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Before The Egyptians

By Graeme Boyce
Before The Egyptians
Once upon a time, during our last Ice Age,
about 65 million years after the dinosaurs
had disappeared, many people lived around
the Earth’s lush and fertile equatorial belt.
Before The Egyptians
They lived together in coastal communities,
and explored, settled and traded across the
continents for thousands of years before
disaster changed everything.
Before The Egyptians
The huge glaciers that had slowly covered
the Northern and Southern hemispheres for
a hundred thousand years one day began to
suddenly melt.
Before The Egyptians
This mysterious global catastrophe also
caused the overnight extinction of large
mammals like the Sabre Tooth Cat, Giant
Ground Sloth and Wooly Mammoth.
Before The Egyptians
People who had once lived happily together
exploring their bodies, their world and
their universe now had to move – again
and again – in order to survive.
Before The Egyptians
As volcanoes, earthquakes and tidal waves
continued to devastate their lands,
survivors among them knew they must
adapt without the benefit of progress once
enjoyed by all.
Before The Egyptians
The remaining intelligentsia, who had been
previously mapping the revolving skies for
many generations, warned of greater
destruction in the years to come.
Before The Egyptians
Entrusted travelers were sent to notify any
other survivors and ensure that the human
race would not suffer the same fate caused
by celestial objects both aligning and
Before The Egyptians
Some searched high ground and some took
to the sea,
sea disappearing over the horizon in
the hopes of one day finding stability.
Before The Egyptians
A knowledge of astronomy enabled
messengers to circumnavigate the world,
but as leaders vanished, so did their
accumulated knowledge of the arts and
Before The Egyptians
Over several generations the melting Ice Age
caused ocean levels to rise globally and
people would find no coast safe.
Before The Egyptians
While living in caves,
caves children would hear
stories of a great past, about wonderful
cities of buildings, gods and palaces.
Before The Egyptians
They all chipped stone to make the most
rudimentary but effective tools and
weapons and to keep their fires burning
brightly day and night.
Before The Egyptians
Eventually sons and daughters bundled reeds
together and sat atop logs to float across
water one day harnessing the powerful
wind and currents.
Before The Egyptians
Many millennia after the Ice Age had begun
to recede, Ice Dams that retained massive
glacial lakes finally collapsed.
Before The Egyptians
Without warning, violently and quickly,
enormous floods swept away anything in
their paths, leaving nothing alive in their
wake. Only the very lucky survived.
Before The Egyptians
For many centuries those who did survive
foraged and fought for food,
food shelter and
knowledge; some found evidence of their
former civilizations along the way.
Before The Egyptians
Eventually, they began to manage other
people as people do, and new cities were
raised and new economies born.
Before The Egyptians
Some farmed,
farmed some fished and some hunted
to feed their growing communities; their
best taught, and their leaders became kings.
Before The Egyptians
Administrators and ambassadors alike
spread their vision and expertise far and
wide, developing loyal citizens and feared
armies to enforce their expansionist
Before The Egyptians
There are many individual stories of pain and
bravery, of love and sacrifice, brutality and
fanaticism; but mostly of luck and timing.
Before The Egyptians
Among the “list of suddenlies” that appear in
the human record are: alphabets,
alphabets language,
laws and literature; pigments and
paintings sculpture and architecture;
threads, sewing weaving and fabrics;
irrigation, farming and agriculture;
mining, smelting and jewelry;
jewelry mythology,
history and religion; arithmetic, geometry
and commerce; navigation and astronomy.
Before The Egyptians
The ancient Egyptians revered gods who had
found and brought forward the wisdom of
the long-ago ages before the first Pharaoh
was crowned, perhaps one day while
beachcombing or chasing a rabbit.