Becoming a Young Chief, How Can it Work Best for You

Michael A. Pinto, MPA
Director of Libraries, University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao

Becoming a Young Chief: My Story
• It was never my dream to become a librarian because all I wanted is to be a politician • September 2003, the school offered me to take Library Science, which at first I was hesitant. • I accepted the offer eventually not because I have no choice by I saw an opportunity. • November of the same year, I started my study on librarianship at SLU Baguio • April of 2006 I finished the course • November 2006, I took the board exams and landed # 8. • January 2007, I took oath • April 2007, the start of my journey as CHIEF at the age of 25

Was it Easy?
• At first I don’t want to accept my appointment • There were people who do not believe on my capability • Acceptance became a problem • I have to start from zero • Some were hurt but many were happy for me

How Did It Worked? Staff
It worked using the 5T’s 1. I gave my TIME 2. Earned their TRUST 3. Enhance their TALENT 4. We build a “TEAM” 5. CHRIST is always my guide

How Did It Worked? Structure
It worked using 8 R’s
• • • • • • • • Reorganize the structure Relocate some section Repair some facilities Recast the Development Plan Rewrite the VGMO Request for additional staff Re-train the staff Review the historical changes

How Did It Worked?: Administration

It worked using 4P’s
• I did some “POLITICS” • I have to work with PATIENCE • To be PRUDENT in decision making • I show PROOFS of accomplishments

How Did It Worked?: Networking

It worked using 3C’s
• Coordinate with other CICM Schools • Collaborate with other libraries • Contribute changes in the improvement of research culture Outcome: 2S Share Resources Save money

Our Humble Achievements:
• After 3 years of being the Director, we were able to achieve the “2010 PAARL Outstanding Academic and Research Library”

Our Humble Achievements:
• From 11 staff in 2007 now we are 30 • Six of our program in the College were accredited Level IV by PAASCU • Every year we conduct seminars and conferences organize by the library • We are now on our process of digitizing our archival collection

Our Humble Achievements:
• In 2007, we organized the Cagayan and Kalinga Apayao (CaAKAp) Librarians Association Inc. • We were able to organize the CICM Consortium • We were able to open the BLIS Course • We are the first to be “Fully Automated Library” in the region • New innovations were integrated in the library website and more…

Our Humble Achievements:
• New innovations were integrated in the library website and more… • We are waiting for the “PRC

Award of Excellence in Library Service”

The Realities:
• The more you give opportunities to the staff, the better their perform. • Acknowledgement is important. It’s the key to teamwork • Not all will agree with you but all work with you • Every staff is unique • No staff can leave their problems outside the library, they carry them in the work. • The leader can “make” or “break” their staff • If you do your work without complaint, and you enjoy it, as if you are PRAYING. • Everyday is an opportunity to choose, The CHOICE is ours

My Principles in Leading the Library

“If I am in my office, I am the Director”

“I would rather want to go home hoping that my staff will pray for my safety rather than cursing me”

The Bottomlines:

• Leadership is about making a difference
• Leadership is not about age, its about maturity

Thank you for Listening!

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