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*Rabbi Maxine Rosenbridge - The Jews

Jewish News, Jewish Survival

Since her burn injuries, Rabbi Maxine Rosenbridge no longer appears in

public. However, she writes extensively and lectures via tape about the Jews. Her
newsletter CHRYSALIS is frequently quoted by Drudge, Pipes, Kissinger, Limbaugh,
and others in the public eye.

We went to visit the Rabbi at her historic synagogue in Philadelphia

(1739), and were escorted to her study by one of her staff, Yitzchak, big, armed.
As we walked through the dark wood hall shiny with centuries, we could see a light
under the door, and stopped in front of it. Yitzchak kind of smiled and held up
his index finger, Wait a moment.

From behind the door we heard an Irish folk instrumental of haunting

beauty, drum, pipes, tambourine, and a violin, an ancient Celtic tale of love,
myth, magic, and wrenching sadness.

Yitzchak knocked, and and after a moment the bolt retracted

magnetically, and he pushed the door inward.

At first I can't see anyone inside. The music is a bit louder,

desolate. We enter the dimly lit room. It's furnished 1930�s, all dark wood, old
fashioned tiffany-style floor and table lamps, carved furniture. Behind the music,
a grandfather clock is ticking.

Seated at an antique roll top desk is someone silhouetted against the

glare of a monitor. I realize there's a loosely draped a prayer shawl or Tallit
over the head, like a cowl. The sound of an old-fashioned fountain-pen scratching
notes on paper. It stops.

There's a sharp electric motor whine as the wheelchair abruptly

rotates to face us. The Tallit is edged in silver Hebrew lettering and sparkles in
the backlighting. Shadows tent the face in darkness.

The electric motor whines again, and the chair rolls forward. The face
draws into dim light. The face is a nightmare, burned away, as by a blowtorch,
features almost non-existent, hard, twisted, glossy scar tissue, a grafted flap
where the nose was.

The only features remaining are the eyes; somehow, they're untouched.
The ruin of her face seems to float disembodied within the shadow of the Tallit.

�Oh, relax, I won�t hurt you!� Female laughter.

"You can use your tape recorder, I read your letter thoroughly Mr.
Bleeker. I can answer your question about what is 'behind' my Chrysalis Manifesto,
as you put it. I don't hold it against you, even if you were were in the Hitler

I try to explain, but she ploughs onward, "Oh come on, I know you were
just a little boy at the time. Here it is, in a nutshell: there is only one
principle on this planet regarding Jews. It is always the same. Exterminate them.
"Exterminate the Jews. Always: exterminate the Jews down to the last
strand of DNA. Wipe out the Jews, and our religion.

"Nothing changes for us. It�s the same thing today, every day. �Who
will save the Jews?� we ask. �Where is God?� we ask.

"Well, I'll tell you, Nick, and I'll tell you what's going to be done
about this "dirty religion" that prays to its stinking blood gods while committing
human sacrifice. Am I fucking sugar-coating this too much, Nick?

By the way, Nick Old Chap, it was that Black Muslim insane fucking
Nazi bigot Farrakhan who said that about Judaism---"Judaism is a dirty
religion"---so fuck you too Louie.

"We call God�s vengeance down upon the heads of our enemies,

�O God, do not keep silent;

be not quiet, O God, be not still.

See how your enemies are astir,

how your foes rear their heads.

With cunning they conspire against your people;

they plot against those you cherish.

Make them like tumbleweed, O my God,

like chaff before the wind..."

"But, that's not we're gonna do to these bastards, Nick. No."

She's like a statue, but trembles. She comes back online.

�Listen to me carefully, I won't waste my time or my words, mein


I flinch.

"In 1840 this synagogue was the scene of a protest. Can you imagine
that? Jews showing some spine, standing up? Whoo-hoo, right?

"Anyway, it was a protest against the torture and mutilation of 7

Jewish men. See, they were guilty of being Jews. Let me break it down for you,
Nick, the process may sound familiar to you. Let's see if you can take it like you
gave it?"

I don't say anything. I look at Yitzchak. He watches her, relaxed.

"What happened was this, Nickie. Back in old Damascus this Muslim Turk
murders a Christian monk for blaspheming Mohamed and--surprise! it gets blamed on
the Jews.

"See, we Jews, as usual, needed more human blood for one of our
demonic blood rituals against humanity, but you know how these things work, don't
you, Nick. By the way, I recently watched this same exact story on Palestinian TV,
but it was carried as breaking news--Jews kill babies and drink blood, they teach
it in grade school over there in those fucking de-intellectualized cess pools they
call Islamic schools, may they all loose their teeth before Ramamdan, ey? You
gotta love these sickass bastards, Nick.
"Anyway....the libel was spread by the good friar�s stinking,
inquisitional, Catholic brothers, and--this gets better--the smut French Consul--
SURPRISE!-- who was looking for--why am I not surprised--influence and personal
power, takes up the libel, and pushes it to the Arab Governor, who, as a true
Arab, 'descended from pigs and monkeys,' was happy to blame the murder on a non-

"Together--- this fucking Arab, and this dog French opportunist and
his slime French Government, ever unchanging--- they arrest these seven Jews.

"In the finest Inquisitorial tradition of the Catholic Church, they

tortured confessions out of these Jews. Their teeth were pulled, they were burned,
blinded by their eyes gouged out, beaten, had their balls cut off, were held under
ice water until they nearly died, and then dismembered alive. Into living pieces,

"This was known as The Blood Libel of the Jews.

"Where was God? Shouldn�t God have prevented it? What God would allow
things like that to happen?

"We prayed for deliverance. We have lots of prayers. We have prayers

for Jews, prayers for death, prayers for life, and prayers for going to the
toilet. We pray three times a day, once every week, at certain times of year, on
holy days, special months of the year, and so on, and we even have prayers for you
damned Goyim.

"So, we pray, and pray, but, still...every few years some fucking
maniac decides to wipe us off the Planet.

She sighs. �See...Jews pray all the time because they believe God is
present in the here and now, in everything, every cranny of life. So, we pray all
the time to be closer to God, and that's why we base our lives on praying to Him.
But, mein herr, we still die like bugs.

"So, where is God? What is prayer? What should we do?

She's silent a moment, still. She's like the marble drapery of an

ancient statue.

"Tell me, have you read my latest issue of Chrysalis?" She says.
Before I can answer, she steam-engines forward, says, "I explain there's arguably
no reason to restrict warfare to spare so-called �innocent civilians.� It wasn't
done in World War II---certainly not at Dresden when we firebombed and incinerated
15 square miles and 100,000 civilians. It wasn't done at Hiroshima. It's never
been done in any real war. So, what's real anymore.

�Can you imagine Caesar or Alexander, or Lincoln buying into crap from
critics? Can you imagine Rome or Byzantium caving at a little bad press? Or the
fucking Pope, may he rot too. Where am I going with this?

"Well, see, Nick, all this media concern for �innocent civilians,� and
'compassion,' is about what? Some god-damned Pulitzer prize is what. Who says the
Anti-Christ has to be a person? It's the fucking media.

"See, if an Islamo-Fascist terrorist blows up 50 people in a bus,

that's OK, because Jews died. But, if an Israeli plane bombs an Islamo-Fascist
firebase in an apartment building, then that's bad, because 'innocent civilians'

"Well, guess what. If a political system is evil then it is the duty

of its own civilians to stop it. If they don't, then they're not innocent or
civilians. They're soldiers in a war.

"Thomas Jefferson said, �The tree of liberty must be refreshed from

time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants!� So, Nick--if I'm reading
Jefferson correctly, there's a place and time for violence, right? I mean, it goes
against biology to just sit back and be slaughtered, right?

"Pound for pound, these Islamo Fascist bastards make Adolph Hitler
look like a Brownie Scout. So Targeting civilians is just fine with me. It's one
of the finest American traditions. Kill 'em all.

Her eyes turn to stone. She stares at something only she can see,
maybe another world, maybe insanity, maybe the pain killers she's on. Her eyes,
those untouched eyes spark like broken glass, and she draws it out, slow.

�I tell you this...I am a daughter of Deborah The Judge--Biblical

emanation of Hebrew anger and vengeance made flesh.

�I tell you this...I speak of the arcane, the profound, the occult---
things hidden beyond all that is hidden. Evil has found Form and Form has found
Being. They have sloughed their skins and feed on blood.

"I tell you this...I am a manifestation of the Goddess, and my

vengeance shall be ferocious--Biblical in magnitude!

"Their natural enemy is Me!

"Their natural foe and harrier is Me!

"Their executioner shall be Me, and I shall fall upon them with a roar
like the sea closing over Pharaoh, and it shall be a sea of their own blood!

"Behold. The Fourth Horseman shall ride out from Hell mounted upon a

She is tired, sags in her chair, chest rises, falls, shallow.

I catch a desperate look from Yitzchak and we leave the Rabbi, her
eyes closed in her dark study.

I notice there is a cloth draped over a large mirror on the wall, and
I wonder if she has covered it to avoid seeing her face, or because she sees
things through it more clearly.

She is a daughter of Deborah, and Scourge of the Muslim Fascists who

want all Jews dead.

My old boss Adolph, would love her.