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50,000 Sq.Feet of Home Ideas

Have you ever been inspired by great interiors and wished your home to look like a page out of a magazine? Then visit the s.abdulla home showroom, which is choc-a-block full of home solutions. The company started back in 1920 with the vision of selecting the best products from the world over and making them available to customers at home. For over 90 years, the s.abdulla standard is the benchmark in quality for authentic, branded designer ideas. From bathrooms to furniture, lighting to accessories; we stand for uncompromised quality and careful selection. Bringing the best from all over the world right to your doorstep, the flagship store is now open at the Builders Mall. Visit us to see how we can help you transform your home into a magical space.








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Builders Mall Main G.T Road, Near Rawat, Islamabad

UAN: 111-722-722 www.sabdullahome.com






New s.abdullahome in capital city Islamabad

Chandeliers. Storage Solutions. Home Textiles HOME FURNITURE Kitchen Cabinets. From the large scale projects to little things you can do to improve your space. Ceiling lights LIGHTING 5 Home Organizers. Appliances. Bring friends and family along. Chairs. Wardrobes. to make it an even happier shopping experience for all. Faucets. Some of our exciting offerings are showcased in the Catalogue 2012|2013. we offer a wide range of products selected carefully from all over the world. Beds. We dream about ways to transform your home. Bathroom accessories. Kitchen Sinks. T. Visit us to find out what we have in store for you.At s. Outdoor Tiles. Cooking Utensils. Laundry. Gardening Tools. Cleaning supplies. we are obsessed with design. Storage Solutions. Mirrors. Floor Lamps. unused corner of a room or renovate the entire house. Hydro-massage System. Our inventory of original. Urinals. Bathroom Tiles EVERYTHING IN BATHROOM Ceramic Floor Tiles. Bathroom Furniture. Accessories. Laminate Wood Floor FLOORING CEO Wall lights. you’ll find something to inspire you at our store. Ladders HOME ESSENTIALS 07 41 95 149 171 189 6 . Hanging Lamps.V Cabinets. Dining Tables. Table Lamps. Kitchen Accessories KITCHENS Bathroom Collection. Shower Solutions. unique and unusual products is constantly changing. Whether you want to discover the potential in a small.abdulla home. Rugs. Bathtubs. Sofas.

03.01.0018 Side Tables SSN1316 L600mmx W400mmx H450mm 02.Not Just a Place to Sleep It is a place to relax and a place to live your dream BEST BUY HOME FURNITURE BEST SELLER 7 Double Bed SSB1012A King Size L2172mmx W1980mmx H870mm 02.08.0009 8 .03.

m 10 . these super cozy sofas are so deep that you can leisurely sit back and enjoy a wonderful movie or even curl up in the plush comfort for a peaceful nap.01. 9 NEW Rs 2000 3 seat L-shaped Lounge Sofa Y6132 2150mmx 1920mm 02.09.0086 Rugs great space filler Starting from /sq.BEST BUY New range available at great prices L-shaped Lounge Sofa High quality jute upholstered sofa with cushions A seating solution that’s both practical and pampering Informal seating at its best.

Enjoy the design. Removable covers are a practically perfect solution for families with young kids 11 3 seat L-shaped Lounge Sofa Y9025 L2750mmx W1000mm 02.09. Love the comfort.01. Easy Wash.0085 12 .

value and style.09.0062 3 seat L-shaped Lounge Sofa HF8928 1458-30 LXXXXmmx WXXXXmm A 90 YEARS SIN CE 1920 QU ALIT Y G U BEST SELLER ANTEED AR 3 seat L-shaped Lounge Sofa HF9311 LXXXXmmx WXXXXmm 02. BEST BUY New range of lounge sofas available at great prices S.09.00XX 1 seat sofa black HF11936 LXXXXmmx WXXXXmm 02. trendy and durable collection and give your TV something good to look at for a change.00XX 3 seat L-shaped Lounge Sofa HF8928 A228-28 LXXXXmmx WXXXXmm 02.0074 13 14 .01.00XX 2 seat sofa black HF11936 LXXXXmmx WXXXXmm 02.01.0063 3 seat L-shaped Lounge Sofa HF9311 LJ908C-1 LXXXXmmx WXXXXmm 02.01.Lounge Sofas It’s your house.01. your space.ABDULL A blend of quality.09. Designed by masters and manufactured using the highest standards of quality and workmanship.09.XXXX 3 seat sofa black HF11936 LXXXXmmx WXXXXmm 02.01. Any sofa would do? No! Choose from our wide variety of attractive.09.09.

00XX 3 seat sofa black HF9318 LXXXXmmx WXXXXmm 02. sizes and colors so that they can stand up to any occasion 15 Single seat sofa white Y6015 L820mmx W780mm 02.00XX Single seat sofa red Y6015 L820mmx W780mm Relax into more sofas available in store now Our sofas are available in various shapes.00XX 16 .09.

As well-organised as it is good looking.
What do you want from the ideal floor cabinet? Great storage that provides years of solid performance. These slender floor cabinets handsomely grace any living space with their stylish and space-saving presence.


High-gloss, lacquered finishes, pastel smooth classy lines to our furniture.


Be Bold. Make A Statement.
Floor Cabinets great value addition to your living space


Rugs great space filler Starting from

Rs 2000


Floor Cabinet SSD2025 L1200mmx W400mmx H555mm Floor Cabinet SSD2026 L2400mmx W400mmx H487mm Floor Cabinet SSD2027 L2400mmx W400mmx H440mm


Dining Chair SS3230 L400mmx W640mmx H750mm 02. 04. 01. 0013


New range of hanging lights at great prices


CE 1920





Book a table… right at home!

Sturdy, Modern And Comfortable
Dining Table SST3330 L2400mmx W1000mmx H760mm

Our chairs are the ideal match to your dining table and work just as well as extra seating in the Living Room. The cushioned base makes them as soft and comfy as they are chic and stylish.


Good Night
After a tiring day find some undisturbed peace at last. Minimalist, contemporary design is equally suited for small and larger bedrooms.


Practical and pleasing addition to your walls Starting from

Rs 2500


Starting from

Rs 1200


Bedside Tables and Dressers Available to complement the design and enhance the sanctuary of the bedroom.

Double Bed SSB1022 King Size L2328mmx W2080mmx H820mm Side Tables SSN1301A L600mmx W400mmx H400mm



0016 24 .m 90 YEARS SIN CE 1920 QU ALIT Y G U AR ANTEED 23 Double Bed SSB1001A King Size L2227mmx W1932mmx H870mm 02. NEW S.03.ABDULL Check out our new bed spread collection Luxury woven Bed room rugs Starting from A Rs 2500 /sq.01.This is where you start and end your day A wide selection of bedroom ideas with energetic lines and forms that revive and refresh in the morning and soothing colors and textures that provide a relaxing atmosphere at night.

26 .03.Our minimum quality standard is excellence Dresser SSJ1518 L1200mmx W425mmx H740mm 02.0017 NEW 25 New collection of rugs in store now Dining Tables and Chairs Available in a wide range of styles. colours and sizes.04.

0018 Clean. We take great care in both design and quality of our furniture. Our attention to detail goes beyond what you can see.03.Contemporary Living Enjoy a truly contemporary lifestyle. S. in a home where every small detail has been well thought and taken care of.ABDULL A 90 YEARS SIN CE 1920 QU ALIT Y G U AR ANTEED NEW High gloss porcelain tiles Available in 60x60cm.01. Striving for a perfection of modern living. sophisticated look that takes your comfort to a new level 28 Fashionable Designs 27 . 80x80cm and 100x100cm TV cabinet SSZXXXX LXXXmmx W1980mmx H870mm 0X.

0018 Lamp SSZXXXX LXXXmmx W1980mmx H870mm 0X.03.01.03.BEST Lamps BUY Rs 1200 Starting from /ea Fit for a King Our unconventional design practice pushes the boundaries of interior narrative. We aim to question the flow of a room to create new and exciting possibilities 29 Bed SSZXXXX LXXXmmx W1980mmx H870mm 0X.01.0018 30 .


Get yourself organized! Customized wardrobe system

You know what height the racks should be, what color and texture would go well with the decor and only you know what suits your style sense. So we let you design your own wardrobe, anyway you want.



Conquer Clutter!
Getting rid of stuff is difficult. Specially if you are sentimental about your belongings. You are not alone. Our customized closet designs are made for people like you. Let us help you find peace and balance with proper storage.
33 34

Give your beds something fashionable to wear.

Super-comfortable sheet sets in vibrant colors and prints will add a great look to your bed. Made with 100% cotton, they are ideal for every season.


NEW Good quality bed sheets don’t only complete the look of your bed but provide you with the comfort you need night after night. Comfortable. 37 Stackable. 38 . Movable.

Your furniture is delivered within the city without any charges. S L A 90 YEARS SIN CE 1920 ALIT Y G U Q U No Stress. We take great care in both design and quality of our products since 1920 AR ANTEED Free Installation on Site. Just look out for the Free Delivery icon to know which items are eligible for this service. 39 40 . from selection to installation. And that too without charging a penny. Free Delivery. Our attention to detail goes beyond what you can see. Our “Satisfaction Guaranteed” Program makes sure you are happy. Our handpicked Installation Experts will install your furniture at your home.B D A UL .

KITCHENS 41 42 . Beautiful.Contemporary. Functional.

NEW Complete range of built in kitchen appliences Let the heart of your home beat with rhythm The kitchen is the place to prepare and cook food and sometimes even enjoy it there with the family as well. this kitchen makes cooking and serving a snap. 43 BEST SELLER 4 sided aluminum trimming in UV gloss finish 44 Finoline-Casa Strip . Ideal for the contemporary and casual cook.

45 46 . spaghetti tongs but not the one item you need when you need it? Do you practically have to crawl inside your base cabinet to retrieve the large pot when cooking for a party? Let these well-designed. comes in high quality chrome railing Crammed with stuff but you still can’t find what you are looking for? Are your drawers overflowing with spoons.A corner carousel to maximize corner storage space. practical cabinets and drawers help your kitchen get organized and put your things within easy reach. forks.

NEW Matt finish porcelaine tiles for kitchens Starting from Rs 1400 47 /sq.A recipe for perfection. The result is a perfect balance between function and elegance.m Venato-Snow White 4 side RS flat edge in gloss lacquered finish 48 . Keep nothing in your kitchen that you can’t use or don’t find beautiful.

Coupled with back lighting in glass panels. well-tailored suit. and feels like a sharp. dark melamine coated panels exude an elegant luxurious feel to this contemporary design Cheery Greys Rosa-Portuna Black 4 side ABS edging in melamine finish 49 Charcoal. A break from white kitchens that are so popular but not too crazy a departure. stone. calming. and actually pretty uplifting. gives some weight to the room. blue-grey look is sophisticated. Grey adds dimension. 50 .

Inspiro-Latte 2 Sided vertical and centre horizontal grain in RC oak finish 52 . Three times a day. Create a cooking space that puts your mind at ease. like the doctor’s order.Chose from large variety of kitchen hoods BEST BUY Clear the Clutter! 51 High Gloss porcelaine tiles for kitchens at affodable prices The most used room in your home should also be the most relaxing.

53 54 . Relaxed and tasteful. high quality lacquer is renowned for its perfect shine. The variable stop mechanism ensures the front stays in desired position. Multi layered lacquer are needed for this smooth surface. for the eyes of the perfectionists.Innovative bi-fold lift system doors give more freedom of movement and accessibility to better storage needs. making every opening and closing an effortless action.

AR ANTEED BEST 55 SELLER Dualine-UV Gloss White 4 side Dualine ABS edging in UV Gloss Finish 56 .S. brilliant feel for a kitchen that is ahead of its time.ABDULL A Contemporary Charm Our take on contemporary invites customers into a world where modern sophistication is refreshed with charming accents. 90 YEARS SIN CE 1920 QU ALIT Y G U UV gloss contoured panels carrying fine black grid offers ultra modern.

keep everything tucked away nicely behind closed doors. or drawers for that matter! The holistic approach towards functional kitchen creates stylish yet practical smart spaces management needs. From cereal boxes to food cans. bottles to napkins. 58 57 .Make your life easier Roll-out kitchen shelving and special glide-out drawers help hide away the stuff you don’t want openly visible.

Sleek linear The overall theme sits comfortably between subtle sophistication and avant-grade attitude Horizontal lines of the island counter setting an ethereal quality to the kitchen. Cefiro-Graphite Chamfered Grip in matt lacquered finish 59 60 .

Your Kitchen. Our Kitchen Planning software and experienced Kitchen Planners help you visualize the kitchen you want. 61 62 .Become a Designer. Your Design. Then simply buy the design you select.

just because you are being practical does not mean you have to lose sight of how your kitchen looks. 63 64 Storage can be stylish.ABDULL A 90 YEARS SIN CE 1920 QU ALIT Y G U Gentle pressure on the corner of the doors and the wall cabinets open and close effortlessly with the electrical motion support system. . But.S. AR ANTEED Easy access storage solutions in kitchens are important. Well organized cabinets help you cut down on waste and help you save money as it makes clear when food is going out of date or exactly how much you have left of some items.

Precise lines.Subtle beveled door edging integrated into the panels forms an opening mechanism that provides a clean simple look that is innovative and forward thinking NEW Sleek linear Sleek Linear is a pinnacle of modern design. seamless surfaces with handle-less design with no protruding shapes create the sleek lines in dramatic yet minimalist design statement. 65 Cafiro-Snow White Chamfered Grip in gloss lacquered finish 66 .

Enhance your love of stainless steel appliances by adding stainless accents elsewhere in the kitchen. 67 68 .Sunnier. This kitchen combines warm natural materials with the bold look of stainless cabinet trim. happier kitchen.

0046 X-Tra kitchen sink L81cmx W46cm 70 .Kitchen with style NEW Kitchen sink is the central piece of the wet zone and most frequently used point of the kitchen. Roca meticulously creates a wide range of sinks and faucets for the most up-todate kitchens 69 X-Tra kitchen sink L55cmx W40cm 01.03.

33.33.0036 Roca faucets make up a complete range created to make the user’s everyday kitchen tasks easier 71 Duo kitchen sink L90cmx W48cm 01.33.32. their presence is synonym for quality and efficiency. Designed to make washing and preparing task easier.0041 72 .03.04.0029 Vectra sink mixer 5A7661C00 01.04.0030 BEST SELLER Targa sink mixer 5A8460C00 01.0035 Brava sink mixer 526228313 01. Monojet sink mixer 5A7739C00 01.32.0016 BEST BUY Vectra sink mixer 5A8461C00 01.04.09. adopting to meet the needs of each individual user.Practical and functional Roca stainless steel sinks are an excellent choice for equipping the kitchen.04.04.

02.04. NEW Tired of cleaning up messes left behind by dirty spoons while cooking? Our aesthetically designed Spoon Rest is the answer.0020 74 . Choosing the right one will see you through about any culinary exercise.The right pan is your best cooking partner! Choice of pans is elementary to good cooking. 73 LADLE REST 05.

02.LADLE 75 Stir-frying? Deep frying? Slow-cooker pot meals? Whatever your dinner plan may be.0070 4. cooking it right is now a given.0056 The professional-quality high-impact thermoplastic construction is exceptionally durable and is heat resistant to endure high temperature. 76 .0054 2.05.SKIMMER 05. From cooking accessories to serving pleasure.PAN SPATULA 05.02.COOKING SPOON 05.05.1 2 3 4 1.05.0055 3.

600 BEST BUY Baking is a science. and when you mix together ingredients. albeit edible chemistry. you’re creating chemistry. Baking.02. so the right measuring. A tool for every step! 77 MEASURING SPOON 05.0021 78 .Baking Trays and Baking Pans starting from Rs. Whipping. folding and baking tools and appliances are absolutely essential Measuring.05.

02.04.0045 Use this multi purpose storage unit to keep your Kitchen Roll. 79 KITCHEN ROLL HOLDER 05. Aluminium Foil and Cling Film all within easy reach and ready to use.02. NEW KITCHEN ROLL HOLDER 05.It can carry your cooking on its shoulders.04. 80 .0046 Two sliding cutters: Stainless Steel cutter for Cling Film and Nylon Cutter for aluminium foil.

05.05. 1. vegetables and herbs.To cut a long story short… 3 … having a good quality kitchen knife set can make all the difference.0053 3.Chopper 05. nuts and hard cheeses with these ergonomic hand-held helpers in the kitchen.02.02.0059 2.Grater 05.02.02. 0194 81 82 .Spice Container 05. 1 2 Bon Apetite Prep onions and garlic.

02.0196 84 .0200 PRESERVING JARS 05.02.02.From Reserves to Preserves 83 FOOD CONTAINER 05.02.

Bowled Out! Stackable.02. these stackable Fruit Bowls can cheer up any countertop. Storage Boxes for the Refrigerator.02. Air-tight.0072 Beautiful and colorful. Or the Microwave. A healthy addition to your room. 85 BOWL 05. 86 .

88 . cans.04. OPENER 05. smoked foods at home.0047 NEW 87 Open Sesame! Use this magical multi-purpose opener to open lids.Prepare incredibly tender. bottles and jars. mouth-watering.02.

05.05. features a fine mesh gauze for a really clear infusion of tea 89 Squeezing is a Snap! This hand held lemon squeezer makes squeezing lemon convenient and easy.Terrific Tea time TEA CONTAINER 05.02. You always get pure juice without any seeds or pulp! 90 .0028 The plastic.02.0081 SQUEEZER 05. enameled surface resists pitting and corrosion.

05. 91 92 .EGGCUPS 05.0076 2.02.0098 1 2 Ready for a hearty breakfast? Choose from a wide range of appliances to get the right start to your day… and beyond.EGGSLICER

BEST BUY Our Stock Selectors travel the world to bring you the best quality products at the right price. Our “Satisfaction Guaranteed” Program makes sure you are happy. from selection to installation. Free Installation on Site. Your furniture is delivered within the city without any charges. you can be sure that it matches your standard. Just look out for the Free Delivery icon to know which items are eligible for this service. Free Delivery. 94 . your budget and most importantly your expectations. Every time you choose a Best Buy deal. And that too without charging a penny. Our handpicked Installation Experts will install your furniture at your home. 93 No Stress.

01.0025 STRATUM WASH BASIN WHITE 130cmX50cm 01.04.04.BEST BUY Targa basin faucet Stratum Basin + Furniture 95 EVERYTHING IN BATHROOM STRATUM BASE UNT 1290 WALNUT WOOD 01.08.0032 TARGA BASIN MIXER 01.06.0157 96 .03.

0034 .04.23. Its forms suggest water in movement.03.19.03. The curves with which the Victoria Collectionis designed are elegant.04. sweeping and functional.08. Pure lines for timeless setting.05.01.0057 UNIK VICTORIA BASE CABINET & W/BASIN WENGE 800mm 01.0075 BEST SELLER Wall hung Bidet Wall hung WC High-gloss porcelain tiles Wide range of colours and finishes available for your floors and bathrooms.0017 FRONTALIS BATH TUB 185X84 WHITE 01. Floor mounted WC & Bidet Wall Bathtub NEW Unique Victoria Vanity+ Washbasin Frontalis FRONTALIS BASIN FAUCET 01.BEST BUY Basin Faucet Wall hung Wash Basin Victoria A traditional range of classical spaces.0029 FRONTALIS W/BASIN WHITE 80cmX43cm 01.0069 VICTORIA BIDET WHITE 01. finds its inspiration in nature.07.03.0050 FRONTALIS WC WHITE 01. integrate together and embrace each other.27. FRONTALIS BIDET WHITE 01. providing a modular system offering interesting formal solutions. 98 97 VICTORIA WC 9NEW WHITE 01.0038 Premium Bathroom Collection Concealed Flush Tank Frontalis designed by Bele’n and Rafael Moneo. It connects curves fused with walls.

1279 URBI 1 OVER COUNTER BASIN WHITE 45cm 01. Over the Counter Washbasins Roca Porcelain Tile Metropolita GR 80cmx80cm.03.Think Out of the Box The Innovative Amberes basin offers the possibility of placing it any where in the bathrooms.19. with its choice having a decisive effect on the style of the room.0001 METROPOLITAN GR 80cmX80cm 01. An extensive collection of basins is available to match your style preference.03.03. BEST BUY NEW Basins remain an important part of the bathroom space.06. Check out the Complete Range of Roca Floor Tiles in store now. thus representing a real revolution in the distribution of space. 99 AMBERES WASH BASIN FREE STANDING 01.0093 100 .01.

08. 80x80 & 100x100cm 101 ELEMENT OVER COUNTER BASIN WHITE 70cmX38cm 01.03.0031 102 .03. Finished in wenge shade.060014 ELIPTIC 720 BASE UNIT WENGUE 01.Eleptic Furniture + Basin An Orginal combination comprising a countertop furniture-unit.04.0009 LOFT WALL MOUNTED BASIN FAUCET 01. Loft Wall mounted basin faucet Element Counter Top Wash basin BEST SELLER High Gloss Porcelain polished tile Available in 60x60. ELIPTIC WASH BASIN WHITE 70cmX42cm 01. auxiliary furniture unit and Basin.

0008 CALA WASH BASIN WHITE 75cmX45cm 01.0139 104 . aerator and flexible supply hoses Cala Washbasin + Furniture A melding of simple lines and rounded corners 103 CALA BASE CABINET POLISHED WHITE 75cm MOAI BASIN FAUCET 01.The art of the MOAI MOAI Basin Faucet Monoblock basin mixer with swivel spout.

0003 UNIK MERIDIAN BASE CABINET & W/BASIN BLACK 846cmX463cm MERIDIAN-N W/BASIN WHITE 85cmX46cm 01.03.Wall hung washbasin Concealed Flush Tank Wall hung WC & Bidet BEST SELLER NEW 105 Unique Meridian Washbasin + Furniture Meridian-N A single concept for a thousand and one solutions MERIDIAN-N W/HUNG W/BASIN WHITE 65cmX46cm 01.0046 106 .0092 MERIDIAN-N W/HUNG BIDET WHITE

03.0005 KHROMA COUNTER TOP WASH BASIN W/HUNG WC WHITE 01.04.0017 GAP BIDET WHITE 01.03.0072 LOFT WALL MOUNTED BASIN FAUCET 01.0032 NEXO W/HUNG BIDET WHITE 01.03.0031 BEST BUY Desgin & Economy GAP WC WHITE Nexo Wall Hung WC & Bidet Loft Wall mounted basin faucet BEST SELLER GAP 107 Floor Mounted WC & Bidet Khroma Counter Top Wash Basin 108 .05.

5cm 01.5cmx100cm It retains the classical structures of the different elements of the bathroom but with a new look.0638 LOFT ELITE BASIN FAUCET 01. Roca Porcelain Tile Savia WE 14. Pure forms.0062 HAPPENING W/HUNG WC WHITE 01. strict functionality and maximum use of available space.03.24.0062 HALL W/HUNG WC WHITE Integrated volumes & Essential lines.Hall Benedito Design Slow Closing Seat cover Wall hung WC Wall hung Bidet Wall hung Wash Basin London Gris Porcelain tile 100x50 MINIMAL FORMS FOR MINIMAL SPACES High Neck Loft Elite Basin Faucet Happening Wall hung WC Benedito Design Wall hung Bidet Hall counter top basin The Hall collection designed by Benedito is designed for those impossible spaces where it seems there is no room for anything.24.03.0017 110 .01.08.0016 HAPPENING W/HUNG BIDET WHITE 01. The sole formal consideration is functional value.0135 HAPPENING WASH BASIN WHITE 80cmX47.0012 HALL W/HUNG BIDET WHITE 01.01. Compact.03.0013 LONDON GR 50cmX100cm 01.06. 109 HALL COUNTER TOP BASIN

111 TOUCH HIGH NECK BASIN FAUCET 01. Touch.03. NEW BEST SELLER DIVERTA COUNTER TOP WASH BASIN 52CmX42.0039 INOVA RADIO MIRROR 1000mmX790mm 01.13.04. illumination.03. ambient temperature and the possibility of connectaing an auxiliary audio source. the product of Roca displays an architectural structure. These collections are an example of extraordinary faucet designs.We bring to you. different bath faucet collections.03. time. topped with a delicate lever.05.0051 112 .0042 INOVA Radio A of Class Touch An innovative mirror that allows the user to interact with it thanks to new functions: stereo FM radio. anti-mist system.5cm 01.

It seduces with its uniqueness and convinces with extreme functionality. 114 . Harmonic forms and textured finishes that cry out to be felt.0072 Premium Bathroom Collection The Innovative nature of the Khroma collection. designed by Leo Himmel.03.0001 KHROMA KHROMA COUNTER TOP W/BASIN WHITE 75cmX40cm 113 KHROMA WC WHITE 01.03.TARGA BASIN MIXER 01.04. is shaped by its two essential concepts: Color and texture. Functionally Extraordinary.03.0004 KHROMA BIDET WHITE 01.03.0157 BEST SELLER TARGA Counter top Wash Baisn Floor Mounted WC Floor Mounted bidet Extraordinarily Functional. Beauty and simplicity mark the tendencies of the Targa faucet range.

Roca faucets have other advanced saving devices such as built-in latestgeneration flow limiters that achieve a considerable reduction in water consumption. Never Rusty. on turning.Roca Faucet Innovation 50% Water and Energy Saving Click Less than 1% of all the water on Earth can be used by people! The exclusive technology developed by Roca to save water and energy in its faucets. regulates the temperature field to save energy. 115 116 . In addition. It also has an internal disc which. hard-wearing chrome-plated finish of all Roca faucets is possible thanks to the innovative EverShine® chrome-plating system. EverShine® The beauty of the brilliant. The system is built into all Roca single-lever faucets The exclusive “Click®” safety system helps to limit the water flow directly Never Dirty. also resisting stains and scratches and making cleaning easier. because the user has to press the lever upwards to obtain a greater flow. The electrolytic coating provided by EverShine® guarantees that each faucet will continue to dazzle over the years.

0018 118 . 2.17.03.Trezzo 440 O/Counter Basin 44cmx46cmx17cm white 01.Savona Bo 6L One Piece Syphonic WC white 01.0020 5.03.0016 4.03.0094 3.Micca Bo 6L One Piece Syphonic WC Set white 01.19.17.Modena Wall Hung Basin 60cmx47cm white 01.1 2 BEST 3 SELLER BEST BUY 4 5 Style Meets Quality and Affordability Washbasins starting from BEST BUY Rs 3500 117 1.17.Lago One Piece WC 3/6 L white 01.

04.0173 119 120 . BE FRESH MUSLIM SHOWER 01. When you discover the Vectra collection.BE FRESH Irritably Attractive Vectra A Fresh Addition to your Bathroom The New. You want to ask yourself whether this is because of its PRICE or its Style.0006 BEST BUY Featuring the latest ceramic disc technology making them much more resistant to erosion by water seepage. VECTRA BASIN MIXER 01.04. Fresh Series Muslim Shower with spiral pipe and durable shower head. guarantees even flow and high pressure spray and the unique design ensures zero-drip.29. all you will be able to think of is satisfying your overwhelming desire to possess it.01.

.03.0006 ART over counter basins 122 .04. Evol is a new single-lever tap series from Roca that pushes design boundaries. Designed by Antonio Bullo NEW Evol-utionary Design 121 EVOL BSAIN MIXER S/L W/MOUNT 01.03.0010 ART 44 OVER COUNTER W/BASIN 44 CM WHITE 01.05. emphasising the brand’s commitment to innovation in the bathroom.0038 ART 60 OVER COUNTER W/BASIN 60 CM WHITE 01.More counter top basins.03.03. Vintage Rain Shower XI 500mmX400mm Jet Set W/O Rod 01.4 2 4 3 NEW 6 5 Experience the New Our shower program includes everything to fill your shower time with new experiences and to enjoy a high level of comfort and water saving in your bathroom space. 123 1234- BEST BUY 7 BEST SELLER 8 Vintage Rain Shower XI 300mmX300mm Jet Set W/O Rod 01.0007 Cima Head Shower W/Rain Spray W/O Rod Jet Set Shower Column 01.0004 Cima Head Shower W/Adjustable Flow W/O Rod 01.0048 Vintage Rain Shower XI 400mm Jet Set W/O Rod 5678- Vintage Rain Shower 200mm W/Curved Rod Tornado Side Shower 01.03.0003 124 .04.

0003 Mini Urinal W/Supply Pipe White 01. 126 .03.07.CONTESA STEEL BATH TUB WHITE 70cmx170cm 01.0020 BEST BUY Covered.0021 Durable.0006 Star Wal Urinal 01. Waterless. An extensive range of steel bath tubs designed for the greatest comfort and wellbeing in the bath.07. Concealed.03. NEW Hall Waterless Urinal 01.03.18. Timeless.03. Any style you want! 125 Mural Urinal White 01. Stylish.

07. cast iron and steel. 127 BEST BUY The new Free standing bathtubs mark the trend to follow.01. Roca continues in the front rank in bathtub models made of acrylic.01.0053 Georgia free standing acrylic Bathtub GEORGIA BATH TUB WHITE 01. Standing up for an Idea. Rectangular bathtubs give presence and functionality to bathroom spaces.ELEMENT BATH TUB WHITE 01.0078 New bath concepts for the most demanding.07. 128 .

0055 130 .23.03.DESIGN + SUSTAINABILITY = W + W 1 4 7 * 2 5 8 0 3 6 9 129 W+W WASH BASIN+WC WHITE 01.

06. which expands the dimensions of your bathroom space while at the same time offering exclusivity and sophistication. created along minimalist lines. 132 .0005 FRESH SHOWER COLUMN 01. easily and quickly. RELAX ! Roca’s hydromassage columns offer you the chance to experience maximum enjoyment of your shower space. A total shower solution that adapts perfectly to the environment thanks to its all-round 360° avant garde design. depending upon the time of day. Attractive.360 Degrees Transtube Transtube is born. NEW NEW 131 TRANSTUBE SHOWER BOX W/AUTOMATIC DOORS 1208mmX2125mm 01. functional designs to tone or relax your body.

and intelligent technology 133 SUPERNOVA BASIN MIXER MEM BASIN MIXER 134 . exciting designs.Innovative ideas.

0013 136 . we provide you a specific solution that perfectly fits your needs in a healthy way. Therapy for the mind. For every situation.0003 BROADWAY COMPACT SPA BATH W/O PANEL WHITE 2130mmX2130mm 01. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes for everyone’s budget. as a couple or with friends. HYDRO MASSAGE TUB CORNER A111B 150cmX150cm 01. Hydrotherapy cabins that can transport you to a world of comfort through delicious experiences for the senses. Spas you can enjoy alone. even in small spaces.02.0025 A range of spas lined with elegant wood panels. very easy to install. which allows you to enjoy moments of intense pleasure. body and soul. Hydromassage baths and cabins for you to benefit from well-deserved relaxation and rest. PLEASURE FOR SHARING 135 STEAM ROOM S617 R 160cmX98cmX220cm 01.10. Broadway Range Thanks to the power of water.

BEST BUY A wide range of bathroom accessories are available so that you can define and adjust to the last centimeter all the elements that take part in creating your bathroom space. from interesting to special. is achieved by paying attention to the tiniest detail. SMALL GESTURES !! Sometimes it’s small gestures that make big differences. The transition from good to ideal. 137 138 .

Our single lever faucet range Evol Touch Frontalis L-90 L-20 Modena Thesis Amura Moai AQUA FLOOR TRAP COVER Collection of quality Floor drains available in Stores now. “Eco-Click” water saving system Flow limiter Cold water start 139 140 .

0003 142 .5cmX30. the perfect choice to dress your bathroom.1569 WALL TILE PLENITUDE BLUE AVIO 30.5cm 01.03.02.MOTIF PLENITUDE MORNING SKY LINES 30.5cmX91.5cm 01.5cm 01.5cmX91.02.01.0169 WALL TILE AMBITION MOKA RIV 30.02.5cmX91.07.5cmX91.5cm 01.5cm 01.0170 MOSAIC AMBITION GOLD DELUXE MOULD AMBITION MOKA ALZATA 10cmX30.1571 Feel the Freshness! 141 Ambition Pure and intense Tile Collection for aought-after spaces A refined surface for interiors.5cm 01.0072 WALL TILE AMBITION ECRU RIV 30.0634 WALL TILE PLENITUDE 100 WHITE MOTIF AMBITION MOKA OXFORD 30.5cm 01.

02.0172 MOTIF AMBITION ROSE FLORENCE 30.PLAIN WALL TILE AMBITION WHITE RIV 30. 143 A fresh engaging look and a refined colour palette for enthralling combinations.1567 WALL TILE MAGNIFIQUE AVORIO S 40cmX80cm L.02.07.58cmX91.01.01.5cm 01.5cmX30.0004 Magnifique The Plentitude of Pure color Peony Blush. 01. WALL TILE MAGNIFIQUE WALL PAPER (DEC) 40cmX80cm 01.WALL TILE AMBITION ROSE RIV 30.1566 WALL TILE MAGNIFIQUE TABACCO S 40cmX80cm BROWN 01.5cmX91.0092 MOSAIC AMBITION ROSE CHIC 30.5cm 01.01.0171 MOULD AMBITION ROSE ALZATA 10cmX30.1568 144 .03.5cm 01.03. Garden Rose.

03. evoke the waves of the sea and inevitably transport us to the idyllic image of our favorite beach Contemporary Panoramic relives for your Bathroom spaces… Suite Lines 145 WALL TILE CRETA MARFIL 31.03.2cm 01.01.1467 WALL TILE CERDENA MARFIL 31.Minimalist Spirit Less is more.1352 146 .6cmX90cm WAVEY 01.0338 WALL TILE SUITE LINES BL R 30cmX90.6cmX90cm PLAIN TILE 01.03.01. Its new wall tiles in soft sandy colours.01.

refresh and rejoice.03.1548 WALL TILE TIFFANY PINK 24cmX69cm WALL TILE THASSOS AR R 30cmX60cm 01. 147 Magic in Mosaic MOTIF TIFFANY BRACELET PINK 24cmX69cm 01.1542 148 .1197 Create a space to relax. MOSAIC MALLA THASSOS MC 30cmX60cm 01.0629 WALL TILE SPLIT BOX TIFFANY PINK 24cmX69cm MALLA THASSOS MC 30cmX30cm 01.1194 WALL TILE THASSOS BG R 30cmX60cm WALL TILE TIFFANY WHITE 24cmX69cm

06.5cm x 120cm 01.0899 150 .FLOORING Luxury at your feet. BEST SELLER 149 Savia WE 14.01.

01.5cm x 120cm 01. Savia EB 14.06.Floors that define your home.0897 Savia AT 14.5cm x 120cm 01. and your guests know that they are welcome.06.01. you know you’re home.0896 151 152 . The moment you step inside the door. Beautiful. tiled floors create a warm and elegant feel in the house.

06.02.NEW Let pure elegance grace your floors.1278 Metropolitan Arena 80cm x 80cm 01. BEST BUY Ronda AR 62cmx62cm 01.01.0351 The toughness of ceramic.1277 154 .06.01.01. the look of leather 153 Metropolitan Grey 80cm x 80cm 01.

S.ABDULL A 90 YEARS SIN CE 1920 QU ALIT Y G U Make your space look larger with big tiles 155 Sikkim BG 61cm x 61cm AR ANTEED 156 .Create an Avant-garde style home.

NEW High traffic centers make great candidates for a tiled floor. porcelain or natural stone.0324 158 . tiles’ durability.06. easy maintenance and aesthetic appeal are as practical as they are classical. Whether ceramic. For a timeless look that lasts.0728 Doga Pepper 15cm x 90cm 01.01.01. 157 Mystique White 30cm x 30cm 01.06. Kursal Oxido 100cm x 50cm Brancatto Blanco 100cm x 50cm 01.1295 Magnum GG 80cm x 80cm 01.06.BEST SELLER Beauval Crema 60cm x 60cm 01.0598 Naturally inspired profound beauty 159 NEW 160 .08.

NEW Green Living BL 100cm x 50cm 01. 0638 Platera Nero 120cm x 60cm 01. Open up your home to new possibilities with our new Tile Collection.06. 0013 162 . tiled floors can create an impression of large spaces.Stretching the limits… Beautiful. 0015 161 London GR 100cm x 50cm 01.

BEST SELLER Urban Brown 34cm x 34cm 01.01. 1271 Iroko Outdoor 15cm x 60cm 01. 1071 Bring the warmth and opulence of the interior of your home to the outside.06.06.01. 163 Urban Grey 34cm x 34cm 01.01. 0516 164 .06.

Skid-Resistant. 165 Avana Kempas MF 636 L130cm x W20cm x THK8mm With Inova’s unique floor technology. Inovar Floor is simply more durable and more impact resistant than many floor covering materials you can find in the market.10.. from hotels to homes.. Slip-Resistant. BEST SELLER Manufactured from our signature top quality hardwood material.Laminate Floors The ultimate status and style statement. wood floors have never before been more livable.02.0003 166 . Greyville MF 328 L130cm x W20cm x THK8mm 01. from plush offices to restaurants. wood floors are now accessible to people living in all types of climates and for all types of usages.

02.m A 90 YEARS SIN CE 1920 QU ALIT Y G U Committed to quality.02.10.0008 168 .ABDULL BEST BUY Rs 2000 Bed Pillows and Cushions starting from /sq. Scratch Resistant Impact Resistant Ultra-violet Resistant Stain Resistant Does not breed Dust-Mites Stands up to wear & tear Resistant to cigarette burn Resistant to household chemicals Hygienic & easy to clean Water Resistant 167 Country Wallnut MF 850 L130cm x W20cm x THK8mm 01. our flooring is imported from Malaysia and is the leader in many Asian markets.0009 AR ANTEED It wood add value to your space.10.S. Burmese Teak MF 863 L130cm x W20cm x THK8mm 01.

02. Vine Maple MF 116 L130cm x W20cm x THK8mm 01.0001 170 .NEW The world’s most Water Resistant Laminate Flooring made from hardwood fibers from sustainable resources 169 You can opt for traditional. modern or contemporary in many different styles and finishes.10.

LIGHTING 171 172 . See your home in a new light.BEST SELLER ALEXANDRIA 89005 03.05.ABDULL A light to set the mood… A 90 YEARS SIN CE 1920 QU ALIT Y G U AR ANTEED 173 174 .0058 AMADORA 90047 03.0016 ACENTO 90079 ETOO 89318 03.05. S.05.

12.BORGO 1 89368 03.02.02. 175 BEST BUY INDO 1 90143 03.11.0070 ESTRA 88191 GRAFIK 84028 03.0117 176 .02.05.0059 Select an optic that will help you achieve the desired light spread.

0013 One part Light. One part Sculpture.05. 178 .REBELL 89066 ORBIT 1 88096 THE ONE ADDITION TO YOUR KIDS ROOM THAT THEY WOULD WELCOME 177 AIRMAN 85059 03.02.

05.02.0010 STICKER 85825 Rs 1500 Ceiling and Wall Lights Starting from /ea 180 179 .02.Enhance your life with the right light. TRAMP 1 89045 03.03.0066 BEST BUY GITA 87015 ELLA 81636 03.

Pendants and more 181 A 90 YEARS SIN CE 1920 QU ALIT Y G U AR Our attention to detail goes beyond what you can see.ABDULL Elegant Chandeliers.GEO 2 86531 CAVALLA 89471 DAVOLI 88459 SIREN 88865 03. 182 ANTEED . Sconces.02. Lamps.0041 S.05. We take great care in both design and quality.

04.05.0040 184 .02.Contemporary lighting is all the rage! BEST SELLER NEWS 88205 03. we have lighting ideas that will help you tie together any room.02.0055 OFFICE 83249 When you are thinking about new home lighting. 183 DRIFTER 89208 03.

02.09.0023 186 .TUKON 86011 03-02-06-0003 NORWICH 89147 GLENN 87026 03.0014 TINA 1 23876 NIKITA 86996 03. Transitional and Utility styles.12. Contemporary.02.0146 BASIC 9230 BEST SELLER ONO 87327 03.12. Traditional. 185 MARA 87538 TINA 1 27872 BASIC 9232 Largest range of fixtures in Casual.

Our Future Focus team predicts trends and select the most advanced. 188 . original and innovative products for your home. Trends change.NEW 187 Home fashions are no different than personal style. Fashions fade.

0019 189 190 .01.07.HOME ESSENTIALS HAND WIPER 05.

191 192 .Perfect Presentation! Choose from our wide range of Crockery items to serve your carefully prepared meals. VACCUM JUG 05.04.0048 VACCUM JUG 05.0042 193 194 . PLASTIC TUMBLER 05.0043 VACCUM JUG 05.04.0031 VACCUM JUG 05. VACCUM JUG 05.0049 VACCUM JUG 05.03.0014 Enjoy a chilled drink.03. soothing. cup of tea or coffee to bring a smile on your face.04.03. Our Vacuum Flask range makes sure that your hot beverages stay warm. Tea or Coffee? Nothing like a nice.VACCUM JUG 05. Choose from a wide range of cheerful glasses and flasks to make your summer drink servings a treat for everyone.

now in store. Choose from a variety of luggage items.Bon Voyage When you travel. 195 196 . your most trusted companion is your bag and suit-case.

05. Watering Can 05. Make it easier and fun with our wide range of Gardening products.0014 198 .Even a green thumb needs a hand. 197 Gardening Tools 05.0023 Gardening is a year long hobby with different tasks required to be done at various times.08.05.08.

07.0005 Radiator Cleaner 05. 199 Dust Pan 0507010017 200 .01.01.Blind Cleaner high quality cleaning brushes for all cleaning tasks in your home.0007 A complete selection of specially designed.0016 Dust Broom 05.

Dip.0028 Top to bottom. spic and span. Clean! Floor Wiper 05.01. 201 Telescopic Window Cleaner 05.07. Wipe.01.0025 Floor Squeeze 0507010004 Floor Mop 05.0032 202 .07.01.07.

Portable. What’s more. Clothes Rail 203 A wide range of drying solutions that beat the ordinary clothesline in look. durability and portability. they can be easily folded when not in use.02.0022 Clothes Rail 05.Durable. Collapsable.07. 204 .07. Coat Hooks.07. Racks and Hangers to help organize your closet.0022 Laundry Drier Tower 05.

0015 206 .07.06. 205 Make your laundry and ironing chores easier with our drying and ironing range. IRONING BOARD 05.From the Laundry to the Closet.

07. Looks great in any space.04. the stainless steel finish is both classy and contemporary.07.07.0021 PEDAL BIN 05. Easy access with pedal.07. 208 207 .0013 PEDAL BIN 05.0014 This Pedal Bin with Dome Lid will make a stylish addition to any space.0010 PEDAL BIN BIN 05.

0032 Wide range of Non-slip Rubber Footed step ladders in various sizes. ideal for any hard to reach jobs.05.07. 209 LADDER 05.05. 3 STEP LADDER 210 .0036 LADDER EXTENDABLE 2 STEP LADDER 05.0024 4 STEP LADDER 05.Great Aid Around the House.

all orders get the same price. All customers are equal. we can do it for you for a reasonable charge. you’ll be notified in advance. Same Price for Everyone. Looking for a specific item? Want the best deal? Need to know something? Look for a Sales Rep to direct you to the quality products that match your taste. For further information contact your Sales Representative 211 212 . We Deliver to your Doorstep. No-Nonsense pricing policy makes sure that big or small. If your order is taking longer to reach. Most orders are fulfilled within 48 hours of placement. Our No. Glad to Help You.Fuss. If you want your orders delivered.Change is Possible. and the same service. Feel that another item would suit your place more than the one you purchased? Simply return it unused within 15 days in its original packaging along with your purchase receipt. expectations and budget.

Block 7 Chandni Chowk.Our new website with better design and easy navigation! Log on now for great ideas. Karachi 213 UAN: 111-722-722 214 . Lahore -54600 Karachi • 8-C Khayaban-e-Shamsheer. www. 2-Albak Block.sabdullahome. Rawalpindi. Islamabad Rawalpindi Lahore Shop No # 14-16. • Shop No # 1. deals and more. Aries Tower.com Find us near your city Islamabad Builders Mall Main G. Phase V.T Road. Karachi-7500. DHA. Shamsabad. New Garden Town. Muree Road. Stadium Road. Near Rawat.


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