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Conduct a Change of Primary Hand Receipt Holder Inventory


Conditions: You are the incoming or outgoing primary hand receipt holder for your unit which requires
that a joint inventory between the incoming and outgoing primary hand receipt holders take place. You
must account for all government property without loss and have access to AR 710-2, AR 735-5, DA Pam
25-30 and DA Pam 710-2-1.

Standards: Conduct the change of primary hand receipt holder inventory to gain 100% accountability of
all property without loss to the government within thirty days.

Performance Steps
1. Prepare for inventory.
a. Obtain any special instructions from the next higher commander or supervisor.
b. Verify that all hand or sub-hand receipts and annexes with change documents are updated.
c. Review the hand receipt to find the type of items to be inventoried.
d. Select personnel to assist in the inventory.
e. Notify sub-hand receipt holders of when and how the inventory is to be conducted.
f. Review DA Pam 25-30 to ensure that the most current supply catalogs, components lists,
technical manuals, and other related publications are used during the inventory.
g. Order missing or updated publications
h. Notify the commander/supervisor for whom the property book is kept of all items on hand that
are pending the receipt the most current publication.
2. Conduct the inventory.
a. Confirm that all items and their description on the unit property book or hand receipt match.
b. Develop a list of any differences.
c. Verify the condition of the property.
d. Develop a list of any damaged equipment.
e. Verify quantity of all items listed on the hand receipt.
f. Develop a list of any overages or shortages.
g. Verify end items for completeness.
(1) Confirm that component shortages are listed on hand receipt shortage annexes.
(2) Verify the document register to make sure that component shortages are on request.
(3) Develop a list of component shortages that are not listed on hand receipt shortage
(4) Develop a list of any component overages.
h. Verify serial number on the item with that recorded on the hand receipt.
i. Develop a list of any serial number differences.
j. Verify all open maintenance requests with the supporting maintenance facility to ensure validity.
k. Report damaged equipment to unit maintenance personnel for repair.
l. Report all differences regarding property discrepancies to the accountable officer/PBO for
adjustment actions.
3. Complete post inventory procedures.
a. Verify that the outgoing hand receipt holder signed for the adjusted quantities on the Hand
b. Verify that the incoming hand receipt holder signed for all accountable property to
acknowledging responsibility for the property.

Performance Measures GO NO-GO

1. Prepared for inventory. —— ——
2. Conducted the inventory. ——

Performance Measures GO NO-GO
3. Completed post inventory procedures. —— ——

Evaluation Guidance: Score the soldier GO if all steps are passed. Score the soldier NO-GO if any
steps are failed. If the soldier scores NO-GO, show what was done wrong and how to do it correctly.

Required Related
AR 710-2
AR 735-5
DA PAM 25-30
DA PAM 710-2-1

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