Minutes Bradford Conservation Commission Meeting, July 1, 2009 Members present: Ed Wendell, Tom Gray, Gary Tillotson, Barbara

Kulzyck, Sandy Price, Nancy Jones Others: Monique Priestley Minutes of June 17 were approved as written Finances – Ed Reported Balances: BCC Budget …………………………. $ 1,214.98 Conservation Fund………………….. $57,722.95 FOWM Fund……………………………. $15,244.49 Compost Acct. ………………………… $ 1,106.33 Energy Festival ………………………. $ 1,671.37 Voted unanimously to pay the following bills: • $50.00, payable to Monique Priestley, from BCC Budget, as a stipend for design and construction of BCC’s Facebook Page • $50.00, payable to Association of VT Conservation Commissions, from BCC Budget for annual membership fee. Land Conservation Updates Burgess – VHCB budget was cut; if Burgess willing to accept the rules (50-ft. buffer) associated with funding from CRMEH, project can proceed this year; if not, then his project will probably have to wait until 2010. Wright’s MT Abutting Land-owner – VHCB Budget was cut & projects not already in the pipeline will probably not be considered until 2010; BUT… this project is doable • There’s a matching donation involved • The land abuts already conserved, town-owned land • BCC is offering to contribute a substantial amount of $$ plus ½ of appraisal cost Nancy called Karen Freeman, VHCB Director of Conservation Partnerships, who said we can apply for a Feasibility Grant, which would cover ½ the cost of the appraisal, plus get our project on VHCB’s list. We need to: • Get a written estimate of what an appraisal will cost (R. Lamprey is sending) • Send estimate with a cover letter describing the project & asking for a feasibility grant to cover the other ½ of the appraisal • Get the landowner to sign a statement agreeing not to sell the land to someone else for 1 year. Energy Committee – Next meeting on July 8; all invited to attend. Ed reported on presentations given by Cell Tech (St. Johnsbury) and Foam Tech (N. Thetford) Cell Tech emphasis on converting to a zero energy building; Foam Tech emphasis on a 10-year energy plan, with gradual, more affordable changes.

E Committee has begun plans for 2nd Annual LEAF. Facebook Page/Website – Monique shared our new Facebook page that she created; said this is a great tool for reaching younger people. We can add files and photo albums to this, plus links to UVLT and CVSWMD. Nancy will compile a photo file of the Compost Project, plus a file called “Values of Conserved Land”. A lengthy discussion of whether to have a BCC Website separate from the Town’s website, and it was noted that the Library already does this. Monique reported that it would cost between $40 and $70 per year to have a website. It was voted to ask Monique to present a design for this at our next meeting. It was also voted to allocate $50.00, from BCC’s Budget, payable to Monique Priestley, as a stipend for setting up this site. Stewardship Committee – Gary will begin working on a display of photos of trail workers that will go up in the Cabin. Bob Nordham has offered to pay for a possible interpretive photo of the view from the cabin. Discussion included: how would it look? Where to place it? Do we want a structure?, etc. A decision on this was tabled until the next meeting. Field Trips, Films, Workshops, etc. – Nancy, Monique and Dick will work on a schedule & descriptions and bring to the next meeting. Tree-Planting Update - Sandy has ordered 2 honey locusts; 2 red flowering horse chestnuts and 1 purple robe locusts. This may use up the $1,400 grant and will include a $70 delivery charge by the nursery. A definite date for planting not set. Tire Disposal – Barbara discussed a possible amnesty day with Mia at CVSWMD. Mia wants to see if other depots want to do the same, and we could all have this on the same day. It was suggested that BCC pay ½ of the fee for recycling a tire ($1.50 per tire). A decision on this will be made at the next meeting. Other – It was voted that Nancy will present at the July 2 Merchant’s Association Meeting that the BCC supports the Beautification Committee’s plan to have 4 new wooden “Welcome to Bradford” signs. Respectfully Submitted Nancy Jones, Acting Secretary

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