“paran Digital publishing: The g” trials of a modern librarian


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‘archivin g’

Lauren P. Kipaan Benguet State University


publishing (also referred to as Electronic publishing or ePublishing) is the digital publication of e boo!s" Digital #aga$ines (so%eti%es !no&n as electronic articles)" and the develop%ent of digital libraries and catalogues.

Open Access OA!

(ede%ocracry) or free

access to infor%ation

*ree n +,
Self archiving

*old +,
.. Direct (no restrictions) /. Delayed (e%bargo) 0. 1ybrid (author pay)

*ray +,
Un official Publications &ith infor%ation values -ot yet universally accepted

,dvantages of Digital Publishing
/323 4ast delivery ,ccountability (short life" easily traced) 4orce %a5eure and cli%ate change (online

and standalone" ie. ivetrary )
Space 6an!ing 'eb of Universities 7opyright protection

Dis"advantages of Digital Publishing

Boo!ness of a boo! Perfor%ance bonus (in %y

Plagiaris% (%ost


8rend and Status

Pilipinas Status
So%e +pen ,ccess digital publishing initiatives in the Philippines

BSU *6,9 +, Digital Publishing: #y ;<perience
/=.= &ith the >78 Division http:22digilib.bsu.edu.ph

-o budget to start -o specific person to &or! S;6?;6 Served also as Docu%ent #anage%ent

;@uip%ent for digiti$ation

#y BSU e<perience
?ocation and curiosity 6ide on &ith >8 division 7ontentA (Born digital sub%ission &2 &aiver) 7ollaboration ScannerA (+rdinary flatbed B %anual encoding) 8op level advisory on digital sub%ission 6is!

4uture fear
>nitiative is not fro% the top level" thus" no sustaining plan and no financial

assistance fro% ad%inistration purposely for %aintenance

4uture fear possible solutions


Digital publishing is a complicated emerging role of librarians

&e need to embrace it and be modern

'hy &e need to e%brace +pen ,ccess digital publishing and be %odernA
Library is changing
8raditional to hybrid

Library userCs 7hange of interest and delivery
1o&ever" boo! or print business is still >- due

to status symbol, business model, digital divide, feeling of “bookness of a book”

'hy &e need to e%brace +pen ,ccess digital publishing and be %odernA

#ar!et research suggests that half of all

%aga$ine and ne&spaper circulation &ill be via digital delivery by the end of /=.D and that half of all reading in the United States &ill be done &ithout paper by /=.D
,s trends accelerate" the status of libraries is

li!ely to re%ain d'namic and unclear(

'hy &e need to e%brace +pen ,ccess digital publishing and be %odernA
Phil. Standard for Special Libraries (E2.2.0 )

?>>. .=. 8he library shall provide open access (+,) to docu%ents e%anating fro% govern%ent funded researches and grants.
&hat is the legal basis for thisA ,ny declaration or resolutionA

'hy &e need to e%brace +pen ,ccess digital publishing and be %odernA

Librarianship roles is changing
#on!s to digital librarian

Library collections al&ays change for%at
Papyrus to digital for%at (pdf2a or pdf 5)

>tCs the easiest &ay to stand out

'hy &e need to e%brace +pen ,ccess digital publishing and be %odernA
Special librarians co%petencies
– – –

)nformation Technolog' 7o%%unication and interpersonal s!ills >nfor%ation organi$ation and research

6obati" ,P B Singh D." /=.0. Competencies required by special librarians: An analysis by educational levels. Fournal of Librarianship and >nfor%ation Science. GD(/)..0 .0H. D+>: .=...332=HI.===I.0G3I3/E

Library is al&ays the frontliners of budget cuts ;ra2,ge is changing

;ra2,ge is changing

;ra2,ge is changing

;ra2,ge is changing

;ra2,ge is changing

;ra2,ge is changing

;ra2,ge is changing

;ra2,ge is changing

*uic+ ,esponse -ode

;ra2,ge is changing

.ta' relevant in thi

/O0)1E A2E

;ra2,ge is changing

#illeniu %
>nfo. Superhigh &ay

# libraries # education

; paano !o %agg&a$ yang pinagsasabi %o e . %an librarian a!eesh A 'la pa !e%ing >8A

Publishing +ptions
+nline ,ccess
0udgeting" 7apability training" staffing" etc Online Access

Online Access thru -1O3D principles (Blog"
&i!i" hosted archiving sites ie. Scribd" slidshare" docstoc" googledrive" etc)

-ollaborated4 sponsored capability trainings and server" 6ider duties

Use e<isting hard&are and soft&are in your Library (

/anual encoding


Planning (S'+8) bench%ar!ing"" 4easibility" etc

7onstant ?erbal 7o%%unication B 2ood ,elationship

9our 8i%e B Dedication

,bled Libraries

BSU +ption

BSU +ption B

Publishing +ptions

Lastly" letCs do our part
>t is the role of L>B6,6>,-S to

provide access to infor%ation
D>*>8,L D>?>D;
>tCs the role of the *overn%ent"

>nstitution B 4a%ily to provide the &ay" tool or gadget to access the infor%ation

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