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Quartermaster General’s UPDATE

Report to the Senior Leadership of the Quartermaster Corps Autumn 2007

Fellow Quartermasters,
Fort Lee – the Home of the Quartermaster Corps – has seen some remarkable changes over the
past few months. For years we’ve been talking about Base Realignment and Closure, making plans
and coordinating the necessary moves. It has taken a lot of hard work from a number of dedicated
people. Now suddenly the pace is picking up, and the physical changes are everywhere apparent.
Across Route 36 where the firing ranges and Log Warrior field training exercise used to be, acres
of trees have been cleared in anticipation of the Ordnance Center and School’s move here from
Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland. Over near the Army Logistics Management College another
whole section of forest has been removed to make way for the new Logistics University.

I don’t have to go far to be an eyewitness to history. Change is happening right outside my

window on Seay Field. Last June a formal ground-breaking ceremony announced the beginning
construction of the new Sustainment Center of Excellence Headquarters Building on Sergeant Seay Field. A six-foot barrier
went up over the course of the summer, and on September 5th a fleet of heavy bulldozers commenced removing the parade-
ground turf, and readying the soil for the new facility’s foundation. When the new building is finished in little over a year from
now, Mifflin Hall will be torn down. You can follow the progress yourself by going to the Quartermaster Corps website at

Tempted as I am to lament its passing, I think it far more appropriate to

reflect on and celebrate the many accomplishments within these hallowed
halls since its doors opened in May 1961. Many tens of thousands of
Quartermaster Soldiers have graduated during that time frame. They have
supported America’s Army in every conflict since Vietnam, while rendering
a revolution in military logistics. You and I, as members of the Corps and
inheritors of this tradition have much to be proud of.

After all, it’s not where we are, but what we do (and how well we do it)
that matters most. So the “spirit of Mifflin Hall” will live on, I have no doubt
Copyright Richmond Times Dispatch, used with permission about that.

Carol and I will soon head back to Germany for our fifth assignment in Europe. We look forward to joining the great
United States Army Europe team. I am extremely pleased to announce that Brigadier General Jesse R. Cross will be our
50th Quartermaster General. His most recent assignment was as Commander of the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia. He
is a seasoned logistician and a superb leader, and brings a wealth of talent and energy to this position. I extend my sincerest
congratulations and best wishes, and say “welcome aboard” to General Cross, his wife Cheryl and the rest of his family.

I am humbled to have served you and the Corps as the 49th Quartermaster General. Thank you for affording me this
opportunity to serve our Nation’s Army in this singularly rewarding fashion. Teamwork and collaboration have been the true
hallmarks of our success, and will take us to new heights in the future. Thanks for all you do, so willingly, and so competently.
Stand tall, be proud of your individual and collective accomplishments, and continue to share your knowledge and talents.
America is lucky to have you in the front ranks when the toughest tasks are at hand. As always, stay safe and stay in touch:

Supporting Victory!

Mark A. Bellini
Brigadier General, US Army
Command Group
History Teachers Institute, Quartermaster and Army Women’s Museums
The US Army Quartermaster and US Army Women’s Museum hosted a three-day history teachers institute
in partnership with the Petersburg Battlefield National Park on 25-27 July. The institute is a certified training
course providing part of the teacher’s certification process, and is the latest in the education programs offered
by the Fort Lee museums to the neighboring communities. Eleven history teachers from area school districts
attended and received familiarization with history-related teaching resources available at the two Army
museums and the Petersburg Battlefield Park that meet the Virginia State Standards of Learning. Another
great success story and part of continuing outreach efforts from the Quartermaster Center and School. POC is
Francoise Bonnell, (804) 734-4184 (DSN 687) or

Aerial Delivery and Field Services Department (ADFSD)

2007 Static-Line Parachuting Conference
The ADFSD participated in the 2007 Static Line Parachuting Conference at Fort Benning, Georgia, from
24-27 July. Topics included the latest updates on the Advanced Tactical Parachute System; updates to the
Basic Airborne, Jumpmaster, and Pathfinder Courses; and further advancement/development of the 101st
Airborne’s Pathfinder Course, to include discussion of awarding graduates of that course Sling Load Inspector
Certification. POC is MAJ Brandon Klink, (804) 734-3074 (DSN 687) or

Advanced Tactical Parachute System (ATPS) Contractor New Equipment Training Team Training
The department trained six contract instructors from Haymarket, Virginia, on the parachute pack procedures
for the MC-6 parachute from 20-24 August. These contractors will serve as assistant trainers during the fielding
of the ATPS under the supervision of Parachute Rigger Instructor. POC is Rich Santiago, (804) 734-4725 (DSN
687) or

Army Center of Excellence, Subsistence (ACES)

Revision of Field Manual (FM) 10-23, (FM 4.20.2)
ACES completed the rewrite, development, internal staffing, and revision of FM 10-23, Basic Doctrine for
Army Field Feeding and Class I Operation Management. The final draft copy sent to the US Army Combined
Arms Support Command’s (CASCOM) Concepts and Doctrine (CD) Directorate to Army commands worldwide
for staffing and comment. CASCOM assigned a 45-day worldwide suspense for review and comment. The
6 July suspense date for the submission of recommended changes has passed and ACE’s Concepts, Systems,
and Policies Division staff are reviewing and incorporating applicable and relevant changes into FM text.
ACES will provide final document to CASCOM CD Directorate or CASCOM senior leadership as required.
ACES expects the FM to be finalized and ready for publishers, at the end of September 2007.
POC is Richard Harsh, (804) 734-4862 (DSN 687) or

Common Food Service Management System Systems (CFMS) Automated Point of Sale (POS) Pricing
Joint Service Teleconference
The Concepts, Systems, and Policies Division participated in 90-minute teleconference to resolve earlier
questions the services had regarding CFMS POS functionality. Several issues included the capability to manage
POS pricing at all dining facilities, use of the most recent catalog prices, and time zone end of day sensitivity.
IBM continues to refine the POS process for use by all services. Functional testing of POS operations must be

Quartermaster General’s UPDATE--Autumn 2007 Page 2

available for services review and testing at pre-pilot testing in January 2008. POC is Michael Damico, (804)
734-4858 (DSN 687) or

Common Food Service Management System (CFMS), Systems Nutrition and Recipe Process Training
Department of Defense Food Policy Council directed the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to develop and
implement a common food management system which will replace the five existing and distinct services food
automated management systems currently in operation. The “common” system under development will use
commercial off-the-shelf technology that incorporates the best business practices of the commercial civilian
food service industry and pairs them with the unique management and operational requirements of each service.
IBM is the prime contractor for the DLA funded project. The IBM subcontractor for the project is Horizons
OneSource. DSCP and their IBM subcontractor provided the training seminar to senior joint service food,
nutrition management, and Natick Armed Forces Recipe Service (AFRS) staff. The functional training is
required for use with recipe data that must be monitored by all services at their respective headquarters level.
The Army requested that DSCP only load the AFRS approved and tested recipes into the Army recipe database.
Other service developed recipes, in the opinion of the Army, have not been through the testing and portion
control process associated with the AFRS system and advised that Army does not want other service developed
recipes in the Army recipe database. Natick AFRS nutritionists have begun the review process, are establishing
subassembly recipes, and are converting and loading the AFRS recipes into the CFMS database. January
2008 is the DSCP established completion date. Individual services will have an opportunity to review those
AFRS and individual service recipes completed on a quarterly basis. POC is Michael Damico, (804) 734-4858
(DSN 687) or

Food Service Contract Management (FSCM)/Contracting Office Representative (COR) Certification

Training 07-013
ACES presented FSCM/COR Certification Training to 50 Soldiers from the 4th Brigade Combat Team,
3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, Georgia, 30 July – 3 August 2007. This specific training is to prepare
students for duties during deployments to the Middle East. The training details the duties, responsibilities, and
limitations of CORs and performance assessment. Special emphasis is placed on contingency operations and
specific requirements relating to the current area of responsibility (AOR) within the Middle East, including
clear, concise requirements, legal parameters, sources and types of authority, property accountability, and
performance assessment of contractors’ efforts. Food safety and sanitation are emphasized with modifications
based on the current logistics capability contracts in place in the AOR. The need for continued training remains
strong as contracting expands throughout Army food service. POC is Cara Vartuli-Dusablon, (804) 734-4842
(DSN 687) or

Joint Basing Work Group (JBWG) Common Output Level of Support Development Food Service
Working Group and CFMS Briefing for Army G-4 Leadership, The Pentagon, 29 August
Army G-4 as the lead for joint basing has initiated a working group to develop common output levels of
support Common Output Level Standards (COLS) for food service on all installations impacted by joint basing
initiative. Points of contact will include those participants from the COLS meeting that was held in August
2005. The JBWG sent questionnaires to 22 installations that are part of the Joint Basing initiative. The food
service questionnaire includes functions/sub functions/metrics from the 2005 COLS meeting. The Food Service
Sub-Working Group will analyze the data collected from the questionnaires and set standards that will be
implemented at the Joint Bases by the Installation Capabilities Council. The time line for the work group will
be outlined as well as other pertinent information. A Continental United States Freight Management System/
Army Food Management Information System briefing will also be presented following the work group to Army
G-4 leadership by SEC-L and ACES. POC is Michael Damico, (804) 734-4858, (DSN 687) or mike.damico@

Quartermaster General’s UPDATE--Autumn 2007 Page 3

Food Service Contract Management (FSCM) Contracting Officer Representative (COR)
Certification 07-016, Fort Lee, Virginia, 4-8 September
Action officers of Concepts, Systems, and Policies Division presented the FSCM/COR Certification
Training to 55 Soldiers enrolled in the Advanced Noncommissioned Officers Course. All 55 attendees are food
service specialists. The training detailed the duties, responsibilities, and limitations of CORs, performance
assessment evaluators, monitors, and other Government representatives when dealing with food service
contractors. Special emphasis is placed on contingency operations and specific requirements relating to the
current areas of operation within the Middle East. The development of clear, concise requirements, legal
parameters, sources and types of authority, property accountability, and performance assessment of contractors’
efforts are keys to the program. Food safety and sanitation are stressed as inspection tools for increased force
protection. Use of Department of the Army approved prototypes for food service contracts will be emphasized
with modifications based on the current logistics capability contracts in place in the area of responsibility. The
need for continued training remains strong as contracting expands throughout Army Food Service.
POC is Cara Vartuli-Dusablon, (804) 734-4842 (DSN 687) or

Facility Equipment Division (FED) Site Visit to Fort Hood, Texas, 5-7 September
Facilities and Equipment Division representatives met with representatives from the Norfolk District Corps
of Engineers and Fort Worth, Texas Corps of Engineers, Department of Public Works and the Installation Food
Service Program Manager to review the draft report for a 1,300 capacity dining facility design for Fort Hood.
The team discussed all of the comments received in and the Corps of Engineers will develop a back check
report to ensure comments are incorporated in the final report. POC is Goldie Bailey, (804) 734-3354 (DSN
687) or

Combat Rations Network (CORANET) for Technology Implementation Meeting

The CORANET met on 13 September at Rutgers University to discuss the Army Bakery Project for the
improvement of the Unitized Group Ration-Heat and Serve cakes. The meeting was the Phase I In Process
Review. During the meeting updates on literature, product characterization, procedure development, ingredient
identification, and experimental plan development were be presented. POC is Loraine Salerno, (804) 734-3366
(DSN 687) or

Reserve Component/Food Advisor: Site Visit to Fort McCoy, Wisconsin

ACES dispatched personnel to assess operation of Forward Operating Bases (FOB) Liberty and Freedom
at Fort McCoy. It was discovered that personnel on hand were not being reported to the installation for
preparation of meals. While visiting the FOBs, it was noted that Soldiers were given one main entry, the
serving lines were improperly setup, flies were throughout the facilities used to serve and eat in, serving
equipment was minimal, food was not maintained at proper serving temperature, no orange juice offered,
serving areas not well maintained during serving, and reports of personnel fed were not being captured. The
contract was poorly written outlining the requirements, duties, and responsibilities of the contractor. They were
not using the Army or any orderly menu standard. The Army Food Management Information System (AFMIS)
is not being used appropriately due to a lack of understanding on behalf of contract personnel. All AFMIS
terminals are centrally located in the main office of the contractor and not in the individual dining facilities.
Records and files were not in accordance with (IAW) the Army Records Information Management System.
Sanitation was definitely not IAW any standard or regulatory guidelines. Action has been taken to correct all
issues to insure they are within regulatory guidelines as soon as possible. Funding to cover most of the needed
repairs and equipment purchases were made available through Installation Management Command West, Forces
Command, and 1st Army. 30 October is the anticipated end states for all corrections to be made and to possibly
have a team go back to Fort McCoy to re-access operations. POC is Rickey Frazier, (804) 734-4285 (DSN 687)

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Logistics Training Department (LTD)
Property Book and Unit Supply- Enhanced (PBUSE) Mobile Training Team (MTT)
LTD provided a 40-hour PBUSE MTT to Soldiers of the 6th Transportation Battalion and 8th Transportation
Brigade from 23-27 July at the Transportation School, Fort Eustis, Virginia. LTD tailored the training to
provide composite logisticians an opportunity to train and receive additional instructions, but not limited to the
following areas of interest: Organizational Updates/Changes, View/Maintain Parameters, Split Operations,
Catalog Action, Logistics-The Army Authorization and Documentation System, Asset Visibility, Property Book
Actions, Unit Actions, Ordering Supplies, and Activity Register. POC is Billy Demps, (804) 734-4711 (DSN
687) or

Standard Army Maintenance System-1Enhanced (SAMS-1E) Demonstration

The Army G-4 sponsored a software capability demonstration/feedback session to distinguished members
and staff from the Senate Committee for Armed Services (SCAS). LTD provided a representative with recent
tactical experience, who provided the SCAS an orientation based on his knowledge and understanding. This
included tasks performed by 92A Automated Logistical Specialists during a normal production day, with an
emphasis on duties and responsibilities for a maintenance activity utilizing the SAMS-E and interfaces between
shop stock, production control and maintenance activities. The demonstration was very well received. POC is
Billy Demps, (804) 734-4711 (DSN 687) or

Brazilian Army Visit to Distribution Management (DM) Facility

LTD provided a tour of the DM training facility to senior logisticians and Army staff members from Brazil,
to include the Brazilian Liaison Officer to the US Army Training and Doctrine Command on 24 July.
Presentations included DM concepts, principles, computer tools, and functional procedures associated with
distribution management using battlefield automation systems (e.g., Integrated Logistics Analysis Program,
Battle Command Sustainment Support System, Force XXI Battle Command Brigade Support System, In Transit
Visibility System, Movement Tracking System, etc.), while outlining the basic responsibilities of organizations
at the strategic, operational and tactical level. POC is Billy Demps, (804) 734-4711 (DSN 687) or

Mortuary Affairs Center (MAC)

MAC Supports the Joint Task Force - Civil Support
The MAC recently assisted the Joint Task Force-Civil Support in development of instructional material. A
one hour block of instruction was prepared by our training developers addressing command responsibilities
in a domestic response incident involving mortuary affairs. This instruction will play a major part in training
required for all National Guard units in the near future. POC is Bill Ellerman, (804) 734-3670 (DSN: 687) or

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Petroleum and Water Department (PWD)
Program of Instruction (POI) Approval for Petroleum Technician (923A) Warrant Officer Basic
Course (WOBC)
The POI for the Petroleum Technician (923A) WOBC, dated 18 July, received approval. Implementation
will commence with Class 07-502 which starts its technical phase in October 2007. The course POI consists of
413 academic hours, of which 262 are technical. Significant changes include more hands-on equipment training
and provision for a substantive petroleum logistics-related research project. QMC&S (PWD) is overseeing the
development of the training support packages for this course. POC is Robert Lias, (804) 734-2618 (DSN 687)

Petroleum Quality Analysis System-Fully Armored System (PQAS-FAS) Prototype Demonstration

A demonstration for the PQAS-FAS prototype was performed at the Seaman Laboratory, PWD, 6‑17 August
2007. The demonstration was sponsored by the Program Manager, Petroleum and Water Systems (Materiel
Developer). The purpose of the demonstration was to introduce the new configuration of the Fully Armored
Solution (FAS). The PQAS-FAS is now mounted on a larger platform that enables theater level mission
capabilities. The new and improved PQAS-FAS can be towed by fully armored vehicles (medium tactical
vehicle – 5 ton and larger). The PQAS-FAS provides a delivery system that will enhance the protection and
safety of Soldiers. This system offers the warfighter a higher level of fuel testing capabilities that will fulfill the
needs of our US Joint Armed Forces. The PQAS-FAS now adequately satisfies the needs of the Army, Marines
and the Air Force aviation fuel monitoring requirements. POC is Charles E. Nicholson, (804) 734-5428
(DSN 687) or

Total Force Integration Office (TFIO)

TFIO Participates in the Institutional Training Schedule Workshop
The TFIO attended the US Army Reserve Command Institutional Training Schedule Workshop,
10‑14 September 2007, in New Orleans, Louisiana. The workshop brought together all The Army School
System (TASS) key personnel to review all FY08 and FY09 Reserve training classes that will be instructed.
Projected Reserve Component training requirements were matched against training facilities, equipment
availability, and instructor availability. Reserve TASS Battalions are projecting to teach approximately 2,500
Soldiers at the Quartermaster Center and School, Fort Lee, Virginia, during the next two training years in
all Quartermaster 92 series military occupational specialties. POC is LTC Randall Grenier, (804) 634-3419
(DSN 687) or

TFIO Host US Army Reserve The Army School System (TASS) Quartermaster Warrior Council
TFIO will host the annual Quartermaster “Warrior Council” meeting at Fort Lee, Virginia, 31 October–
1 November 2007. The meeting will bring together Army Reserve Quartermaster command teams to discuss
past training accomplishments and future training initiatives. The goal of the meeting is to bring together “best
practice” procedures with a desired end state of providing the best possible training to our logistics warriors.
POC is LTC Randall Grenier, (804) 634-3419 (DSN 687) or

The Army School System (TASS) Battalion Training

The Quartermaster TASS Battalions, the training institution for the US Army Reserve, continues to provide
quality training and certification to our logistics warriors. As of 19 September 2007, a total of 6,557 Soldiers
have been trained in FY07 in the nine Quartermaster military occupational specialties at various locations
throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Germany. Additionally, 2,584 of the total Soldiers
trained by the Quarternaster TASS Battalions have been trained at Fort Lee, Virginia.
POC is LTC Chuck Murriel, (804) 734-3574 (DSN 687), or
Quartermaster General’s UPDATE--Autumn 2007 Page 6
80th Training Command (TASS)
The TFIO held a partnership meeting with the 80th Division Institutional Training (IT) on 29 August 2007,
at Fort Lee, Virginia. Participants included key personnel from both organizations. The purpose for the meeting
was to bring the two organizations together to discuss critical issues and challenges facing the TASS Battalions
for the remainder of FY07 and the future. The intent for the meeting was to continue building an outstanding
partnership between the two organizations. Participants discussed the transformation of TASS as directed in
Campaign Plan Decision Paper 74. The senior representative for the 80th Division informed the participants
that effective 1 October 2007, the 80th Division (IT) will become the 80th Training Command (TASS) and
assume responsibility for TASS Battalion training. POC is LTC Chuck Murriel, (804) 734-3574 (DSN 687), or

Materiel Systems Directorate (MSD), US Army Combined Arms

Support Command (CASCOM)
Force Provider Summit
CASCOM Futures Materiel Systems and Concepts and Doctrine Directorates representatives attended a
Force Provider Summit held in Natick, Massachusetts, on 10-11 July. The focus of the Summit was to review
the various elements of Force Provider and begin synchronizing the existing gaps between the different focus
areas. The key topics of discussion included: Force Provider functions, new product integration, logistics
support systems, the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP), item management, War Reserve, and
current Force Provider requirement documents. The attendees included personnel from Product Manager Force
Sustainment Systems, the Integrated Logistics Support Center at Natick, Army G-4, Army Materiel Command
G-3, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition Logistics and Technology, the Army Medical Department
Center and School, US Army Engineer School, and LOGCAP. POC is CW3 Billy McCain, (804) 734-0579
(DSN 687) or

Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS) Manpower Training Analysis

On 12 July the US Marine Corps (USMC), Quantico, Virginia, hosted a JPADS Manpower Training
Analysis In-Progress Review. The review has been undertaken as part of the Human Systems Integration Plan,
and is intended to capture the JPADS tasks required of riggers, and the skills and grades necessary to perform
them. Product Manager Force Sustainment Systems and the MSD representatives attended to understand the
analysis the USMC was performing. JPADS is a new system, consisting of a decelerator (parachute) and an
airborne guidance unit. It is not currently trained, and does not eliminate any current cargo airdrop systems.
The Aerial Delivery and Field Services Department of the Quartermaster Center and School is examining what
the JPADS training requirements will entail as well as examining their current training workload to determine
how they might fit JPADS into their current training hours or if additional training hours will be required.
POC is Darrell J. Stoker, (804) 734-0575 (DSN 687) or

Quartermaster General’s UPDATE--Autumn 2007 Page 7

United States Army Quartermaster Center and School
The Quartermaster General Enlisted Proponent Commander, 23d Quartermaster Brigade
BG Mark A. Bellini SGM Andrea Farmer COL Terence Hildner
734-3458 734-4143 734-4644

Assistant Commandant Executive Services Officer Commander, 244th Quartermaster Battalion

COL Gregory L. Johansen Lisa Snover LTC Spencer L. Smith
734-3759 734-3694 765-3476

Deputy to the Commander Director, Army Center of Commander, 262d Quartermaster Battalion
Larry L. Toler Excellence, Subsistence LTC Carey W. Radican
734-3480 LTC David K. Allen 734-7179 734-3007
Command Sergeant Major Commander, 266th Quartermaster Battalion
CSM Jose L. Silva Director, Mortuary Affairs Center LTC Rodney M. Palmer
734-3248 Tom D. Bourlier 765-3337 734-3831
Quartermaster Commander, US Marine Corps Detachment
Total Force Integration Officer Director, Aerial Delivery and LtCol Christoper J. Michelsen
COL Douglas L. Belk Services Department 734-7047
734-3995 Theodore J. Dlugos 734-5370 Noncommissioned Officer Academy
Chief, Office of the CSM Delice L. Liggon
Quartermaster General Director, Logistics Training Department 765-2066
LTC Robert A. Harney LTC William K. Fegler
734-4178 734-3195 49th Quartermaster Group
(Petroleum and Water)
Officer Proponent Director, Petroleum and Water Department COL John P. Curran
Jim Tolbert Marshall Jones 734-6117
734-3697 734-2810
240th Quartermaster Battalion
Warrant Officer Proponent Director, Training Management Directorate LTC Peter D. Crean
CW5 Matthew A. Anderson Richard J. Poole 765-3189
734-3702 734-4424
530th Combat Support Sustainment Battalion
LTC Robert C. Horneck

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