :rugua/5 7e 4ere not prepared at all for 4hat happened on the da/ of the Buenos Aires #ealing ,-plosion5 Before 4e even left the hotel9 4e received a call that the stadiu 4as alread/ packed= 7hen 4e 4alked into the stadiu 9 our hearts s4elled 4ith Fo/ and hu ilit/ as 4e realiEed ho4 $od can use t4o people 4ho have never 3een to se inar/ or had an/ for al training and are availa!le to the things of $od= As 4e 4alked into the field9 the cro4d rose to their feet shouting9 ?.,S:S9 .,S:S9 .,S:S5@ If /ou've never heard that na e said 3/ fift/ thousand people in unison9 /ou have issed so ething so thrilling that there are a3solutel/ no 4ords to descri3e= As 4e stood under a 3eautiful oon9 4e 4ere e-hilarated 3e/ond i agination to see the po4er of $od 0+

surge through the 3elievers of Argentina= "o see crippled 3odies healed all over an audience at the sa e ti e 3ecause of a si ple teaching the people have received is ore than 4e can co prehend= #o4 4e praise $od for 4hat #e is doing around the 4orld as #e prepares his 3od/ for the return of .esus5


Chapoter 18

.n a Cold, %ismal %aBefore 4e left the hotel for our eeting in .a esto4n9 ;e4 8ork9 the "D reporters 4ere encouraging ever/one to sta/ ho e 3ecause the te perature 4as su3%Eero and roads 4ere packed 4ith sno4 4hich ade safe travel difficult= "he evangelist al4a/s has to go9 4hether or not an/one else sho4s up= 7rapped in 4ar coats and scarves9 4e donned our sno4 3oots and plo4ed through a si-%foot ound of sno4 to get to our rental car9 4hich 4as al ost hidden 3ecause sno4 plo4s had reall/ piled up so e 3ig stacks of dirt/9 vehicle%soiled ?4hite stuff@= 7e cautiousl/ proceeded do4n the slipper/ Street to the old ovie theatre 4here our eeting 4as to 3e held9 cli 3ed over sno4 ounds again9 and got inside the theatre= At least9 4e got through the first set of entr/ doors= 7e had to 4ait for >uite a 4hile 3efore an/one opened up the interior doors9 and there 4as no heat in the fo/er 4here 4e 4ere standing9 so our 3odies 4ere 3elo4 nor al te perature 4hen 4e finall/ entered the 3uilding= 7hen 4e could still see our 3reath as 4e e-haled9 4e realiEed it 4as not a 3it 3etter inside5 I tried to find so eone 4ho 4orked for the theatre to tell the that the heat 4asn't on9 and 4hen I finall/ located so eone9 the/ told us the un3elieva3le ne4s that the furnace had 3roken and there 4ould 3e no heat that afternoon5 Still 4earing our coats and 3oots9 4e tried to set up our 3ook ta3le9 3ut the theatre had 3een painted co pletel/ 3lack9 and in the area 4here our 3ooks 4ere to 3e sold9 there 4as one little fifteen%4att 3ul3 hanging do4n fro an electric cord= 7e could not even see the colors on our 3ook covers in the di light9 and 4e've often 4ondered 4hat 3ooks the people got= It 4ould 3e a iracle if the/ received 4hat the/ asked for9 3ecause 4e could not read an/ of the titles= 00

Shivering and 4ith teeth chattering9 4e proceeded through the ne-t doors to look at the theatre= 7hat a shock as 4e felt the dreariness of the da p9 dis al auditoriu 5 7e had spoken in a lot of peculiar places9 3ut this 4as the 4orst= "he onl/ light on the 3lack%painted stage 4as again a little fifteen%4att 3ul3 4hich hung fro the ceiling= "he people in .a esto4n 4ere certainl/ television% oriented 3ecause the/ listened o3edientl/ to the ne4scasters and sta/ed ho e in droves= 2inall/9 so e4here 3et4een sevent/%five and one hundred people found their 4a/ into the dark9 uninviting 3uilding and sat there shivering and ru33ing their hands together to get the 4ar = It is reall/ difficult to get into praise and 4orship 4hen /our teeth are co ing together in a staccato 3eat 3ecause of the cold9 3ut 4e tried a fe4 songs an/4a/5 *uring the fee3le praise service9 I 4hispered to Charles9 ?7hat are 4e doing hereH@ I 4as sure I had issed $od 3ecause I kne4 #e 4ould never send us to a place like this5 6ne thing $od has taught us over the /ears is to give ever/ service ?ever/thing 4e've got@ regardless of the siEe of the cro4d or the circu stances= "hat's 4hat 4e did9 even though 4e did dis iss the service a little >uicker than nor al 3ecause 4e didn't 4ant a 3unch of froEen corpses out in the audience= "he/ 4ere all sitting there 4ith their coats pulled up tightl/ around their necksG and people 4ith ph/sical pro3le s don't need that kind of environ ent9 so 4e started la/ing hands on the sick right a4a/= After 4e had laid hands on ever/one there9 4e packed our 3ooks rapidl/ to take the 3ack 4ith us= 7e 4ere the last ones to leave the theatre9 and as 4e 4aded through the 3lack sno4 still piled 4aist high in front of the theatre9 4e looked at each other9 laughed and e-clai ed9 ?Can an/thing good ever co e out of .a esto4nH@ A3out a /ear later9 I received a cop/ of a ne4spaper fro ,rie9 &enns/lvania9 4hich had one of the funniest stories I had ever read9 and it 4as 4ritten 3/ so eone 4ho 4as asking the sa e >uestion 4e did9 ?7hat are 4e doing 111

hereH@ "his is the stor/9 4hich 4ill prove 3e/ond dou3t that $od can take an/ ess and ake a iracle out of it= .ack $raEier 4as a ne4spaper reporter for the &rie 'aily %imes. #e and his 4ife *e33ie had 3een atte pting to have a 3a3/ for several /ears9 3ut 4ith no success= "he/ had tried all the edical techni>ues9 and the article said that his 4ife even 3ought hi oversiEed 3o-er shorts 3ecause that 4as supposed to 3e helpful in cases like theirs= So e friends had ?drug@ the to our eeting9 and he 4asn't i pressed 4ith an/thing he sa4 or heard= #is description of e 4as so h/sterical I 4on't even tell /ou 4hat he said9 3ut he descri3ed Charles as a ?4ithered9 staid looking9 aging )epu3lican5@ "hat didn't turn e on9 3ut nevertheless9 I continued reading the article= "his couple had never 3een to a charis atic service and9 of course9 4ere not prepared for 4hat 4as a3out to happen= As people ca e for4ard and cli 3ed up so e of the ost 3roken%do4n stairs I've ever seen9 4e 3egan la/ing hands on the and the/ 3egan falling under the po4er of $od= "o so eone 4ho has never seen this9 it can 3e a tre endous shock5 I re e 3er 4hat I thought 4hen I 4ent to a <athr/n <uhl an service and sa4 this pheno enon for the first ti e= It al ost 3le4 e a4a/ 3ecause it 4as 3e/ond / a3ilit/ to understand ho4 she could ?do@ it= "his couple 4as sitting out there 4ith the sa e thoughts= "he/ decided the/ 4ere not going to go up onto that run%do4n9 gloo /9 depressing stage to fall do4n and get their clothes dirt/= "heir friends kept encouraging the since the/ had driven so far9 to at least ?tr/@ it and see 4hat happened= So9 the/ finall/ decided to co e up onto the stage 3ut vo4ed that the/ 4ould not fall do4n= "he first one I ca e to 4as *e33ie= 7hen I asked her 4hat she 4anted fro $od9 she 3egan to cr/ and9 through her so3s9 rela/ed that she 4anted a 3a3/= I pro ptl/ said9 ?"hat's / specialt/5 I have the in all colors I red9 3lack9 4hite and /ello4=@ #er hus3and i ediatel/ panicked 3ecause he 4anted to ake sure the/ got the right color5 "he reason I said this is 3ecause $od has given e a 111

ver/ precious anointing in this area9 and 4herever 4e go9 there's al4a/s a 3a3/ 3oo after 4e pra/ for all the couples 4ho 4ant 3a3ies5 I laid hands on her and said9 ?2ather9 /our 4ord sa/s that the 4o 3 of /our children 4ill never 3e 3arren9 and that /ou cause the 3arren 4o an to 3e the Fo/ful other of an/ children= I ask 8ou to place in this 4o 3 a 3eautiful 3a3/9 perfect9 4hole and delivered 4ithin one /ear9 in the na e of .esus5@ "hen9 I said9 as I al4a/s do9 ?And if it's t4ins9 /ou have to na e the Charles and 2rances5@ "hen I added9 / e/es eeting theirs9 ?)e e 3er9 ever/ good and perfect gift co es fro a3ove=@ *e33ie did 4hat I e-pected her to do and 4hat she never e-pected to do= She fell out under the po4er of $od5 Can /ou i agine the shock of her hus3and 4hen he sa4 her l/ing on the floorH #e looked at her and said9 ?8ou traitor5@ I turned to hi and asked9 ?7hat do /ou 4ant .esus to do for /ouH@ #e uttered that he had so e sort of arthritis of the chest9 so I laid hands on hi and co anded the spirit of arthritis to co e out in the na e of .esus= #e fle4 3ack4ard under the po4er of $od and hit the floor 4ith a thud9 4ithout a catcher 3ehind hi 5 #e said the ne-t thing he re e 3ered 4as looking up at a 3lack ceiling 4ith a tin/ little 3ul3 hanging do4n9 3ut he had a3solutel/ no pain in his chest5 "he/ told us later that the/ ?4o33led@ off the stage in a daEed condition 3ecause the/ had never e-perienced an/thing like this in their entire lives= "he/ 4ent ho e9 co pletel/ 3affled 3/ the entire afternoon= #o4 could the/ have fallen 4hen .ack had 3raced hi self against 3eing ?pushed@ overH ;evertheless9 it had happened9 so the/ decided to practice at ho e= #e got in front of the sofa9 took the sa e stance he had taken at the theatre and said9 ?$o ahead9 push e5@ *e33ie pushed 4ith all her ight9 and he didn't fall do4n= "he/ tried several ti es9 3ut she could never push hi over= "he/ 3egan to 4onder9 4as there reall/ so ething to this supernatural po4er of $odH 112

$od's 4ord never returns void9 3ecause in April of the ne-t /ear a 3eautiful 3a3/ 3o/ na ed Ian Christian 4as 3orn= .ack shared the fact that 4hen he tells the stor/ of ho4 the/ got pregnant9 people look at hi and ask hi if he reall/ 3elieves that $od had an/thing to do 4ith it9 and he responds9 ?I kno4 the ind can do strange things= Coincidences can happen= But9 though it 4as hard at first for e to ad it it9 /es9 I do 3elieve that 2rances #unter and a divine po4er channeled through her did it5@ "he thing that thrilled e so uch 4hen I read the article 4as9 it shared a3out ho4 he 4as standing in the 3irthing roo 9 holding the 3a3/ for the first ti e= As *e33ie 3eheld her hus3and and 3a3/ son9 suddenl/ her e/es 4idened and she said9 ?Look at that5@ as she pointed to a picture of a other and 3a3/ on the 4all directl/ 3ehind hi = "he inscription underneath the picture read9 ?$6*'S $I2"5@ If the stor/ ended right there9 it 4ould 3e a fa3ulous stor/9 and it 4ould have ade the trip to .a esto4n 4orth4hile9 3ut it did not stop there= (cCall)s agaEine picked up the stor/ and printed it in the 6cto3er9 108+ issue= 2ro that9 Good (ornin", *ew +ork, the television sho4 starring )egis &hil3in9 4hich 4as then 4atched 3/ t4elve illion vie4ers9 asked us to 3e guests9 and 4e had a 4onderful ti e sharing .esus on the progra 4ith .ack and *e33ie= Before the progra 9 ho4ever9 the/ 3oth received the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit5 As a result of all of this9 .ack 4as co issioned 3/ one of the 4orld's largest pu3lishers to 4rite a 3ook on legiti ate faith healers= #is 3ook9 %he ,ower -eyond dre4 accolades fro 3oth 3elievers and skeptics= I thrilled to see the title of his first chapter9 ?7here *id 8ou Co e 2ro 9 Ba3/9 *earH@ So eti es 4hat looks like the 4orld's darkest situation can turn into one of the 3rightest= Signs and 4onders 4ill al4a/s follo4 /ou if /ou'll 3e o3edient to $od and go 4herever #e tells /ou to go= "his is a iracle that 4ill never end 3ecause9 even as 4e are dra4ing close to finishing this 3ook9 ore iracles are in the offing 3ecause 113

4e didn't turn and run a4a/ fro ding/9 dilapidated theatre5

isera3le9 da p9 dark9


Chapter 19

eart"/arming Miracles
A %iracle /By t!e Book1
If /ou ever 4ondered if /ou could 3e healed even if /ou 4ere not at a healing service9 stop 4ondering9 right no4= $od honors faith9 and faith can ignite 4ithout the 3enefit of so eone speaking to /ou through a icrophone up on a stage= $od's po4er can 3e released an/4here9 an/ti e9 even 4hile /ou are reading /our Bi3le or an anointed 3ook= 7e received the follo4ing letter 4hich reall/ 3rightened our da/5 ?I read /our 3ook on How to Heal the Sick. !/ daughter had 3een diagnosed and told to 4ear corrective leg 3races at three 4eeks of age= I 4as to take her 3ack in one onth= I 4as used to this 3ecause / son also had 4orn 3races for three /ears= !/ 4o 3 4as not long enough and ade their legs 3uckle and turn in= ?I 4as 3orn again and 3aptiEed in the #ol/ Spirit= I got to the part in /our 3ook that said JIf /ou haven't tried this9 do it no45' ?I 4as l/ing on the 3ed and / daughter 4as l/ing 3eside e= I stood up and reached over and laid hands on her and said9 JIn .esus' na e9 legs straighten=' I felt the turn and /ou can i agine / screa to / hus3and to co e and see= ?I 4ent to church and told ever/one5 ?7ell9 it ca e ti e for her check%up= I 4asn't going to take her 3ack 3ut I kne4 it 4as good to get confir ation= "he devil ade it a long ten% ile trip to the doctor's office= #e kept sa/ing in / ind that she 4asn't reall/ healed= I kept sa/ing9 J8es9 she is5' A;ot kno4ing at that ti e ho4 uch authorit/ I have in .esus' na e=C ?"he doctor kept looking at his reports and -%ra/s and asking e her na e9 ho4 to spell it9 etc=9 etc= #e 4as tr/ing 11(

to assu e it 4as not the sa e child= #e told e it couldn't 3e the sa e legs he had -%ra/ed= ?!/ daughter is no4 three and has perfect legs=@

A %iracle /O*t of t!e Bo"1

"here are not t/pical iracles or t/pical9 nor al or not% nor al iracles= !iracles are al4a/s the right touch fro $od at the point of contact 4hen a person's faith reaches out and gra3s 4hat the/ desire or need= In "ulsa9 6klaho a9 4hich is considered the ?.erusale @ of Christianit/ in A erica9 4e e-perienced a hu orous iracle= A telephone call fro the person involved confir ed 4hat others sa4 as the/ left the 3uilding= I had pra/ed for a 4o an 4ith dia3etes 4ho 4as e-ceptionall/ heav/9 It is i possi3le to tell if so eone is healed of a disease of that nature until the/ have 3een 3ack to their doctor9 so I advised her to sta/ on her insulin and 4hatever other edication she 4as on until she 4ent 3ack to her doctor for evaluation= B/ the ti e she 4alked out onto the parking lot9 she realiEed that the po4er of $od had touched her and so ething 4as happening in her 3od/9 3ecause her slip had ?slipped@ right do4n into soft folds around her ankles5 7hen she reached ho e9 she 4eighed and found that she had lost t4ent/ pounds 3/ $od's po4er touching her 3od/= #er visit 3ack to her doctor confir ed the healing of the dia3etes5

'!e Fro9en C!osen

6n a su3%Eero night in Cedar )apids9 Io4a9 4e 4ere concluding our eeting 4hen a lad/ approached us 4ith an unusual pra/er re>uest= She asked us to pra/ for her dog 4hich 4as outside in her car= Since it 4as 3itter cold9 4e suggested that she go out and 3ring the dog in so 4e could la/ hands on it=


She thoroughl/ shocked us 4hen she ans4ered9 ?7ell9 I can't= #e died t4o 4eeks ago9 and I froEe hi in the deep freeEe9 and he's in the trunk=@ !/ outh dropped open and I glanced at Charles9 3ut he otioned for e to sta/ indoors 4hile he follo4ed the 4o an out of the 3uilding to her car= 2ortunatel/9 the 3uilding had a covered entr/4a/ and the car 4as a short distance fro the door= 7hen the/ got there9 the 4o an unlocked her trunk9 and there la/ the dog froEen stiff as a 3oard= Charles laid hands on the dog and spoke life into it9 turned around and ca e 3ack into the 3uilding= "hat 4as the last evening of our eetings in Cedar )apids9 and 4e never did learn 4hat 3eca e of the dog5 But===/ou never kno4 4hat is going to happen 4hen /ou're in the iracle and healing inistr/5

Miracle of a +eart&s 4esire

A iracle9 sign or 4onder can co e in an/ different for s= "his one happened as a result of a ?specific seed@ offering I had taken= I asked the audience to think of so ething ver/ specific that the/ 4anted to receive fro $od and to plant a seed offering to reap a harvest of the desire of their heart= $od is not li ited 3/ our needsG #e also delights in giving us the desires of our heart if 4e 4ill onl/ take delight in #i = 6ur hearts thrilled 4hen 4e received a phone call follo4ed 3/ this letterB ?I talked to /ou 3/ phone and as pro ised I' 4riting to tell /ou the e-citing and 4onderful things the Lord has done for e since I attended /our eetings= $lor/5 I' still high on $od5 ?6n Sunda/ evening9 /ou and Charles took the first offeringG /ou said to listen to the Lord and #e 4ould tell each person the a ount the/ should give and to 3e o3edient 4ithout >uestion and #e 4ould 3less us= ?I had alread/ tithed on the one/ I 3rought 4ith e on / trip9 so I had not planned to tithe9 3ut onl/ to give Jseed one/' during / sta/= But9 3ecause of 4hat 4as spoken in testi onies and then in o3edience to /our 4ords9 11+

I heard the still s all voice of the Lord and the a ount 4as dropped into / spirit= As the offering 4as held up to the Lord9 /ou and Charles pra/ed= ?8ou asked the Lord to 3less each person and that 4hatever each person had asked for9 that /ou and Charles 4ould stand in agree ent and then Ahere's 4here it gets good5C /ou said9 J===Charles and I 3elieve that $od 4ill not onl/ 3less /our giving 3ut #e 4ill do it 3efore ;ove 3er 315' ?As /ou pra/ed9 I lifted / gift to the Lord and said9 J2ather $od9 I 4ant to find / sister 3/ / o 's 3irthda/9 ;ove 3er 23rd and Lord9 I thank /ou right no4 that /ou are doing it= A en=' ?I had 3een searching for / sister9 "err/ .ean9 for an/9 an/ /ears= 7e 4ere separated as infants 3/ adoption and I onl/ had a picture of her at the age of t4o /ears= ?$od 4orked an/ iracles5 $od oves >uickl/5 In less than t4o and one%half 4eeks I talked to / sister9 "err/ .ean9 for the first ti e in thirt/%four /ears= 6n / o 's 3irthda/ I et "err/ .ean at the <ansas Cit/ airport and 4e e 3raced for the first ti e in thirt/%four /ears= "he Fo/ of this hour is not e-pressi3le in 4ords= ?8ou've helped to teach e to listen and 3e o3edient in / giving and for that9 a/ our Lord 3less /ou 3oth a thousand%fold return on ALL /our giving= ?!uch love9 Fo/ and peace in Christ9@ *=L=C= !iracle #one/ oon !arriages can 3e healed through a sign and a 4onder= "his one happened on a cold9 sno4/ night in !inneapolis9 !innesota= "he #ol/ Spirit 3rought to our attention that there 4ere a lot of people 4ho needed to 3e delivered of cigarettes9 so 4e had 4hat 4e call a ?cigarette sto p=@ "his is a reall/ decisive action 4here 4e let the people 4ho 4ant to 3e set free fro the 3ondage of to3acco get their packs of cigarettes out of their coats or purses9 thro4 the to the floor and ?sto p@ on the 5 118

"4o people ca e fro opposite sides of the stage9 and et each other standing in line= ;one of us kne4 their stor/ until later9 3ut the/ had filed papers for divorce 3ecause their arriage 4as at an end= "he/ said nothing to each other 4hile the/ 4ere 4aiting in line= 7hen 4e laid hands on the 4o an9 she fell under the po4er of $od= "he an 4as ne-t= 7e laid hands on hi and he dropped to the floor under the po4er= She 4as still on the floor 4hen he Fu ped up9 took one look at her and e-clai ed9 ?I've got a ne4 4ife5@ She opened her e/es9 gaEed up at hi and said9 ?I've got a ne4 hus3and5@ #e didn't even give her ti e to go 3ack to the stands to get her coat= #e picked her up in his ar s and ran out of Augs3urg College /elling9 ?7e're going on a hone/ oon5@ $od trul/ hates divorce9 and I can i agine heaven reFoicing as this couple 3egan a 3rand ne4 life together=


Chapter 0

Arriving /ith !ifts

;ever have I 3een touched 3/ an/ hu an interest stor/ as uch as I 4as touched in the &hilippines= So e people have a tre endous hunger for $od and are 4illing to do an/thing and ever/thing to satisf/ that hunger or to seek a closer 4alk 4ith $od= "he pastor of a church in !indanao received a letter fro a friend in California encouraging hi and his 4ife to co e to the #ealing ,-plosion in !anila= "o go 3/ plane 4as ver/ e-pensive9 and their onl/ other choice 4as a t4o% da/ and t4o%night trip 3/ 3oat= !uch of the &hilippines is povert/%stricken9 and ost people si pl/ do not have the finances to do the things the/ 4ould like to do= "his couple's church 3uilding had 3een destro/ed 3/ a t/phoon t4o /ears 3efore= "he/ re3uilt it9 and the ne-t /ear it 4as again destro/ed 3/ a t/phoon= "he/ 4ere faced 4ith re3uilding their church for the second ti e in t4o /ears= "heir hearts 4ere deepl/ stirred 4hen the/ heard a3out the ne4 4ave of healing revival and 4hat $od is doing in the 4orld= "he/ purposed in their hearts that so eho4 or other the/ 4ere going to get to the #ealing ,-plosion and take the essage 3ack to their island and their people= "he pastor and his 4ife 4ent to a pa4n shop and ortgaged several things 4hich the/ felt the/ could do 4ithout= "he one/ the/ received 4as not enough= "he/ returned to the shop 4ith their 4rist4atches9 even though ti e is an i portant thing in the 4orld toda/= 7hat the/ received 4as still not enough to ake the trip= "he/ returned ho e and gathered up ever/thing that had an/ value at all9 ortgaged it at the pa4n shop9 and the/ still did not have the a ount of one/ the/ needed= "hen the/ turned to the last thing the/ had left= "he/ e-a ined their food suppl/ for the ne-t /ear= In the &hilippines9 an/ people raise their o4n chickens and pigs9 111

and the/ had three piglets 4hich 4ould provide the 4ith an a ple suppl/ of eat 4hen the/ 4ere gro4n= "he/ took the piglets to arket and sold the = 7hen the/ put all the one/ together fro ortgaging all their personal 3elongings9 including the /ear's suppl/ of eat for their ta3le9 the/ had R41=119 4hich 4as Fust enough to pa/ their fare one 4a/ on the 3oot= "he/ 3oarded reFoicing9 4ith not an ounce of regret for an/ of their sacrifice= 2ull of faith and hope9 the/ ca e to !anila= "he/ 3elieved $od had special revelation for the 9 and the/ couldn't 4ait to see 4hat #e 4as doing in the 4orld and 4hat #e 4anted for the island of !indanao= "he/ arrived 4ith gifts9 ho4ever= "he/ 3rought us so e 3eautiful dried angos 4hich 4ere a3solutel/ delicious= "he/ 4anted to give9 even though the/ reall/ needed to receive= But then9 that is the principle of $od9 isn't itH 7e did not hear the stor/ until the second da/= 7e did not kno4 that the/ didn't even have ca3 fare9 4hich is ini al in the &hilippines 4here /ou can go an/4here for fift/ cents= "he/ 4ould not even have gotten to the eeting the first night9 e-cept that so eone heard of their plight and paid their ca3 fare for the = "hen9 $od spoke to so eone else to provide the 4ith housing and food for their sta/5 6ur hearts 4ere so stirred that 4e took an offering for the fro the A erican healing tea s and raised +9111 pesos9 4hich 4as then a3out R3(1=11= #o4 the/ reFoiced over 4hat $od had done5 As 4e o3served this precious couple and their hunger for the things of $od9 all Charles and I could think a3out 4as9 ?#o4 an/ of us 4ould 3e 4illing to ortgage all our earthl/ possessions so 4e could go to a eeting to find out $od's essage for the hour and take it 3ack to our peopleH@


Chapter 1

It's appening TodaAll of the fa3ulous iracles 4hich are chronicled in this 3ook have 3een follo4ed 3/ a consistent flo4 of praise reports= 7e 4ant to share a fe4 of the ost e-citing testi onies 4e have received over the last /ear9 and in particular so e of those 4hich have co e in during the last fe4 4eeks5

Aro*nd t!e ,orld

7e sensed the e-cite ent of a shepherd in BraEil 4ho 4rote in 3roken ,nglish that he has 3een inistering to the sick and seeing iracles after 4atching How to Heal the Sick. A lad/ in the &hilippines received a 3rand ne4 liver fro $od after a 3eliever laid hands on her= *octors 4ere fla33ergasted 4hen a glauco a patient had nor al pressure tests after a church e 3er laid hands on her= A 3o/ 4ho could not 4alk or speak plainl/ 4as 4alking9 running and speaking clearl/ after a healing service in a 3eliever's ho e= So eone had tu ors disappear fro their 3od/9 verified 3/ edical tests 4hich all ca e 3ack negative= And little 3a3ies of all colors are 3eing 3orn supernaturall/ all over the place5 #ealing schools and healing e-plosions are taking place so e4here even as this page is 3eing 4ritten= 7e can hardl/ 4ait to get to the office each orning to see 4hat $od has done 4hile 4e 4ere sleeping5 So e of the testi onies 4e receive are a result of pra/ers 3/ Charles and e9 so e are a result of faith released through anointed pra/er cloths Aand even ?electronic@ pra/er clothsC9 others are a result of so eone learning their authorit/ in .esus' na e through our eetings9 3ooks9 videotapes or *D*s= 7hat is especiall/ thrilling is that ordinar/ 3elievers are leading people to .esus9 getting the 3aptiEed 4ith the #ol/ Spirit9 casting 112

out devils and la/ing hands on the sick 4ith signs and 4onders follo4ing= "his e% ail Fust ca e in9 and 4e reFoiced to note the sincere detail 4ith 4hich this pastor inistered= #e had co e all the 4a/ fro ;igeria to 3e ordained in our !arch9 2118 6rdination service and returned to la/ hands on the sick= In the pastor's 4ords9 ?"he /oung an had 3een diagnosed 4ith co pression of the 4aist 3ones9 4hich is a painful condition aking it ver/ difficult to sit do4n= #e 4as a driver9 and 3eing una3le to sit9 his Fo3 4as in Feopard/= 6rthopedic doctors had e-a ined hi and said he needed an operation 4hich 4ould cost half a illion ;igerian ;aira= #is fa il/ 4as tr/ing desperatel/ to raise one/ for the operation 4hen the/ 3rought hi to the healing service= ?I had to appl/ Jthe pelvic thing' on hi and held his t4o toes of his legs and allo4ed the healing anointing to flo4 through his legs to his hip= ?After that9 he got up healed 3/ the po4er of the #ol/ $host in the na e of .esus= "he devil is defeated= 7hen I asked hi to sit earlier9 he 4as in terri3le pain9 3ut after the pelvic thing9 he Fu ped and sat and 4alked and sat freel/ 4ithout pain= "he church erupted in praise and dance as 4e gave .esus Christ the glor/5@ 2ro Australia ca e this e-citing letterB ?#i9 I a the 4ife of the pastor in a s all church in south4estern Dictoria9 Australia= I recentl/ purchased a +% hour training pack after reading How to Heal the Sick. I planned to use it to train up / ladies group Aall 6 of usC to inister healing to our church= I thought /ou ight like to hear 4hat happened after 4atching the third session /esterda/= ?#alf 4a/ through the *D*9 Charles invites those in the audience to stand and do the gro4ing out of ar s thing= 7e all stood to participate as 4ell= As 4e found out later9 there 4ere a fe4 skeptics a ong us9 3ut $od proved hi self faithful regardless= ?6ne lad/ had co e 4ith severe 3ackache and uscle pain fro long hours of standing= She nearl/ didn't co e to 113

the eeting 3ecause of the pain= 7ell9 Charles started to go through the procedure and all of a sudden this dear lad/ is starting to cr/= Another lad/ sitting 3eside her starts to ake the co ands as Charles directed= ?;ot onl/ 4as this 3eautiful lad/ set free fro 3ack pain co pletel/ 3ut she 4as also set free fro so e de onic presence that refused to allo4 her to thank .esus= &raise9 $od #e is a4eso e= ?"hen9 it 4as on for /oung and oldG each of us had so e need for healing and it 4as as if the floodgates opened= All of us 4ere touched in so e 4a/9 and 4hat is usuall/ a 1%2 hour orning eeting 4ent on for over four hours as healings turned to praise and 4orship of our great $od= ?7e 4ill finish 4atching the rest of the *D* ne-t 4eek Ait kind of got forgotten in the e-cite entC= ;one of us can 4ait to see 4hat 4ill happen ne-t= I 4ould have loved to 3e a fl/ on the 4all in so e of their ho es last night as the/ shared 4hat an a aEing da/ 4e had and ho4 4onderful our $od is= So thank /ou9 thank /ou9 thank /ou= !a/ $od 3less /our inistr/ even ore a3undantl/=@

Still Praising God

"his letter ca e in recentl/ fro so eone 4hose rather uni>ue iracle so dra aticall/ i pacted her life that9 over thirt/ /ears later9 she 4as pro pted to share it 4ith usB ?I a not sure of the e-act date9 3ut9 it 4as pro3a3l/ in the +1's===I 4as getting read/ to go to arriage counseling= "he "D 4as on a Christian sho4 and the host 4as speaking to the #app/ #unters= 2rances 4as talking a3out inner healing and stopped suddenl/ and announced9 J7e need to pra/ for people for inner healing=' ?I sat in front of the "D as 2rances 3egan pra/ing= All I heard 4as9 Jand if /ou 4ere not 4anted as a child===' ?I covered / e/es tightl/ and 3egan so33ing= I felt the pressure of .esus' hand on / head9 and 4as a4are of light even 4ith / e/es closed= "hat o ent is as real toda/ as it 4as then= 6nl/ no4 I appreciate it so uch ore= "he 114

thought then ca e to e that I pro3a3l/ 4asn't 4anted as a child Athird girl5C 3ut I kne4 I 4as 4anted no45 ?At a later ti e it 4as confir ed 3/ / other=== and she apologiEed= "hat pra/er changed / life= "hat encounter 4ith the Lord re ains deepl/ in / heart and I treasure that ore than an/thing else in / life= "hank /ou for /our inistr/= !/ friend 4ent to a recent class and 4as e-cited a3out the #unters and told e to look up /our 4e3site= I a thrilled to see /ou are still sharing and 3lessing people=@

Snakebite 4isappears
.ust a fe4 da/s ago9 a +2%/ear old grand other in "e-as 4as 3itten 3/ a copperhead snake= "he hospital 4anted to keep her overnight and give her edication9 3ut her hus3and 4as ill9 and she 4anted to 3e at ho e 4here she could care for hi = She drove ho e9 and she and her hus3and laid hands on the red9 s4ollen 4ound and co anded it to 3e healed= "he ne-t orning9 there 4as no evidence of the 4ound5

%iracles E#ery 4ay(

8ou can hardl/ get ore current than 4hile the final proofing of a 3ook is 3eing done= 7e had t4o iracles in t4o da/s 4hich 4ere connected to people right in our office5 A /oung an 4ho has 3een on our staff for several /ears has a 13%/ear%old nephe4 4ho left this 4eek for an ,agle Scout ca ping trip= "he location 4as iles out in the 4ilderness9 so far re oved fro civiliEation that9 4hen /ou got to the end of the paved road9 the ca p 4as still seven iles 3e/ond= As the ca pers 4ere settling in9 the /oung scout had a violent asth a attack= #e stopped 3reathing three ti es and fell to his knees9 gasping for 3reath= A 4o an told hi later that she could see the devil sucking his 3reath out of hi 9 tr/ing to take his life= 11(

7hen the o4ner of the ca p had left the group9 he had said9 ?Let e give /ou / cell phone nu 3er in the event /ou need an/ help@ "he Christian scout leader kne4 that cell phones 4ould not 4ork in that re ote area9 3ut entered the o4ner's nu 3er into his phone an/4a/= As soon as the /oung 3o/ had the asth a attack9 he dialed the an's nu 3er and it 4orked5 #e e-plained 3riefl/ 4hat had happened and told hi to call ?011@ and get an a 3ulance there at once= After aking the call9 all he kne4 to do 4as pra/= "he speeding a 3ulance could go onl/ so far 3efore the paved road a3ruptl/ ended9 and then the/ continued as far as the/ could on a narro49 un%surfaced road= :na3le to proceed further in the vehicle9 the cre4 unloaded an o-/gen tank9 e ergenc/ edical supplies and a gurne/9 and carried ever/thing for t4o iles to get to the 3o/= 7hen the scout 4as oved onto the gurne/9 he refused to lie do4n= ,ver/one said9 ?La/ hi do4n5 La/ hi do4n5@ But the scout leader directed9 ?;o9 let hi sta/ in the position he is in=@ *octors later reported that if the/ had laid hi do4n9 he 4ould have died= 7hat could have turned out as a tragic report on the evening ne4s 3eca e a ti e of reFoicing= &eople 4ere praising $od all over the place9 3ecause $od had allo4ed a cell phone to 4ork 4hich 4as too far fro an/ to4ers to pick up signals9 and the #ol/ Spirit 4as directing all along that the 3o/ should not lie do4n= #e is alive and 4ell and9 as /ou can i agine9 our entire office is reFoicing5 Charles and I hate to ever end a 3ook 3ecause 4e kno4 that the inute 4e send it to the printer9 so ething else e-citing is going to happen that 4e 4ould have 4anted to include5 "his ne-t iracle is one of those e-hilarating ones that actuall/ happened Fust in ti e to add it to this chapter5 7e got an alar ing phone call in our office= A friend of ours 4as 4atching her 3%/ear%old grandson 3ecause her daughter had Fust given 3irth to a 3a3/ girl= 7hen it 4as ti e for the to 3e released9 she had to go to the hospital to help her daughter pack to co e ho e= 116

Since she kne4 her hands 4ould reall/ 3e full in helping her daughter and ne4 3a3/ get ho e9 she took her little grandson to a professional 3a3/ sitter and then started out for the hospital= As she 4as driving9 she received a frantic call fro the 3a3/sitter= "he 3a3/sitter screa ed9 ?8our grandson has Fust dro4ned5@ 6ne inute he had 3een right 3efore her e/es in a little 3a3/ float9 the ne-t inute he 4as floating face do4n on the 4ater= "he 4o an ca e totall/ unglued= She anaged to lift his li p 3od/ out of the 4ater and 4rap hi in a to4el9 3ut she had not even called ?011@ /et and 4as so33ing h/stericall/ into the phone9 ?7hat shall I doH@ 6ur friend dialed ?011@ as she ade a :%"urn and sped 3ack to the house 4here she had left her grandson= .ust 3efore she arrived at the ho e9 her heart Fu ped into her throat as she sa4 the a 3ulance alread/ speeding a4a/ 4ith the toddler= She raced adl/ 3ehind the light%flashing9 siren%screa ing a 3ulance to the hospital e ergenc/ roo = 7hile she 4as franticall/ driving 3ehind the a 3ulance9 she called one of the girls in our office9 4ho i ediatel/ called e= 7e co anded the spirit of death to co e out of the child in the na e of .esusG 4e co anded the 3rain to 3e nor al and all the organs to 4ork properl/G 4e co anded the spirit of life to co e 3ack into hi in .esus' na e= "he e ergenc/ tea 4as a3le to revive the child so that he 4as 3reathing= #o4ever the CA" scan the/ perfor ed revealed that his 3rain 4as s4elling= 7hen the 3rain is s4elling9 that eans ?*anger9 *anger9 *anger5@ "he situation looked gri = "he 3o/'s grand other called us again= 7e i ediatel/ co anded a ne4 3rain to for in that 3a3/ in .esus' na e= Back at the hospital9 the edical tea put hi into an induced co a and 4aited= 7e continued thanking .esus for a 3rand ne4 3rain= "4o da/s later9 Atoda/5C 4e received the e-citing ne4s that a ne4 3rain scan had 3een done 4hich sho4ed 11+

a3solutel/ no s4elling and the 3rain 4as co pletel/ nor al= As his grand other spoke 4ith us9 he 4as sitting up in his 3ed eating a popsicle5

%iracles Any Place

$od does incredi3le iracles ever/ da/= "his is an ?old@ iracle9 and /et no iracle ever 3eco es oldG it is al4a/s ne4 3ecause9 4hen /ou see so eone 4hose life has 3een co pletel/ restored to the 9 it is an occasion for continual reFoicing= 7e are including this iracle in our final chapter 3ecause 4e see this couple on a regular 3asis9 and our hearts continue to overflo4 4ith Fo/ ever/ ti e 4e see the = A pastor of a large church in Colorado 4as devastated 4hen his 4ife 4as diagnosed 4ith lupus9 in the pri e of her life= #er case 4as so serious that doctors told her she had three /ears9 a-i u 9 to live and advised hi to give up his church and spend >ualit/ ti e 4ith his 4ife= "he/ left their church and relocated to California9 4here she spent 14 onths l/ing in 3ed in a hotel= #er condition onl/ deteriorated and9 as she realiEed the doctor's prediction 4as closing in9 she said to her hus3and9 ?If I have Fust this little 4hile to live9 I 4ant to 3e near / grandkids and / daughter=@ #er grandchildren and daughter happened to live in <ing4ood9 "e-as= #er hus3and pro ptl/ responded9 ?6<9 s4eetheart9 4e're oving there right no4=@ "he/ packed all their 3elongings9 oved to <ing4ood and9 as $od 4ould have it9 the/ took over a s all church a short distance do4n the street fro 4here our inistr/ offices 4ere located= Both the pastor and his 4ife had heard a3out ?"he #app/ #unters@ and9 although the pastor later confided that 4e ?scared@ hi 9 he 4anted us to pra/ for his 4ife= 7hen he called the office9 our secretar/ told hi that 4e had a 4hite Lincoln 4ith a nav/ 3lue top9 and 4henever he sa4 the car outside9 to stop and co e in= #o4ever9 it see ed that ever/ ti e he drove 3/ our office9 our car 4as not there 3ecause 4e out of to4n= 118

6ne Sunda/ night9 after church9 4e 4ere sitting in the parking lot of a large grocer/ store in our area= Charles had gone into the store9 and I had re ained in the car along 4ith *r= and !rs= )o/ Le)o/= Suddenl/9 a an 4alked up9 tapped on the 4indo4 and asked9 ?Are /ou 2rances #unterH@ I rolled do4n the 4indo4 and ans4ered9 ?8es=@ #e told e the stor/ a3out his 4ife having lupus9 and I i ediatel/ asked9 ?7here is sheH@ All I could think a3out 4as9 ?Let's get out of this car and let's go and pra/ for her5@ But he s iled and responded9 ?;o9 I'll 3ring her over here=@ #e 4ent over to their car9 3ut his 4ife didn't 4ant to get out 3ecause of the visi3le effects of lupus= She had lost her hair9 and 4hite hair rese 3ling that of a 4olf A4hich is 4hat the 4ord ?lupus@ eansC 4as gro4ing on her hands and her face= She 4as ver/ self%conscious a3out her appearance and did not 4ant an/one to see her= #o4ever9 he insisted9 and the/ ca e over to 4here 4e 4aited inside our car9 in the grocer/ store parking lot= *r= Le)o/ and I 3oth laid hands on her and co anded the spirit of lupus to co e out in .esus' na e5 7e co anded ever/ cancer cell in her 3od/ to die9 including the root and seed of ever/ cancer cell9 in the na e of .esusG and 4e spoke life into her and co anded all traces of lupus to go5 "his happened eight /ears ago9 and this 4o an 4as 4onderfull/ healed and re ains in perfect health toda/= After five /ears9 she 4as declared to not 3e in re ission 3ut totall/ healed9 and her health insurance 4as co pletel/ restored in full= #er 3eautiful hair and co ple-ion returned co pletel/9 and her entire countenance continues to radiate the glor/ of $od5 &raise $od for 4hat #e does /esterda/9 toda/ and forever5


Let's $et the .o3 *one for .esus5 Charles and I pra/ that9 throughout this 3ook9 /ou have 3een a3le to e-perience the tre endous ove of $od through hundreds of thousands of people co ing to #ealing ,-plosions9 churches9 school auditoriu s and even private ho es9 e-pecting to receive the supernatural= "he thing that 4e 4ant to 3urn deep into /our souls is that the ultitudes 3eing saved and receiving the 3aptis 4ith the #ol/ Spirit9 the e-citing healings and supernatural iracles9 happened not Fust through the inistr/ of t4o people 3ut through thousands of ordinar/ 3elievers fro all 4alks of life9 all colors9 all nations 4ho accepted their responsi3ilit/ to do the Great Commission= "he great healing schools and #ealing ,-plosions /ou read a3out 4ere si pl/ training grounds and launching pads to get all 3elievers confident that the/ can do the 4orks that .esus did and greater 4orks= "he entire thrust of our inistr/ has 3een9 don't depend on Charles and 2rances9 don't Fust 4atch so eone up on a stage so e4here9 3ecause ?If Charles and 2rances can do it9 /ou can do it9 too5@ 7e 4ant each and ever/ one 4ho reads this 3ook to see /ourself doing the sa e things others are doing 4ho have learned ho4 to release the ight/ po4er of $od= &eople that /ou co e in contact 4ith ever/ da/ need to learn a3out a living9 iracle 4orking .esus and ho4 #e can 4ork through ever/ 3eliever= "he 3ook of Acts is still 3eing 4ritten5 Let's ALL 3e a part of it5


Start a Bible ealing School&

Start a Bible Healing School right now becauseyou can change /our o4n life9 plus the life of ever/ person around /ou9 /our church9 /our neigh3orhood, your city. It is easy to start a healing school! All /ou need to start a healing school is our + hour &o4er &ack *D* 4hich sho4s /ou ho4 to heal the sick and t4o 3ooks9 #o4 "o #eal "he Sick and #and3ook 2or #ealing= The first thing you need to do is be excited. If /ou have not 3een to a healing school9 4atch the *D*'s first and /ou 4ill 3e super e-cited a3out sharing this infor ation 4ith other people= *ecide on 4hich night of the 4eek or 4hich da/ of the 4eek /ou 4ant to have /our eeting and /ou can sho4 either one or t4o hours each night= After sho4ing the Bi3le healing schools then /ou have ever/3od/ la/ hands on the sick= It is a aEing 4hat 4ill happen to the enthusias ever/3od/ and 4hat 4ill happen to /ou= of

"he first part of the tape is called9 ?!iracles9 !iracles9 !iracles=@ It is so vital to sho4 this first so people can actuall/ see iracles happening toda/= "here is not a da/ goes 3/ in our office 4here 4e don't get telephone calls fro people that 4e have pra/ed for over the telephone or pra/ed for in person and 4ho are healed=


Look at .oan #unter's 4e3site at httpBKK444=Foanhunter=orgK and see the different healing packages /ou can use9 then get /our credit card and call our office and 4e 4ill ship all the aterials /ou need the sa e da/ or the ne-t da/= 8ou ight sa/9 ?7ho a I going to inviteH@ "he first ti e invite /our friends9 /our neigh3ors9 and if necessar/ or if /ou are in a church9 invite so e e 3ers of /our church= *on't stop at one healing school9 continue the on 3ecause /ou 4ill 3e a aEed 4hat the/ 4ill do for /ou and 4hat the/ 4ill do for other people.